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Tesco Anti-Bacterial Washing Up Liquid

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3 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Washing Up Liquid / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    3 Reviews
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      16.12.2011 11:07
      Very helpful



      a great washing up liquid at a great price

      While shopping in Tesco a couple of weeks ago I had got a voucher for money off cleaning products, I picked up a few things but was still a little short of the minimum spend amount to qualify to use the coupon. This is when I spotted the Tesco own brand washing up liquid's on a special offer and decided to purchase a couple and one that I chose was the Anti-Bacterial Eucalyptus washing up liquid. I am not brand loyal to washing up liquid, I do like Fairy but it is quite expensive unless it is on special offer so I often try various shops own brands instead.

      I paid just £1.20 for two 500ml bottles of the Tesco washing up liquid, the offer allowed you to mix and match the different fragrances so I chose this and a lemon one.

      The washing up liquid comes in a clear plastic bottle allowing you to see the bright blue washing up liquid inside. It has a flip top cap much the same as any other washing up liquid which allows you to flip open, squeeze and close easily. On the front of the bottle is a label that which just simple contains the name of the product that it has a 'new fragrance' and the Tesco logo. On the back you will find another label that gives more detailed product information including directions for use, ingredients listings and any warnings, as with any cleaning products they contain chemicals which can be potentially harmful if used in the wrong way.

      The directions for use on the bottle state if adding to water to use the liquid sparingly. I would say that I probably use far too much washing up liquid as I tend to get a little carried away when squeezing it into the bowl as I like to have lots of suds. You can also use the washing up liquid by squeezing it directly onto a sponge or cloth. I have used this in my dishmatic (see previous review) which has also worked perfectly well. Also if you are wanted to keep your sponges and clothes germ free you can put some of the washing up liquid onto them after you have done washing up. I tend to always do this as it means that not only does it keep the germs away but also leaves them smelling fresher and not stale.

      Overall I have found this washing up liquid to be very good, it leaves my dishes looking clean and sparkly. It also easily helps to remove stubborn food and burnt on marks from dishes and pans. As I stated beofre I always tend to use too much washing up liquid but this one gives quite a few subs with only a small squeeze used. I have also been impressed with the fresh Eucalyptus fragrance which you can smell as soon as you open the cap on the bottle but it does not linger on the dishes at all. I think the only disadvantage is that when it states that it is an anti-bacterial washing up liquid, it only really works in this way if used in a neat for which I think is a little misleading. But for the cost and performance of this washing up liquid I would certainly buy it again.


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      15.09.2011 21:07



      reasonably cheap and gets the dishes nice and clean

      Washing the dishes is a boring job, but at least this washing up liquid makes the job easier and faster as it cuts through grease and grime.
      This is normally on offer at Tesco, (normally 2 for £2.50), making quite a but cheaper than the other big named products. It does the job just as well, removing even stubborn burnt on food. For anything that has been totally incinerated onto cook ware, I leave it to soak for a few hours and then everything washes off easily.
      I always buy anti-bacterial washing up liquid to make sure than any bugs on my plates are definelty killed. I have no idea if this makes a difference or not, but I feel better knowing that even though I've had to spend a little bit extra, it is hopefully not just cleaning my dishes, but also making them more hygeinic.
      This washing up liquid has a nice thick consistency, and not at all like some of the cheaper brands that are watery.
      My only gripe with this product is the bottle shape. It's really hard to get the last little bit out of the bottle and the bottle doesn't stand upside down easily. If it had the lid on the base, or a bigger lid that the bottle could balance on, this wouldn't be a problem.


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        27.07.2011 22:50
        Very helpful



        Good quality washing up liquid which makes a change from lemon and lime scented one

        Tesco Anti Bacterial Eucalyptus washing up liquid

        I am not a shopper that is loyal to any one brand but I do like my products to do the job so if I try one and don't like it then that one is dropped very quickly. I usually look for a bargain and am more than happy with own brand products so long as they work. I do have a dishwasher but anyone who owns one will know that you do still end up washing up by hand quite a lot so I always have a bottle of hand washing up liquid in my cupboard.

        I have tried a few of the Tesco brand washing up 'flavours' and this is my latest one. I avoid the fruity sweet ones as I feel that washing up needs a strong smelling lemon/lime or the like sort of scent to kill the odours of the washing up as well as cut through the grease so that the crockery is really clean and there are no lingering whiffs.

        Eucalyptus has a lovely natural strong fresh smell so is perfect for a washing up scent. Lemon and lime are similarly great scents for the same job. I chose this one because of this scent.
        The Tesco website tells me that this product has a carbon footprint of 120g per dose. I am not sure what this really means and can't find any other brand with this information to compare it to. Maybe someone with more eco knowledge will know and share this with us in the comments.
        Price wise this costs £1.20 for two 500ml bottles at the present time while the offer is on. To compare Fairy also do a Eucalyptus one which is slightly smaller 443ml and the price for two bottles is £2.50. I haven't tried the Fairy one so I don't know whether it is twice as good but it is double the price for less liquid.


        Fairy: 15-30% Anionic Surfactants,5-15% Non-Ionic Surfactants ,Disinfectants ,Methylisothiazolinone ,Phenoxyethanol ,Perfumes ,Benzyl Salicylate ,Limonene
        Tesco: 5 - 15% anionic surfactants ,<5% non-ionic surfactants. Also ,perfumes ,Limonene ,2-Bromo-2-nitropropane-1 ,3-diol ,Methylisothiazolinone ,Methylchloroisothiazolinone
        Regardless of what these are it can be see that they are pretty much the same ingredients in both bottles. I didn't investigate what they were as most are surfactants and the rest are scents and anti bacterial agents I believe.

        Tesco dilute 5ml in 5 l of water. Fairy says one or two squirts in the water which is rather vague. I have to admit I have never measured 5ml into 5 l of water so I am not sure how accurate Tesco is. Also I find you need more if the stuff you are washing in greasy than if you are just doing glasses and things.

        As I said I don't hand wash a full meal's stuff every day but I believe I do use this most days. My husband also uses this to wash his golf clubs three times a week and he commented on the nice smell. I find that you only need a normal squirt to get a decent lather and I realize that I'm not washing mountains of greasy stuff but most of the things I do hand wash are pots and pans that wouldn't get clean in the dishwasher as they need a bit of elbow grease. The suds last pretty well and if I leave things in soak because of over cooking accidents then it does help with the cleaning process the next day!

        The scent is certainly not one that will knock you back. It is distinctly eucalyptus with that fresh slightly pine like scent but is quite subtle. You can smell it more in the warm washing up water than in the bottle but it certainly does NOT fill my kitchen with scents of the Australian bush. If I am honest I would have preferred a bit more eucalyptus scent as I like a good strong smell.

        The liquid is a nice bright fresh looking blue colour almost identical to that of the Fairy rival one of this scent. I like blue and green for my washing up liquids and avoid the orange ones , I am not sure why they just seem to be the right sort of fresh clean colours for this purpose. I also like to see the colour of the liquid and so look for clear bottle as I can see the colour of the liquid an also can tell when I am getting near the end of the bottle. So that I can buy the next bottle before we run out completely.

        The most important ingredient for me is the anti bacterial stuff as I do feel any extra germ killing has to be a positive. I always use anti bacterial handwash in the kitchen and anti bacterial spray as well as anti bacterial washing up liquid as I don't think you can be too careful when preparing and cleaning up around food. I can't say whether this one is more anti bacterial than the next but I do notice that when I squeeze out my washing up sponges in this they smell good for longer than if I don't.


        I can't say I would go looking for this one again but if this was the cheapest option I would not reject it either. I think I prefer the lime and ginger version to this but it made a pleasant change and it did an efficient job of cleaning all that I asked it too but didn't really have a strong enough scent for me.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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