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Tesco Direct To Floor Cleaner Pine

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9 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Floor Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    9 Reviews
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      21.06.2012 17:46
      Very helpful



      Greatly recommended

      We are now using a Tesco's Direct To Floor Cleaner on all the floors in our home, which are not carpeted. Until fairly recently we were using a one by Dettol in a very shaped similar looking green plastic bottle, but it was far more expensive than this one by Tesco's. This is very simple to use. You simply pull the white plastic nozzle at the top of the cleaner, tip slightly and squirt gently and you will see a fine spray of fluid come out and spreads over the floor. We use this on the lino in our kitchen area. There is no need to have to get the bucket of water out with this, we simply wipe it over with the mop head and there is also no need to rinse off afterwards so this also saves time.

      A large bottle of this cleaner costs u £1.25 for the litre sized bottle. It lasts for ages even though we use it in two bathrooms and the kitchen and the conservatory floors. A little certainly spreads out and goes a long way. It leaves no streaky marks once it has dried off. The downside is that drying time takes slightly longer than it does if we are using hot water, as drying cold water obviously takes longer than drying hot water. The results are great and it really does manage to clean up a dirty floor in next to no time, with minimal fuss and effort.

      The smell of this liquid cleaner is also good. I would have to say it isn't as strong as it's rival (Dettol straight to floor cleaner) and the smell doesn't hang around for as long after we have cleaned the floor. Having said that though, the smell is clean and fresh and pine is always one of my favourites as I think it has a really fresh and hygienic natural smell.

      The other great thing about this direct to floor cleaner is that it can be used on a lot of different floor surfaces. We use it on our kitchen lino, the sealed laminate in the conservatory, the tiles on the bathroom floors and even on the hard varnished wood in the hallway and the porch area. It doesn't cause any damage to any of these surfaces and it is a gentle cleaner with a great smell, despite it being powerful at the same time.

      It's a fantastic price, does a smashing job and is so simple and easy to use. A winner all round - highly recommended.


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      28.04.2012 01:52
      Very helpful



      a good floor cleaner

      Over the years I have tried and tested all different sorts of cleaning products, mostly because I look for the best bargain and prefer to try the cheaper brands of bleach and other cleaning items. I came across Tesco Direct to Floor cleaner and just had to try it because it was so cheap and I had heard good reviews about it from my family.

      To use this floor cleaner you simply brush your floor as normal and then spray a little bit of this floor cleaner around your floor, then your rub it over with a damp mop, it says that there are no buckets required, however I like to keep a bucket of fresh water around so then I can keep my mop fresh and ring it out from time to time.

      The one big advantage that I found is that when I am using this floor cleaner, I do not ever use too much floor cleaner and end up with soapy scummy floors. It just leaves the floors lovely and clean and shiny.

      I quite like the smell of this floor cleaner, it has quite a fresh pine smell to it, though it isn't so strong that it lingers for a long time, though it isn't too weak that it has no scent at all, it just leaves the room nice and fresh.

      You can use this floor cleaner on vinyl floors, glazed tiles, sealed laminate flooring and varnished wood.

      You can buy this floor cleaner in Tesco for £1.25 for a litre, I think that this is amazing value as it a litre of this did me about 2 weeks and I wash the floors in our house quite a bit.

      Overall I think that this is a great floor cleaner, in my opinion it does not really make the job any easier as I still carry around a bucket of fresh water with me, however it does stop me from using too much floor cleaner and ending up with a soapy floor. Overall I would give this floor cleaner 4 out of 5 stars.

      *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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      27.04.2012 22:10
      Very helpful



      a clean floor with ease

      I am not a fan of cleaning as you can probably gather if you have read some of my reviews before. For those of you that haven't I am one that will try and buy any products that will either have to save me cleaning or make the job as simple and as quick as possible.

      This is where I was shopping in my large Tesco store one day and I came across this Tesco own brand of Direct to floor cleaner in a pine fragrance. It comes in a one litre bottle and it will cost you £1.25, although I had recently run out and it was on offer for 2 bottles for £2, which is a 50p saving so I thought this was well worth it and purchased the two.

      When you go to clean you floor you need to make sure that you have swept or vacuumed the floor thoroughly before applying the cleaner. You then apply a layer of the cleaner directly onto the floor. There is no water required just a damp cloth or mop and you just wipe the floor clean, there is no need for you to have to rinse the floor after either which saves a lot of time. Be careful when applying as a small amount of this cleaner goes a long way you do not have to have it all over the floor as you spread it around with the damp mop or cloth.

      The cleaner is suitable for use on vinyl floors, glazed tiles, sealed laminate flooring and varnished wood. The Tesco Direct to Floor Cleaner contains less than 5% Non-Ionic Surfactants and it also contains disinfectant, dimethylol, glycol and perfume.
      On the back of the bottle it says that you have to store the bottle upright and in a cool place, but because of the ingredients you have to make sure that you do not expose it to extreme temperatures and as like all cleaning products it needs to be kept out of the reach of children.

      The pine fragrance is perfect for me as it is not too overpowering, but there is a noticeable clean scent in the air at the same time. This product makes cleaning your floor so much simpler as there is a nozzle at the top of the bottle that has small holes in the top and you spray the cleaner over the floor, the holes in the bottle lid make sure that the cleaner is evenly distributed and sprayed all over the floor ready for you to start cleaning. The lid is opened and closed with ease as you pull the nozzle to open it and push it to seal shut.

      I prefer this to other floor cleaners that you dilute with water as I do not have a suitable bucket and had to use the kitchen sink and in order to clean the floor. I had to put the mop in the water and then squeeze the excess water off with my hand with was time consuming and had to be done a few times. I also had to make sure that I wore gloves, which I do not have to do with this as I do not have to touch the mop head until after I have thoroughly rinsed it clean.

      This definitely takes the stress out of floor cleaning as you do not have to keep rinsing the mop and the floor, I was surprised that as you do not have to rinse the floor after use and was worried that the floor would be sticky, but it isn't. It is great smelling and leaves the floor looking shiny once dry. It also has a great price tag to match as some cleaning products can be very costly.


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      21.04.2012 21:27
      Very helpful



      An easy floor cleaner that needs no rinsing

      Tesco Direct to Floor Pine Cleaner

      I have been buying this for some time now as our downstairs part of our house is pretty much all hard floors so there is quite an area to clean. I subscribe to the 'I like a clean house but don't like cleaning' group of people so Ii am always on the look out for easier and less effort required products to assist me.
      I have long been a purchaser of shop branded products as I have found that bar a few disasters these products are as good as and sometimes better than their expensive branded equivalents. Many of these products are made by the branded companies in their factory and just pass through a different system.

      This comes in a green plastic bottle with a lid that you lift the nozzle to get the stuff out. The bottle is pretty big but not so big that you cannot hold it in one hand a squeeze to get the liquid out onto the floor.
      The bottle hold 1 litre so you get a decent amount and I can usually do at least four floor cleans with that bottle.

      As it is direct to floor you don't need to mix this with water and you don't need to use a mop and bucket either as I manage quite well without.

      I like the fact that the liquid is not only a cleaner but is also anti bacterial so after washing the floors are also germ free which gives me peace of mind as the cats are everywhere and my granddaughter spends a lot of time over in our house scrabbling around on the floors playing.

      According to the label this product is: designed to be fragranced with pine, fast drying, anti bacterial and you don't have to mix it with water or rinse it after wiping on the floor.

      This product is produced in UK and does have 'Less Than 5% Non - Ionic Surfactants Disinfectant, Dimethylol Glycol, Perfume' amongst it ingredients.

      I don't get along with mops at all. I have tried several different types, the old fashioned ones, the sponge ones that you squeeze with a lever and so on but they don't get into the corners and they leave streaky lines and lumps of cat hair behind no matter how well I sweep or vacuum before I wash the floors. I always get down on my hands and knees and when I am feeling good I don a pair of rubber gloves and I clean my floors like that. I don't use a bucket as I walk back to the sink each time my cloth gets dirty and rinse it out under the tap. It may not be the most energy efficient method but I like the fact that I can get right into the corners and even do the skirting boards as well if I want at the same time.

      My method is to start as far away from the sink as I can and work back towards the sink so that I never walk over the bit I have just done. I always clean my floors on a Monday morning when my husband is out at golf and that means the floors have time to dry without anyone walking on them.

      My hard floors and a mixture of ceramic tiles which are in the kitchen and the utility room and downstairs loo and then the rest of the downstairs area apart from the sitting room has laminate flooring. This cleaner works well on both although i do prefer another specific one for the laminate floors.

      I have three cats who all think they are inside cats, especially in winter hence I constantly battle with cat hair. This cleaner is just so easy as I squirt it directly onto the floor then use my clothe to wipe the cleaner around into all the corners etc before I rinse my cloth and repeat the process on the next patch of floor. It seems to get the dirt up as the cloth needs a rinse after each patch I clean.

      The smell isn't too strong but smells slightly pine like and clean. After I have finished the room smells clean and fresh. The floor stays wet for a little while but if I open the windows that speeds up the process. The tiles look clean and non streaky with a nice finish, not shiny but not dull either.

      When I use this on the laminate I am not quite so pleased as I do find I can see where I have wiped my cloth once the floor is dry. I prefer to use a laminate floor cleaner for those floors but if I run out this will do a serviceable job of cleaning even though the finish is not quite as I like.

      I especially like the fact that I can just wipe this onto the floor and I don't need to rinse it off again later. This makes floor cleaning a relatively painless job which is just as well as the kitchen needs doing quite regularly despite my careful choice of motley dark grey ceramic tiles designed not to show the dirt.

      According to the bottle my method is just about okay but they do suggest using a mop. They recommend the product for vinyl floors, glazed tiles, sealed laminate flooring and varnished wood.

      BE AWARE:
      There are some warnings on the bottle:
      They don't recommend using this on unsealed wood or laminate flooring and even then they suggest getting advice before using it on sealed wood or laminate ( maybe that is why it doesn't look so good when I have used it on my laminate floors). They suggest testing its use somewhere not obvious first which careful people might do but I just went ahead and used it. I suspect they are just covering themselves in case of any come back

      Keep this away from children when stored and when using.
      If you get any in your eyes then rinse thoroughly with water.
      Don't drink it even if desperate as it not only would taste foul but would make you rather sick

      It gives specific warning about not letting pets, especially cats walk on the floor when still wet as of course cats wash themselves and lick their feet.

      Fortunately as you only use a slightly damp cloth the floors don't stay wet for too long. I do sometimes wipe over very damp parts with a dry cloth to speed up the process if people arrive while the floor is still wet.

      Yes this is about the third or fourth bottle I have gone through and I find it does a good job of cleaning and making my floors relatively germ free. It means i can quickly wipe over the floor if there is a spill or something dirty on the floor and five minutes sees the entire kitchen cleaned. The smell is clean and fresh and is the sort of smell that you enjoy knowing that your floor is now clean for a couple of days.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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        17.02.2012 18:52
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Quick and easy way to clean your floors - I even enjoy the job now!

        ---Why I Buy This---

        Well until I started reading reviews on here I had never heard of this sort of cleaner. I do shopping online with Tesco so you do not see new products the same way that you would in store.
        I thought this would be useful as both myself and husband are unwell and the floor in the kitchen is a chore that does not get done as often as it should - usually son ends up doing it for us - and leaves it swimming!
        This sounded like an ideal product as we could wash part of the floor at a time if necessary. This is the way I do the bathroom with a mop and bucket - but that is a smaller space.

        ---The Product---

        Tesco Direct to Floor Cleaner with anibacterial action.
        Comes in a large tall 1 litre bottle.
        The plastic bottle is translucent and the liquid inside a bright emeral green.
        Has a pull up nozzle fitted to the cap.
        Promoted as:
        * pine fragrance
        * no mixing or rinsing
        * fast drying formula.
        On the reverse are instructions for use.
        Produced in UK.
        Contains amongst other ingredients 'Less Than 5% Non - Ionic Surfactants Disinfectant, Dimethylol Glycol, Perfume'.


        * Sweep or vacuum floor
        * Pull nozzle and apply an even layer of cleaner straight onto floor
        * No bucket required
        * Wipe clean with damp mop
        * Suitable for vinyl floors, glazed tiles, sealed laminate flooring and varnished wood.


        * Not recommended for unsealed wood or laminate flooring
        * Seek advice for sealed wood or laminate flooring
        * Always test first on an inconspicuous area
        * Usual warnings to keep away from children, not to splash in eyes or to drink it


        £1.25 per litre but currently 2 for £2.

        ---My Opinion---

        Well as I said above I was surprised to see a product that worked like this but managed to find it listed on Tesco grocery website so ordered two bottles for £2.
        There is a lot of liquid in each bottle and you use very little so they should last a very long time.
        I was not very keep on the pull up nozzle when the bottle is very full as it would be easy to squirt some over yourself if not careful - as when you hold the bottle it is quite soft and pliable. I was also a bit concerned about the warning for cats as I had not seen that mentioned in other reviews I don't think - but perhaps it is the same with all floor cleaners anyway.
        I only needed a tiny squirt of the liquid on the floor - it is quite runny and comes out quickly - more a sort of pour than a squirt.
        I used a slightly damp vileda type mop to do my kitchen floor.
        The smell is not overpowering but does give a clean, fresh, light pine, slightly antiseptic smell.
        Because the mop was almost dry and I had only put a little of the liquid on part of the floor it was easy to mop over and was only dampish so therefore dried reasonably quickly - much better than when we use a lot of water which takes ages to dry.
        This product is great - you can clean the whole floor in one go or just a bit at a time - great for the kitchen or bathroom. I actually enjoyed being able to do the floor myself today - doing a bit now and then - even under the table while cooking lunch!
        The mop needs a good rinse after each use to get the dirt out and to dry ready for the next time - but that seems so much easier than washing the whole floor with a mop and bucket.

        ---Star Rating---

        5 Stars.

        ---Would I Recommend?---

        Yes definitely.

        ---In Summary---

        Will be buying again - think it goes a long way and is quick and easy to use.
        But will have to make sure the cats arn't around.



        ---Full Ingredients---

        Taken from www.detergentinfo.com:
        * Aqua
        * Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether
        * Coco-Glucoside
        * Benzalkonium Chloride
        * Sodium Bicarbonate
        * Dimethyl Glycol
        * Parfum Pine 19
        * Reactive Blue
        * Yellow 23 CI 19140


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          01.02.2012 23:20
          Very helpful



          A decent floor cleaner.

          I have a Powermop that I normally use for cleaning my floors however I recently ran out of floor pads and then floor cleaner and was very disappointed not to be able to find them at a price that I was willing to pay. This then prompted me to pick up a bottle of direct to floor cleaner from Tesco. I paid just £1.25 for this bottle which I felt was a very reasonable price, particularly as it was probably going to have to last a few weeks until the floor pads and cleaners I needed came down to a more reasonable price.

          The main reason that I chose a direct to floor cleaning product is because I am lazy, very lazy. I wanted to be able to spray it on the floor, wipe it over with a microfibre mop and put basically no effort at all in to having floors that look lovely, clean and neat again. Yes I know that this is terrible but when something is so cheap, like this, or so effective, like my Powermop I really do not mind spending a little more for a lot less effort and a lower time consumption.

          This floor cleaner was being used on my wooden floors and also on the vinyl floor in my bathroom. This bottle is incredibly simple to use just pull up the nozzle and then turn the bottle and move it across the floor to sprinkle the cleaner all over the floors. Once finished just press down the nozzle and this will stay kept in the bottle (I have checked!).

          This liquid is quite green when it comes out of the bottle and looks quite thick on the floor. This has a wonderful pine scent to it, it smells quite clean but the freshness is overwhelmed by a distinct chemical smell, like a lot of floor cleaners really. The chemical smell does not linger though nor does any other smell really so it is not too bad for the low price paid.

          This works well. It keeps my floors looking nice and has been very simple to use. it takes just a few minutes to clean my whole flat through and I love being able to just spray this wildly all over the floor before wiping a microfibre mop over and being left with nice clean shiny floors with basically no effort or fuss. My bathroom floors are kept clean and hygienic too thanks to this and I may keep using this just specifically for my bathroom because of the cleanliness of this product and the effect that is has on my floors.


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            29.01.2012 13:53
            Very helpful



            An excellent budget buy. Cleans floors quickly and kills germs.

            I like to use direct to floor cleaners as they are less time consuming and promise to mop away without the need for rinsing. A very good factor for somebody who's idea of floor cleaning is akin to torture, and for anyone who simply doesn't have time for more laborious methods.

            Tesco say this product is "suitable for use on vinyl floors, glazed tiles, sealed laminate flooring and varnished wood" It has an antibacterial action, and is fast drying. My review will only cover its use on glazed tiles and vinyl floors.

            The challenge

            My kitchen floor really is quite a challenge for cleaning products, as even though it is cleaned at least once a day, and often spot cleaned several times due to the ever growing herd of cats and dogs that we are 'blessed' with, it still manages to acquire a startling level of detritus. Including squished and hardened flecks - sometimes even lumps - of cat and dog food. My gang are messy eaters and if I'm out all day their grub has time to harden into something akin to hard rubber. Also the back door of the kitchen (as do most) leads directly out into the garden, where two dogs and four cats frolic. In the lovely Welsh 'moist' atmosphere that makes for a fair level of mud being carried into the kitchen despite attempts to reduce the flow, this sometimes mixes nicely with the cat litter dust bowl which appears just by the back door once or twice a day. No cleaner I have tried will easily cope with this and the Tesco product is no different. Some of these blots on the landscape have to be laboriously levered up with a knife or similar. I also use this product on vinyl flooring in my bathroom.

            The liquid & bottle

            The bottle at time of writing is the same as the Dooyoo picture, and translucent so you can see the product through the plastic. The nozzle as mentioned above pulls up to open and pushes down to close, this works well and gives a healthy flow of product when aimed and fired. The bottle so far has proven to be leak proof once the nozzle is depressed.

            The fluid its self if almost a luminous light green, and looks sort of 'oily' out of the bottle, it isn't of course it's just the texture. The smell is pretty much what you might expect from a pine scented product. It's pretty chemical and the scent of pine is vaguely reminiscent of what it's meant to be but not strongly. The scent doesn't linger for long once the product is mopped off.

            How I use it

            When using this I first make sure the floor is free of debris (of course) and that all animals and offspring are well out of the way. I then then squirt the liquid over the floor with gay abandon in long swirly trails. The instructions tell you to 'apply an even layer straight from the bottle'. This is of course not possible with the width of the pull up to use push down to seal top. So I just spread it around with the dry mop a bit first before wetting the mop and getting stuck in. I usually allow the product to 'sit' in areas that are more heavily used or visibly dirty as I clean the rest of the room. The room is about 28 feet long and 6 to 8 feet wide.

            I have also used this on the bottom wide 'shelf' of my free standing worktop, it is about 6ft by 2.5ft and is only about 6 inches up from the floor. The pets walk on it and I put the dogs food bowls on it to raise them from the floor as this is a healthier height for them to eat from (sadly this means a really handy storage space is given up to the pets). This means it gets quite dirty, as the wood is sealed I take the product at it's claim and use it here about twice a week.

            The result generally and on specific issues

            The result is basically nice clean floors. This product is easy to use and judging by the colour of the water as I rinse my mop from time to time very effective. It gets off stubborn dirt quite well though I do sometimes have to go over certain areas a couple of times, especially where the (clean) dust from cat litter and garden mud has formed what can only be described as a mini slurry heap. Both the liquid and the mop struggle to keep the contents of this dust bowl suspended, and will spread it around a little with the first couple of 'passes'. However I think with 4 cats using the trays, and dogs that occasionally 'fall' into said trays when trying to jump up onto the washing machine (why I have NO idea) the level of dirt is probably unusual for the normal household and I'm in no way disappointed in the cleaning action of the liquid here. I'm particularly glad of the antibacterial action in these areas.

            I should add mainly for shames sake and to avoid being thought of as utterly disgusting that the trays are nowhere near any food preparation or cooking area. I don't have a utility room so they are kept right by the back door where only a coat rack, the litter trays and a washing machine live.

            My kitchen floor is comprised of slightly matt 'satin' finish pale teracotta coloured tiles, with royal blue smaller tiles inset at regular intervals. These blue tiles have a high shine finish. The look this product gives is pretty good, however perhaps because my floors do get quite dusty I don't feel that the gloss on the blue tiles is up to what I'd like, and some streaks are visible on drying. I have had better results in this respect with other products. If I want the floor to look perfect then I do sometimes have to go over it again with hot water.

            The floor dries quickly, though I haven't noticed it drying more quickly than when using other similar products.

            This product works perfectly in my bathroom on vinyl flooring, and doesn't have the same issues that I notice in my kitchen. The finish of the vinyl is not high shine, and I notice no streaking or lacklustre finish. I have been using this product on and off for over a year and I've noticed no yellowing of the vinyl or any degradation in the texture of it, which has happened with other vinyls and other cleaners. In this smaller room the fresh pine smell is more evident and lingers a little longer.

            The liquid also does an excellent job on the sealed wooden shelf. There has been no drying effect, warping, or bleaching of the wood during use.

            At the time of writing a 1L bottle costs £1.25 or two for £2.00 until 29.02.12, this makes it about half the price or less, than similar branded products. I find this effective and easy to use and will continue to buy it while the price remains good.


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              02.11.2010 23:56
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Great product

              I have been using the Dettol equivalent of this product for the last year and had been really pleased with the results it achieved. On a recent supermarket shop I was looking for the Dettol floor cleaner and I spotted this Tesco Direct to Floor Cleaner and as it was quite a lot cheaper I decided to give it a go.

              A 1 litre bottle of the floor cleaner cost a reasonable £1.20 and comes in a tall plastic bottle. The bottle has a push to close lid and when lifted up the liquid cleaner can be squirted through a valve type lid. The cleaner is scented pine.

              The beauty of this type of floor cleaner is you simply squirt the liquid over your floor and then use a clean sponge mop to clean your floor. There is no need for a mop and bucket, you can simply rinse your mop out every now and then. This cleaner takes the labour out of cleaning your kitchen. It becomes a quick job that can be done in a couple of minutes and you avoid your floor becoming too wet.

              This has been really beneficial in my house. I am always having to clean the floor and this type of product means that it is now a quick and easy job and there is no danger of my littlie slipping over on a floor that takes too long to dry.

              I have been really impressed with this product as a whole. It hold it's own when compared to the Dettol equivalent and I really love the fresh pine smell. My only slight criticism would be that the lid allows a little too much of the liquid to be dispensed. Rather than a fine spray, it kind of splashes out and this could lead you to using too much of the cleaner. Aside for this however I think this is a great product and I will definately buy again.


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                16.11.2009 14:12
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                My floor cleaner of choice

                Although I tend to use Mr Muscle products for the rest of the bathroom, I usually opt for own brands when it comes to floor cleaner, and I've been using this Tesco floor cleaner for around six months now.

                ***What it looks like***
                My bottle differs slightly from the product image that you can see above. Whereas on that image the bottle looks green, my bottle only appears green because this floor cleaner itself is green (in a clear bottle). In terms of consistency, it's quite thin but not so much so that it resembles coloured water.

                ***Using it***
                To use this, you simply have to pull up the nozzle on the top so that it switches to being 'on' and squirt some of the liquid onto the floor. From there you can either wipe it up using cloths (as I tend to do) or use a mop. You're best not to be too heavy-handed when squirting as wiping or mopping it up can be rather time-consuming if you've been too enthusiastic with it. We have average sized tiles on our bathroom floor, and I usually find that one or two squirts is enough to fully clean two to three of the tiles at a time so you don't need to use too much. It can take a while to dry so I usually make sure that all excess floor cleaner has been fully wiped from the tiles before I move onto the next ones to speed up the drying process, otherwise it can be over half an hour before the tiles look and feel properly ready to be walked on again. I should probably say that our tiles are of the ceramic type, but this floor cleaner does a good job of removing all dirt, dust and general muck from them. I can't particularly smell a strong sense of pine but it may just be that I'm so used to using this floor cleaner that I no longer really smell its scent any more! Having said that, I can smell it if it gets on my fingers (which it can do because I wiping it up using cloths and not a mop).

                £1.50 for a 1 litre bottle, which tends to last me for two to three weeks if I'm cleaning the floors of both the bathroom and downstairs toilet one or two times per week. I'm happy to pay this price as I feel like the floor cleaner is doing a good job and I've not sure how effective cheaper alternatives would be.

                ***Overall verdict***
                I have a tendency to change my cleaning products around according to what's on offer when I run out but I've continued using this one as it seems to do a good enough job. It cuts through stains on the floor without much hassle and I like the fact that it's antibacterial as the bathroom floor tends to get unbelievably dirty if it's not done at least once a week so that's comforting. Given the slightly surgical smell that ends up on my fingers if I'm too enthusiastic with the floor cleaner, I've inclined to believe that the antibacterial claim is true.


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