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Tesco Furniture Polish Natural

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Furniture Polish / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      28.12.2012 13:31
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      An affordable and efficient polish not only for wood furniture!

      ~~The Product: 'Tesco Furniture Polish Natural 300Ml' ~ 'Mind Your Own Beeswax'!~~

      At just over 9" in length, this 300ml cylindrical can of polish displays a shiny veneer of gold shimmer with fawn and white lettering. On the front, the company informs the consumer that the polish contains beeswax and promises to not only protect but 'conditions and shines. On the reverse of the canister are the usual address of the Company, warnings and instructions for use with this type of household product, practically detailed in various languages. The shelf life is given on the base of the can, in this case, October 2017!

      Not so sure about the 'natural' claim as it 'contains amongst other ingredients Aliphatic Hydrocarbons 5-15%' probably why this canister is deemed to be flammable. 'Aspiration pneumonitis is the most common complication of hydrocarbon ingestion' - http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/10​10734-overview', hence the strict warnings given not to inhale the contents, accidently or otherwise! 'Non-ionic Surfactants Less than 5%, 'Anionic surfactants are effective in removing particulates (dirt, dust) and oily solids. Soap is an anionic surfactant. Non-ionic surfactants are less seriously affected by water hardness and are especially useful in products designed to require little rinsing. However, neither is environmentally preferable' ~ http://www.greenerchoices.org/eco-labels​/label.cfm?LabelID=293'. The 'Product also contains perfume, Limonene'.

      ~~My Usage Experience ~ 'Take A Shine To'!~~

      I swap furniture polishes depending on offers available at the time. As there were no true savings to be had at the time of purchase, I decided to buy Tesco's own brand of furniture polish. When I'm getting ready to polish furniture etc., I tend to clear all surfaces of ornaments to avoid unnecessary contact with items unsuitable for this cleaning product. I ensure I have at least three very soft cloths, normally old t-shirts, cut into 10x10" squares...ohhh ark at me, I sound well organized and house-proud, if only! :~)

      As with most sprays of this kind, it is recommended to shake the canister well. I then hold the spray as upright as possible and use the aerosols contents around 6" to 8" away from the surface I am aiming at. The spray comes out in a lovely fine mist extending a good meter...I actually did a little experiment to find out! :~)

      The fragrance is immediately noticeable, an aromatic kind of floral, lemony and rich wax bouquet. Though lovely, if I have much polishing to do, it can become fairly sickly but leaves the rooms with a fresh scented odour long after the task has been completed. As soon as I have applied the spray, in sections, I immediadiately spread the faint moisture around the portion I am cleaning. The dewy particles spread very easily and lift dust and grime as soon as I use the initial cloth to pick up the tiny fragments. Using another dry cloth, I proceed to wipe and polish the damp surface, then rubbing gently to furnish (excuse the pun) a buffering shine. I am convinced that the additive of beeswax is one of the ingredients that help immensely in affording a remarkable gleam to the furniture.

      Most of my wooden chairs, tables and dresser is fairly old, but this product is very delicate on the furnishings. No scratches, smears or marks are left after cleaning the surfaces. The veneer on the items I polish have thoroughly benefited by the cleansing power of this cleaner. Now, that is the 'shine' part taken care of on the Company's claims. But, what about the 'protects' and 'conditions'. I am sure the polish does fulfil this affirmation but as for protects, I'm not sure. Conditions, perhaps so, but my furniture is varnished so this really wouldn't be that apparent I suspect!

      I actually use this polish on chrome too! I spray a very small amount on a clean dry cloth and in tiny circular motions I apply the moisture to the bathroom chromed surfaces. I am thrilled in that after using a separate cloth to buffer the surfaces, they come up so sparkling clean. The chrome is left with a brilliant shine and no water marks or shadowing is left. The neat thing about using this polish is that the lasting effects are fairly good for this cheaper brand. Only a small amount is needed for each large section of surface which makes this product economical too.

      ~~Would I recommend? ~ 'Come Rain Or Shine'!~~

      Yes, I would recommend this lovely inexpensive furniture polish. The cleaning properties are immediately noticeable and furniture is left looking grease free and with a smooth radiant shine. But, and this is noteworthy to mention; 'natural' doesn't always have the same definition among manufacturers as opposed to the consumer!

      This polish is available throughout Tesco's stores and online, at the present cost of only 75p.


      Thank you for taking the time to read my product review...pity it isn't as 'polished'! :~)


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