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Tesco My Toddler Toilet Wipes

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Cleaning Wipes / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Wipes, Towels, Tissues

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    3 Reviews
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      18.11.2013 20:49
      Very helpful



      Perfect for potty training

      My daughter has finally started to use a potty ot should I say potty system that cost me a fortune in Argos as she refused to park her bum on a normally potty. She has since told me that she wants toilet roll like Mummy. Of course those of you with toddlers know a wet wipe is always better for cleaning bums as it removes all the dirt so to speak.

      I bought these from Tesco.com where they cost me 50p a packet.

      The packet is smaller than wet wipes and similarly sized to facial wipes. The packaging has recently changes and it is now yellow with a green strip and a lion on the front. Each plastic pack contains 60 wipes.

      The front of the packaging tells me that the wipes a perfect for potty training, are dematologivally tested, ultra soft and flushable. The wipes are designed specifically for toddlers the provide mild cleaning and are the right size for toddlers to learn to wipe their own bottoms.

      To use the wipes you simply peel back the sticky label remove as many as needed wipe and then flush them one at a time. The seel resticks to keep the wipes moist.

      My daughter has only just started potty training so we have been having a few accidents and some of these have been messy. These wipes are great, they are a nice size for cleaning her bum, she has started asking me can she have a got at wiping herself and these wipes are great for that as with toilet roll she simply lacks the coordination to clean her bum.

      These wipes have a nice texture and they are gentle on the skin, I used one on my face when I run out of facial wipes and my skin didn't feel sore or irritated at all. These can also be used for sticky hands and faces. I put a packet in my daughters backpack now instead of wet wipes. These also cost less than wet wipes.

      These wipes are small and lightweight so they flush away with ease.

      Lastly the wipes are apple scented which is really pleasant and appealing to toddlers.

      I would recommend these wipes they make your toddler feel grown up and appeal because of the bright colours and pictures.


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        10.08.2011 11:18
        Very helpful
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        Let's talk about wiping bums!

        This is a review of Tesco toddle wipes in apple fragrance.

        Price and quantity
        I purchased a few packs of these wipes for 40p each - 60 wipes in each pack and have been really pleased with them. They smell fresh but not overbearing (the packaging suggests that the fragrance has been recently amended) of apple.

        The packaging says they are flushable, but I always feel guilty flushing wipes having seen what they do on those 'life of grime' telly programmes.

        Other uses
        The wipes have numerous purposes beyond wiping your toddler's bum. I think they smell lovely so would freshen up as well as any baby wipe. I do use plain wipes on my baby usually but would also use these on her now she is a little older.

        or Alternatively....
        They also work as good bathroom cleaners, although not antiseptic, they do dusting really well too! I use wipes to clean my hands whilst applying make up too.

        Other brands...
        I have tried Andrex wet tissue paper and find it quite relieving at certain times when you need a good clean down there but it's not appropriate to bath or shower. The Andrex wipes were £2 which I thought expensive.
        I think these do the same job and will be great when potty and toilet training.

        The packet is plastic and squashy with a plastic seal to keep the moisture within. Easily portable and easy to store away.

        It can be difficult to talk about moist toilet paper but it really does a good clean job so despite the environmental issues about clogging up our sewers moist toilet paper can have its uses at times. The apple fragrance on these is pleasant and nice to use. I will buy more of these when they run out, just hope the price doesn't go up!


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          02.08.2011 12:15
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          good for boos bum

          Tesco offer a wide range of baby and toddler products from premium brands such as Pampers and Huggies. They also have their own branded products.

          *Toddler Wipes*

          This review discusses the Tesco Toddler Toilet Wipes which are available unfragranced or with an Apple fragrance (the ones we have). These dermatologically approved wipes are similar to regular baby wipes but are flushable. They contain a mild formula which helps keep your child fresh and clean after going to the loo. They have been specifically designed for toddlers as their "first toilet tissue".


          The wipes are housed within a strong plastic pack with a sticky tab to keep them moist and fresh. The pack is colourful with various animals adorning it and very child friendly. The pack cannot be recycled. Inside, the wipes and slightly folded into each other.

          *Availability and Price*

          There is 60wipes per pack and they can be purchased from Tesco or www.tesco.com. The apple variety are priced at 40p but expect to pay 74p for the unfragranced variety.

          *Our Experience*

          At the moment, we are toilet training our 3year old to encourage him to use the big toilet before he goes to nursery in a few weeks time. He wears pull up pants some of the time but when at home or at a relatives home, we encourage proper big boy pants and to let us know if he needs the toilet. He wasn't keen on the potty so we purchased a seat for the big toilet and aswell as a book to read in the loo, he also has his own special wipes.

          I buy toilet tissues for our use too as I find them more appealing than toilet paper. I still buy baby wipes for pull up accidents but I spotted these in Tesco and picked up a few packs as they were very cheap and I thought they could help Ryan feel more confident about going to the loo. The pack is visually attractive and the seal does work well to keep the wipes moist.

          *Mummmmm I Need A Pee Pee!*

          I have a pack of these in the bathroom and also in the bag we take out with us just incase he needs to go when we are out. He has a tender bum and I don't like using paper on it! Anyway, each wipe is easy to remove from the pack and I notice they are quite a bit smaller than standard baby wipes but a decent thickness..strong and durable. They are very soft and have a delicious fresh, sweet apple scent (much like Pampers Simply Clean Wipes).

          Each wipe is moist enough but not soaking wet and feels a tad oily. These certainly aren't wipes you would want to clean mucky fingers with and are just for using in the loo. Ryan is able to use on off these to polish his winky clean after doing a pee and it immediately freshens it right up. When it comes to a number 2, Mummy needs to help of course as he hasn't mastered this one yet! I find 2 or 3 wipes are required to fully clean his bottom and make it clean and fresh again. The strength of the wipes is admirable and comparable to proper baby wipes and the apple scent lingers.

          I have used these a few times in the morning when Ryan has had a pull up on all night as he isn't ready to go without one yet. In this case, the wipes need to contend with smelly pee and they do perfectly and freshen him up nicely. The wipes despite being rather moist, don't leave his skin damp or wet and he has never experienced a reaction to the fragrancing within them so I feel no need to pay nearly double for the unfragranced variety.

          *Recommendation and Conclusion*

          These wipes clean Ryan up nicely and are so easy to use. It does state you can flush 1 at a time but when a no2 has occured and I have used 2or3 wipes, they have flushed away fine without causing the blockages that some baby wipes do! Having his own toilet tissue like Mummy and Daddy, has given Ryan a bit more confidence and encourages him to use the big toilet so we are making progress.

          I recommend these wipes as they are cheap, durable and do the job they are intended to do.

          Thanks for reading :D


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