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Tesco Naturally Cleaning Putty

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Cleaning Putty / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      27.04.2012 19:29
      Very helpful



      A quality environmentally friendly cleaning product

      Tesco Naturally Cleaning Putty

      I do like the Tesco Naturally range and have to commend Tesco for trying to move us into a more eco friendly way of cleaning but these are often more expensive that many chemical cleaners and sometimes I have been a bit underwhelmed with their cleaning ability so I think carefully before trying them.

      This is one of the more expensive items in the range and as such I haven't tried it until now. Amazon sell it for about £5 I believe but when visiting my local bargain store I found this for 45p. Yes you read that correctly 45p and at this ridiculously low price it would have been rude not to try it. Having found out how great this is I went back today to get some for my children and sadly they had all sold out.

      WHAT DID I GET FOR 45p ?
      This comes in a plastic tub. In the bottom of the tub is a solid white cleaner and in the lid section I found a plastic sponge/scourer. This was a lot stiffer and plastic then my normal sponge/scourers but I am not sure if that helps the product work, I found it worked quite well with my usual sponge/scourer too.

      The product is very solid and the idea is that you wet the sponge with COLD water and then rub it onto the solid product. You don't need a lot and then once you have the cleaner on the sponge squeeze it a bit to spread the stuff through and clean whatever you want to using this. Sometimes you might just wipe it over while at other times you might find you have to rub a bit harder.

      I started by cleaning the top of my cooker and it did a great job with very little rubbing. The next thing I tried this on was the cooker hood which is glass and stainless steel, once again despite the fact this was greasy and dusty it came clean very quickly. I found I wiped it over with the product on the sponge provided then wiped the residue and dirt off with a normal sponge before using a dry paper towel on the glass to finish it off. Next surface I tried were the ceramic tiles behind the cooker and once again these were a bit greasy but came up grease and dirt free very easily and then once again I wiped the residue off with a clean damp sponge. I finished off by doing all the front of the cooker and the handles. The oven I left for another day, although I did the glass in the oven doors and with a fair bit of rubbing they came clean again.

      In the interests of reviewing I then used the cleaner on all my cupboard doors in the kitchen. These are cream and so need wiping quite frequently as no-one seems capable of doing any cooking or preparing without dripping stuff down the fronts. Granddaughter also makes finger marks as do the cats when they jump onto the sides (before being smacked and shouted at to get down). The cupboards came up clean with very little rubbing and then once again I wiped the residue off. The residue is a sort of white powdery feel a bit like old fashioned Ajax use to leave but not so gritty.

      Finally in a fit of enthusiasm I wipe the walls but after getting a nasty tide mark I decided one wall was enough. It did an excellent job but it was all too obvious where I hadn't done! The other wall will have to wait as it was quite hard work wiping it on then sponging it off climbing on the ladder to get high up.

      So I tested this on ceramics, painted walls, kitchen cupboards, my gas cooker hob and the front of the cooker as well as the glass and stainless steel cooker hood so a wide range of surfaces and it did a great job on them all.

      Apparently soft mineral grains are the essential ingredient as the get the dirt off but are gentle on the surfaces. On the back of the tub it says the cleaner is safe for use on oven, windows, worktops, glass, ceramic hobs, boat, alloy wheel rims, garden furniture, shoes but it doesn't mention any bathroom surfaces so I haven't used it up there.

      It states that it is composed of non-ionic surfactants and perfume of less than 5% and it claims that it is made from mineral and plant extracts. Tesco promise that "The Tesco Naturally range uses no synthetic colours, phosphates, chlorine bleaches or enzymes."

      Safe for septic tanks so if you have a septic tank this is useful to know.

      Neither the product nor any of the ingredients are tested on animals so it is an animal friendly product.

      No Synthetic Colours nor in fact are there any colours in this cleaner so it will not make anything unless it is a dark colour as this is very white.

      There are no phosphates in the product. Phosphates are usually in cleaning products as they help remove dirt. Sadly as phosphates are in so many products like cleaners, toothpaste, fertilisers if we go on releasing them into the water cycle they can have an adverse effect on ecosystems at higher concentrations as too much of one element causes an imbalance.

      There is also no bleach so it is safe to use on many surfaces and of course chlorine and other bleach is another chemical which of course will cause imbalance when too much is released into the environment untreated.

      The packaging can be recycled through any plastic recycling centre.

      You only use cold water so once again this means less energy waste as you don't have to heat the water.

      It smells fresh and clean with a hint of citrus. It isn't strong smelling at all but it is pleasant and slightly soapy smelly.

      Despite being a natural product this does still say keep out of reach of children. I suppose eating great chunks might not do a child much good though I doubt it tastes that nice.

      If you do get any in your eyes then rinse immediately with lots of water and seek medical advice if irritation persists.

      Keep this away from food products and I would suggest washing hands after use and before handling food.

      Store the product away from moisture and ensure the sponge is dry before putting it back in the container.

      It also says you should store this away from heat and direct sunlight so pop it in your cleaning cupboard or somewhere cool and out of reach of children.

      Yes indeed I am so thrilled I have found this. It works really well and is not harmful to the environment nor has it been tested on animals. Why do we need chemical products when this works so well? It is available on Amazon for around £5 but I did find it for £2.99 on this site www.concordextra.com but strangely as it is a Tesco product I can't find it in Tesco any longer. I hope this doesn't mean they are no longer making it.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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