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Tesco Spring Fresh Tumble Dryer Sheets

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Brand: Tesco

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    2 Reviews
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      21.05.2013 15:08
      Very helpful



      Lovely addition to making clothes fresh, just that scent needs controlling!

      I originally bought these Spring Fresh tumble dryer sheets as a static helper - a friend suggested they might help with a dress I have that is a bit problematic - she suggested if I rubbed a tumble dryer sheet against it, it might reduce the static. So I bought them for this and not their main purpose of being placed in the dryer. But, as one pack costs £2 and comes with 60 sheets, I wasn't going to let them go to waste because I'm not going to wear my dress 60 times!

      About the Sheets
      To use, one sheet is popped into the dryer with the clothes and stays there until the drying cycle is complete. They are designed to help with creases, reducing their frequency and therefore help with ironing afterwards. They are also designed to improve the softness of the clothing and reduce static cling. The sheets are only designed to be used once so a box lasts 60 loads - for us that's a long time.

      The first thing I noticed about these is their fragrance - they are extremely scented. In my view, they are far too 'spring fresh'. As soon as I first opened them, the scent just overpowered completely! I keep them in the kitchen close to the machine and the scent is always noticeable in there; it is still fairly strong even with the cupboard door closed. It smells similar to when a spray deodorant has just been sprayed and is very floral and irritates my nose.

      The sheets are thin - I was expecting them to feel similar to the colour dye sheets I place in the wash but they are unlike those; these dryer sheets feel silky, soft and cotton-like rather than being made of a paper like material as the colour dye sheets are. Each sheet measures around 25cm x 22cm.

      I have found these sheets to produce great results. I own a washer dryer so it's a bit of a pain having to go to the machine after the wash part to unlock the door and pop one in the machine for the dry part, but the minor inconvenience is worth the results I've experienced. Our clothes come out softer and less creased for the most part so the claims on the packaging I've found to be true. They also have reduced static being in the machine (but unfortunately my friends suggestion of rubbing the sheets directly onto my clothes didn't work very well so I wouldn't bother buying them to do this). The best part about using these is the clothes having less creases in them. I've found that some smaller items that I'd have normally ironed a little, I no longer need to iron at all so that's a big bonus. I also don't need to spend as long ironing my husband's workshirts, although unfortunately the job still needs to be done - please don't expect everything to come out looking ironed already. The key is that they reduce the creases, but not eliminate them completely. I think that would need a miracle! Thankfully, the scent of the clothes is not overpowering once they come out of the machine.

      The packaging advises in the directions that overloading or excessive heat could cause greasy spots to appear on the clothing. Fortunately, this isn't something I've experienced but I am being careful to follow this advice as their solution is that soap and soaking will remove the spots - essentially meaning that I'd have to do the wash again. Something that I don't want to do!

      There are a few warnings given on the box. It says people with sensitive skin shouldn't have prolonged contact with them, from this statement I've made the decision that I don't want to risk using them on my baby daughter's clothing at all because I would hate for her to have any sort of reaction to them. It does state separately that they shouldn't be used on children's sleepwear or anything that is flame resistant as it could reduce the effectiveness of it's resistance to flames, this statement I find slightly concerning. It suggests that the user washes their hands after use too and the usual one of avoiding contact with the eyes. They should also be stored in a cool, dry and safe place.

      I can recommend these tumble dryer sheets, if it wasn't for the overpowering scent I'd score them 5 stars but for that I'm taking one off. They are a good idea and give great results.

      Thanks for reading :o)


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      14.11.2012 10:27
      Very helpful



      Will buy again

      This is a review of Tesco Spring Fresh Tumble Dryer Sheets in 'Spring Fresh' which we have been using for a few weeks now. Tumble Drying is a bit of a novelty for us still at the moment as we only recently had the space to house one in our new utility room. Having a new baby on the way gave us the motivation and decision making push we needed as we were struggling to get all our clothes and laundry dry during the colder months (and I was sick of looking at the drying racks inside!).

      What are they?
      Tesco Spring Fresh Tumble Dryer Sheets come in a pack of 60 which is equal to sixty loads of drying so will last us for ages. The actual sheets are around the size of a baby wipe and are perforated and full of fragrance, slightly moist to the touch. If you use these in the dryer they help to reduce static cling (like an extra fabric conditioner). They also help to make ironing easier and we have noticed that our clothes come out of the dryer less creased (and stiff) than when they are on the line or the inside dryer.

      In use
      Using the sheets is simple. When the load is in the machine, you just add one sheet and set it off with the laundry. When it's finished, you bin it (they are not reusable).

      My thoughts
      The spring fresh fragrance is really nice and is definitely something I am happy for my laundry to smell of. The sheets and towels are softer and fresher and more fragranced than ever when we use one of these sheets with them. I will still line dry clothes when the weather is suitable as it is more economical on electric bills but the clothes are not as soft when dried this way. Clearly some clothes should not be tumble dried so it's worth checking the labels to see if they are compatible.

      Other uses
      I have heard people use these sheets to stop hair being flyaway (!) but I haven't tried that. I think these would work well in a linen drawer or closet if you want a quick fix fragrance in there.

      Sixty sheets are currently £1.69 which is slightly cheaper than the branded version of these. I believe they do the same job so it's probably just a case of finding a fragrance you like to use with the laundry.

      Final word
      I am really impressed with these, particularly with towels, bedding and face cloths, I have never known these items to be so soft! I note that it is not recommended to use these on children's sleepwear or garments labelled as flame resistant as it may reduce the effectiveness of the flame resistance. This is worth noting as a safety measure.


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