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3 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Stain Remover / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    3 Reviews
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      23.10.2010 13:32
      Very helpful



      Bargain price, for a good product.

      Stain remover is essential. I don't know how but sometimes out of my control, my clothes end up with marks on that the normal washing powder and machine wash cannot get out. Therefore pre treatment stain remover is needed to get them out. I had been buying the vanish one for a few months quite happily, until I clapped eyes on this, the tescos own version which was one 96p for 500ml compared to £4 for the same size bottle of the vanish oxy action. The price difference seemed huge, so I just had to give it a go.

      The stain remover comes in a clear plastic bottle. It is a clear watery liquid. The bottle has a spray nozzle, but not an aerosole. It has a trigger at the top which is easy to squeeze to get the desired amount out. The nozzle is square and you can turn it to on or off, to make it spray or not. The only downside with the dispensing is that the plastic tube which picks up the liquid was not quite long enough by about 1.5cm. This meant when I was trying to spray towards the bottom of the tube, it wasn't picking any liquid up. I had to pour the bottom of the bottle out to avoid wasting it.

      The stain remover needs to be applied a couple of seconds before you put the clothes in the washing machine. You give the affected area a few squirts and then shove it in the machine on your usual wash. The stain remover had no adverse side effects, it certianly didn't damage, bleach or mark any of my clothes. Nor did it smell too strong or chemically, or hurt my hands when I accidently got it on them.

      The stain remover removed 80-90% of my stains. There were some really stubborn ones which it didn't manage to get off where I thought vanish would have worked. Even if this was the case you could have one bottle of each and only use Vanish where you absolutely had to, and you would still save lots of pennies.

      A good product for a good price.


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      08.03.2010 13:26
      Very helpful
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      A Great Value Stain Remover

      We sometimes have an incident that could stain our clothing but having kids around make our laundry much more exciting, because we usually deal with different stains that our kids encounter everyday, from ketchup, chocolates, milkshakes and many more. Some are really tough to remove, and need a very effective formula. I usually prefer a well known brand but due to cost cutting, I though that I should give Tesco brand a try. It is a "must have" item for me to make their clothing back to its natural glory.

      The product comes in a white plastic spray bottle with blue spray nozzle and trigger. The labelling is in combination of color blue, red and white, very simple packaging. A 500ml bottle only cost 97p compared with £3 or more for other branded product.

      Turn nozzle to the ON position to use.
      Spray the stain evenly with Pre-treatment Stain Remover.
      Immediately wash the garment at the highest washing temperature recommended.
      After use return the nozzle to OFF position.

      Tesco prewash stain remover doesn't need to be soak for few minutes. Unlike most of its competition that needed exposure to the affected area to finally work its magic. As per instruction, the garment have to be wash as soon as possible which I find more convenient to use.

      Avoid contact with eyes.
      In case contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
      If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, seek medical advice immediately and show the label.
      If irritation develops, discontinue use.
      Rinse and dry hands after use.
      Direct spray away from face and eyes.
      Do not breathe spray and use a well ventilated area.

      We all know that this kind of product should be keep out of childrens reach to avoid any inconvenience and some ingredients can also harm our skin.

      Do not use on silk, wool or non colour fast fabric.
      Product and ingredients not tested to animals by or for tesco.
      The plastic bottle can be recycled.

      Whenever I do my washing, I regularly use a washing liquid in a 40 degree wash, specifically if I'm dealing with stain. Tesco stain remover actually works pretty well, almost the same effect as the old brand I used. It works well on those white uniforms that had a chocolate and milkshake stains. Even with my jeans, it totally removed a coffee stains, except with a ketchup stains which were only lightened for the first time of using but totally removed the stain, the second time of washing. Those tough one probably needed more formula to get rid off them in just one go.

      Overall, I highly recommend this excellent stain remover, and I will definitely continue to use it. It actually works pretty much on every fabric the we regularly use everyday. It gives great results as well as a great value for money.

      Thank you for reading ;-D


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        28.01.2009 20:22
        Very helpful



        Budget stain remover as good as the brand name

        Whilst on holiday several years ago in Canada, my husband went underneath the cottage where we staying to help a friend with some work, his jeans, new for our holiday were awful. Mud, oil, grease etc, but my friend said don't worry it will wash! In Canada they have huge washing machines and sure enough after a magic spray and wash, a time in the tumble drier his jeans looked immaculate. So I realised I had to find a similar product and used a well known brand of stain remover since then, but a few months ago as we are pensioners I decided to try Tesco's own product which was nearly half the price and especially now that the dreaded "Credit Crunch" has hit us! A 500ml bottle cost 98p compared with £1.94.

        It comes in a white plastic spray bottle, blue spray nozzle and trigger and a blue, red and white label, nothing special but then it's what is inside that is important.

        The directions for use say turn the nozzle to the ON position and spray the stain evenly with the Pre-treatment stain remover. Then wash immediately at the highest recommended temperature. After use, return the nozzle to the OFF position, this prevents any accidental leakage. Simple to use even with fingers that can feel a bit stiff.

        You can't use it on silk, wool or non-colour fast fabrics, but otherwise you can use it on the rest of your washing.

        It works well on jeans which are heavy weight and has removed grass stains, oil, and emulsion paint. It has lightened but not quite removed blood from a hankie, made shirt collars look clean again and has removed coffee stains from my white towelling dressing gown. I sprayed the oven gloves on Monday and put them into wash as a casserole had bubbled over and stained the gloves, which I admit had got tomato stains on them already from a pizza, it nearly removed all the stains. Fortunately for my table linen, no red wine or beetroot stains to test the product but I would certainly give it a go. I use whatever washing liquid is appropriate either a Bio liquid for whites or a Colour liquid for the colours and normally a 40 degree wash if there are stains, although otherwise I have been reducing to 30 as the washing liquids recommend.

        Amongst the ingredients is Limonene, which seems to be appearing in a lot of products now. It is a solvent which is used for cleaning purposes and is a by product from orange juice manufacture. Limonene is a skin and respiratory irritant, so care must be taken to avoid contact with the eyes and to use in a well ventilated space. I obviously didn't sniff it even for review purposes, but you can notice a citrus smell.

        This product should be stored carefully and especially out of the reach of children.

        I think it is every bit as good as the more expensive brand, and will continue to use it.


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