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Tesco Toilet Limescale Remover

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4 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner / Subcategory: Limescale Remover / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    4 Reviews
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      15.10.2013 22:51
      Very helpful



      does what it promises and gets rid of limescale!

      This product is amazing!!!!

      Ever since we first moved into our house we have had terrible lime scale in our toilet. When we first moved in the toilet just looked gross! I tried cleaning it with normal cleaners and scrubbing it but it didn't work. It looked really dirty even though I knew I cleaned it daily and knew it was only limescale. I tried lots of expensive lime scale removers and still none of them touched it.
      A friend recommended I try vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.... nope no effect. Tried loads of other home remedies I found on the internet and still didn't work, the lime scale was just too bad!!
      I had tried just about everything and given up until I found Tesco lime scale remover, it was cheap and thought anything's worth a try so popped it in my trolley.

      WHAT IS IT?
      Tesco lime scale remover must have changed their packaging recently as it is slightly different to the dooyoo picture displayed. It still comes in a blue bottle with a red cap but just has a different picture on the front. As with most cleaning products the red cap has a child safety control cap on it. Each bottle contains 750ml and this costs £1.10 from Tesco.

      After opening the cleaner and sqirting a bit of it down the loo I didn't hold out much hope. It wasn't as thick as I thought it would be, much runnier than I'd imagined. It is bright blue and I thought it had more cchance of staining my toilet blue than actually removing any lime scale!

      After chucking some down the toilet I left it for a bit and got on with some of my other house jobs. After a little white I went back and gave it a bit of a scrub with the toilet brush and flushed it. A huge chunk of the lime scale had disappeared!!! I couldn't believe it so repeated the whole process again.

      As my toilet was so severe (as I don't think the last owners had really bothered to clean in that often) it took me a few times to
      repeat it before it worked 100% but I should imagine for most people it should work fully after first use.

      My toilet is now completely white and sparkling!! I'm now no longer embarrassed for guests to use my toilet and it's all thanks to this amazing product! For £1.10 it's a bargain and I will definitely be stocking up on and and using it regularly to keep lime scale from coming back!

      5/5 for me! Thank you for reading my review, I hope it was hekpful.

      xx Mrs K xx


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        05.12.2012 00:52
        Very helpful



        Great inexpensive product to keep your toilet fresh and clean


        ===Why I Bought This===

        Well we all have to keep the bathroom and toilet clean and germ-free and the job always fall to me - both for buying the products and actually doing the job - so I try and buy an efficient product at the most reasonable price going.

        ===The Brand===

        Made for Tesco.

        ===The Product===

        Tesco Active Toilet Gel, 750 mls.
        Bright blue bottle with red security cap - this has two 'squeeze pads' either side which have to be pressed before the cap will come off.
        Has angled head and white nozzle.
        Image of water on front label.
        *100% limescale remover
        *Kills bacteria
        *Stain prevention technology
        Completely removes stubborn limescale.
        Safe to use with septic tanks.
        Produced in the UK.
        Product and ingredients not tested on animals.

        ===To Use===

        Squeeze around bowl and under rim - leave for 30 minutes, then brush and flush.
        Re-apply, leave for 15 minutes and flush.
        Always leave toilet seat in upright position.
        Use regularly - at least three times a week.


        Only use in toilet bowl.
        Do not mix with other cleaners as it may emit gas.
        Do not use on stainless steel.
        Wipe up spillages.
        Store upright.
        Keep out of reach of children.
        Avoid eyes and skin. Rinse and dry hands after use.
        ===Irritant - contains Hydrochloric Acid===


        £1.10p (or currently 2 for £1.50).


        Harpic Limescale Remover Fresh 750 mls - £1.85.

        ===My Opinion===

        I have often bought Harpic and other brands in the past but since beginning to use this Tesco Limescale Remover Gel I have found no reason to try anything else or to waste money on more expensive products.
        I do not make a big thing of 'cleaning the bathroom' but just fit the jobs in whenever I can.
        With the toilet I will usually clean around the bowl and seat and cistern one time with wipes - then another time I will use this toilet gel - so they do not get used together (you have to be very careful when using different chemical products in the toilet at the same time - in fact - don't do it!).
        I usually flush the toilet, squirt this gel around under the rim and in the bowl and then leave it while I have a bath or shower.
        Then it is just a matter of brushing around under the rim and the bottom of the bowl with the toilet brush and flushing.
        I do not do this daily but in between times I will just put a squirt or two of the gel in the bowl to freshen it up. I find doing it a good clean every two or three days is quite sufficient. The limescale remover seems to work well as I do not get any build-up around the bottom of the bowl or along the water line.
        This product does not have an especially appealing aroma but it is not too bad either - and certainly no worse than other toilet cleaners I have used - and most of them are not very appealing anyway.
        All in all a basic product but one that does the job it is designed for and at a great price. Using only a few squirts from the angled nozzle at a time the bottle does last a surprisingly long time.

        ===Star Rating===

        5 stars.

        ===Would I Recommend?===




        ===Full Ingredients===

        (From Detergent Info website)
        Hydrochloric Acid
        Monopropylene Glycol
        Sodium Cumene Sulfonate
        Benzalkonium Chloride
        Pentasodium Aminotrimethylene Phosphonate
        CI 61585


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        24.12.2011 17:01



        Will buy again

        Tesco's own brand limescale remover is pretty impressive stuff, in my opinion. This 750ml large plastic blue bottle costs only 85p and personally I think it probably works better than the more expensive toilet cleaner brands you can buy.

        We live in a hard water area and we suffer a lot from terrible limescale in our loo. We keep trying different sorts of remover, all promising to do the same thing, and sometimes they are okay but sometimes not so good.

        I personally like the shape of this bottle as it allows you to get right inside the rim of the loo where the limescale collects. The smell isn't a perfumed bleach it is just plain and simply a smell of bleach, but I actually prefer this. It isn't too strong so it won't knock your socks off either, it is quite mild but you can still smell it good and proper. I like it.

        I leave it in the loo over night for the best results and when I go back the next day and flush the loo it smells and looks great. Almost as good as new. This bottle will also last you a long time as you don't need to use too much as it is quite a good thick consistency and also what I like about it is that it sticks to the inside of the toilet bowl and clings where it's meant to so it doesn't just run off.

        Great stuff an dI really do think it's great value for money.


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        18.11.2009 15:18
        Very helpful



        An excellent cheap way to remove limescale from the loo

        For some reason I have a problem with my downstairs toilet, it always gets lots of lime scale in the bottom which I find hard to remove. I think it is a combination of the water here and the fact that I have 3 little monsters constantly forgetting to flush it! Fortunately I have now found a great way to remove this.

        ~~THE PRODUCT~~

        What I have found to work is Tesco Toilet Lime Scale Remover. It comes in a plastic blue bottle and has a slightly pointed nozzle on top which allows easy use to squirt this around the rim of the toilet. There is a lighter blue label on the front with the product name and the back of the bottle has a label which contains all the product details, directions for use and warnings.


        To open this bottle you may have some difficulty as it has a child proof cap. To open you just have to squeeze in the sides of the cap before twisting. I do find it is simple to open but I know quite a few people who have problems opening these types of lids. There is a noticeable smell when the lid is removed and this reminds me of bleach, the smell is not overpowering but it does leave a smell in the small toilet area when I have applied this to the toilet.

        It is recommended that this is applied directly to the toilet and left for 30 minutes. After this time you brush the toilet around with your toilet brush and then flush. It is also advised that you then re apply this cleaner and leave for a further 15 minutes before flushing it away again. For me I do not always use it this way and quite often throughout the day I give a little squirt of this down the toilet and at times when the boys are at school it can be left in the toilet for a few hours.

        It is very easy to see how much of the cleaner you have used as the liquid is a blue colour and it is very noticeable on a light coloured toilet.


        For me this has been a wonderful product which I found. It has finally managed to remove the lime scale at the bottom of the toilet and the toilet bowl now shines. I have got used to the smell and it is now quite pleasant and I always like going into the downstairs toilet and smelling this as I know my toilet is going to be clean.

        Despite the liquid being blue it has not left any marks on my cream toilet and I am pleased about this.


        The toilet clean come sin a 750ml bottle and this does last me just over a week but I have to admit that I do use a lot of this so it may last longer when used only once or twice a day.

        It is recommended that this is kept out of reach of children and stored in a cool dry place. Hand should be washed after using this product. The bottle label does state that this cleaner kills bacteria but I cannot prove or refute this claim.

        The ingredients for this product include:-

        Disinfectant, Perfume and Cationic Surfactants (less than 5%)

        If this product does come into contact with eyes then they should be immediately rinsed with warm water and a Doctor should be seen.


        As this is a Tesco's own brand product then it is only available to buy from their stores. It comes at a very reasonable price of 85p and there are usually offers with two bottles for £1.20


        After using this now for a good few weeks then I do highly recommend it. It has removed all of my lime scale and left me with a lovely sparkling toilet which I am now not embarrassed about people using. It is also a great cheap price.


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