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Tesco Window Cleaner Spray

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Window Cleaner / Subcategory: Cleaning Spray / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    2 Reviews
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      13.05.2013 16:57
      Very helpful



      I think I need to try different kinds so I can compare

      For the short spell that the sunshine showed itself earlier this month I suddenly realised our windows were well overdue being cleaned! The sunshine shining onto the glass suddenly showed up all of the finger prints that have accumulated and water stains and things, it looked such a mess I wanted to clean them but found just using soapy water wasn't good enough so decided to buy some glass cleaner. This is the one that I bought as it was only £1.50 from my local Tesco. It is better than using soapy water but it wasn't as easy to use or as smear free as I had hoped it would be.

      I really dislike cleaning

      I love having a clean and tidy house but I really dislike the actual process of cleaning. Sometimes I do find it therapeutic and I love how the house looks when I have spent time on it but I can think of a million different things I would rather do than spend my time cleaning so if I can find something which helps me to do the job faster and easier then I will! When I noticed that our windows needed cleaning I used warm soapy water but found it was really difficult to get it to dry without leaving smears and I had to keep going at it to get it to dry, it took such a long time and lots of elbow grease that I was really tired afterwards. I still get quite worn out if I do too much so when cleaning the windows took it out of me I wasn't happy, I don't want to clean the windows to then end up in bed for the rest of the day so I needed something which would help to make cleaning them easier. My husband was bemused when I said I wanted to buy some proper cleaning product for doing the windows but couldn't really complain when I found a bottle for just £1.50. I didn't want to spend a fortune and I think £1.50 is reasonable. There were other options too which were more expensive and branded but this looked easy enough to use, with clear directions so I bought it to help.

      The bottle

      This 500ml bottle is very similar to other spray bottles I have but it is the only green one so it's easy for me to spot in the cupboard and know it's the window spray and so don't use it as the bathroom cleaner instead! It's a plastic see-through bottle and is a green theme. It has a green cap, green lever, green neck and the liquid itself is green. When I spray it however it looks clear. The label shows a very clean, sparkly looking window and there is a shine behind the name so upon looking at this you would expect a lovely shiny result when you use it! It also states in red with a big tick next to it (so this looks rather important) that it is 'with vinegar' and 'non-smear shiny finish'. This non-smear shiny finish is what really appealed to me! This is just what you want when cleaning windows! On the back is a list of all the things this window cleaner claims it can do, how to use it, care instructions, storage, warnings and it's ingredients.


      When cleaning I followed the directions on the bottle. The directions state that you turn the spray nozzle to 'on', spray sparingly, directly onto surface. Wipe with a clean cloth. Turn cloth repeatedly and polish to a sparkling smear free finish and then turn the nozzle back to 'off'. This is what I did. I found that the little nozzle that you turn from on to off is very easy to do, not stiff at all. This is a safety mechanism so that you can have it 'off' so children cannot mess with it. The lever will not press down when it is on 'off'. Pulling the lever is easy although I found the bottle is quite heavy and so it hurt my wrists a little to support the weight in one hand whilst spraying. I found it easier to use my other hand to help take the weight of the bottle but I do have a great weakness to me so I'm sure everyone else will be fine with it! When spraying it I wasn't too sure how far away to stand as it doesn't say so I stood about 20cm away. The spray comes out quite wide-spread so it covers quite a lot of the glass and seeing as it said use spearingly I thought that was good. It was easy enough to spray so that was good. I then used a cloth to wipe it. I think I used too much though as it seemed to take a long time to get the spray up and it did smear. I kept changing the cloth around so that it wasn't damp and this seemed to help but it did take a lot of elbow grease and sometimes I would stand back, take a look and see that there was still a smear somewhere and when I would go to wipe away that smear it would create another one! Eventually my husband finished it as I got fed up and the end result was a much better finish than when we use water but it still took quite a long time. It did clean off greasy fingerprints and water stains though so it was clean and it did have a sparkle.


      The first thing I noticed was that the smell of this spray lingered somewhat. It's a difficult smell to describe, I can definitely pick up the vinegar in it but it's masked a bit by a very slight fruity smell, the bottle doesn't state what this is, just lists it as 'perfume' but it is quite strong and like I say it lingered for several hours afterwards. The main thing I wanted from this was sparkly windows that didn't take a lot of effort. It didn't take as long as when we just used water but it still did require a lot of wiping up and down and there were some smears before I gave up and handed it over to my husband to finish. The windows did have a shine afterwards I cannot deny that, it is a nice finish and I suppose with cleaning you do have to put in some effort to get a nice result! I could just do with a cleaning fairy to do it for me I guess. I am happy with the result, I like having windows that shine and it seems as though it lets more light in now it's nice and clean. I cleaned the windows with this a week ago and looking at them now they still look very clean if we ignore the rain drops on the outside! I don't know how long windows are supposed to remain clean for but so far it's looking okay!


      Having never used a different cleaning product for windows and glass I find it hard to know whether this one is any good or not, all I do know is that it was easier than using just soapy water but that it still took quite a long time to get it to be smear free. In fact at one point it looked so smeary I thought it was just going to look worse. It involved quite a lot of elbow grease and plenty of rubbing, it did get rather boring. Perhaps a more expensive brand would have a better result I don't know, a friend of mine tells me a cream type product is more effective so maybe I will try that next time I decide to clean the windows! What I do definitely know after using this is that window cleaning is not a fun job to do and I won't be planning to waste more time cleaning them again soon!

      The bottle itself is fine I like the bright green of it so I can tell right away which product is which in my cupboard and I like that the greenness of the spray doesn't have any results on the window- no green smears on the cloth anywhere! The safety mechanism works- Millie has tried it! So that's great, the only problem is that it's quite a heavy bottle whilst it's so full and the weight of it hurts my fingers a bit and the nozzle is a bit sharp so it dug into my finger whilst holding it. I like that it's a spray as it's easy to just apply it to the glass and it helped to disperse it evenly across it so it didn't take much effort.

      In conclusion I think that this is okay. It didn't make things that much shorter but it did leave a nice shine and the smears did eventually go when we kept on rubbing at them! I can't compare it to anything else though so I don't know if a different cleaner would be any good, I am willing to try a more expensive one to see if it saves me time and effort as anything that cuts back on cleaning time is well worth it! For £1.50 it's pretty cheap and cheerful but it hasn't made me enjoy cleaning windows!


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        08.01.2013 12:18
        Very helpful



        An effective cleansing agent that can be used on a wide variety of surfaces

        ~~The Product: 'Tesco Window & Glass Cleaner' ~ 'A Window To The World'!~~

        The product comes in a 500ml transparent plastic container that curves just past midway to enable the index finger to hold the nozzle with the middle and ring finger placed on the finger grooves to hold the container. The nozzle components are a deep green with the fluid contents being a gorgeous olive green colour. On the front label are the product's content details along with a couple of ticks next to the wording 'with vinegar' and 'non smear shiny finish'.

        On the reverse of the bottle are the window cleaner manufacturer's promises on what using the product will afford the consumer, along with the directions for use, care instructions, ingredients list, storage advice and warnings on usage. A couple of symbols denote that although the trigger is non-recyclable, the actual container is! 'Amongst other ingredients' the window cleaner contains 'Non-ionic Surfactants Less than 5% also contains: Benzisothiazolinone (and) Methylisothiazolinone, Methylchloroisothiazolinone (and) Methylisothiazolinone, Perfume, Limonene'.

        ~~My Usage Experience ~ 'Windows 7'...and more!~~

        I find many brand named window cleaners to be particularly expensive if not on offer. Therefore, I purchased this product from Tesco as it was well below the current glass cleanser product cost at the time. As with the majority of this type of containers with a spray nozzle, the spout has a square twist opening that has the clear lettering 'on' and 'off' on each section. Turning the disc is very easy and immediately ready for use.

        The trigger affords a good half a meter spray length but the closer I hold the container toward the surface, the more concentrated the aim and amount of droplets. Following the manufacturer's instructions of 'Directions for use:' I 'Turn spray nozzle to the 'ON' position. Spray sparingly, directly onto surface. Wipe with a clean, soft cloth or paper kitchen towel. Turn cloth or towel repeatedly and polish to a sparkling smear-free finish. Return spray nozzle to the 'OFF' position'!

        I generally start with my lounge, beginning at my glass office desk. I clear the unit of all paperwork etc., and then, as instructed, 'spray sparingly'. I find one brief squirt at around 6" from the surface furnishes me with an approximate area of 10x10" of spray. The fine mist comes out clear and much alike water. At the ready I have two soft dry clean cloths. With one of the cloths, I use for the initial wipe, and then the second is used to buffer the surface. The odour of the liquid is a strong chemical scent that can be quite over powering so I tend to hold my breath as I spray and always ensure the room is well ventilated.

        The manufacturer promises a 'smear proof' shine. Well, that's exactly what I get. The surfaces are left beautifully smudge free with a real sparkling gleam to them. I use this product on windows too. Though to avoid wastage, I wash the outside of the windows first, and then use the window cleaner after. I often alternate between furniture polish, baby wipes and window cleaner on certain surfaces like chrome. I will say that spraying a small amount on a clean dry cloth then applying to chrome plated surfaces brings up a wonderful radiant shine, removing all tarnish.

        I love using this on the bathroom and kitchen tiles. After washing the tiles with warm soapy water, I dry them with a soft towel than spray them with the window cleaner. The tiles are left with a dazzling lustrous shine. When I apply this effective cleanser on my mirrors, they come up so clean and streak free that they look as new.


        Although I have never applied it for the following, I have heard that it is very useful in reducing the 'swelling from bee stings. Spritzing some window cleaner on a bee sting is a quick way to reduce the swelling and pain. But first be sure to remove any stinger. Flick it sideways to get it out -- don't tweeze it -- then spray. Use only spray-on window cleaner that contains ammonia and never use a concentrated product. It is the small amount of ammonia that does the work, and beekeepers have known for years that a very dilute solution of ammonia helps relieve stings' http://www.rd.com/home/the-wonder-of-win​dow-cleaner/

        I like to put the window cleaner to other uses such as attacking the oily surfaces that tarnishes the surfaces in my kitchen. For instance, on the sides of my fridge where fingerprints can leave grease, this cleaner is non- abrasive and removes the grease with ease. I use it in the same manner I apply it for chrome surfaces.
        The vinegar that is contained in this product will help in destroying bacteria and fungus, so I find using it around the window sills promotes a most efficient anti-bacterial cleaner that is gentle on the surrounds but leaves them dirt and grime free whilst also as a protection in the form of a bactericidal!


        The downside to this window cleaner though, is that it contains ingredients that are not conducive to health! Such chemicals can be harmful, not only to the environment but also to us. If a consumer has concerns over this then of course, there is always a more natural method! 'The best window cleaner. Make a great all-purpose window cleaner by combining 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon liquid soap or detergent, and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Shake to blend and spray on your windows!' http://www.care2.com/greenliving/the-bes​t-window-cleaner.html

        ~~Would I recommend? ~ 'Window of opportunity'!~~

        This is another quandary for me. On one hand, I would say an unreserved yes because of the effectiveness of this product. The window spray is simple to use, can be applied to various surfaces, and furnishes a brilliant smear free shine.

        But, on the other hand, I feel it is only responsible to note that a fair amount of the product's ingredients are anything but natural. And as such, can certainly be harmful to our environment and to humans. So I will give the product three stars, preferring 2 1/2 really! I will leave the question of recommendation as undecided. It is very much a personal choice on whether the consumer would use this product considering all the facts; it remains a chemically enhanced product! :~(

        The window cleaner is available throughout the larger Tesco stores and on their online grocery site. There is currently a two for £2 offer on this normally £1:40 product.

        Thank you for taking the time to read my review on this window cleaner :~)


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