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Toilet Duck Fresh Gel Discs Lavender

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2 Reviews

Brand: Toilet Duck / Type: Toilet Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    2 Reviews
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      13.08.2013 12:15
      Very helpful



      A good product for the loo

      Cleaning the Bathroom is one job I really hate doing, it actually doesn't take that long but its the thought of it so I like to use products that will help me to get the job done as quickly as possible and also products that help to keep the bathroom as clean as possible in between times.  When it comes to the toilet I use a couple of different product to clean it  but tend to steer clear of the cages with cleaning discs in it, however recently when I was doing my weekly shop I noticed that Duck Fresh Discs were on offer, these discs do not actually come in the germy cages that attach to the side of your toilet so I decided to give them a go.  

      Duck Fresh Discs come in a small rectangle shaped box, the majority of the box is a light purple colour, the Duck logo appears on the front and sides of the box with the name written just beneath.  Various facts about the Duck Fresh Discs also appear on the front of the box, right at he bottom is a picture of a toilet with one of the discs in place so you can see how they will look, the fragrance also appears on the front of the box which in my case was Lavender.  

      On one side of the box is a picture of the Duck Fresh Disc applicator with labels and arrows pointing to different parts.  The majority of the product information appears on the back of the packaging which mainly includes warnings, the directions for use are written inside the box, personally I do not think this is a very good place for them as you either have to struggle and peer inside the box to read them or tear the box open, it would have made things much easier if they had been written on the back of the box with the other product information, all of the information is written in a couple more languages.  

      The Duck Fresh Discs
      The Duck Fresh Discs come in an applicator, this consists of a tube made from clear and blue plastic, the bottom part where the gel is positioned is clear allowing you to see the colour of the discs inside, the handle is a dark blue plastic, on the end of the tube is a blue plastic cap which simply pulls on and off, this helps to keep the gel clean.

       Along the handle is a small button and a series of 6 holes, this allows you to push the handle down the tube releasing each gel disc, 1 hole equals 1 disc.  Duck Fresh Discs Lavender are described as being a 4 in 1 product, they prevent limescale, continuously fragrances, cleans with every flush and also lasts for up to 720 flushes or 8 weeks.  These discs are different to other toilet discs as they stamp straight onto the inside of your toilet without an unhygienic cage or rim block, it was this that drew my attention to this product.  As I have mentioned I purchased the Duck Fresh Discs in the Lavender fragrance, however they do come in other fragrances as well.  

      Directions for Use
      When it comes to applying a Duck Fresh Disc to your toilet the directions are simple, you simply remove the plastic cap and press the same end against the inside of the toilet, you then push the button on the handle so that the handle slides down and stamps a disc on the side of the toilet.  You need to position the disc so that it is in line of the water flow.
      There is a list of warnings on the back of the packaging these are standard for this type of product and include
      * Keep out of reach of children
      * In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately and seek medical advise
      * If swallowed seek medical advise immediately
      * Be attentive of your children when they are near the toilet
      * Wash hands after handling product
      * For use only in the toile bowl
      * Avoid prolonged contact with the skin

      Price and Availability
      Duck Fresh Discs Lavender are available from most supermarkets, we purchased ours from our local Tesco, when  bought ours they were on offer for £2.00, however at full price they are sold for £3.50.   

      My Opinion
      I have been using Duck Fresh Discs Lavender for about 4 weeks now and I have been extremely pleased with them.  The thing that attracted me to this product was the fact that I could have toilet discS in my toilet without the unhygienic cages.  I particularly like the fragrance of this product, it smells just like lavender and has a clean fresh smell, the fragrance is quite strong but its not what I would call over powering, you can smell the fragrance of the discs when you lift the lid on the toilet, it makes the whole bathroom smell fresh.

       In my opinion the Duck Fresh Discs Lavender really do what they say on the packaging, they have helped to prevent the build up of limescale and they have kept my toilet clean, cleaning every time it is flushed, for some reason we from time to time get a scum on the top of the water in our toilet, using the Duck Fresh Discs has stopped this from happening and our toilet always look sparking and clean.

       In my opinion the discs are averagely priced, personally I would rather buy them when they are on offer, however they are of such a good quality and actually do what they say they will I would be prepared to pay full price.

       It states that each discs lasts for up to 8 weeks or 720 flushes, I didn't count how many times the toilet was flushed but I do know the disc lasted for about 4 weeks, personally I think this makes them good value for money and I didn't actually expect them to last for the full 8 weeks.

       I would definite recommend the Duck Fresh Discs Lavender as they are an excellent way to keep your toilet clean and smelling fresh without the unhygienic cage attached to the side of your toilet.  


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      25.02.2013 13:17
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      I think I'll stick to the Marine or Lime fragrances in future

      I have been buying Toilet Duck Fresh Discs for around a year or so. Prior to this I had seen these for sale, but been put off by the price tag. The only reason I started buying these, was that when we moved into our house I realised that the water in the toilets would only flow down the back and front of the bowl when flushed, not the sides. This meant that when using traditional caged rim blocks, they had to be positioned right at the front of the toilet, uhm...between the legs! I decided that these fresh discs would probably be a better option for us.

      The idea of the fresh discs is that they are gel discs which are applied straight to the toilet bowl, so there is no need for a cage. They come in five different fragrances - Marine, Lime, Lavender and two new fragrances called Floral Oasis and Cool Mist. I have tried the first three, but the ones I am reviewing today are the lavender variety.

      The discs come boxed and inside the box is the applicator which comes in two parts. I can only really describe it as being a tube with two ends which simply slot together. Once assembled, all you need to do is remove the cap, hold the tube against the bowl and press the button. This dispenses the lilac coloured gel disc which sticks to the bowl.

      These discs are supposed to have a 4in1 action according to the box...

      1. Hygienic Application - well, yes I can vouch for that, there's no grubby cage to touch.
      2. Cleans with every flush - again yes, but I'll get onto the cleaning power later in the review.
      3. Anti-limescale - This is really hard to tell, since I have never really noticed limescale in our toilets. Since I have been using these pretty much since we moved in, perhaps the reason I've not noticed limescale is because these are getting rid of it, but I really don't know!
      4. Fragrances for up to 700 flushes - This is nonsense! The other fragrances I've tried (particularly the marine one) are quite strong, but with this lavender variety I have not noticed any fragrance whatsoever from the discs, which has been disappointing. 700 flushes even with the stronger fragrances in the range, is extremely optimistic in my view - I don't think the discs even last 700 flushes!

      So, onto the cleaning power. The discs clean with every flush and I do see a bit of froth and bubbles in the toilet bowl after flushing, particularly when the disc has only recently been applied. They are no substitution for a 'proper' clean, but they do act like rim blocks and give a bit of an extra freshen up between cleans and I do think the bowl stays looking white for longer with these.

      One thing I don't like about the Fresh Discs is that once they have been on a while they start to wear down (understandably) and by the end they lose their circle shape and actually look quite awful - especially the lime green one! Another thing I've found is that if you use a toilet brush you have to be careful not to catch the disc with the bristles or the gel disc will stick to them!

      I have never paid full price for these, I always wait until they're on special offer, as I find the full price too much. Each box gives six applications, and each application lasts perhaps a couple of weeks.

      At present these retail at £3.49 at Tesco and Sainsbury's. I usually pay closer to the £2 mark when they're on offer.

      Overall, I think these are OK, but they do not have the fragrancing power of the Marine or Lime discs and for that reason I would not choose this fragrance again. If you are looking for a more hygienic option to a rim block, or have the same issue with us in how your toilet flushes, then I would still recommend Fresh Discs as a good option - just probably not the lavender version, as I can't smell them at all!


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