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Vanish Dual Power Pre-wash Stain Remover

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Brand: Vanish / Type: Stain Remover / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      18.06.2007 09:29
      Very helpful



      Great stain remover to hold in reserve for the super tough stains.

      As much as I love my Dri-Pack Washing Soda Crystals for general stain shifting, a few really tough stains simply won’t shift without more help. Whilst I could buy expensive specialist stain removers, I have found not only are they dear, but results were often mixed, including changing the colour of the fabric despite overall colourfastness. One such stain is the personal bane of my life…grease. I don’t mean oil from the kitchen, but rather motor type grease. My husband is a lorry driver and he comes home with axle grease and all sorts mixed into the stain. As he works away all week, quite often the stain has sat on a soiled uniform for several days before making it to my washing machine.

      Enter Vanish Dual Power. It has two chambers of liquid, one clear, one pink. You take off the clear lid, and gently squeeze both chambers simultaneously, squirting the liquids directly onto the stain, saturating the fabric. As the stain is encountered, the liquid foams up. Simply wait 10 minutes to let the enzymes do their chowing down, and wash as usual. If the stain is particularly dark, or difficult, such as my engine grease and motor oil ones, after 5 minutes, you can take an old soft child’s toothbrush dipped in cold water and rub across the stain to work the treatment deeper into the fibres. I find a 30 degree short wash after is actually perfectly adequate at then washing out the grunge, leaving only still brightly coloured and spotless laundry. Other stubborn stains I have successfully treated with this wonderment include ground in black muck from the bottom of socks, after my daughter thoughtfully went out in just her socks onto damp ground and pavement, deep down grass stains on cotton cord trousers, and even a poo stain in pants from a toddler in a hurry to leave the toilet to go play.

      As it is rather expensive at just under £3 for the bottle, I do not use it on light every day stains, preferring to use my much cheaper (and just as effective on daily light stains) washing soda. For your £3, you get a nice sized 750 ml bottle, one half pink and one half sort of a clear white, with the Vanish logo emblazoned across and the name of the product, “Dual Power Prewash Stain Remover”. The pink half apparently contains the ordinary pink Vanish Stain remover, and the clearish white half a liquid Oxy action vanish portion. The two combine when squeezed out to enhance each other’s stain fighting performances, and I must say the results speak for themselves. The cleaning action is fantastic, with the only downside being the slightly “odd” feel to the clothes after. The clothes do feel slightly rougher after, but I find this remedies easily by simply adding a small amount of fabric softener into the drawer to recondition the fibres. I am guessing the roughened sensation is because the stain removers help strip off the coating previously left on by fabric softeners and whatnot. Any spillage onto skin will cause whitened spots to appear and hands to feel dry, so watch out for that. It should also be kept out of the reach of children and pets as it is toxic.

      So, where to find it? I get mine from the laundry aisle during my online shop, and have purchased it both from Asda and Sainsbury’s. With judicious use, keeping it in reserve only for the super yuckies, a single 750 ml bottle lasts me at least 3-4 months, so for just under £3, that works out to be good value. Being already premixed so to speak, it also work out much more convenient than trying to mix your own two separate products and trying to get the ratio right and not make a huge mess. Two thumbs up from me!


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    • Product Details

      Vanish Dual Power Pre-Wash Stain Remover uses a proven Oxi Action formula in one chamber and powerful Vanish stain fighters in the other for the removal of all those tough stains / The two jets combine to create an amazing fizzing action to work instantly on the toughest stains / The Vanish Dual Power penetrates deep into fabrics / Suitable for both colours and whites / Pre-wash treatment / suitable for colours and whites / 750mL bottle.

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