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Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White

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12 Reviews

Brand: Vanish / Type: Stain Remover / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    12 Reviews
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      24.11.2013 17:15



      This Vanish cleaner works well with white clothes

      This Vanish Stain Remover for white washes can be added in the wash or allowed to soak. I used the soaking method as had two very dirty white shirts. After soaking then a normal, hot wash for whites 70c Vanish has cleaned two white shirts very well. I work in a messy industrial factory and what ever I do cannot get the shirts clean. So was pleased when this Vanish cleaned my shirts so well. It does say on the bottle that it well rescue clean dirty times.

      Now when it comes to the mud on my gardening clothes, again a white very muddy shirt did not move all of the mud stains. However perhaps that was to be expected.

      So I decided to soak the shirt over night then wash hot again.
      This was better - some mud stains could still be seen.. but again perhaps I am expecting too much.

      For normal work and everyday living Vanish Stain remover will help clean white clothes well. So 4 out of 5.


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      19.11.2013 12:23
      Very helpful



      Leaves clothes looking new but at a cost!

      Having two messy toddlers in my house, stains are inevitable. Their clothes never seem to last very long, not staying clean anyway as sometimes the normal wash just doesn't do it. I found a tub of vanish in my mum's cupboard and decided I would 'borrow' it to see if it was any good. Good old Mum!!

      Vanish Oxi Action claims that by just putting one scoop in your wash it will get rid of any stains no matter how tough they are and will do it in the first wash. It also claims that it will brighten up any whites. It is safe to use on whites and colours.

      So when I got home and went to put a wash on I thought I'd try and use some Vanish and see it it actually lives up to its claims. I put a normal wash on which included a spaghetti hooped stained boys tee-shirt.

      Opening the tub you can see it comes with a little pink rounded scoop so you can get the right amount of vanish measured out easily.

      The instructions state that you should put one scoop in with a normal wash. So everything else should be like normal, normal detergent and fabric conditioner, whatever you normally use and then add a scoop of vanish.

      Once my wash had finished I got out my son's previously orange stained top and had a look at it. I have to be honest and the stain wasn't completely gone and I could still see it, however, I was definitely much much lighter than if I'd just put it in a normal wash. It was noticeably better but not perfect.

      I laid the tee-shirt out on my kitchen counter and poured a little bit of vanish on the light orange patches and then put a teeny bit of warm water on it so the powder formed a paste and left it for a couple of hours to soak in. After it had been left for a bit I put it in the washing machine (as it was with the powder still on it) along with some other clothes for wash.
      When it came out I was amazed!! It looked as good as new!

      I now put a scoop of vanish in with every wash and it clears the lighter stains but I do the paste thing with any clothes that stains don't come out of in the first wash. I love this stuff!!

      Vanish now have a whole load of stain remover products in their range such as sprays, gels, carpet cleaners, and other powders. I haven't tried any of the others yet but I'm sure I will if I come across them on offer anywhere as I definitely think they must be worth a try.

      Now here's the catch. This stuff is pretty pricey! You can get it in all sorts of sizes from teeny little pots to huge tubs.

      To get a small 500g tub it will cost you about £4.80 and if you are going to use it regularly it won't last very long at all. It's not cheap!

      However a lot of the supermarkets often have it on offer for example I know that Tesco have the 750g one on offer for £4 at the minute (November 2013) instead of it's usual £6.90 price.

      You can find deals if you're lucky too by shopping around. I am currently using a massive 2.4kg tub as I found them in my local wholesalers and they were selling them off for £5 each. Love a good bargain!
      I've never seen a tub this size in supermarkets though.

      I would definitely recommend this product. It really does work but as my review states it might just need a second application. I don't think it should have such a high price tag but I would just recommend stocking up whenever you see it on offer!
      4 out of 5 stars for me, one star knocked off for the price.

      Thank you for reading

      xx Mrs K xx


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        29.06.2013 11:17
        Very helpful



        An excellent product to keep in your cupboards for exceptional problem washing

        Recently back from a suncream-heavy holiday I was very glad to have a tub of this tucked at the back of the cupboard. It's a product I bought as an "end of range" bargain, months ago, and haven't used until now, but the sight of the disgusting "whites" waiting to be washed reminded me to give it an outing.

        This product is a stain remover which you simply add to your normal wash. I use liquid for my main wash (directly in the drum) but all you need to do is place one scoop of this Vanish into the main drawer alongside the softener, close the drawer, switch on, and wait to be amazed.

        The product is a simple plastic tub with a screw-top lid containing the powder/granules and a small scoop which measures the correct quantity to add.

        In my experience sun cream is one of the most unforgiving of stains, because rather than simply marking clothes it actually deeply discolours them. Mix it with a bit of sweat as well (yuk!) and it's really ground into your clothes. In the past I have used a Vanish stain removing stick to tackle it, but that's time consuming as it's a targeted process. This was more of a "chuck it in" hopefully more widespread approach.

        Despite the claims, and also my positive experiences with the Vanish stick, I was still sceptical of its ability to take on this grey/yellow disgusting challenge with effectively no effort from myself. When the wash was finished, I was genuinely amazed by the results - it really did the job. Bra and vest straps and t-shirt necks were clean - I know I sound like an advert, but I could not believe it, my whites were back!

        For tougher stains you can also use the powder dissolved in water to soak clothes before washing as usual.

        The normal retail price seems to be between £4 and £5 for a 500g tub.

        I was really impressed by the power and effectiveness of this product and will probably be using it a little more in future. Nevertheless with all that power, comes the inevitable questions about what's in there, which still makes me conscious that this is not a product I want to be using all the time... hence the quantity of safety and warning information on the label...

        I guess to be expected for such a powerful cleaning product, there is a large orange HARMFUL notice on the back, along with lots of safety information and where/when not to use (on wool, silk or leather, finished or coated surfaces, do not soak fabrics with metal fabrics or flame resistant finishes, do not expose pre-treated or soaked garmets to direct heat or sunlight before rinsing thoroughly, do not contaminate the product, once mixed do not leave in a sealed container...) It contains Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhdrate, making it harmful if swallowed, irritating to skin, risk of serious damage to eyes, keep locked out of reach of children, keep in a cool place, keep dry, avoid contact with skin and eyes and there is also advice to wear gloves and other protection if you have sensitive skin. So this is clearly a product which needs careful control and use.

        Nevertheless, I must give it 5 stars, because it is very clear about the safety information and meets all of its claims superbly.


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        12.02.2013 23:14
        Very helpful



        Strongly recommend that you at least try it out once and see what results it returns to you!

        Do you have terrifying nightmares about those little blighters sitting in your whites?

        Well now, there's no need to worry because Vanish have given us all an easy reliable solution!
        Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White Powder has the magical power to 'Vanish' those little horrors on your white clothing forever! Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White gives you amazing stain removal and whiter whites 1st time every time!

        By using Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White Powder on your whites, it's scientifically designed formula is working hard to ensure that your whites come back to you not just without stains but upto several shades whiter!
        The special formula contains Oxi Powerlift agents which penetrate and lift the stain first time, and also whitening ingredients to help retain a brilliant whiteness in your washing.
        Add a scoop of this powder to your wash load to see great results.

        Direction for use:

        Removing stains from your whites has never been easier with Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White Powder!

        Washing Machine:
        1. For tougher and dried-in stains, add 1 scoop to your normal detergent in the washing machine drawer.
        2. For normal stains, add 1/2 a scoop.
        3. Wash as usual. You can get great results even at 30 degrees.

        1. Fully dissolve 1 scoop in 4 litres of warm water (max 40 °C). For normal stains use 1/2 a scoop.
        2. For the best results, soak for 6 hours.
        3. After soaking, wash as usual or rinse thoroughly.

        I use the amazing Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White Powder everyday when I wash a heap of whites. It also works well when soking clothes which I also do quite often. However, If I soke something, I usually leave it to soke for at least 2 days as it cleans and refreshes them completely.

        I definitely think this is a brilliant product and sure is reliable and trustworthy. I strongly recommend that you buy and try it out for yourself but trust me, you'll absolutely love it!

        I buy mine from ASDA for £6.00 which isn't bad for a 6KG container full of it. It can also be bought from Tesco's and many other major retailers but it costs more!

        I hope you have enjoyed reading my experience of using this product and do hope you have thought about buying it too.

        Thank you very much for reading and taking your time!

        Many Thanks,


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        13.08.2011 08:29
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Won't be buying any more

        There are too many Vanish products out there. How can consumers be expected to know which to buy from the serried ranks of pretty pink containers? - and now this white container as well, but with the familiar pink Vanish logo on the front.

        These people take us for suckers, which we largely are, otherwise their strategy wouldn't work. Are we all so much dirtier than we used to be? Do we really need this stuff? My Mum just used to soak a stained item of clothing in the sink overnight, perhaps in a mild bleach solution - or just give it a bit of a rub with some washing powder if anything got stained. Thesedays however we have been persuaded that that isn't good enough. Oh No! We have to spend a fortune on products that we really don't need!

        Do you sense I am a bit negative about this product?

        Well, Yes I am and lots more besides. If it was down to me, I wouldn't buy the stuff. My sucker wife is to blame and yet...... even she recognises that she is a victim.... but still bought this!

        This product was bought originally for my white work shirts and it is true that the inside of collars in particular are prone to marking. This problem was evident on some of my collars on favoured shirts that were probably past their best before dates and to be honest, they probably needed flinging. However, my wife wears a lot of white and there always seems to be a full white wash every week, even though there are just the two of us. It didn't make my collars any whiter than with ordinary washing powder.

        The product comes in a nice screw-top plastic wide-brimmed container - the sort that's useful to hang onto for storing bits and occasionally bobs - knicks and sometimes knacks - this and from time to time that etc etc.

        It's a white powder that looks just like washing powder ( now there's a surprise!) It's just that it's hideously more expensive. You're supposed to use it as a pre-soak or just in the normal wash. It reputedly has special whitening agents and Microcrystals no less. It has a Double Whitening Action into the bargain. Wow!

        No, I'm not taken in by all this twaddle. It's all a con. To me, it hasn't made a bit of difference to our whites. I don't get grass or lipstick stains on my clothes anymore (more's the pity) so this has really only been tested on normally soiled white clothes.

        At the end of the day, this is just washing powder, folks - don't be taken in by all the hype.

        As washing powder, I guess it's OK. For whitening your whites, I'm not convinced - just another means of getting another Vanish product in the cupboard under the sink.


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          07.07.2011 14:34
          Very helpful



          Great for keeping your whites white

          Being a Mum to a 3 year old and 8 month old means that I feel VERY well qualified to review the vast majority of products under the heading 'Laundry'!

          My eldest daughter is quite a tomboy, loves all things dirty and muddy (Peppa Pig and her penchant for jumping in puddy puddles has alot to answer for!) and is probably the messiest child in her room at nursery when I go to collect her! Her clothes are often covered in food, pens, paints, mud, grass and anything else she can jump in, crawl through or smear on herself during the course of a day.
          My youngest at 8 months old, is greatly enjoying feeding herself and is very accomplished at smearing and dribbling all manner of yellow, orange, green and brown coloured food stuffs down her front.

          So our very frequent piles of washing are a sticky and blobby rainbow of all sorts waiting to be returned to their previously clean and sparkling state. This is where the vanish comes into it's own.
          I always have a tub of the white and coloured varieties of Vanish in the cupboard and use both on a virtual daily basis. Currently I am using a 1kg version of both as that was what was on offer at Tesco the last time I bought them. It isn't the cheapest stain remover around, but I have tried own brand tubs (Tesco's version) and they aren't a patch on Vanish. A 500g tub will normally set you back about £3-£5 but as all sizes are often on offer, I tend to stock up when the offers are on so have rarely paid the normal retail price.

          The tub is made of sturdy white plastic emblazened with the usual bright & eye catching vanish logos. It has a screw top lid and bright pink plastic scoop for dispensing the white powder. The powder itself is quite course and (unsurprisingly) soapy smelling and the recommended dose is half a scoop to a standard wash with 'normal' stains (what constitutes a 'normal' stain I wouldn't know) or a full scoop for dried in stains. You can also use it for soaking at a recommended dose of 1 scoop to 4ltrs of water for up to 12 hours.
          There are the usual precautions and safety warnings on the tub regarding colour fastness checks, not to use on certain materials (wool, silk or leather) and keeping out of reach of children, not eating, potential skin irritations etc.

          I did stop using Vanish for a period as my youngest has very bad excema and when we were trying to get to the bottom of it, I did stop using everything but Surcare powder (which I continue to use) and I am more reserved in my use of these stronger products than I once was just to be on the safe side.
          If I am doing a general wash of whites which aren't particularly soiled, then half a scoop does the job and will brighten the whites aswell. If I am washing socks, vests, t-shirts etc that are quite soiled or have dried in yuck on them then I will normally use a spray stain remover as well as a whole scoop of vanish in the wash. I am currently using Tesco's own pre-wash stain spray as I have found it just as good as Vanish and at 95p, about 50p cheaper than the Vanish spray in Tesco. Therefore, even though the vast majority of really rather dirty items does come out clean and stain free, I cannot hand on my heart say this is categorically down to the vanish alone.

          I have very rarely had to discard items due to them being stained over the last 3 years+, which I feel is mainly down to the use of Vanish in most washes. There are only a few things I have found that aren't removed mostly on the first wash and these are glue, ground in grass and Nivea Kids coloured suncream.
          Overall, I think most mums with young children will swear by at least one Vanish product and I am no different. It works well, does definitely brighten whites and will continue to be a staple in my cleaning cupboard for many years yet. I am giving it 4 stars as there are stains that resolutely refuse to budge and it is quite expensive.

          Thanks for reading.


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          02.05.2011 17:16
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A disappointing product for me.

          I have seen reviews that really rate this product but I sadly must be doing something wrong because although this does help to make clothes look a little fresher on the whole (especially whites) and does tackle some basic stains, the ones I really was looking to get rid off resolutely remain on my washing!

          I bought the 1kg tub with a screw on lid which claims to be the world's best selling No.1 stain remover to use alongside my washing liquid as this is currently on half price offer in Tesco (usually £8.32, currently £4.16) until the 17th May.

          Compared to the previous formula this claims to tackle even set in stains.

          For use in the washing machine, you pour in one scoop (provided in the tub) in the same drawer in which you pour your washing liquid.

          For really tough stains you can soak the stained item in 4 litres of water (at 40 degrees C) for a maximum of 12 hours before washing as normal. The advice is to rub the solution into the stain before rinsing or washing.

          The powder comes in small white particles and smells quite strong and not surprisingly very chemically and also one of the down sides of using this in conjuction with your washing liquid is that quite often on opening the drawer after use much of the crystals have congealed into a lump inside the drawer and have not actually gone down into the drum of the maching itself which is perhaps what effects the results. I do break this up with a knife, pour more liquid in for the next wash and then this usually goes down into the drum.

          The same results are supposed to be obtained at even a 30 degree wash but I find that even at 40 degrees or higher, I rarely have the success I am hoping for.

          No matter how I try to tackle the worst stains such as curry or rust or blood, they very rarely come out entirely so I am not convinced that these stainers truly do the job they are supposed to and would therefore cannot recommed this product on the whole.

          This product can be harmful and should be kept well away from children and used only in the manner as instructed as it can be a dangerous irritant to the skin, eyes and internal organs if swallowed.

          Personally, even at half price I think this is not worth the money as the results are nothing like you see on the ads when they merely dip the stained garment into a bowl of solution and it comes out gleaming and stain free.

          Thanks for reading. x
          also on ciao


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            20.01.2011 16:00
            Very helpful



            Excellent stain removal product for white fabrics

            I have a recipe for wash day blues in my house. All my towels are white, and so is all the bed linen. Put this into conjunction with a 14 year old daughter who liberally applies make-up but could perhaps be a little more fastidious in removing it and I more often than not find myself confronted with make-up stained towels and pillow cases.

            Short of changing all my towels and bedding, which frankly I am disinclined to do, I needed a good wash day solution to the problem. I wash all bedding and towels using Surf biological liquid and this does do a good job with most stains, but of course over time whites tend to lose that original brightness and have a habit of turning grey.

            So I decided to add another product to my undersink cupboard, which was already groaning with laundry products, and picked up Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White, which is a stain remover product especially for whites.

            ~~The Product~~

            Crystal White comes in a white plastic tub. The label is quite vibrant and lurid, proclaiming the product to be "tougher on set-in stains".

            When you unscrew the lid there is a bright pink scoop in amongst the powder which you use for measuring.

            Crystal White can be used in two different ways - you can use it to soak garments prior to washing which is recommended for particularly tough or dried in stains. You can also use it in the washing machine in conjunction with your regular detergent - and this is the way I have used the product.

            ~~My Experience~~

            I have been using Crystal White for a few weeks now and it's been used on towels and bed linen, all of which is white, 100% cotton. I say this because Crystal White is designed for white fabrics and if you use it on coloured fabrics they will more than likely fade due to the high percentage of bleach in this product. You also cannot use Crystal White on wool or silk.

            The instructions are straightforward on the tub. You need to add a whole scoop in the dosing drawer if your whites have tough and dried-in stains. Half a scoop will suffice for normal stains. You then add your detergent, turn on the machine and go away and wait for the machine to do the work.

            I say this but the first time I used Crystal White my machine didn't manage to remove all the powder from the dosing drawer, leaving a semi-hard pile of powder behind. I was rather annoyed by this but I have to stress that this could be down to my machine - it is quite bad for not adding the full dose of fabric softener from the drawer for instance.

            I have since got round this problem by using a knife and a little water to ensure the powder leaves the drawer as the machine fills with water and detergent.

            The stains I have had to deal with have predominantly been make-up - there's been nail polish traces but mostly lipstick - for some reason my daughter never quite checks that the cleansing wipe removed all trace of it and I find once she has cleaned her teeth she vigorously dries her mouth on the towel - leaving great streaks of pink behind.

            She then goes to bed and sleeps in such a manner that any remaining traces manage to find their way on to her pillowcase. If she's been particularly lazy in removing make up I can expect to see foundation and mascara stains too - although I must admit she is getting better at taking make-up off before bed having been scared recently by a couple of spots.

            The Surf biological liquid had been able to make fairly light work of most of these stains but I was spotting the particularly stubborn ones weren't shifted by it, so I decided to give Crystal White a go and I have to say I am a convert!

            Not only have all the make up stains I have been faced with gone with little or no effort from me, but my whites are looking distinctly less grey these days thanks to the properties in this little tub which have been particularly effective at restoring my towels to their original white. It's also worked a charm on my daughter's white school socks - all parents will know how quickly those fade to grey without a little intervention on laundry day!

            I also really like how this works just as effectively at low temperatures as it does on high ones. I prefer to do all my washing at 50 degrees or below and Crystal White works just as well at 30 degrees as it does at 60, making it perfect for me. I would suggest, however, that you add an extra rinse to your washing programme if at all possible, to ensure all the product has rinsed away.

            There are some safety caveats to adhere to with Crystal White because the chemicals contained within can be harmful so use some common sense and ensure you keep it well away from your eyes and try to avoid any contact with your skin - indeed Vanish do recommend that if you have sensitive skin you wear gloves when handling Crystal White. If you have very small children I would recommend you keep this in a locked cupboard as the packaging is quite bright and appealing, leading a child to possibly try to eat it - which would lead to serious problems.


            I have been very impressed with Crystal White - it's an effective stain removal product which is easy to use in the washing machine.

            I like how it is designed specifically for whites and also helps rejuvenate fabrics back to the bright white we all love best.

            Crystal White comes in 500g and 1kg tubs and costs around £4 for 500g and £8 for 1 kilo. For something that can freshen up your fabrics and extend their life, never mind the stain removal capabilities, it's a product I wholeheartedly recommend.


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              26.10.2010 09:58
              Very helpful



              I will always buy this product.

              Despite the hype and the claims that modern washing powders make about their ability to remove stains and keep whites white, the reality is that I have yet to find one that actually lives up to such claims! When it comes to white clothes in particular, I often need something extra to make sure that they stay nice and bright and stain free. That little "extra" is Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White.

              I always have piles of washing, and do at least one load a day, and when it comes to my whites, such as shirts, socks, school tops, towels and bedding, I tend to wait until I have enough to make a whole load, and wash it all together to avold colour run from other laundry. Out of all my laundry, the school tops and sports socks take the most abuse. The socks are often pretty black when they enter the laundry, and the school shirts are generally covered with an array of nasties from mud, to paint, to "bean juice". Why are kids tops always covered in bean juice?!?

              When I washed such items in conventional laundry products, I would usually find that the stains would still be there after washing, and in some cases, were so bad that I would have to throw the item away if, after several washes, I still could not get it clean. When I saw Vanish Crystal White advertised, it seemed too good to be true, but it looked like exactly what I needed.

              The product is a powder that comes in a plastic tub. It is available in various sizes, and you can expect to pay about a fiver for an average sized tub of this powder. It is worth looking out for it on offer in the supermarkets, and places like Wilkinsons, where you can sometimes be lucky enough, as I was last week, to get a big 750g tub for around the £4 mark. The tub differs from many of the other products in the Vanish range, as it is white instead of the usual luminous pink.

              To look at, the powder is white in colour, and the grains are quite big and coarse compared to washing powder. The powder has a pleasant, light scent, which smells very clean and fresh and is a very typical washing powder scent. The powder is dispensed from the tub by means of a small pink plastic scoop, which is provided, and sits neatly on top of the powder in the tub. The standard measure is half a scoop for most washes, though you can add a whole scoop for tough and dried in stains. There are several ways of using the product, as I shall outline below:

              1: In Wash.

              The easiest way to use Vanish. You just add half a scoop to the drawer, along with your regular laundry detergent. It works in conjunction with the detergent to remove stains and brighten whites. The only slight problem I have had when putting the powder in the drawer, is that it can tend to harden and clump in the drawer, and it is worth just checking inside the drawer during the wash that all of the Vanish has dispersed. If it hasn't, I just break it up with a knife and swill it through with a little warm water so that it goes into the machine properly.

              2: Soaking.

              For really tough stains, or to whiten things like net curtains, you add a scoop of vanish to 4 litres of water, which is no hotter than 40 degrees. You can soak for up to 12 hours, though I usually find that 4 to 6 hours is sufficient to produce amazing results. Honestly, I never realised how grubby my net curtains were until i soaked them in Vanish. The colour of the water that I had soaked them in was very revealing!

              3: Pre mix.

              You can form a paste by mixing a small amount of Vanish with some water and smearing it onto the stain so that it works directly on the stain. This method can be a bit messy, and I have tried it once or twice, but it is much easier to use the other two methods instead.

              Does it work? YES!!!! This is a product that I absolutely swear by. It is excellent at removing all types of stains, and really does whiten whites. The sports socks look really bright when I have used Vanish and I am always amazed how it gets all of that grime out. It is very good at revitalising white items that have gone a little grey or tired looking, and has them looking like new again. I have had success using Vanish on rust stains, paint stains and food stains, and even things like biro marks. The only stain that I couldn't get out with Vanish was ehrn my son managed to get black ink all over his school top. Nothing would get that out, although the Vanish did fade it down quite a bit.

              I have eczema and sensitive skin and have never had issues with skin sensitivity after wering a product that had been treated with this powder. There are several warnings on the tub though, such as not using the product on wool, silk or leather, or on products that have metal fasteners. There are also warnings about the risks due to the oxygen content of the product, and that if you get this product wet and put it in a sealed container it will continue to give off oxygen and build up pressure and possibly leak, although this has never happened to me in all the time I have used this product.

              This is an excellent product that really works. I tried the new Ariel stain remover spray a few weeks ago, and it performed very poorly compared to Vanish, which I consider to be the brand leader. It may seem a bit pricey, but if you consider that you will probably only need to use it once a week, a big tub will last for months, and the effects really are that impressive. Also, if you compare the cost to that of replacing a damaged item of clothing, this really is woth paying more for.


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                20.07.2010 18:18
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Well worth the money

                I bought Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White after returning from a recent holiday, some of our white items of clothing which we had had down by the pool appeared to have yellow marks on them from the chlorine in the swimming pool water. After hours of soaking and plenty of fairy liquid and white vinegar I gave in and took a trip to Tesco for some Vanish Oxi Crystal White as a last resort.

                The Packaging
                Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White comes in a white tub with the word Vanish written in large blue letters across the front of the table with pink colouring behind it. The words Oxi Action Crystal White are also written at the bottom of the label across the pink colouring in white letters. To be honest the packaging is quite simple but eye catching you could not fail to recognise it as a Vanish product. The tub has a large white screw lid, very easy to remove and replace. On the back of the tub are the usual safety instructions of what to do should you get the product in your eye and so on, along with the ingredients and also instructions of use. This product does contain a bleaching agent so it is advised that you are careful when handling it and are careful with what it comes into contact with.

                The Product
                Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White comes in a white powder form which I can only describe as being quite coarse. The idea of Oxi Crystal White is that it removes tough stains and at the same time keeps your whites looking white. It is described as having the power of Oxi Action to remove tough stains but also contains MicroCrystals and powerful whitening agents to whiten whites. This product can be used in several different ways depending on the type of washing you are doing.

                In Wash
                To use Vanish Oxi Action Crystal within your wash you simply add a scoop of the powder (scoop provided within the tub) into your machine in the powder section (obviously) with you usual powder and wash your clothes as usual. It does say if you only have a light stain you wish to remove you can use half a scoop as the scoops are quite big. Oxi Action Crystal white will remove any tough stains you have on your washing and at the same time keep you white items looking white and not dull and dingy!!!!!

                Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White can also be used as a soak, you simply dissolve 1 scoop of the product in 4l of warm water, place the item in the solution and leave for about 6 hours for the best result, however it does recommend that you do not leave the item soaking for more than 12 hours, I have not tried this so am unsure as to what would happen. After you have soaked the item all you need to do is rinse it or wash it as usual and the stain should be gone. Soaking can also be used just to brighten up dull whites, it does not have to only be used to remove stains.

                It is also important to note that Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White is only suitable to be used for white loads of washing, I am assuming this is due to the bleaching agent in the product.

                Does it work?
                I have to say yes this product does work very well, it is a bit expensive at just over £4 for a tub, however it is very long lasting, I have done several loads of washing using this and 1 soak and still have half a tub left. Oxi Action Crystal White did remove the yellow chlorine stains out of my clothing, it did take a couple of goes but the marks had been there a while however after a couple of washes with Oxi the stains have now gone. I was very impressed with this product and feel it will come in handy when the football season starts up (white is not a good colour for a footie kit!!!!!!!!) Also it does not only have to be used on clothing it can be used to whiten or remove stains from curtains (net or other) trainers, towels, bedding and rugs, as well as the usual socks and shirt collars and cuffs which tend to get dirty and loose their whiteness. All in all I was very impressed with this product and it certainly is worth the money, I shall continue to use this to keep my whites white and would recommend it to anyone!!!!!!!


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                  17.05.2010 16:41
                  Very helpful



                  astonishing results on dull whites

                  Vanish Oxi Crystal White is one of the most popular fabric stain removers on the market, and it is clear to see why. Just one scoop, mixed with your usual washing powder creates outstanding results and, in my experience, even on a Quickwash! There's nothing worse than clothes losing their 'bright white', but inevitably, over time, crispness does fade. This Vanish formula really seems to revive the brightness, making your clothes, towels and bedding appear brand new.

                  The powder can also be used to soak more heavily stained garments and, with this method of use, results appear dramatically before your eyes. It seems almost too good to be true but this REALLY DOES WORK! So what's the catch...............?

                  Well, this powder is designed to be used in every white wash. The point of this being, regardless of how heavy the stains APPEAR to be beforehand, clothes that you thought were already 'crystal white' are in fact grubbier than you realised! It's definitely a psychological thing, as I can't bring myself to wash whites without it anymore....despite the fact that, if i did, it would almost definitely go publicly un-noticed!

                  So...largely linked to this obsession comes the price. The cost can be quite extortionate, particularly if used on a regular basis, but it doesn't hurt to shop around! The powder comes in various sizes, the largest being 1.5kg which is ideal for an average family's washing. I have four in my family and, in my experience, this 1.5kg tub will last 3-4 weeks. This particular size retails (on average) at just over £10 but the price does seem to fluctuate quite dramatically. In the past, i have paid anything up to £14 and online is particularly expensive. My advice is to look for the offers that ASDA have on quite regularly, where you can buy a 1.5kg tub for £8-£9. Budget Stores are also good to check out as i have found the same 1.5kg tub for £4.99 which is fantastic, however, supplies are very often limited.

                  All sizes (500g, 1kg, 1.5kg) come in a plastic cylinder tub with a screw lid and, inside, you are provided with a pink plastic scoop to ensure your powder measurements are accurate. There is plenty of useage advice and safety information on one side of the tub which I suggest you read thoroughly before purchasing. Among other important factors, it explains what materials are safe to use this product on; you wouldn't want to ruien delicates or bleach any expensive clothes.

                  Overall, this product is very effective but you don't half pay the price for it! (Thank God for Poundstretcher!)

                  Oh, and a final warning....this product is to be used ONLY ON WHITES! In my experience, light baby clothes and pastel colours you can get away with (though, attempt at your own risk) but darker colours are a big no no! This is bloomin' powerful stuff-they WILL bleach! There is another powder on the market called 'Vanish Oxi Action Intelligence' that deals with stains on colours and this comes in a PINK cylinder tub.

                  Thanks for reading!


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                    07.04.2009 14:37
                    Very helpful



                    A very effective stain remover for white clothes.

                    I started using Vanish products during last year when the rainy weather meant I was up to my eyeballs in mud everyday! I began by using the pump action spray then bought the regular Oxi-action powder which I though gave even better results. After being impressed by the Vanish powder I though I'd try this 'Oxi Action Crystal White; powder which is especially for removing stains from white clothes.

                    The product is available in large plastic tubs sized 500g, 1kg and 1.5kg. The price decreases slightly as the tubs increase in size so a 1.5kg is the best value overall. Expect to pay at least five pounds for the smallest size tub though. These tubs are not cheap but this is a specialist cleaning product and you should expect to pay a lot more than you would for a conventional washing powder. Indeed, this is not a replacement for a laundry detergent and should be used as well as and not in place of your normal laundry detergent. The products are usually found in a seperate compartment beside the laundry liquids and powders in the supermarket aisle.

                    I have the 1.5kg tub which is an 8 inch tall white tub marked with the bright pink and blue 'Vanish' logo. The 'Crystal White' is marked out with blue stars but you should examine the tubs carefully before purchasing as the packaging designs are quite similar. The label on the tub provides lots of information including how to use and safety advice.

                    The 'Crystal White' formula is for use on white clothes only. Do not make the mistake my mum made and use this powder on coloured loads! When her indigo jeans came out of the washing machine they were stone-bleached! Also, this powder is not for use on delicate materials such as wool, silk or leather as the powder is just too strong and will damage these materials. It also is not suitable for use with clothes that have metal fasteners. I did unfortunately forget this rule once and the metal zip on my top was left looking like it had been bleached by sea-air, it was streaked with white chalky lines. I can use this powder on my lingerie without any problems, although for very delicate lacey materials I have decided not to take the chance that they could be damaged! The powder also works brilliantly on pure white socks, net curtains, work shirts, towels, bedsheets and white trainers.

                    Although the powder does not contain bleach the brand's self-termed 'oxi-action' effect and the added ingredient of 'micro-crystals' definately have a bleaching effect. The crystals brighten and whiten the material and the 'oxi-action' works as a stain remover. The 'oxi' refers to an oxygen based agent which helps to naturally bleach the materials.

                    The product contains a handy measuring spoon so that dispensing into the washing machine is simple. One full scoop of powder is recommended for a full load or half if the stains are very light. I also find that the less clothes I put in the drum, the less powder I need. You can also soak clothes (handwashing). You should leave clothes to steep in the water for six hours and not more than twelve hours. The treated clothes should then be washed in the machine or hand rinsed.

                    I find that the results of using the powder are very impressive. Like a lot of women I suffer from deodorant and perspiration marks on my bras and white shirts and I find that this yellowing is easily removed by using this powder. It also brightens some clothes to the extent that they look new. The initial wash using this powder provides the most dramatic effect and after this you don't need to use the powder as often. I still have my 1.5kg tub after a few months and I expect it to last a lot longer. The powder does not have any strong fragrance on the actual clothes and will not leave clothes smelling pretty. In the tub though, the powder can begin to smell very chemical-based and you should avoid breathing in when you open the lid! It does not effect how your normal detergent will frgrance the clothes though.

                    I would definately recommend this to anyone who wants to clean up their whites or refresh their homeware materials (bed linen or net curtains). It works a treat! I would advise a lot of caution though when using this. Read the usage instructions carefully and don't ever use this on coloured materials!


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                • Product Details

                  500g, 1kg & 1.5kg tubs / Stain remover / New Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White is a multi-purpose stain remover specially designed for your white washloads / It has the power of Oxi Action to remove tough stains and contains MicroCrystals and powerful whitening agents to whiten your whites / / Either add a scoop of Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White to every wash to prevent greying over time, or to rescue dull whites, simply soak the garment / Manufacturer: Reckitt Benckiser.

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