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Vanish Oxi Action Multi Fabric Stain Remover

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24 Reviews

Brand: Vanish / Type: Stain Remover / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    24 Reviews
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      28.10.2013 19:53
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A stain remover that really works

      Since my Son Jayden was born my washing load has doubled and when it comes to getting stains out I need all the help I can get so I always keep some sort of stain remover near by.  One I have recently been using is Vanish Oxi Action Powder, I have used several Oxi products in the past and have always been pleased with them so I was sure this would be the case with this one.  

      Vanish Oxi Action Stain Remover is basically a fine white powder, it has quite a strong distinctive fragrance which personally I find quite hard to say exactly what it is but there is a hint of a floral fragrance present, the fragrance of this product isn't unpleasant at all and although when in the tub it is quite strong this is not the case when you use it in your washing the fragrance does not linger on your clothes and to be honest I couldn't actually smell it at all when I removed my clothes from the washing machine.  

      Vanish Oxi Action contains Oxi Powerlift which removes all types of stains whether they are barely visible or can clearly be seen, it was this fact that helped make me decide to buy this product as I certainly need this type of product with Jayden's clothes.

       Another fact about this product is that is can be used on both coloured and white laundry making it ideal to use in most washes rather than having to have separate products for each load.  Vanish Oxi Action promises first time stain removal so there is no need to have to keep re-washing with this product.  

      When it comes to washing with Vanish Oxi Action Stain Remover there are 3 different ways in which you can use it, you can either add it to your washing machine draw with your regular washing, the amount depends on how bad the stain is, half a scoop should be enough to remove normal stains.  

      You can also use this product as a soak for tougher dried in stains, again the amount needed depends on the stain and the time needed depends on the item of clothing (eg colour)

      The third way Vanish Oxi Action can be used is as a pre-treatment where you apply the product to the stain before washing.  Measuring out the powder is simple as it comes with a little plastic scoop with a handle allowing you to easily scoop the product out of the tub, the underside of the scoop is knobbly which allows you to rub it into the stain during pre-treatment.  The handle on the scoop allows you to get the powder out from the bottom of the tub so that none of the product is wasted.  

      I purchased my 500g tub of Vanish Oxi Action Stain Remover from my local Tesco and it cost me £3.00, however this product is also available from most other supermarkets.  This product also comes in a 1kg tub for £8.70 and a 1.5kg tub for £12.00, this is quite expensive to buy, however each tub lasts quite a long while so it does work out economical and worth the money, epically if it works.  

      I have actually purchased 2 or 3 tubs of this product now and have been extremely pleased with it, Jayden gets all sorts of stains on his clothes especially white and light coloured ones and this product really does work on these and removes the stains with one wash.  

      For most stains I would pre-treat them as I felt that this worked best at removing them fully, however with white items that just looked a bit dull I would put the product straight in the washing machine draw, and again the whites were brightened with just one wash.  

      I liked the fact that this product came in a small plastic tub, this was compact and didn't take up too much room in the cupboard, also the screw lid meant that if it got knocked over none of the power was wasted, also full instructions on how to use the product are clearly listed on the side of the tub, I found this extremely handy so that I could correctly use the product and get the most out of it.  

      Vanish Oxi Action can be a bit expensive to purchase, however the tub does last a long while, I used this several times a week in my washing and found that a tub would last me several weeks making it very economical and worth the money.

       I would highly recommend vanish Oxi Action Stain Remover as it really does work, it is especially handy I have found with a child in the house, I will certainly be buying this again in the future. 


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        22.07.2013 14:11
        Very helpful



        A super way to remove stains (most of the time)

        Regular readers will know that I have a daughter - along with a husband and me that means an awful lot of washing! My daughter in particular gets stains all over her clothes from food debris (she refuses to wear a bib) and my husband plays football and gets grass stains all over his kit regularly. I'm also clumsy and don't seem to be able to eat anything without splashing or spilling something on myself! For these reasons, I always ensure that I have a tub of Vanish Oxi stain remover at home to help with the washing process. The tub I currently have is a large 1kg tub that was on offer in Tesco a few months ago for £5 with it's usual price being around £7.50 to £8. There are smaller tubs (500g) also available if you're not as messy as we are. The tub is bright fluorescent pink so it's easy to spot on the shelf!

        How to Use
        The tub has a screw top lid and inside is a small round scoop to help add the powder to the machine. It goes in the machine drawer alongside my normal washing powder. It looks just like washing powder - being white granules although it smells stronger than washing powder. I find the scent though to be extremely fresh. I usually use it exactly as it directs - half a scoop for normal stains but for those dried in (grass stains) or tough stains a full scoop is required. The scoop is so handy to have - I always buy a massive box of normal washing powder but they never include a scoop (I have to keep reusing the same one and panic set in one day when it nearly ended up in the bin accidently!) but with this vanish there is one included. The scoop also has a nice easy grip handle too.

        The stain remover can also be used to soak clothes in - using one scoop with warm water. I do this on the odd occasion when there's a very tough stain to get out but most of the time it's used as part of the machine wash. For exceptionally tough stains, it advises to rub a small amount into the stain directly - something that I've done rarely on my daughter's clothing when she's eaten a main course that has a horrendous orange colour to it that seems impossible to remove with washing alone. The powder says it works at 30 degrees, but I've always used it on a 40 degree wash.

        It's mixed really - mostly positive results though and definitely a great addition to the wash. The only negative are those orange food stains from baby food - they are impossible to remove even with rubbing a small amount of this into the stain directly. The only other exception I've had on one occasion is Domino's pizza garlic dip - I opened a pot once that spurted onto a top of mine but I've tried all the methods they suggest but there is still a small ring on the top where the stain originally landed.

        But, for normal everyday washing where I have had stains of baked beans, grass, grease, crisps, yoghurt and even red wine, the stain has been removed from the washing load directly in the machine - not needing a separate soak. The red wine one surprised me the most as that has always been notoriously hard to remove but with this the whole stain has been removed completely every time, even when it's been quite a heavy stain and just by adding to a normal load of washing too. Note that luckily I've never spilt red wine on a light coloured garment (only ever on medium blue and bright red items) so whether it would work as well on those I'm not sure. My husband's grass stained football kit also looks good when it comes out of a wash with this - even with a half scoop that seems to come out looking clean again and ready for the next game.

        Other things to note...
        As I mentioned it's been used a few times on my daughter's garments and she's one so has very delicate skin. Thankfully, we've never seen any adverse reactions when she's worn the clothing, nor on us as we both have sensitive skin too. The tub comes with a huge list of warnings and precautions though. They cover the whole side of the tub so it's impossible to list them all, but please check these out before purchasing -there's a long section of safety information too, including keeping it out of reach from children. There's also a large harmful label on the side of the tub.

        I think that this is a great addition to my washing cupboard. I don't use it on every wash but if I'm aware of a stain on a garment then I add a quick scoop of this to the wash and I'd say nine times from ten the stain comes out completely, with the exceptions being the ones I've mentioned. I've used other stain removers in the past, including others in the vanish range (their soap bar and the pre stain spray remover) but this is my favourite and the one I've seen the best results with. I've taken the stance that however hard I try and whatever I use, I can't expect miracles with some stains. But this does a good job and helps to remove most of them effectively and at ease. I rate it 4 dooyoo stars with one coming off for it's price because I do feel that it's fairly expensive unless on offer, although this current tub has lasted me around 4 months so far.

        Thanks for reading :o)


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          13.03.2013 17:13
          Very helpful



          An effective stain removal product

          As a Bzz Agent, I am sometimes sent products to try out for free. The latest of these products is Vanish Oxi Action Fabric Stain Remover. This is a laundry product which promises "amazing stain removal" at the first time of asking. As a mum of two young children, the removal of stains such as tomato sauce, chocolate ice-cream, felt tip pen, grass (believe me, I could go on and on listing here) is something that definitely concerns me, so I was pleased to be given the opportunity to try out this product.

          * Product Information *
          If you buy it in the supermarket, Vanish Oxi Action Fabric Stain Remover comes in a big pink plastic tub. The sample size packets I have are smaller than this, they are 200g plastic pouches containing the white powder and a bright pink plastic scoop to allow you to measure it out accurately. To be honest, there is very little else to say about the product - it looks (and smells) like a traditional laundry detergent with small white granules and a slightly soapy smell. There is nothing particularly new or exciting about its physical appearance, however what really matters is how well it performs. The pack also contains the usual safety information such as reminding you not to swallow it, that there is a risk of irritation to skin and eyes and that it should be kept out of the reach of children.

          * How to Use It *
          You can use the product in a variety of different ways.
          Wash - The easiest way, and the one I use most, is to simply add a scoop of Vanish Oxi Action to your wash. This is done by putting it into the detergent drawer - you can tailor the amount of the product that you use depending on the state of your laundry. If you are just adding it to laundry which is not particularly soiled, then half a scoop is more than sufficient - if there are some serious stains on your clothes, you will need a whole scoop.
          Soak - You can also use Vanish Oxi Action as a soaking agent for particularly tough stains. To do this, they recommend adding one scoop to four litres of water, at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees. For colours, the recommended soaking time is a maximum of one hour, although for tough stains on whites you can soak them for up to six hours. I haven't actually needed to try the soaking method, but it is useful to know that the same product can be used for more than one way of treating stains.
          Pre-Treat - The final method suggested on the back of the packet is creating a mix of powder and water which effectively works as a paste-like substance which you can apply to a stubborn stain, leave for up to five minutes and then rub, before washing as usual. I have tried this on a chocolate stain on my daughter's white dress and it did manage to get the stain out, although I also added the Vanish Oxi Action to the wash as a bit of a double-whammy.
          Restrictions - Like all laundry products, this isn't recommended for everything. It should not be used on garments made out of wool, silk or leather. You should also avoid using the soaking method on anything with metal fastenings or flame resistant finishes, although I think it is fine to use added to the wash for everyday items with metal fastenings such as jeans. As always, you should follow the washing instructions on the garment labels - I wouldn't recommend using this on anything delicate that should really be dry-cleaned.

          * So, on to the important bit - the results! *
          Overall, I have been impressed with the performance of this Vanish Oxi Action Fabric Stain Remover. I have mostly been using it in the detergent tray of my washing machine, in addition to my normal liqui-tabs, and I do feel that it has made a difference to my washing. I have noticed items such as my son's white school polo shirts look much cleaner than usual. Everyday stains such as chocolate and tomato ketchup have come out easily every time which has made a big difference to us, as in the past, I have occasionally needed to soak / pre-treat the stains after the initial wash.

          I have also washed a couple of more badly stained items - the first of these was our white duvet cover which was covered in coffee stains (neither my husband or I function well before the coffee hits our blood stream in the mornings, so there is more spillage than there should be). I washed this on a normal 40 degree wash with a full scoop of stain remover and the coffee stains disappeared. The other item was a small Hello Kitty doll of my daughters which had acquired some unidentifiable stain (possibly felt tip pen, but more likely some random food stuff) which had not been removed with hand-washing. As a last resort, we threw the doll in with a white wash and it came out as good as new, even revealing a pastel spot pattern on the dress and hair-bow which were previously rendered invisible under the grime. The only items I have actually pre-treated were the aforementioned chocolate-smeared dress which came out well, and a couple of baby sleeping bags which I was planning to eBay that, on close inspection in the sunlight, had some baby sick staining. I actually used a spray to pre-treat these and then washed with the Vanish, but again they came out well.

          * Price *
          Vanish Oxi Action Fabric Stain Remover costs £3.00 for 500g (from Tesco), although prices may vary between stores. If you actually need to use it as a stain remover, then I think it represents good value for money as the results are good. However, if you are just adding it to your wash as a preventative measure, then it can work out relatively expensive.

          * Final Thoughts *
          Overall, I have been impressed with the performance of the Vanish Oxi Action Stain Remover. In my experience, it has worked well both on tough stains and as an extra stain prevention measure added to less heavily soiled washes. It doesn't seem to have any negative impact on clothes. I feel that this is a product which I will definitely buy again as our laundry just seems that extra bit cleaner when I use it. However, I'm not sure that when I actually have to pay for the product I will be putting it into normal washes - it will probably end up being saved exclusively for the days when the children decide to wear their dinner rather than eat it, or when my half-asleep husband throws the coffee over the white bed-linen again.


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          13.03.2013 15:50
          Very helpful



          A great product that helps keep clothes looking new.

          As a Bzzagent I was given the chance to try out Vanish Oxi Action fabric stain remover for free. I have used Vanish stain remover in its liquid form before and I have been fairly successful in removing most stains from most things, so I was looking forward to trying out the powder.

          I received two bright pink 200g pouches of Vanish Oxi Action and some money off vouchers, I handed the vouchers out to my family and friends who were eager to give the powder a go too.

          The packaging tells me that the powder can be used in wash, for soaking and pre-treating. The back of the pack is packed with the usual safety information, as with all laundry chemicals it is best to read the packaging before you start using the product.

          At first my main use of the powder was in with the washing, when sorting the laundry I had noticed a few tops with various stubborn greasy marks and stains on that were refusing to budge. I simply added a scoop of Vanish in the dispenser draw with the wash powder and set the machine going on a regular 40 degree wash. When I removed the washing I was interested to see if the Vanish had affected the scent of the laundry powder, I was happy to find that my washing smelt as fresh and clean as it usually did. When the laundry had dried I inspected it carefully to see if the stubborn stains and greasy marks had been removed, they had. The Vanish powder has added a new lease of life to some tops that I would only wear around the house due to the stains and marks that I had previously been unable to remove.

          The next challenge for the Vanish was a cream top that my Husband had been helping mend his friends car in, again I added a scoop of Vanish Oxi Action to the detergent draw of a regular wash and set the machine going. As soon as the washing machine finished and I had removed the jumper I could see that Vanish had worked its magic, the jumper that looked fit only for the rag bag looked bright and clean, not a mucky mark in sight.

          I also tried the Vanish out as a soak for a particularly dirty t-shirt. Over time the t-shirt had become quite dismal looking so I popped it in a bowl of warm water (4 litres water and 1 scoop Vanish) and left it to soak. The back of the pack advised an hour for coloured clothes and a maximum of 6 hours for whites, as this was another cream coloured t-shirt of my Husbands I left it to soak for the maximum 6 hours. I then removed the t-shirt and ran it through a regular 40 degree wash with other clothes. Once again Vanish Oxi Action powder has impressed me. The t-shirt looks brand new; it is vibrant and stain free

          I never had any stains bad enough to try out the powder as a pre-treatment, but a quick look on the back of the pack informs me that all I need to do is mix ¼ scoop of powder with ¾ scoop water, pour it on the stain and then use the base of the scoop to rub the treatment into the fabric, after treating the fabric can be washed as usual. Despite never using the Vanish this way I have every confidence that this would work on a stubborn stain with out damaging the fabric.

          Taking into consideration the price and performance of Vanish Oxi Action it is a product I will be purchasing again, the powder was simple to use and gave great results the first time, every time.

          If you are not lucky enough to get a free trial of vanish then it can be purchased from Wilkinsons for around £3 for a 500g tub.

          Thank you for reading.


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          10.03.2013 21:31
          Very helpful



          You get the results you pay for.

          I am a long standing Vanish fan, as previous reviews will show. I have used the stain bar for many years at home and while traveling and the spray at home for several. So already possessing and getting good results from both existing products - with the occasional help of the little scrubbing brush and some elbow grease I had been tempted by the big pink and white pots of the new Vanish Oxi-Action.

          However, I felt that I would be Vanish hoarding if I added another product to the laundry stash, so I remained faithful to the bar and the spray and for the most part, they repaid this with getting out all the stains a clumsy and accident prone person could produce.

          But it has to be admitted that lurking at the bottom of the wicker laundry chest remained the items they and the non-bio washing powders my sensitive skin needs couldn't quite fix. The white shirt which had managed to yellow a bit as well as keep the blood stains on the cuff where chopping vegetables had gone rather wrong. The cream linen belt whose mildew stain was the fault of my upstairs neighbours incompetent plumbers who flooded my flat and wardrobe. Then there was the more recent chicken, cheese, red pepper and chorizo incident on an old if favourite T-Shirt.

          The shirt and belt had been through the Vanish treatments and the washing machine a couple of times and had had to go back into the laundry chest as I was too fond of them to bin them as I thought I would have to, as I couldn't go out in them as they were.

          I didn't have to.

          I became a BzzAgent and my first campaign was right up my alley - Vanish Oxi-Action. The very product I had coveted in the big supermarket trips and I'd always resisted as it was a bit pricey and I did, after all, already have lots of Vanish.

          Well, now I had even more.

          And my shirt and belt got their last, best hope to live.

          As instructed. I mixed four litres of water with a level scoop of the white powder in my trusty laundry bucket and left both stained items in to soak for six hours.

          Then I tipped out the now a lot greyer liquid and popped the treated items in the washing machine with the other whites which had been waiting their turn and added the same washing powder which had not managed to fix them last time.

          They came out of the wash and rinse cycles spotless. Literally.

          No mildew. No Blood.

          Even the knickers and gym T Shirts which went in with them came out looking sparklingly white.

          I was impressed. Seriously and for real impressed. Vanish Ox-Action saved a favourite shirt and a belt which went with a skirt I could not have replaced.

          It went on to to the same with the cheese/chrorizo/red peppered T-Shirt. One soak. One favourite T Shirt back in service and looking like new.

          This is a strong product. I left the soaking clothes in the bucket on the draining board next to an open window. I am always careful of fumes, like you can get with bleaching agents due to my asthma. Though this product does use Oxygen based bleaching agents which did not give me or my sensitive skin any problems after coming out of the wash. However, I was careful and the warnings on the pack should, of course, always be followed. I also did use rubber gloves when dunking and taking the clothes out of the solution but I always use rubber gloves near any detergents anyway.

          This is not something children should be in contact with, though if it managed with my stubbon and old stains as well as the fresh ones, it would be invaluable in cleaning the stains children inevitably pick up.

          Vanish Oxi-Action can be added to the wash and used as a pre-treatment as well as used to soak. It has proved equally good in all of these ways, though the niche it will retain in this flat will be as a soaker for tough stains and brightener for tired whites.

          And considering just how outstanding a result it has produced for me, next time I am in Tesco I will pop a 500g tub into my basket and consider that £4.60 great value. This is because I will know it will save the previously unsalvagable and give me the reassurance that if this product cannot shift a stain, nothing will and I can bin an item with out worrying that I could have saved it.


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          06.03.2013 17:48
          Very helpful



          A helpful product.

          A few weeks ago I got two free packets of Vanish Oxi Action fabric stain remover from the BzzAgent website. I have been trialling the product ever since and talking about it with friends. I have now used it enough to be able to give a thorough opinion of the product.

          To explain what the product is: this is a stain remover meant for fabrics like clothing and linen. It can be used alongside your usual laundry load or can be used independently as a laundry pre-treatment.

          I got my sample packs in 200g size packets but this product is usually sold in plastic tubs which are 500g in size. The packaging for this range is bright pink, not to be mixed up with the white tubs which are for white fabrics only.

          There is a lot of information printed on my packet. The company make sure there are easy to follow instructions set out in picture form. It tells you all the ways you can use this. There is also a big list of safety instructions below a huge box with a cross in it which reads 'Harmful'. The latter is slightly worrying especially since the list contains warnings such as "wear eye/face protection" and "risk of serious damage to eyes". It should also be noted that this isn't a good product to use if you have sensitive skin. I've had no problems with this product but I think given the seriousness of the warnings you should have a good read before attempting to use the product.

          The product is a powder form. This looks like a white powder comprised of tiny little balls with occaisonal coloured balls in the mix. The powder has a very pungent stink so try not to inhale when you open up the packet or tub.

          To use the product you can do three things. The first is to add it with your laundry detergent to the wash. This is the traditional method and the easiest. It's the method that should be used on normal stains that you think won't require too much attention. You get a little plastic scoop with the product which allows you to measure how much powder to use. Just 1/2 a scoop can be enough for normal stains but you need to double this for more stubborn stains.

          The second method is to soak your fabrics. I find this to be good on things like white socks which have stains which are worked in and quite dramatic. There is a maximum 40 degree temperature limit for using this method although I don't have a clue how to tell the temperature of water.

          The third method is to pre-treat stains with the powder by applying the powder to the stain and rubbing it.

          Out of the three methods I've found the first two successful but the pre-treating by rubbing stains was difficult and ineffective. The powder does not melt unless the water is very hot and you can't put your hands in very hot water.

          Used in my washing machine the powder successfully removed stains like muddy paw prints and new food stains from clothing. Older or more dramatic stains I've had to soak. Soaking works well but I don't like how the product smells in the bowl as it's quite strong and chemical-like. I also worry when I see the water start to bubble and cream up - it looks like it might fizz up like some kind of science experiment.

          I prefer to use this in my washing machine and have found that in most cases it works well. I'm pleased with how my clothes are looking and especially on items that I thought I might not be able to be seen in again! There has been no cases of the powder causing the colours of my clothes to fade either.

          In general this is a quick working and effective product that I find very useful as a laundry aid. It's not something I would use all the time but it's handy if you regularly have stained clothing - mud is my particular enemy and this Vanish Oxi-Action powder is my defence! The negative things about this powder is that it is quite a dangerous product to have around the house and needs to be used in very specific ways to be safe.

          I would certianly buy this in the future as can remove normal and tough stains quickly and effectively.


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          04.03.2013 22:28
          Very helpful



          A great stain remover

          Vanish Oxi Action

          I am a Bzz Agent and one of my latest campaigns was to trial and talk to others about this product. I received two plastic ziplock plastic sachets rather than the large tub but I certainly got enough of the magic powder to test and de stain quite a few of my fabrics and clothes as well as some of my granddaughter's little tops which she had spilled various foods on while she was feeding herself over the last few weeks.

          I found the most effective way I found was to mix up a small amount to a thick paste and rub this onto the stain before adding the paste and garment to a bowl of either warm or hot water to leave it soaking for a few hours.

          After the soaking I added the garment to a wash and poured the water mix with the Vanish also into the wash with my normal detergent and washed at 30 degrees or 40 degrees. I found that this method worked really well and removed all the food stains, the make up stains and the grass stains.

          For blood I rinsed it straight away in COLD water then soaked in my Vanish mixture before washing in the same way as normal and once again this was very effective.

          I have previously used Vanish spray and pre sprayed and soaked in detergent but this was not nearly as effective as this Vanish Oxi Action, rub and soak method.

          So far I have been very impressed as has my step daughter who brought over granddaughter's clothes to de stain. She went off very happily with a voucher to take advantage of Tesco special offer with her voucher to buy her own Vanish Oxi Vanish.

          I had a little accident with my step son's white T shirts as I hung them on hangers and while they were wet they picked up stain from the hangers!! I was not terribly popular but I thought I'd give Vanish a try. I made my mix up and rubbed the paste into the marks with a nail brush. I then made up some pretty hot water and added the paste and shirts to this and left them in soak for two hours. I then returned to give them another scrub and leave for another few hours rubbing the marks from time to time. After soaking overnight I put them through a wash again and luckily the marks did come out which was a relief as they were his expensive white fitted T shirts that he loves! I was forgiven!

          I have been so impressed that I decided to buy a pot as it is on special offer in Tesco and the bright pink plastic pot is hard to miss on the shelf. The pot is much easier to open than my plastic ziplock bag and it comes with an easy to use twist top lid. I think that the only thing I would say is that the screw top is a little too easy for a child to open if you have curious children around. I keep mine on a high shelf and my grandchildren are not into laundry items so I don't thin I need to worry but some families may have to be careful..

          On the outside I noticed that with the list of ingredients is also a warning as the ingredients include Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate which can cause irritation to skin. The packaging is made from recycled plastic and the company apparently plant s trees to reduce their carbon footprint.

          |Stain removers can be hit and miss but this is the best I have tried to date and now both step daughters have bought some and both have young children so have plenty of opportunity to test the product out.

          Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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            01.03.2013 21:14
            Very helpful



            Very good

            My Husband recently asked me if I could get him some new work shirts as his were looking stained around the under arms.My Husband wears a shirt to work everyday, he only wears them once before washing and he doesn't do a particularly energetic job but he does always get armpit stains from deodorant after a couple of months of wear. This is always a yellowy stain and rarely comes off in a normal wash however hot.

            I had tried other stain removers that you use to soak for a few minutes first but they didn't make an awful lot of difference.I decided to try out Vanish on the stains. This product can be used in a number of ways. It can be used as a pre-wash soak, it can be used in your wash along with your washing powder or you can mix it with a little water to make a paste and rub it in to the stain before washing. I decided that for these stains I would make a paste and rub it in because it is more than a stain, it is a build up of deodorant too so I thought I would give them a good scrub! The paste is easy to make and easy to rub in with the scoop. I also put a small amount in my washing machine too.

            My clothes always get washed at 40 degrees and I washed the shirts at this temperature too. Vanish say you can use this stain remover and get excellent results from low temperature washes too.
            Once the machine had finished I decided to just hang the shirts up to dry before looking to see if the stains were still there as they often look different once dried. When I inspected all of the shirts I was very happy to find all but one of the stains had vanished!

            The one remaining stain was a particularly crusty looking one and after one more rub with Vanish and another wash that stain soon disappeared. Very impressive stuff. I paid about £4 for a tub of 500g. Although I thought this was a bit pricey it will last me ages as we don't often have too many stains to clean. I would definitely purchase again over other stain removers.


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            25.02.2013 13:30
            Very helpful



            A way to spend a rainy day trying to remove stains. If you do well done!

            So I am a BZZ agent and I was asked if I would like to take part in the Vanish Oxi Action campaign; I though why not? I have a few tea towels with dried in food stains plus I have just started a new nursing job and often things will end up on the uniform. So after saying yes I had to spread the word about my excitement (in all fairness I can't say I was excited as I had tried Vanish before unsuccessfully) and wait for my little parcel to arrive in the post.

            So after about three weeks I missed the post and had to go to the sorting office for my parcel ( I had forgotten about the Vanish campaign and got excited thinking I had some surprise coming for me). In a white cardboard box were two 200g packs of Vanish Oxi Action, a booklet guide for stain removal and a leaflet about how I can spread the word of the stain removals usefullness.

            The packs were the same pink we all recognise from Vanish but a sealable bag and not a tub. The back describes how to use the powder to pre treat by rubbing a paste onto the stain, soaking or using in the washing machine.

            SAFETY INFORMATION: contains sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate.
            Harmful if swallowed.
            Irritating to skin.
            Risk of serious damage to eyes.
            Keep away from the reach of children.
            Keep dry.
            Wear eye protection.

            The pack also provides instructions to be aware of the instructions on clothing and be careful what surfaces the powder comes into contact with.

            I recieved the packs for free but it is on sale for £5.97 per 450g tub in the local Tesco which to me seems quite expensive.

            When I opened the pack I felt the smell was a little like sherbet crossed with hair dye or some other kind of chemical. This concerned me a little as with all the warnings of how harmful the product is I thought I may end up burning a hole in the fabric. I treated the tea towel stains as Vanish recommended for food and mixed a paste of 1 part Vanish with 3 parts water and put this onto the stains and left for ten minutes. I hoped after all the years of not using Vanish that this would be a new useful formula. So after ten minutes then a good rinse I could see full patches of stain remained and they had merely been lightened in colour. Just to check that I had washed all the powder out I put the tea towel in the wash and still no improvement. So disappointment struck me here and I felt a little disappointed at the adverts which promise the earth.

            So that I could see whether Vanish was just useless at removing food stains I took my cats blanket which she had used to cover her mess in the cat litter that morning. I followed the instructions for baby poo (this seemed the closest logically speaking) and soaked the blanket in 4l of water with one scoop of Vanish. I waited two hours as this was a coloured blanket and you get up to 6 hours; it had removed the visible particles but there was still a stain. Not a huge stain but disappointing result for the powder that promises the world.

            Visit the Vanish tip exchange on Facebook for tips or post your question as to how to get stains out of clothes (maybe don't spill anything or use Vanish??).
            Visit www.vanish.co.uk for more product information.

            So remember do not spill a thing and if you do I'm not sure Vanish is for you!


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            24.11.2012 22:25
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Worth spending your money on

            This is a review of Vanish Oxi Action fabric stain remover which I have just come to the bottom of yet another tub! It is a laundry product that works well with either washing powder or laundry gel when you know you have some challenging items going in the wash. You are advised to simply add a scoop to every wash (on the label) ... I don't use mine in every wash but I do use it to work on loads of particularly dirty clothing.

            The Vanish oxi action fabric stain remover comes in a cute pink tub (mine holds 1kg but you can get them bigger and smaller). The top simply screws off to reveal the powder inside which looks like normal laundry powder. With each pot you get a pink scoop inside to measure out the right amount for your wash. The tubs are recyclable but I think (washed thoroughly) they make really nice storage jars once the labels are removed but then I am always recycling things like this when I like the colours etc!

            In use
            I simply add a scoop to the powder section of the drawer and add laundry gel inside the load plus fabric conditioner and wash as I would normally. It does work at 30 degrees but I usually wash hotter than this as I am washing baby clothes and want to make sure they are getting clean. You can use this on whites, darks or colour loads and it really does seem to help shift stains. Some clothing requires individual attention (usually the bibs!) but I have the Vanish power spray to tackle this.

            Other uses
            My mum also uses this powder but in a different way. She likes to soak her items in it and seems to get good results from doing so. I'm not a soaker, more of a load up the machine kind of girl but it works well for both of us in these ways.

            Do's and Don'ts
            - Always follow washing instructions on garment or fabric care label.
            - Check for colour fastness by testing a hidden area of the fabric. Rinse and allow to dry.
            - Do not use on wool, silk or leather.
            - Do not use on finished or coated surfaces - for example wood, metals, etc.
            - Do not soak fabrics with metal fasteners or flame-resistant finishes.
            - Do not expose pre-treated or soaked garments to sources of direct heat or direct sunlight before washing or rinsing thoroughly.
            - Do not contaminate the product in the tub.

            My thoughts
            The tub I have finished is supporting the Breast Cancer Campaign and features their jigsaw logo. I do like it when companies do support charities and it fits in well with the bright pink theme of the Vanish packaging. I find this a really easy to use and time saving product, and have found it to be of great help when washing the boat load of baby clothes that are often soiled, particularly around the neck line with food (despite being a bib user, I don't always get there in time when the grandparents issue 'treats' like ice lollies etc!). With Vanish I don't have to spend ages scrubbing or hand washing as it is part of the washing machine load so it's easy to do.

            This can be quite pricey if you buy it when not on offer. I got my latest tub (again, 1 kg) from Tesco for £5 which I am happy to pay as it does last ages. I think full price it is normally £8.69 for a kilo although Ocado sell 2.4kg for £20.04p. Places like B&M do it for £3.99 so it really depends on where you shop!

            Final word
            Overall I am a big fan of Vanish products from their direct spray on formula to their carpet stain remover right through to this tub of oxi action powder. Highly recommended although do try to price check before buying.


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              11.04.2012 23:27
              Very helpful



              Vanish powder

              I really like the way Vanish works as a stain remover. I have used the stain remover stick for years. It has been great for removing stains from baby clothes such as poo, dried on food etc but I was getting rather bored of scrubbing clothes all the time. The stain stick is great but it is a bit time consuming and sometimes all I want to do is stick the wash in the machine and go and not have to scrub out the stain first and then add it to the wash. So, I decided to buy a tub of the stain remover powder as I had read good things about it and I had see the advert on the television numerous times so thought it would be a good addition to my wash. 

              The powder is extremely easy to use which is why I like it so much. All you do is add a scoop of the powder to your regular wash in the little pull out draw in your washing machine and then start the wash. It goes in the same section as the laundry detergent although as I use a gel pack the Vanish goes in with my conditioner. I assume in this way it is brought down to your clothes the same way the conditioner is. On the tub it says that the powder contains Oxi Powerlift which removes all types of stains, from the ones you can clearly see to the tougher ones that may be hidden. I have achieved really good results with this powder as so far every clothes item that had a bit of a stain on has been cleaned well by this powder and I can see no trace of it after the wash. The powder is safe to use on both whites and colours which is great as I mix mine all the time in the machine and never have any problems with the colours fading or anything like that. 

              You can also use this powder to soak stained clothes in and I have done this with a few of my little boys vests that have food stains and poo stains on. Again its simple to do. You just add some powder to a bowl or sink of warm water and then leave for about the recommended maximum of 6 hours and you can see again that the stains are just about gone and miniscual. 

              There are various materials you should not use this powder on and these are written on the tub. I like the way this powder works and would recommend it. A 500g tub costs £4.60 and is a good stain  remover. 


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              02.05.2011 00:37
              Very helpful



              An ok product if you have the time to soak beforehand

              I am constantly trying to get stains out of clothes where I have a 9 year old that plays football and gets mud/ grass stains on white clothes constantly and I have a 10 month old son who has a colostomy where he has a stoma and has to use stoma bags everyday. Now we constantly have a problem where at least twice a day my sons stoma bag will burst everywhere therfore I am always armed with baby vests and babygrows that are covered in poo literally everywhere, So I need a reliable stain remover that can shift this or at least take most of the staining out, because the clothes are always so soiled I cant really rub them together with any sort of stain remover or leave them to soak as this would stink my house out lol.
              So I always have a tub of this at hand for every wash I have to do at least twice a day.

              The tub I have is pictured different than the one above, it is a pink round tub that is 750g and I brought this at sainsburys on offer thankfully as I go through these very quickly and they are not that cheap to buy at the full retail price.
              This was originally £6.00 but I got it for half price for £3.00 I have just checked on their website and this size doesnt seem to be on there but I only purchased this instore on thursday 28th april so the offer may still be there.

              So this is a bright pink round tub that states on the front Vanish oxi action fabric stain remover, Amazing! tougher on set in stains.
              On the reverse of this tub we are told to just add a scoop to every wash which can include whites, coloureds and darks.
              So I am told for tough and dried in stains I should add a full scoop and for normal stains just half a scoop will be enough. I am told that I just need to put the vanish powder into my dispenser draw.
              You can also soak your stained clothes in the sink if they are stubborn, dried in stains, to soak dont use any higher than 40 degrees temperature of water and add 1 scoop to 4 litres of water. The maximum soaking time for whites is 6 hours (gosh I couldnt wait that long to get rid of my sons stained clothes as I need them washed and dried within the day) and for coloured clothes no longer than 1 hour to soak.
              After you have soaked your clothes wash as usual or just rinse throughly and for best results on tough stains rub before rinsing.
              Now I dont know about you but being a busy mum of 3 children and a hell of alot of washing I wouldnt have the time to soak clothes for this amount of time and then to have to wash them after to.

              We are advised not to use this on wool, silk or leather items
              Do not use on finished or coated surfaces
              do not soak fabrics with metal fasteners or flame resistant finishes
              do not expose pre treated or soaked garments to sources of direct heat or sunlight before washing or rinsing
              once mixed do not leave solution in a sealed container, it will continue to give off oxygen and the container may build up pressure and then leak (this is written in bold writing)

              this contains Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate
              This is harmful if swallowed
              Irratating to skin
              risk of serious damage to eyes
              keep locked up and out of reach of children
              If this comes into contact with eyes or skin rinse immediatley with plenty of water and seek medical advice if needed
              If you have sensitive skin it is reccomended to use some gloves.

              For ingredient info visit www.rbeuroinfo.com
              For any info on this product visit www.vanish.co.uk

              Ok so "trust pink, forget stains"

              I have used this for many years and this has a big round pink top that you just unscrew, which for a highly dangerous product I think the lid isnt very suitable as it can easily be opened.
              On opening the product it has a pink scoop with it and white coloured granuels and upon smelling this reminds me of what some hair dyes smell like to me, the ones that are quite pleasant with a minimal chemical smell. I generally use this on coloureds for my sons soiled clothes and these are washed seperatley to any other clothes, so I add one scoop into my wash, when the washing is completed I take out the clothes and I find there are quite visable stains left of where the poo was on my sons vest. Although this is generally heavily soiled so I didnt expect it all to dissapear, although my sons sleeping bag he sleeps in does always come out with no stains on it. It doesnt leave any trail of the vanish smell on my clothes although with the amount of softener I use it wouldnt stand a chance lol, it soesnt leave any residue on my clothes either.
              So I do find with my sons baby vests now that there is only a large stain left (heres a great tip for you) I use the vanish prewash bar and scrub these items together and then I pour some fairy liquid onto the stain before putting it back into the machine for another wash, this will then get the majority of the stain out the second time where it is only slightly visable and ok enough for my son to still wear.
              When I use this on other stains as in chocolate/ grass stains/ dirt I do feel that just chucking one scoop of this vanish into my machine doesnt sufficently get rid of all stains satisfactorily so all stained clothes I generally have to wash twice and also use the vanish pre treat bar and washing up liquid.
              This will genaerally then work wonders on all my clothes, I dont always have time to be soaking all my clothes beforehand or it just isnt possible with my sons soiled clothes so I always try a wash first.
              So this product alone doesnt get rid of stains not even general stains unless you soak them first and I have tried on a few occasions when time has allowed to soak some items and it still hasnt got rid of all stains without the vanish rub bar and washing up liquid. Recently we have been doing some gardening and we had some jeans that will filthy with mud stains on them, on this occasions I did soak them for an hour as it states and then rub together and put it in the wash to wash as usual, when this washing finished I still had visable stains on the jeans where I just couldnt get away with wearing them.
              Saying that I do always buy it because I need to include this in my wash in the hope that it will take away or losen up the stains on my clothes.

              So I will reccomend this to others if you have the time to soak first before putting it in your machine as without the soaking and rubbing you wont get much result.

              This 750g tub will only last me a week and a half but for most people it will last longer as I use it about 4 times a day sometimes more.

              I do tend to get slightly better results if it is a nice day and I can hang my washing outside as the sun does also tend to take away some of the stains aswell.

              In my opinion the vanish rub bar and fairy washing up liquid works alot better than this vanish oxi action.
              So because of the above reasons I can only award this 3 stars.


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                04.12.2010 14:18
                Very helpful



                Not really required in your wash as standard unless you have difficult stains

                There have been some exceptional advances in cleaning in recent years and this product does seem to have carved out a little niche for itself as a 'must have' in many housewives' kitchen cupboard.

                Produced in a unique bright pink coloured container with a screw-off lid, you just cannot miss it on the shelves and with extensive TV advertising, you cannot argue that the brand has done very well for itself, thank you.

                That said, and credit where credit is due, a product doesn't achieve this level of success and volume sales without being able to do what it says it does.

                Vanish comes in a number of variants. This product under review is the Vanish Oxy Action Stain Remover (Intelligence Plus), a white powder which is to be used in the cleaning of fabrics of various descriptions.

                The two main uses are either as an additive along with your usual washing detergent in a load of washing done in the machine - or as a diluted product in which to pre-soak your stained items prior to washing as normal.

                In our house we use it primarily as a pre-soak for treating particularly stubborn stains and it has proven effective in doing this. It has to be said however, that we don't present it with huge washing challenges in that, when I am allowed out to play I don't get myself in as much of a mess as I used to - more's the pity. No, I think my wife has swallowed the hype and even she has conceded that she shouldn't really have to use it as standard together with detergent in the washing machine. In so doing, unless your clothes are very dirty, you are acknowledging that the claims made by the manufacturer of your chosen washing detergent provider are invalid.

                I would urge anyone using this product to carefully read the detailed instructions re usage. Used incorrectly on the wrong fabrics and you can ruin expensive items. The product contains Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate which is nasty stuff. It is marked as being a harmful substance and you should avoid getting it on your skin or in your eyes.


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                12.03.2010 10:54
                Very helpful



                An excellent stain remover !

                Vanish Oxi-Action Multi Fabric Stain Remover

                Well I think we have all done it at some point haven't we, looked down only to find some horrid stain on something we love and something expensive. That gut wrenching feeling you get when you suddenly realise that your beloved item is now completely ruined. Well it happened to me only last weekend which has prompted me to write this review.

                During a shopping trip with my hubby in our local town we were happily mooching around the shops and generally enjoying the day. On our return to the car just as I was about to climb in my hubby asked 'What is that on your coat' I looked down to find to my horror that I had ink pen drawings all over the bottom hem of my jacket. I had only just been given this jacket for xmas from my hubby, it is a lovely winter white ski-type jacket from Per Una at M & S and I love it, it keeps you so snug on the cold winter days. So when I saw this ink stain I was just gutted and said to my hubby 'It's ink, it will never come out'.

                It would appear that whilst carrying my shopping bag over my shoulder there was a pen nib protruding from the bag and as I was casually wondering around the shops, this pen was doing its damage, drawing on my lovely white jacket.

                Anyway when I got home I had a thought that if there is one stain remover that would stand half a chance of working then it would be the Vanish Oxi-Action, it is the only stain remover that I use now, as I have a cupboard full of stain removers that just don't work, but Vanish has never let me down.

                The tub I have is the 1K size and comes in a deep pink tub, about 7" in height and about 5" in diameter with Vanish Oxi-Action in big bold lettering across the front. The tub has a screw top lid and on the lid is a label stating that this is the world's No 1 best selling stain remover.

                On the reverse it states that if you wash at 30 degrees instead of higher temperatures you can get the same stain removing results by adding a scoop of vanish powder to your wash. It also give you the using advice and safety information.

                So back to my jacket, ...... realising that this was not going to be a walk in the park, as let's face it there aren't many more tougher stains than ink, I set to work by making a paste of the powder and a small amount of hot water. Then very gently I rubbed the paste into the stain, working it through all the pen marks. To my amazement the ink started to lift straight away, and so I kept working on it. The pen marks didn't clear away totally but left a pale yellow mark where the lines had been. It took me a good half hour of rubbing at all of the lines to get to this yellow line stage. Then I decided to soak the stains for a while.

                It says on the reverse that you have to soak dried in and tough stains for 6 hours maximum for whites and for 1 hour max for coloureds, at a temperature of 40 degrees, in 4 litres of water and using 1 scoop of Vanish, then launder in the usual way. So, as by this time it was very late in the day, I decided to soak it overnight.

                When I came to look at it the next day I was stunned to find that the yellowing marks had almost disappeared and I then rubbed a little more of my made up paste into the remaining stains and put the coat into the washing machine. The results were just fantastic, the yellow lines had not totally gone but anyone who didn't know they were there would never have been able to see them, they were virtually invisible, and I had my precious jacket back almost as new! I was so very pleased!

                My opinion:
                The powder is very gritty to the touch, it smells lovely and it is just as safe to use on coloureds as it is on whites. It has been a life-saver for me on many occasions and I would highly recommend this stain remover now above all others. In my opinion nothing else on the market compares with it. It saved me the cost of replacing my jacket and that to me makes Vanish just priceless!

                Cost: As I previously stated I have the 1kg size tub for which I paid about £7.00 while on an offer in Sainsburys. Tesco are also doing this size for the same cost at the moment, so it is deffinatley worth investing while it is on offer, and 1kg at just on scoop per wash will last you a very long time. It is also available in 500g and 1.5kg sizes and prices of these will vary depending on which super,market you use, but it is widely available at almost all supermarkets. It also comes in gel and liquid forms, of varying sizes, for ease of use.

                For further information and more Vanish products visit:- www.vanish.co.uk

                Summary: The best stain removing product on the market in my opinion.
                5/5 Dooyoo stars from me!


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                  17.02.2010 20:40



                  Not worth the money!

                  As the parent of an incredibly messy child - I am always eager to find
                  alternative ways to clean the mud/ food/ multiple other stains from her
                  clothes. My old faithful is the vanish pre-wash bar, it gets rid of most
                  stains very easily and ballpoint pen (my childs favourite stain inducing
                  tool) is a breeze.

                  They make the in-wash solution look so amazing on the adverts - they don't even put the stained garment through a vigorous spin cycle, they just dunk it in a glorified fish tank and the item comes out looking like new. So, I assumed that it would have no trouble tackling my household stains and was quite excited at the prospect of no more scrubbing. How wrong I was!

                  Whilst it does add a certain something to your average wash - it hardly
                  removes stains as well as promised!! The biro was still scribbled across
                  her top when I dragged it out of the machine. In fact, it barely touched
                  most of the marks in the machine - pasta sauce, ketchup, kids fingerpaints were all still distinctly present after the wash - which meant that I had not only spent the money on a new product, but I had to scrub it too!!!

                  It's not a cheap item either. I got it in Costco for £4 but I've seen it
                  dearer elsewhere! Its not a product for me.... for stubborn stains it appears that the only way is the hard way!!!!


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              • Product Details

                500g, 1kg & 1.5kg tubs / Stain remover / The versatile formula is suitable for use on many fabrics, is safe for coloured and white fabrics and is effective on a wide range of stains - even when washed at low temperatures / / Simply add a scoop to your laundry detergent or use as a pre-treat or a soaking solution for really tough stains / Manufacturer: Reckitt Benckiser.

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