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Vigar Broom & Handle

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Brand: Vigar / Type: Stain Remover / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    2 Reviews
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      21.05.2011 23:18
      Very helpful



      It makes me smile!

      Firstly, I'd like to begin by saying the the broom I am reviewing is not the one pictured above - however it is manufactured by Vigar and it was suggested that I place my review here !

      Housework is a very dull thing . It takes up too much of my time, especially with one messy kid and an equally untidy boyfriend to clean up after . Anything that can make it a little more fun is fine with me - which is why I fell in love with the Vigar Sunflower Broom the minute I laid eyes on it . It's such an unusual and quirky looking thing.

      Lets work from the bottom up - it has a triangular sweeping head with bright red bristles, which are soft to the touch but easily firm enough to sweep up most mess. Covering the tops of these read bristles is a lovely bright lime green broom head, with the lovely fresh green extending all the way up the brooms 130 centimetre length, ending in a handgrip shaped like a delicately curved leaf.

      Going back down towards the bristle end, there is a lovely large sunflower, with lots of small yellow petals, each ending in a pointed curve, and each bearing natural looking creases. The middle of the sunflower is a chocolate brown, with a nobbled appearance that really gives the impression of holding lots of seeds, with the nobbles getting smaller the nearer the get to the very centre of the flower. Beneath the sunflower itself are two leaves, pointing outwards and downwards, with ragged edges and prominent veining .

      This is a really quirky looking design item, well designed with great attention to detail, and solidly made- nothing about this feels flimsy or low quality. However, it was purchased not just for it's looks, but to fulfill a purpose, something it does really well. The brooms handle is a good length for sweeping without hurting your back, and the quite thin and narrow triangular had makes this good at cleaning into corners and getting into narrow gaps that a traditional brush head might very easily miss . The bristle are soft, not scratchy, to the touch, but despite this manage not to collapse like a weak kneed virgin every time I need to sweep up anything stubborn or partially stuck to the floor.

      I love this broom - and that is a good thing, as it isn't cheap . £23.99 from Amazon.co.uk (I purchased mine with Dooyoo miles, as I would never feel comfortable spending 'real' money on something so silly) . Vigar do have their own website at http://www.vigar.com/tiendavigar, which offers products a lot cheaper than Amazon, however it is worth bearing in mind that you would have to pay customs charges for bringing in items from abroad, so it might not work out good value unless you buy in bulk - something I may consider doing in the future as it seems most of the products I REALLY like, I simply can't get hold of otherwise!

      Overall, I would certainly recommend this broom, if you can get it as a gift, or get it with pocket money . I do think it is a little expensive for what it is, but it's something I am going to enjoy for a long time, and it really makes me smile whenever I open my cleaning cupboard .

      5 stars - a stunner!


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      19.05.2010 21:11
      Very helpful



      Worth every penny as everyone else does the cleaning.


      As many of you know I have a Hair and Beauty Salon and I am always looking for new and funky ideas to brighten the place up, however I like appealing products that look attractive to the eyes. So with my latest purchase I have followed suit and bought yet another eye catching product.

      The broom in the salon had been hanging around for years and started to look worse for wear, so having recently started a compulsive relationship with the Alessi Home wear range I had to see what they offered that was new and funky.

      After browsing Amazon I found this funky broom, which to my surprise is made by the Alessi equivalent Casa Vigar and it also proved much cheaper that my usual Alessi option.


      Casa Vigar are a Spanish based company, who have been producing a wide range of home wear cleaning goods such as dusters, mops, buckets, brooms, dust pans and brushes and even funky rubber gloves.

      The Vigar Company have been established since the 1980's and pride themselves on the bright and colourful designs. They feel that the everyday chores of washing and cleaning should be brightened up and with their designs they certainly do brighten the place up, as well as my mood whenever I go to use the broom.

      To get a full idea of the different designs and ranges that Vigar cater for, the visit their website at www.vigar.com


      The broom itself is made up of stiff violet / purple bristles, which seem to be hard enough to sweep at any debris scattered across the floor, the main issue for me was sweeping up wet hair as it tends to stick to the floor making it difficult to sweep. However the stiffness of these bristles seem to collect and clear the wet hair from the floor without scratching of scuffing the laminate, which is one thing I worry about when using a stiff brush.

      The brush is roughly twenty inches in width and three inches thick, making it ideal for a multi- purpose yard or indoor brush. The bristles span out at an angle from a thick neon green brush head, the angle of the bristles really help you manoeuvre the brush into awkward place when are usually un-reachable with certain brushes.

      It comprises of a 130cm long length handle, which for me is the funkiest part of the brush as it is made up or bright red, orange, yellow, green and violet / purple stripes which run up the length of the bush and alternate every half inch.

      The brush handle is finished with a neon green handle and red rubber stopper, which makes it comfortable in your hands while you put your back out sweeping. However I find the brush length ideal so that your back does not pinch as much as it would with a standard size brush handle.

      For me this Bandera broom is the best design that Vigar have made, as it is very bright and eye catching and makes a great talking point. I know it is stupid but the amount of customers who have commented on the broom have been unreal, even the kids are coming in and asking to sweep the floor so for me this was worth every single penny.


      As I mentioned before Casa Vigar is a much cheaper equivalent to the Alessi Homeware products, so it is significantly cheaper than an Alessi broom.

      You can buy this broom from the cleaning product web site www.shinypad.co.uk. I also found these on Amazon however all sellers seemed to be out of stock, so I highly recommend Shinypad as they processed and delivered my order within four working days.

      Where ever you buy this you will expect to pay £19.99, you don't have postage charges on Amazon, but with Shinypad you will be expected to pay an extra £3.95 for delivery.

      Shinypad also offer this Bandera design in the form of mop buckets, mops, static dusters, dish brushes, aprons, rubber gloves and a dust pan and brush. So this site can cater for all your cleaning needs.

      If you fancy a different design, you can also get the cleaning items in animal prints, floral prints, spots, stripes you name it Vigar design it, so check out the Vigar web site www.vigar.com to see the full product range.


      So far I am very happy with my funky new brush, I love that it is unique and funky at the same time. It seems to be very hard wearing and robust, so I am sure it will be with me for a few years at least.

      I found the slanted angle of the bristles has really helped as I can even get into tight corners and sweep down skirting boards, making my job a whole load easier. Even the hair juniors are willing to sweep the floors without being asked, so it gets the thumbs up for that alone.

      This can be washed and cleaned very easily, you just un-screw the handle from the bristle section and soak it in warm soapy water, the bristles will then become grit and dirt free making the brush look as good as new.

      In my opinion this has been a welcomed edition to the salon, it fits in perfectly with my style and it is bright and cheerful. So it gets a full five dooyoo stars from me.


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