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Wilko Lavender Thick Bleach

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Brand: Wilkinsons / Type: Bleach / Category: Laundry

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    1 Review
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      21.08.2012 18:17
      Very helpful



      A very good cleaning product

      One thing that I always like to have a bottle of in my home is bleach. I use it the most under the toilet rim before I go to bed to make sure its germ free in there and that I get no build up of limescale, I do like to occasionally wipe down worktops and the likes with it though usually I use a kitchen spray for that and as I drink very strong tea I like to pop this in my mugs to get the stains out as well as to clean my rather nice stainless steel cutlery up with and so I tend to buy a regular 750ml size of this and get through it on a weekly basis.

      I was in Wilkinson's and needed to grab a few bits and pieces cleaning wise and usually I would simply opt for Parazone or Domestos bleach which is rather often in there on offer for a pound however I spotted this Wilkinsons own bleach on offer from its usual price of 75p a bottle down to 55p and called Lavender and in a purple coloured plastic bottle I imagined that this would smell of lavender so really fancied giving it a whirl.

      The Packaging:

      Well like I have already touched up in this is 750ml in size and the only size I have seen this available in to purchase from Wilkinson's or from Wilkinsonplus.com. The bottle is a nice shade of purple and has an angled nozzle to the top of it to use under a toilet rim should you want to and it has a push and twist safety red cap to the top of that. On the front of the bottle in white writing we are told that it is Wilko Lavender Thick Bleach 'Kills germs, kills MRSA and Clostridium Difficile and then on the back of the bottle other information listed includes being told a bit more about the product and ideas on how to use it around the home, ingredients, warnings and the size is given and contact details for Wilkinson's are also given. Nice enough, simple and informative packaging this is.

      Using It:

      Well according to the information given on the back of this bottle this is meant to be fragranced with a lavender fragrance especially nice if using it in your toilet bowl. Well the thickish sort of hint of yellow liquid doesn't smell anything like lavender to me just of the usual bleach aroma we all seem to be aware of. It is a fresh and clean aroma of bleach though but it is just that and nothing more.

      Basically you can use this around the home as you would do any bleach, with caution as it can take colour out of fabrics of course. I use this to wipe clean my bath, toilet and sinks with, I direct it under my toilet rim and leave it to soak for anything between half an hour and a overnight. I use this on kitchen work tops and floors by heavily diluting it first and you can use this within white washing though that is something I wouldn't dare try!.

      I don't know if this kills germs but it does give the feeling of clean and that's largely down to the bleach fragrance of course. It lifts up grease and grime easily, is brilliant at being diluted with water in dirty, stained mugs and leaves things generally sparkling clean.

      My toilet has had no limescale build up since using this, I have even used this to help unblock my sink and keep that clear, an issue I have often and all in all apart from the lack of lavender fragrance this doesn't have to it I am rather pleased with this product and think its very worth the 55p price tag I paid and I would be happy to pay a bit extra too as it is equally as effective as the bigger named brands and saves me a few pence too!

      Only available from Wilkinsons.


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