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Wilko Window Cleaner Smear Free

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Brand: Wilko / Type: Window & Glass Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      20.03.2009 14:21
      Very helpful



      A cheap option that works ok!

      I adore cleaning. No really I do! I will happily clean the house I live in and make mum a cup of tea and pass her a newspaper and the one place I really do enjoy cleaning is my own sanctuary. My bedroom! I do spend alot of time in it to basically to get away from the world! I of course have my laptop and sound system and tv and all the other niceties and it hasn't long been decorated from top to bottom and I just love being in it, it's my space!

      A good day for me is thoroughly cleaning it lol. I love delving in and re arranging my things and I will spend hours balancing on ladders cleaning my light fittings and washing my skirting boards. Its just incredibly satisfying!

      However I hate cleaning glass and mirrors but of course I don't like them dirty! I do have a mirrored wardrobe with massive mirrors all over it. I do have separate mirrors as well and when you clean them of course they either go smeary or they look ok for five minutes flat. I mean being wardrobe doors I do have to touch them which means sticky prints on them making them such an unpractical thing to own though as I say looks great when first cleaned of course! The other problem is I have proper blinds in my room. Occasionally I like to open them up, open up my windows and there's nothing worse than seeing filth and dirty rotten smears all over them. It really ticks me off so the whole lot gets cleaned really regularly and if I not at home for any reason mum will do them for me! Fussy I am and I refuse to live in crap-land! My friends say I'm ocd. That label is fine with me cos at least I ain't no trampette and quite often I go to my mates houses and when they are not looking will start cleaning and tidying up for them. Mess and dirt bugs me and I don't want it in my life! Tidy, clean and organised is the best thing to be!

      I do like browsing in Wilkinson's stores and I do buy and get through an awful lot of cleaning products of course due to my habit. I usually buy really expensive stuff as I don't mind spending out in this area at all because I want quick and easy results and to know in my heart I've done a good job. However it was raining outside so I really did start looking at the bargains as I had time and didn't much fancy getting my hair wet! So I bought this and it cost me 89p which is alot cheaper than my usual options. Worried though I really was as I need this to work and not mess up my glass and windows!

      The Packaging....

      If you can see the review photograph at the top of this page well that isn't my bottle but it has recently been changed to this design. So my bottle is clear plastic (so you can see through it), it has a see-through and dark blue trigger action spray to the top of it and on the front it has a light blue sticky label with white and red writing on it. I am told it's a Quality Wilko Brand, Window Cleaner With Vinegar and that it 'reduces the formation of mist and is smear free' and the size of the product is given which is 750ml (and the only size this is available in). The label in the back of the bottle is white and in blue writing I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use are given, cautions and ingredients are listed, contact details for Wilkinson's are given along with a cash back promise (if your not entirely satisfied with this product for any reason), the size is once again stated and finally there is a bar-code on there.

      It's quite simple packaging. Works very well, is informative enough and doesn't look cheap and nasty at all. I do like being able to see through this bottle so I can see when it needs replacing etc so it's better in design than the original bottle (in my opinion).

      A Bit About The Product According The Back Of The Bottle....

      Wilko Window cleaner is specially formulated to use extracts of vinegar for natural cleaning power. Cuts through tough dirt and grime without smearing, leaving windows, glass and mirrors sparkling clean.

      Directions For Use....

      Spray sparingly from a distance of approximately 25cm (10 inches) away from the surface. Wipe off immediately with a soft dry cloth or paper towel. For sparkling results polish off with a clean dry cloth. If in doubt test on an inconspicuous area first. Wash hands thoroughly after use.

      Using It....

      Really quite simple. It sprays out like water but evenly where you want it to be. I use it on mirrors and glass and even on my laptop screen if need be.

      Smell wise it doesn't have a lot of smell to it and smells natural rather than disguised with ingredients to mask it's natural scent. It's a none distinct smell and you can barely smell it to be fair and once used it doesn't stink the house out and no smell really is apparent at all.

      Spraying it sparingly is all you need to do then as directed to wipe with a cloth. Not one containing lint or bits of fluff, personally I use special clothes I bought particularly for cleaning in this area so I don't get unsightly bits clinging where they shouldn't.

      So you need a small spray, rub it and if you want further, and shinier results (again as directed) 'buff' up with a different and clean cloth.

      I find this so simple to use, it really does effectively clean windows and gives no smears as promised. Course this depends on how much you use of the product and your technique, you do have to work with it and make it work but for me it's so simple to use and it really does bring my windows up sparkling! Never once have I looked and thought my windows looked smeared at all as that would drive a bird like me crazy. It makes cleaning windows very quick and straightforward indeed.

      As for mirrors, I of of course use the same technique as I use for my windows. For a relatively clean mirror already it's fine. However if you have greasy paw prints on there or you've dropped food on it (splashes of soup or yogurt in my case) it does struggle a little harder but again if you put in a bit of oomph when your rubbing it's fine but I do find I get a bit more smearing on my mirrors than I do on my glass for some reason. However I just put me back into it and take me time to get great results.


      I really do think this is a great cost effective 'window' cleaner. You don't need loads to get good results at all and when cleaned (particuarly my windows) they stay clean as long as any other window cleaner would keep them usually at a fraction of the price.

      The only problem I have with this is that if I get any on my skin it really makes it tingle. I haven't had a rash or any kind of sores or allergic reaction with it but I am eventually sent running to wash my hands so now when I do use it I wear gloves. So if you have sensitive skin like I do I'd advise you do the same.

      It's not as straightforward to use on mirrors as it is on windows but it still adequate! It's a good cleaner and does a good job!


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