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Wizz Fabric Stain Remover

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Brand: Wizz / Type: Stain Remover / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    2 Reviews
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      01.08.2010 20:17
      Very helpful



      Best stick to Vanish.

      More from the world of Minou the Mad Moggy.

      She's learned the art of the dirty protest. I should have expected it, I suppose, what with living in Belfast and the recent riots and all, but it still came as something of an unpleasant surprise.

      Being the mental ninja kitty that she is, sometimes she gets put into the spare room for a time out (although bearing in mind that it's a sunny room with a soft bed, litter tray, food, water and toys, it could be argued that this is not so much a 'time out' as a 'rather pleasant sojourn'). This feline equivalent of the naughty step tends to occur around 5am, which is when she is attacking my head and I am trying to sleep. On the previous occasions when she's been dumped in there by a sleep-deprived and befuddled me she's really quite enjoyed herself.

      This time, though, when I went in to get her at 9am, I was greeted by a horrific smell and a LOT of brown. And an innocent-faced littley kittley perched on a chair looking at me as if to say,

      'Oh, hello Mum. I'm on the chair because there's poo on the floor and on the bed. It's ick! I don't know *how* it got there...
      ...was it you, Mum? Did you do that?
      Well, you'd best clean it up. I shall supervise. Also, could you clean my bum? The two matters are entirely unrelated.'

      The carpet cleaned up nicely with some Vanish, but the bed was made up entirely in white linen and she'd managed to do some extensive scatological artwork: it was on the pillows, the sheet and the duvet cover. Extreme laundering was called for.

      Usually, I stick to Vanish but I'd run out and I'd bought this whilst on my bid to economise. This was a mistake. Turns out that the reason that people say you get what you pay for is because you do. Vanish spray costs between £1.70 and £2. I bought this for 50p in the bargain shop and, based on its cleaning prowess, I'd say that the ingredients list is a big fat lie and that it's 99.9% comprised of water.

      For once, I did follow the instructions. I sprayed the stains thoroughly and left it to soak in for half an hour before putting it through a 30 degree wash with my normal detergent. When I removed the load the detergent had taken the light stains out of a few white tops but, when it came to the stains on the bedding, all that happened was they'd changed a slightly different shade of brown. They hadn't reduced at all in size or intensity. The bedding around them was nice and white and the whole lot certainly smelled a lot better but that's scant consolation.

      In the interest of fairness I sprayed the Wizz stain remover on a few items in the next load of laundry. My Tomorrow's World-esque scientific findings are as follows:

      Grease stain on cotton tea-towel - no difference.
      Vanilla ice-cream on cotton top - completely gone.
      HP sauce on viscose mix blouse - changed colour, but still there.
      Blood on a white towel - slightly reduced the size of the stain, but still there.
      Peanut butter on the cuff of the above blouse (I spill. A *lot*) - somehow managed to change it from small blob into massive grease stain.

      A pretty poor result, all told. Especially when you consider that the vanilla ice cream was probably taken care of by the Bold gel detergent. The only small silver lining is that it had no adverse affect on the materials in question and didn't cause colours to run.

      So, if you've got a demented cat/incontinent relatives/bloodstained scene of crime to clean up I'd recommend that you stick to Vanish.


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        11.03.2010 08:08
        Very helpful



        A cheap stain remover for clothes and other fabrics

        Hubby did the silly thing of leaving a pen in his works jacket pocket when it went into the wash a few weeks ago and since I have been trying to find a good product to remove it. As a result I found a fabric stain remover from Wizz. I have used Wizz products before and have always had good results from them so I decided I would give this one a go.


        The stain remover comes in a white plastic bottle which has a white and blue trigger spray top. The label on the front is multicoloured and has the Wizz logo and the top and then the product name underneath. It also has the claim that this is has 3 in 1 action and that it has active oxygen. The reverse of the bottle has a big white label which contains all the product information and directions for use.

        ~~USE AND RESULTS~~

        I was a bit dubious before using this stain remover but more so as the ink had been on the jacket for a week without hubby noticing, this is because he is a soldier and his jacket is camouflaged so it was not easy to see. I followed the instructions on the back of the bottle and decided that as the satin was already dried on I would give it a little longer to work.

        To use the stain remover on items of clothing then it is recommended that the spray be sprayed onto the stained area and if only small then left for 10 minutes to soak in or if the stain is bad then left up to 30 minutes to soak. I decided that I would spray both sides of the stain and I did leave it for an hour before washing the jacket again.

        To use the stain remover on carpets, curtains or upholstery then the spray should be sprayed onto the stain and left for 10 minutes, then using a clean damp cloth it should be wiped away. A hard scrubbing b rush is not recommended for using to remove the stain remover. If using on a carpet then once dry it is recommended that it is vacuumed.

        There is a faint smell to the stain remover which is noticeable when using but this is quite pleasant and has a floral scent but once the clothes have been washed then this does not remain on the garments.

        After the jacket came out of the wash I was very surprised at how the stain had been treated, It was not completely gone but it had faded to almost nothing. I don't think it was helped with the fact the stain was dried in and had gone unnoticed for a week. I have used this on other items of clothing since, especially for removing felt tip lens from the boys clothes and I have to say the results have been impressive and all the stains have vanished.

        The clothes were not affected by using this and none of the colours came out or faded. I have not used this stain remover on carpets or upholstery as we have a vax for the carpet and we have a leather sofa so I am not able to comment on how effective it is using it one these items.


        As with all stain removers and washing products there are some warnings on this product and they include not using this on silk items or delicate materials. It is not to be used on dry clean only products. The product does contain an oxygen based bleaching agent which may cause whitening of the skin (no I will not put a Jacko Joke in here!!!) but this can be remedied by washing hands after use. It must be kept out of reach of children and stored in a cool dry area. Avoid contact with eye and do not get near the mouth.

        The ingredients of the stain remover for those wishing to know include:-

        Less than 5% Oxygen based bleaching agent, anionic, non ionic surfactants and perfume.

        The bottle comes in a 500ml size which does last for a long time. I have had mine for a few weeks now and we are not even half way through the contents.


        I was lucky to spot this in my local Tesco and the price I paid was just under £1.60. Considering other well known brands were over twice the price I felt this was a bargain. I have not seen this for sale in any other shops.


        After using this on several different types of stains then I will recommend it. It did not fully remove the dried in ink stain but I think that was being a little hopeful but it did remove other non dried in stains. I has a great cheap price and is defiately worth trying.


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