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Wizz Laminate Wood Floor Cleaner

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2 Reviews

Brand: Wizz / Type: Floor Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    2 Reviews
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      26.10.2011 01:10
      Very helpful



      Great stuff!

      Just recently I have moved into a new flat with laminated flooring throughout, which I hasten to add is what I always wanted. Me though, well I'm used to hoovering carpets and thats about the lot really so I've now had to get used to sweeping my floors as I find my vacuum too powerful for it and a bit rubbish!

      Of course after sweeping the floors they need a good thorough clean and polish too which is why I was pleased that when I moved in that my landlord had left me a bottle of this and a few other bits and pieces for when I moved in!

      The Packaging:

      The bottle holds 1 litre of the cleaner and is frosted white (but still see through) with an integrated handle to one side of it and a white plastic large lid to the top of that. On the front of the bottle there is a photograph of a nice shiny wooden floor and we are told that it is Wizz Laminate Wood Floor Cleaner 'Ylang Breeze' and that it 'Cleans and leaves a brilliant shine' and that it is suitable for all rooms, varnished wood, laminate floors and has a fresh fragrance too. On the back of the bottle other information listed includes being told a bit about the product and directions for use are given, cautions are listed, contact details for Uk Wizz Products Ltd are given (the manufacturer of the product). This is a nice and simple looking bottle of product and it is informative enough too.

      The Product Itself:

      Well as you can see from what we are told on the front of the bottle this isn't just a laminate floor cleaner but basically any kind of sealed flooring really. To use it you simply dilute 2 capfuls of it with 5 litres of warm water and wipe floors (and you can use this on paneled walls, doors, wooden furniture and cupboard units if you want to) with a sponge or damp mop or whatever and wipe over with a clean cloth if desired afterwards.

      The liquid is a light brown colour, thin and watery and has a soft and gentle and very clean and not one bit chemically fragrance of flowers to it which I actually really do like. Its easy to use and I simply measure a couple of capfuls of this to a bucket of warm water, dip my mop in it and ring it out and gently wipe over my floors, rinsing my mop out as I go!

      This picks up grease and grime off floors with total ease. It leaves my floors so shiny I don't have to wipe over afterwards and I simply wait for it to dry. It leaves a lovely none slippy shine behind itself and a lovely clean look, feel and fragrance (the fragrance lingers in my home for about an hour after using it!).

      It simply makes cleaning my floors a doddle and this product gets a huge thumbs up from me as alot of Wizz products do (including their oven cleaning paste) do.

      I didn't buy my bottle but I have since seen it in Poundland, of course costing a pound a bottle which is a truly wonderful price for an excellent cleaning product of this caliber! If you can't find it in similar discount stores....Google it....it's actually worth tracking down in my opinion!


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        07.11.2009 20:49
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Floor cleaner

        Wizz floor cleaner

        We have lots of wooden floors in our house and although they are not laminate, i tend to try use this stuff or similar because bleach is too harsh and I like a nice fresh rather than bleach smell.

        WHAT IS IT?

        This product has apparently been specially formulated to effectively clean most types of sealed wood flooring ( so not just for laminate) and it promises to remove grease and grime with no need for rinsing afterwards.


        The floor cleaner comes in a plastic bottle containing 1litre of the product. It's quite handy because there is a handle on the side which makes carrying it around easier, although a down side of the packaging is the fact that the screw on/off top isn't child proof, and can easily be opened.

        The product itself is a light brown colour which is quite appropriate really given that it's going to clean my wooden floors. When I unscrew the cap for a sniff, I find that it's got a bit of a floral smell but not unpleasant, almost woody really- that makes not a lot of sense but I'm not great at describing smells. Suffice that when I have cleaned the floors using the product they smell really clean and not overpowerfully floral.

        HOW DO I USE IT?

        The instructions on the back of the bottle tell me how to use it, and basically for large areas of floor, two capfuls should be diluted into 5 litres of water and then applied with a clean mop. Similarly, for smaller areas such as cupboards tables and chairs, the dilution should be halved and applied with a cloth. For both types of cleaning, it should be wiped down afterwards with a soft cloth. I am not overly good at measuring so just apply what I think is a good amount and change the solution frequently because there is no point cleaning a floor with dirty solution.


        This is not to be used on unsealed wood polished or veneered surfaces but anything else that's wooden seems to be ok.


        The usual kind of warnings apply: not to be taken internally; avoid contact with eyes; wear protective gloves. It's all a bit of common sense but I suppose they have to give us these warnings.


        I bought this from my local bargain store for 99p which is great value for 1 litre of the stuff. The website, www.wizzproducts.co.uk gives lots of information about the products.


        A good value floor cleaning product which does as it says it is going to do. A little goes a long long way and if I use too much of the product there can be a soap residue which is why I believe the manufacturers suggest it is wiped down afterwards with a soft cloth so there are no soap or water marks. It makes the floors smell nice and fresh and clean and lifts any marks with minimum effort.

        For a cheap and effective floor cleaner I would recommend this one.

        Thanks for reading.

        Daniela x


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