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Wizz Multi Action Bathroom Cleaner

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Brand: Wizz / Type: Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      29.04.2012 12:17
      Very helpful



      Just don't bother...

      In my last review for Dettol's complete surface cleaner I mentioned that it was a Poundland 'find' that I had recently bought and had used in my bathroom with impressive results, the product I used to prior to buying this was Wizz's multi action bathroom cleaner, another earlier Poundland bargain and the subject of this review. Whilst my last review sang the praises of Dettol and I recommended it to other people it's another matter as far as this product from Wizz is concerned as to me it has been quite useless in comparison to other products I've used and isn't a patch on the cleaning ability of Dettol. Here's why...

      Contained in a trigger action bottle and bright green in colour Wizz's multi action bathroom cleaner is said to be specially formulated to help remove limescale, soap scum and build up of dirt and stains. It's a mildly germicidal liquid cleaner that apparently leaves behind no residue and is suitable for all washable surfaces. Directions for use are printed on the back of the bottle although it's not exactly rocket science and anyone should be able to fathom out how it works so I won't repeat the instructions here. The first thing you notice once it has been sprayed onto the surface it's about to clean is the nose-achingly pungent scent that hits you like a brick. Simply put this stuff absolutely stinks and whilst Wizz may claim that it's 'mildly germicidal' in actual fact there's nothing mild about this product at all as it most definitely assaults the olfactory senses and I would stronly suggest that anyone who attempts to use this does so with sufficient ventilation as it is perhaps the worst-smelling cleaning product I've ever had the displeasure of using and I thought Bleach could be smelly!

      Pungency aside I could live with its smelliness if it actually proved itself to be an effective cleaner but in use the best I can say about it is that it is simply "ok". Admittedly it does remove dirt and soap scum that may be left after I've had a bath but I can't say for certain that it's thanks to this or just the combination of hot water and a bit of elbow grease from me. It doesn't lift stains at all, they stay where they were and when this is sprayed onto them I think it just acts as extra lubricant to assist in their removal and unlike Dettol or Flash sprays that you can see working this product from Wizz is a cheap alternative that is all smell and no action in my opinion. It's hateful stuff if I'm being honest and I only used it a few times before I admitted defeat and went back to a better known brand name, I didn't get the results I expected from using this, I found that it left behind streak marks, it stank and was just basically useless and even at a quid it wasn't worth the money I paid for it.

      All in all there are far better products available for the money already out there and Wizz doesn't even begin to compete with the likes of Dettol as far as performance goes, it's a substandard product and an absolute waste of shelf-space in Poundland. Use this at your peril would be my advice, the best you can hope for is that it'll keep your pets out of your bathroom as the smell is just so overpowering and should, in my opinion, be sold with a protective face mask. Save your money and buy something else, there are far better alternatives already available from a lot better known brand names, Wizz is an all round flop that doesn't get a recommendation from me and gets a single, solitary star only because I can't give it none.


      Thanks for reading my review.


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