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Wizz Spray With Bleach

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Brand: Wizz / Type: All Purpose Cleaner / Subcategory: Bleach / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    3 Reviews
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      14.10.2009 10:58
      Very helpful



      Fabulous product which I shall be buying all the time from now on!

      Wizz Spray Bleach


      Wizz Spray Bleach is excellent. As it says on the bottle, it is simply bleach in a spray bottle, which makes it easy for dispensing on to surfaces (i.e. kitchen work tops)
      The product is used just as bleach would be, and is supposed to be fragranced, though to me it just smells like bleach!
      I was first introduced to Wizz when I bought this Sprayable bleach from Farmfoods (yes Farmfoods!) a couple of weeks ago, and we were really impressed with it, since then I have also bought other Wizz products!

      I love cleaning and having my house clean and tidy, and bleach is one of my favourite things, sad I know. But I often have trouble with it as it comes in big bottles which you have to dilute and then I can only really use it on floors and in the bath and toilet, so I loved this spray bleach!!!

      Wizz is a company which makes products in the UK, they have a huge range of products, from Laundry & Fabric products, Kitchen & Utility cleaners, Bathroom cleaners, Floor care & Carpets, Furniture cleaners & Creams & Pastes. There are way too many products for me to name, but a few of them are:
      Fabric Fresh
      Leather Cleaner
      Pre-Laundry Stain Buster
      Laminate Floor Spray
      Shower clean
      Easy Iron Spray with Starch
      And many many more.

      We have tried the Leather cleaner & Fabric Spray along with this bleach spray all of which have been excellent, and all at only 99p!

      It is perfect for: Work tops, small surfaces on the floor which may need extra cleaning, walls etc.


      The spray as I said is supposedly fragranced, but to me it doesn't smell of anything but bleach, but I find this with all "fragranced" bleaches, even Domestos bleach which is apparently fragranced. So in my opinion this just smells like bleach. You may be able to smell a difference between this and normal bleach, and I must say when I smelled normal bleach after using this one, it did smell stronger and more "bleachy" smell, but I think this is just that it is more concentrated!

      Value for Money

      Well at 99p for a 750ml bottle, it is amazing value for money, but I haven't seen it in any of the major supermarkets, only in the smaller shops like BnMs and Farmfoods, so if you only shop in the likes of Asda or Tesco then you won't see this there!

      The price is absolutely excellent, especially for the amount you get and the quality of the product!

      There isn't anything else I can say on the price, just that at 99p it is absolutely outstanding value for money, and that it is 100% worth the money you spend! I have never seen bleach spray before, only bleach in a bottle, so I cannot compare this price to any other! Of course you can get Smart Price bleach for 23p from Asda, but it is not as good as this!

      Do you need to use much?

      It depends of course on where you are using it, I use this about 3 times a week, I use Dettol spray in my kitchen most of the time, but around 3 times I week I substitute it for this to get a deeper clean, I also use it on my coffee table (as my husband has a tendency of getting our baby guinea pig out and plopping him down on there, and he then wee's or poo's there!!!!!!!! Good job we don't eat off it!!!), so my bottle has lasted me about 3 weeks upto now, using it 3 times a week on my kitchen work tops, around once a week on my large coffee table, and also using it on stains on the kitchen floor. So it does last a long time!!!

      Irritable to skin?

      Bleach of course will always be irritable to skin, so you must always be careful not to get this on your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. On the couple of occasions I have got a little of this on my hands though, it hasn't burned through or itched or even given me dry skin, so it isn't as concentrated as normal beach, but you should really wear gloves when using this!


      I don't have many criticisms of the product, only that it isn't widely available. It isn't sold anywhere other than smaller "cheaper" shops like B&M's and Farmfoods so it is a little harder to get hold of than normal bleach!


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        02.07.2009 10:50
        Very helpful




        It was a few months ago now that I was in my local 'Farmfoods' frozen food store doing some shopping and it suddenly occurred to me that I had ran out of kitchen spray cleaner. Assuming that I would not get any sort of cleaning product in this store, I made a mental note to stop off at my local grocery store on the way home to make a suitable purchase.

        Imagine my surprise then, when I was perusing the vast freezers full of frozen vegetables and potatoes and my eye happened to catch some products that were placed on the shelves directly above the freezers. - Cleaning products!

        I looked them over with caution as I had not tried any of them before and was unsure if any cleaning product that is available in a Frozen food store would be worth buying. Then I saw that the generous sized spray bottle was only 99 pence, and so I figured that there wasn't too much to lose by giving it a bash.

        I have to say that from that first time a few months ago I have been well and truly converted! The Wizz spray with bleach is one that I now buy regularly and find it to be as efficient as most other cleaners I have tried in the past that are available in my local supermarket.

        The plastic spray bottle is white in colour with a navy blue coloured spray nozzle at the top. The product is very simple to use - just spray the area you want to clean, kitchen worktops say, leave it for a few seconds and then rinse it off with warm water and a clean cloth. This is the practice that I employ when cleaning my kitchen worktops anyway, and have found the result to be sparkling and hygienic-looking surfaces!

        I also find that a little goes a long way with this product. - This means that it offers even MORE value for money and I find that the bottle lasts me around two months in terms of cleaning my kitchen. The liquid, when sprayed is not overly soapy, but I do find that it spreads quite easily and seems to be quite strong, so you do not need to apply too much of it.

        The smell, whilst not particularly pleasant, is not too over-powering either. I have found too that the product does not irritate the sensitive skin on my hands in the way that undiluted bleach does. I therefore find that I can use this spray and do some cleaning without wearing rubber gloves, which simply wasn't the case in the past with other cleaners that I was using regularly.

        I was so impressed at the results that this product gave me that I started to try it out on other areas too, my bathroom being given the next 'trial'. The result is that my white coloured bathroom suite is always left sparkling clean, and the tiles and shower curtain come up marvellously after using this spray on them.

        The bottle as I said earlier is quite a generous size - 750ml, which lasts quite a long time. Because I was so impressed with the results after using it though, I now keep one spray in the kitchen and one in the bathroom, thus ensuring that I never run out of the stuff!

        Other areas I have found the spray to be very effective are:

        ** Using it with some warm water on my garden furniture - it came up a treat.

        ** Using it when cleaning out the cat litter tray - removes some rather 'unpleasant' odours and leaves it sparkling clean (enough said!)

        ** Spraying some of the Wizz cleaner onto a damp cloth and wiping over the nest of tables and other furniture around the house brings a nice shine to them whilst leaving them sparkling clean.

        ** Spraying some Wizz cleaner onto my silver bathroom taps and leaving for a minute or so then removing with a hot cloth leaves them gleaming like new.

        Hopefully some of these will give you an idea of how versatile and useful I have found this product to be in different areas around the house.

        I have seen it for sale in other 'discounted' shops such as a local pound shop and a discounted grocery store.

        I will give it five out of five because I cannot really fault it and am truly converted. A brilliant staple product for all types of cleaning around the home, and definitely worth a try!


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          09.04.2009 11:39
          Very helpful



          A very reasonably priced household cleaner.

          When I noticed my local discount shop was selling the Wizz range of cleaning products at two for £1 I decided to stock up in readiness for spring cleaning.

          I have used this budget range in the past and think it performs well so I bought a bottle of the Spray with Bleach. The spray uses a trigger action and the nozzle itself sprays just the right amount in an accurate direction. It comes out as more of a liquid than the finer mist I have come to expect from more expensive spray cleaners, but even so it didn't leave my surfaces soaking and was easy to rinse off.

          I have mainly used this cleaner in the kitchen, bathroom and brick outhouse in which I have installed a basic secondary kitchen. I have had varying degrees of success, while the spray coped admirably in my already clean bathroom it struggled with the outdoors grime in the outhouse.

          After wiping a surface that is already clean I am always impressed at the amount of dirt it removed onto my cloth. I am always surprised at how something can look clean but after using a product like this it's apparent some dirt still remains. I also like the sheen this product leaves on my shinier surfaces, surprising really as cleaners containing bleach can dull surfaces rather than enhance the shine.

          To be honest I don't think there's an awful lot of bleach in this product. It certainly doesn't immediately remove blackcurrant stains as neat or lightly diluted bleach from surfaces and even after accidentally spraying it on myself there was no bleach damage to my clothes.

          I find this spray works best on smooth surfaces, it doesn't cope well with grease and is definitely more of a worktop wiper than a product that will help make the hard jobs easier. The smell is fairly non-descript, it doesn't smell of bleach at all in my opinion and is kind enough on my poor old lungs. While I enjoy trying new cleaning products I do have to be very careful as the fumes can easily provoke an asthma attack, I have gotten to the stage of recognising these fumes early on and ceasing to use the particular cleaner before any damage is done. I can honestly say there is not a thing in Wizz Spray that makes me even so much as wheeze, apart from the effort of the cleaning that is!

          One thing that annoys me about the trigger action Wizz range in general is the fact that it runs out so quickly. The bottle always seems full on buying it but I've never known a misting cleaner vanish so quickly! Last week I cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom, it's a decent sized kitchen but bear in mind that I used this only for the cupboard doors, work surfaces and windowsills. The bottle was finished after this time consuming but ultimately small job, other brands of spray cleaners last me around three weeks but this one was gone in hours!

          For 50p each I don't mind this however as it's the perfect product for wiping over my kitchen worktops, I do a lot of baking so keen my work surfaces clean all times and it's great to have a cleaner just for this which doesn't have an overpowering aroma and does do it's job well. Would I pay £1 for it though? Well no, probably not but only because it runs out so quickly that I might as well continue to buy my premium spray at just £1.89!


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