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Zoflora Disinfectant / Anti-Bac Cleaner Lavendar

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    5 Reviews
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      09.05.2013 21:56
      Very helpful


      • Everything!


      • None!

      Brill germ killing stuff!

      When it comes to my home being fresh and clean its something that I take pride in and that's why I buy Zoflora, because it is so versatile and I use this for my floors, worktops and my toilet and bath and so on and for general cleaning around my home.

      The Packaging:

      This product comes in an oblong box and on the front of the box there is a picture shown of some lavender and we are told that it is 3 in action Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant 'Lavender' and that it kills 99.9% Bacteria & viruses and that odours are eliminated and that it gives 'All Day Freshness' then other information on the sides and the back of the box tells us a bit about the product and where to use it and what using this can achieve by using it, directions for use are given, the size is stated which is 56ml and contact details for the manufacturer are clearly listed. The bottle that the disinfectant comes in is see through and made of glass and it has a white plastic screw on/off cap to the top of it and then on the front if it once again we are told what it is and who it is by and how to dilute it (should you want to) and the size is stated once again. Nice enough packaging this is and its all informative enough.

      The Disinfectant Itself:

      Well this is a see through golden coloured liquid and smells really pungent and distinctly of very fresh lavender which is really lovely and true to what you think of lavender should smell like and not one bit fake or too much at all!

      You can use this in many ways, diluted, neat or even turn it into a spray should you want to. To dilute this all you need is one part of this to 40 parts water and I use it this way for mopping floors so I really don't need very much of this at all to cover large areas and to know not only am I killing germs but freshening up too and I also use it this way for my tiles in my bathroom and kitchen and for a quick and regular spruce up then I use it neat on work tops, around my toilet, sink and bath and so on from time to time. I dilute this to use in my cat litter tray and to occasionally wipe around my lovely cat, Myrtle's carry case and so on, which is safe to do so according to the information given on the box.

      This really does clean very well indeed and leaves a lingering fragrance around my home after using it for a good couple of hours. I feel that it kills germs and bacteria and all in all I really do appreciate this disinfectant and will buy this, and this particular fragrance time and time again in the future!

      Available in all good supermarkets and so on and I pay 99p a bottle of this in my local corner shop.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        10.04.2013 20:33
        Very helpful



        A trusted favourite that has moved with the times.

        I'm reviewing Zoflora Lavender Antibacterial disinfectant.
        It comes in 120ml plastic bottles which are also packaged in a box with all the necessary information on the back re content etc.
        It costs around £1.20 in supermarkets but can be picked up from most Pound Stores.
        It is a registered trademark item & therefore is not made for anyone else in cheap variations like some products.

        Zoflora has been in use in our homes for what seems like an eternity. I remember my mum buying it & using it sparingly so that the bottle lasted for ages.Back then the bottles were glass & somewhat smaller I think . But the updating of the product is far better,a plastic bottle, slightly more content and a variety of fragrances.
        COOL & FRESH
        LILY FRESH

        This one is one of my favourites....Lavender.

        Frankly there isn't a lot one can say about disinfectants really without boring people to death.
        It is antibacterial and only a small capful added to the water leaves floors and bathroom surfaces smelling fresh & clean for a fair amount of time, while ensuring that nasty bacteria is eliminated.
        Unlike some other disinfectants it makes the water go cloudy when used which for some (illogical ?)reason reassures me that it is indeed concentrated.

        The only place I won't use this is in the kitchen ,because it is far too 'disinfectant' smelling for my liking in a food storage & prep area. But for everywhere else it is excellent . I even use it on our pet beds ,much to the disgust of our cat & dog. But needs must, and when vastly diluted according to the recommendations on the box it causes them no harm whatsoever & reassures me that nothing more horrible than the two pets is lurking there .

        Would I recommend it ? Yes,most definitely. It is a tried & tested old school disinfectant that has managed to move with the times .


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        10.04.2013 07:46
        Very helpful



        Hygene and freagrance in one little bottle!

        Im going to echo what has been said from previous posts in regards to why I use this product. When my dad cleaned the house, mostly when mopping this floor, he always used Zoflora. Back then it was the Bouquet fragrance, probably because that was the only fragrance they made, but its one of those products you remember the smell running through the house.So how could I not use it myself?

        What is Zoflora?

        Zoflora is a concentrated disinfectant. The most noteable thing about this product is its scent.Unlike alot of disfectants its pleasant, long lasting and really does frgrance the area cleaned. Its antibacterial, it kills 99.9% viruses and bacterias. It comes in a 120ml glass bottle with a screw top lid, and comes in other fragrances such as:

        Citrus Fresh
        Warm Cinnamon Limited Edition

        Some of these fragrances are more hard to come by than others.Some also come in bigger sizes, so if you love this product you will need to shop around. At a cost of around £1.20 from a supermarket, its not expensive, but I would suggest checking stores such as Quality Save, B & M who stock this for below £1.00. Also, some fragrances do come in bigger sizes, so more cost effective.

        How do I use this?

        You can use this product in many areas of the home, such as:

        Use product by following the ratio of 1 in 40 with water.10ml of Zoflora ( one capful ) makes 400ml of diluted solution. This formular can be used to wipe over areas mentioned above ( and more ). you can also use the same ratio and use the product as a spray to freshen rooms like a air freshener.

        What do I think of product?

        It is very concentrated so you need very little and the fragrance lasts along time. I love all the fragrances, not just lavender. Its fresh, clean and not overpowering ( at least not for me! ) It cleans well and makes my home smelll lovely!


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        04.07.2012 21:20
        Very helpful



        Zoflora antibacterial disinfectant in Lavender for giving the home a fresh and hygienic clean!

        Zoflora is one of those products I have grown to use after watching my mum use it in her house cleaning regime. I have the Lavender scent as it is the most frequent one I seem to come across and smells truly like lavender!

        The reason I love it is because it is a unique type of disinfectant as the Triple Action Zoflora is a concentrated antibacterial disinfectant liquid that not only kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, but also contains a powerful odour elimination ingredient and beautiful long lasting fragrance leaving your home hygienically clean and smelling lovely!

        *** Product Description ***

        On the shelf it is a simple rectangular cardboard box as shown in the picture above with the Lavender and the Zoflora brand evident from the logo across. It comes in a clear, 56ml bottle which to be honest looks quite small but as so little disinfectant is needed, it really does go a long way! One thing which is disappointing is it has a simple white screw top lid, which is not child safety which is a pain. I am a parent of a 2 year old who is extremely curious and likes to play with liquids at the moment so it would be handy as it has a strong concentration of disinfectant for it to be more secure to open and close.

        *** Triple Action Formula ***

        It effectively neutralises odours, and has powerful antibacterial action kills odour causing bacteria, preventing unpleasant smells from returning and leaves surfaces hygenically clean. The Zoflora Triple Action is effetive against household smells commonly found in the kitchen, bathroom, bins and in areas where pets are kept.

        Zoflora disinfectants kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses found in the home including Salmonella, Listeria, E coli, MRSA, Staphylococcus aureus, Influenza virus, H1N1 and Human Herpes virus 1 (yuk! not sure where this product is applied why it can kill a Sexually Transmitted Disease!)

        *** My Usage ***

        The instructions state to dilute 1 part of the Zoflora with 40 with water. I usually use this product to clean my kitchen floor as it makes my kitchen smell lovely and refreshing! I add about one lid full of the zoflora disinfectant to my bucket of boiling hot water and allow it to diffuse. It doesn't create a vast amount of bubbles or anything in my water, so as to make it soapy or anything but the hot water and mop is sufficient for scrubbing any grubby marks off the floor and the Zoflora is an active ingredient to kill any germs. The smell of Lavender really evaporates around the room and disperses around our entire flat leaving it smelling absolutely lovely!

        I also use this for cleaning out my bin. I have a cheap old bin, that doesn't contain smells very well, and as soon as something like yoghurt is thrown away, it goes off quite bad and can be smelt from the bin, needing me to throw it out and clean the bin straight away. I usually add about 2 cups of hot water and a drop of the Zoflora when cleaning the bin as adding too much feels like a waste as a lot really isn't needed! This is more than enough to leave my bin smelling lovely and kill any bacteria trying to lurk and hide!

        This product is also suitable for use on surfaces around the kitchen, toilets, bath etc but I prefer to use products like Cream cleaner in the bathroom and antibacterial sprays for cleaning kitchen surfaces. For anyone considering using Zoflora for any of these purposes I would definitely advise wearing some good, strong cleaning gloves as the active ingredient is likely to irritate skin if come into contact.

        *** Customer Care ***

        1. Take Care to avoid spillage - If splashed in eyes or skin wash well and consult a doctor.
        2. Do not allow contact with polished wood, and do NOT mix with other chemicals.
        3. Store direct out of sunlight
        4. Active ingredient; Benzalkonium Chloride.
        5. Zoflora is a powerful concentrated disinfectant. It is more effective when used without soaps or detergents and where heavy soiling has already been removed.

        *** Available Scents ***

        It is available in Lavender, Cherry Blossom, Bouquet, Citrus Fresh, Flower Shop, Hyacinth, Lilac, Rose, Spring time, Sweet Pea, Linen fresh and currently have Bluebell Woods Limited Edition.

        *** Price ***

        I bought this 56ml bottle absolutely ages ago as it has lasted so long in the 99p store. This can be quite a bargain, but I have seen it around in Wilkinsons and the like for the bigger version for around the same price so I would definitely advise to shop around!

        *** Overall ***

        This is a lovely little cleaning product for around the home. For a bargain price you get a long lasting disinfectant to give a lovely scent around the house! I am now going to shop around for other scents once this bottle runs out and experiment some more!


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          11.04.2012 17:53
          Very helpful



          A versatile cleaning product in a compact sized bottle

          My first introduction to Zoflora disinfectant came many years ago when I used to stay in my Grandparents caravan for holidays. There always used to be a little bottle of something mystical called 'Zoflora' in the cleaning cupboard under the sink but I never really took much notice of it apart from every time we stayed there was a different fragranced bottle of it. Having popped round to a friends house just before Christmas I was instantly met with a lovely fresh lavender aroma and presumed at first she had a candle or wax tart burning, so when I commented on the pretty fragrance wafting around her home I was quite surprised when she answered it was just some Zoflora disinfectant that she had used in her water when mopping her floor.

          Having been so impressed with how nice and 'clean' my friend's home seemed I decided to purchase a bottle on my next visit to the shops.

          I live in very close proximity to an Iceland store and often find it very convenient for popping into for top up shopping so when I nipped in one day for some milk I happened to notice the cleaning products which were displayed nearby. There was a small range of Zoflora Disinfectants and I wasn't sure which one to pick at first but decided to opt for the Lavender having been impressed with the scent when at my friend's house.

          What is it?~
          Zoflora comes in a small compact sized plastic bottle bottle which contains 120 ml of fluid. There are several varieties of this available and which up to press I can say I have tried at least 5 of the 'flavours' and currently this Lavender is still my favourite. Zoflora is basically a concentrated disinfectant that can be used in an array of ways and on many different surfaces including:

          *Work tops
          *Hard surface pet areas.

          How to use it~
          Zoflora can only be used neat in ceramic and metal sinks, toilet bowls and drains. It must always be diluted for any other purpose by using 1 cap full to 40 parts water which is approximately 10 ml per cap full and will give you 400 ml when made up.

          Like most disinfectants of a similar nature this is highly flammable and harmful and it doesn't take a genius to work out it should be used with caution and the 'usual' applies such as don't swallow or come into contact with skin etc. It is worth pointing out though that once diluted it becomes non flammable.

          My own experience of using Zoflora~
          As mentioned I first became aware of this brand a long time ago but it is only the past few months that I have started to use this product for myself. As this is my 3rd bottle of the lavender Zoflora I think it's a safe bet to say that this is going to be a mainly positive review.

          I have laminate flooring in 2 of my rooms as well as bathroom tiles and a lino type flooring in my kitchen - all that usually get mopped in the normal way. I tend to add a slight drop of bleach to my mop bucket along with whichever floor cleaner I've purchased that's been on offer but what I love about Zoflora is a cap full of this is enough to suffice all my mopping needs. I have found that this leaves my floors clean without any residue once dry and the beautiful lavender aroma lingers for at least 2 hours after the surfaces have dried so I'm already impressed with this one task alone.

          I have found I use this the most in my drains - I pop a capful down my plug hole in my kitchen on a nightly basis after the washing up is completed (normally by me) and also in my bathroom sink and find the pretty fragrance takes away any offending smells as well as giving me peace of mind that it's disinfecting capabilities are at work killing off harmful bacteria.

          I do use this now and again in my toilet bowl but prefer to just add a drop neat to the cistern about twice a week and find that the fragrance lingers for quite a while in this way and isn't too overpowering either. I dilute a capful of Zoflora and add with water to a small spray bottle I bought from Superdrug (as part of their travel products) which I finds holds the correct quantity perfectly. It can be then used as a room spray and I tend to spritz onto my rugs as if spraying directly into the air it is too heavy and just falls to the floor anyway. When spritzed lightly on to my rugs the fabric holds the fragrance for a long time, though isn't as strong as when used neat on surfaces, it still smells very fresh and clean for at least one hour which is pretty impressive in my view.

          Would I recommend this then?~
          Yes, yes and yes! I really wish I had started using this around my home a lot longer ago than just before Christmas as I feel I've been missing out on such a fantastic versatile product for so long. I have seen this since in several shops/ supermarkets since buying in Iceland and it seems to be around the £1 mark in most places which personally I deem to be a complete bargain. I do tend to use this for a multitude of cleaning tasks and really have nothing negative to say about it at all as it leaves a smell fresh in it's wake and surfaces looking clean so I can't complain.

          The disinfectant has a yellow hue to it and is very watery in consistency so it could be easy to spill, especially as there is just a screw top lid to access the product via so do take care when using.

          For £1 this is a fantastic product that smells very fresh and clean and acts like an air freshener as well so is well worth every penny. I have used various different fragrances but find that the lavender is less overpowering than some of the others and seems to last longer fragrance wise so it is why I keep opting for this each time, though that isn't to say that the other fragrances are any less appealing this is just my own personal favourite.

          A top cleaning product at a very affordable price with multiple uses.


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