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Zoflora Winter Spice Disinfectant

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    2 Reviews
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      26.05.2015 22:04
      Very helpful


      • "Cleans and disinfects"


      • None

      Winter spice freshness

      I love the smell of Zoflora and have always got a bottle in my cleaning cupboard as I love the smell and know that it gets rid of germs. I will usually choose lemony or citrus smells for my cleaning products as I think they smell far fresher and cleaner and flowery ones however when I saw this winter spice edition I thought I would give it a go. The box says that it has a 3 in 1 action and removes 99.9% of bacteria, removes odours and provides all day freshness. It is 250ml but you can also get it in a 500ml size and I paid £1.95 for this from Home Bargains.

      I dilute my Zoflora in a plastic bucket with cold water and will just pour a few glugs in which is probably a bit more than the recommended dose of 1 part Zoflora to 40 of water but I find that it still lasts me a long time. I would say that it usually lasts me about six months. I will use this with a disposable cloth to wipe over my entire kitchen, including the worktops, kitchen cupboards and sink area. I find that it removes any marks and also leaves a nice shine to the chrome areas. As I have rung the cloth out well I find that there is no need to rinse where I have cleaned and I just let it dry. I also use it neat to pour down the plughole.

      When I use it to clean the area outside the back door and the drains I use a more concentrated mixture and mix it in a bucket and then pour some onto the path and sweep it round with a hard broom and then pour the remainder down the drains. I especially love the smell it leaves outside and I can smell it as soon as I step out into the back garden.

      I also use this in my bathroom and will again dilute it usually in the sink and then wipe over the whole bathroom with a cloth including the tiles. I find that it makes my bathroom shine and doesn't leave any streaks.

      I don't use it every week but would say about once a month when I feel that the house needs a proper clean. When I have finished I feel that I have got rid of any lurking germs and am also left with a lovely fresh smell. It claims to kill bacteria and germs including nasties like E-Coli, MRSA, salmonella and listeria. It is recommended not to be used directly onto fabrics or painted surfaces but I use it on wooden painted doors etc and find it to be fine.

      I recommend this product as it gets rid of nasty germs and leaves your house smelling clean and fresh


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      22.11.2012 20:54
      Very helpful



      A lovely festive scented cleaning product

      **Introduction and reason for purchase**
      I love my home to smell 'clean' and as well as burning scented candles and wax tarts I often use fragranced cleaning products that will leave a fresh scent as well as cleaning and disinfecting and have been a fan of Zoflora for some time now using on a daily basis. I first became aware of Zoflora disinfectants many years ago when my Gran religiously kept bottles of the stuff in the cleaning cupboard at her and my Grandad's caravan but didn't use it myself until recently. At a friend's house one day I mentioned what a lovely fragrance greeted me on entering her home to which she replied she had mopped her kitchen floors about one hour previously using Zoflora - from this point I started buying it myself regularly and have been an 'addict' ever since.

      Having tried nearly all of the floral based fragrances and been impressed with each I was actually quite giddy to spot a limited festive version entitled 'Winter Spice' and purchased it there and then.

      **What is it?**
      Zoflora is a concentrated antibacterial disinfectant that can be used in a number of ways to protect your home from a many number of germs. According to their own blurb the product kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, neutralises odours and leaves a lasting fragrance which equals it's claim to be a 'triple action' product.

      **What Zoflora have to say**
      Winter Spice is a "..seasonal fragrance combining warming cinnamon and cloves with orange and vanilla. A sweet and spicy blend for a welcoming winter party.."

      **Price, packaging & availability**
      I picked my bottle of Winter Spice up from my local Iceland store which tends to sell a limited amount of cleaning products with Zoflora being amongst it's items. The regular price for Zoflora in Iceland is £1 for a 56ml bottle (though is considerably cheaper in it's neighbouring store Superdrug where it's a mere 69p) so I wasn't surprised that this festive version was priced at the more expensive price of £2 for the fact it was a) limited and b) held 120ml as opposed to 56ml. As mentioned Zoflora can be purchased much cheaper than £2 and as a rule I buy mine from Superdrug though they have a very limited stock there and don't sell the limited editions. I've been told that Poundland stocks the Winter Spice version for unsurprisingly £1 but as my nearest store is at the other side of town it would cost £5 in bus fares so is obviously more economical to buy on this occasion from somewhere nearer to home despite it costing double elsewhere.

      The bottle itself is a thin but sturdy form of quite squeezable plastic. Being completely transparent it's easy to view the contents of the product, which as with all Zoflora's are in the same rather insipid, yellow tinged liquid which to sound slightly crude always looks like a urine sample! Because the container this is housed in is clear albeit a sticker on the front, it is easy to see how much of the product is remaining which I admit I am a fan of clear packaging with most products for this reason.

      To access the disinfectant there is a screw top lid perched on top of the curved slimline bottle which is both easy to remove and reattach. Once on the lid doesn't seem to screw on very tightly, which for a disinfectant product is a slight concern, though I've never found that the product has leaked or spilled even when knocked over which I will gladly vouch for.

      As Zoflora has been around for 90 years now it's safe to say it's a well trusted and established product which is very popular and can be found in most places that sell disinfectants with it's RRP being around the £1 mark depending on where you choose to shop.

      **Where and how Zoflora can be used**
      Zoflora can be used neat only in drains, sinks and toilets and for every other surface it must be diluted down with 1 (10ml) to 40 parts which will give 400ml of disinfectant ready to use. My personal favourite way of using is by diluting and storing in a small spray bottle (think plant spray or smaller) and spritzing around my home as a form of air freshener or to use by wiping my kitchen and surfaces down.

      **My thoughts on having used the product**
      I've been using Zoflora on an almost daily basis now for well over a year and I have nothing but praise for the product. I have used several of the different fragrances and whilst they all claim to have the same disinfecting qualities which I don't doubt, I've found that the strengths vary in longevity which has had an effect on which I tend to buy the more of. Although Zoflora is originally a floral themed product I've found certain fragrances smell much stronger than others which all determines how long the scent will last once I have used it to clean my home with so because of this reason I have been opting more and more for the 'overpowering' scents.

      Using this Zoflora was a simple affair as are the others in the range and since purchasing I've used in every which way to disinfect and freshen my home with much of the product still remaining. This particular variety is in a plastic bottle as mentioned though many of the others in the range are in glass versions which despite their sturdy appearance I'm always slightly apprehensive about in case they were to get knocked over and potentially smash (though this has never happened) so I'm glad that this particular fragrance is in a plastic container.

      The bottle comes housed in an attractive thin cardboard box which depicts a colourful depiction of a festive scene which in this case features a star shaped candle, cloves and a bauble with a starry background. In all honesty the vibrant design of the box was the first thing that caught my eye so the designers of the packaging certainly earned their money. On removing from the box the product is easy to access by removing the lid and I find it easy to pour into it's cap which acts as a measuring cup to either dilute down or use in my drains.

      I've found when I've used this neat in my drains and toilet it gives it's most powerful results as the beautiful Christmassy aroma seems to linger for many hours afterwards. To say that vanilla is used here I can honestly say it's not very prominent which is unusual as vanilla tends to let itself be known but here it's completely drowned out by a rich and spicy aroma that I can only liken to warm mince pies. The zesty fragrance is warm and inviting yet makes my home smell completely fresh and very clean when I've used it and I've had so many compliments from people its untrue.

      I was so impressed with the rich aroma of this after my first experience of using it that I immediately went and bought another bottle fearing it would sell out and I would be bereft at the thought of not using it again being limited. I'm so glad I did decide on another bottle as the stock had rapidly diminished from the previous day when I bought my first bottle and has since been permanently out of stock.

      **Results and recommendations**
      I think its safe to say that I've been uber` impressed with this particular fragrance and it has certainly lived up to it's name of leaving a 'winter spice' aroma in its wake. Though cinnamon is mentioned along with vanilla here I haven't been able to detect either particularly as the only thing I'm fully aware of when I've used this is a rich and fruity orange based scent and as I have previously mentioned reminds me of mince pies so don't let the cinnamon put you off if you are not a fan as it's barely detectable.

      I've found this to be superior to other disinfectants with it's strong lingering fragrance though as I've no way of knowing if this does kill 99.9% of viruses I simply have to take their word for it, but as they've been around for almost a century I think they must be doing something correct. I love the warm zesty fragrance this leaves when I've used it around my home and in particular when used in the cistern of my toilet, down drains and mopping my floors - in fact everywhere. I find that a few spritzes when diluted onto my rug in my lounge helps freshen the atmosphere and just generally leaves a clean scent which is noticeable the second I enter my home. Having used in my drains in the kitchen and bathroom, then gone out for several hours I was instantly greeted with the slightly intense spicy aroma. As it's a disinfectant it doesn't hold any cleaning capabilities but for the multitude of tasks it can tackle then I think it's worth every penny as it can be used for wiping surfaces down, mopping floors, as an air freshener, or for soiled laundry are amongst just a few of it's many uses.

      I really like this product as you may have noticed and don't have anything negative to say about it so it will be using sparingly from now until Christmas just so my remaining 1 and a 1/2 bottles last.

      **This is a cleaning product that may harm skin so please use with caution**


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