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1001 No Vac Super Pet

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UK's leading name in carpet and floor care.

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    1 Review
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      30.08.2006 11:32
      Very helpful



      Fast cure for those clingy pet pdour

      This new addition to the well-known 1001 carpet cleaner range is excellent for getting rid of pet odour. It is designed for fast, effective treatment in between vacuuming sessions but I also find it used for freshening carpets after cleaning.

      What does it look like?

      NO VAC PET is a foam carpet freshener that comes in a yellow, blue and green can with a picture of a cat and dog on the front. You will find it in among the ‘pet’ items in your supermarket. (It isn’t for spraying on pets though, just for your carpets and upholstery.)

      What is it?

      1001 No Vac Pet is a new carpet, rug and upholstery freshener that gets rid of pet odours without the need to vacuum (according to the can.) The fast drying foam penetrates fabric and instantly neutralises trapped odours. The foam is dry in 5 minutes and the room smells clean.

      How do you use it?

      This is really simple to use. All you do is to shake the can well and hold the can upside down about 38cms or 15inches from the carpet or upholstery. Press the blue tab on the top firmly and use a sweeping movement to apply an even, light covering to the carpet or upholstery.

      The foam works itself into the fabric and disappears in about five minutes, or less. Job done! I would suggest that, if you have delicate or very expensive fabrics, you should test a small area first. I have never had a problem with this product but it is a good idea to be careful.

      Where did I buy it? Price?

      I bought this product at Wilkinson’s and it cost £1.49 which is quite expensive for a product of this kind, I think , but it is better than that any other I have tried, so it’s worth it.

      What did I think of this product?

      I have a large dog that is usually ‘stinky’ in some way. He’s either ‘wet or stinky,’ ‘hot and stinky’, or just plain smelly. He rolls around on the carpets and on the sofa if I am not looking. The smell does tend to hang around and there’s nothing worse that baking dog when he comes in wet and lies by the fire. You can also use this if you have cats as it is safe around both.

      This product does take care of the problem. A quick spray, wait five minutes and the air is pleasant again. (The dog is still stinky but that’s another story.) The manufacturers suggest that this product can be used instead of vacuuming. I would disagree there. I find that while it does work that way, it’s much more effective after using the vacuum cleaner.

      There are other products on the market to combat ‘smelly’ pet problems but the ones I have used like ‘Shake and Vac’ pet, are fine powder. This tends to make me sneeze, affect my asthma and irritate my dog’s nose. The powder also sits in the fibres of the carpet and comes out as a fine grey dust …Yuk! You can’t use it on upholstery either as it can causes itching.

      So, I’ve switched to this product. I use it regularly after vacuuming and if my dog is having a particularly ‘stinky’ day I sometimes use it when I am getting visitors. It’s fresh, and sharp fragrance is excellent.

      So, get some of this to use when Granny's coming to tea and show off your housekeeping skills!


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