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4Kandles Glass Tart Warmer Pink Stained Glass

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Brand: 4 Kandles / Type: Candle holder

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    1 Review
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      06.04.2011 13:39
      Very helpful



      One I would recommend

      I love scented candles incense sticks potpourri anything that fragrances my home. One of my favourite ways to do this is by using Yankee wax tarts. My mum is the same and she bought me this burner at Christmas time. She knew I would love it for the colour never mind anything else.

      Oil warmers are used for creating a fragrance by heating scented wax in the form of a wax tart or oils.

      The warmer I'm reviewing is the Pink Stained Glass burner which can be bought from www.4kandles.co.uk and several other on line stores. The price from 4kandles is £8.49 but it does vary slightly from store to store. This is also available in blue if pink is not your colour.

      Its made entirely from glass and comes in 2 pieces. The main part that houses the tea light and the little dish that sits on top for the wax or oil. The dish is made from clear glass and has a diameter of approximately 12cm's.
      The other part of the warmer is 12.5cm's high and has a diameter of approximately 8cm's. This is the part that has the stained glass effect on it. The body of the warmer is made from 3 pieces of pink glass in a sort of oblong shape but with one end being pointed. Its these 3 points that the little dish sits on. Now I know that sounds a bit like a balancing act but the dish sits on these nicely. These pieces are like the legs of the warmer.
      Inside these stained glass pieces there is a little clear glass tea light holder. This is attached to the "walls" of the warmer and situated 2cm's off the bottom so when you light the tea light its not actually sitting on any of your surfaces, shelves windowsills etc.

      The colours in the stained glass effect pieces are pink green and yellow. They are actually paler than the colours in the Dooyoo picture above but still very pretty. The different coloured shapes are all slightly sparkly and outlined in thin black lines. The best place to stand this warmer is definitely on a window sill or where the light can shine through it. This really brings the colours and the stained glass effect out.

      To use the warmer is easy, just place a wax tart in the glass dish and place a tealight in the little glass holder. The heat from the tea light will melt the wax till it forms a little pool in the dish. The heat releases the fragrance from the wax and on turn fragrance your home. If you are using scented oils you need to pus a little water in the dish and add a few drops of your favourite scented oil.

      Either way an oil warmer will make your home smell nice and with this particular one give you a pretty ornament as well. When the tea light has burnt out or been blown out I just leave the wax to solidify in the dish ready for another time. I have found with wax tarts, particularly Yankee ones you can re melt them several times before they lose their fragrance.

      When I use scented oils in my warmer I find the water evaporated quite quickly so you need to be aware of this other wise heating the glass plate with nothing in it will result in it cracking. A lesson I previously learnt.

      All in all I cant recommend this warmer highly enough. Its so pretty and when the light shines through it it really brings the colours out.


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