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Air Wick Colour Change Cocoa Truffle & Creme

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Brand: Air Wick / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      21.02.2013 22:08
      Very helpful



      A lovely colour changing scented candle

      Airwick Changing Colour Scented candle - Colour Change Candle Cocoa Truffle and Creme

      I have been very happy with all the Airwick scented candles that I have bought and when I saw these reduced recently I just had to buy a few. I bought a couple of this scent and a couple of a mulled wine and spiced Apples ones

      These come in a frosted glass about the size of a quarter pint and this is protected by a carefully folded cardboard outer. Luckily for potential purchasers who like to smell before they buy, like me, there is a hole in the top of the card wrapper through which you can have a good sniff. The wrapper looks classy with deep chocolate brown colours and the picture of the candle showing its pink colour. A picture of a small bowl of chocolate truffles both white and brown is in the top right corner. Looking very tempting. The product is sold as a ' Touch of luxury' item.

      On the back of the wrapper is a huge amount of information in three languages, English French and German.

      " Let the sweet scent of rich creamy cocoa and delicate vanilla crème add a warm, indulgent note to your home.
      Once lit, a soft & tranquil glow illuminates through the wax. The glow then gently changes colour to create a captivating rainbow effect.."

      So as you can see you get two senses satisfied in one product. You not only get the wonderful colour changes but you also get a great scented candle with a really lovely creamy chocolately very gentle and cosy sweet warm aroma.

      I really am impressed with the colour changes. I am fascinated by how it works as it started to develop colours as soon as I lit the wick so it must be done with heat through the wick. When the previous one finished I put it in the freezer to get the last bit of wax out. Buried in there was quite a sizable piece of plastic which must be the working of the colour changes. I didn't investigate further and just popped it in the bin.

      The colours go through about four or five changes from a lovely green to a red then a purple to a blue then back to green . The changes take place smoothly and constantly and quite quickly so if you watch it for a minute you will see all the colours.

      It is just as effective in the day as the colours changing are quite calming. At night if you put it somewhere that is darker the colours are more obvious and make that part of the room fill with each colour.

      It would be lovely to have a couple in a bathroom and have just those and no other light while enjoying a nice relaxing bath. I put mine in our front hall so that it welcomes guests as they arrive. If we are not expecting guests then it is in the room where we are sitting so that we can enjoy both the light show and the aroma too.

      The scent is not as strong as the mulled wine one I have in this same type of candle nor is it as strong as the Airwick ribbon scented candles by Airwick. It is a creamier sweeter aroma with a hint of chocolate and cosiness. It is very relaxing and over the Christmas period I burned this and the mulled wine version and both received compliments on how nice they smelled.

      It is quite good at filling a room and I can smell it as soon as I come into the room. It is warm, sweet and welcoming. It is great when i am trying not to eat chocolate as it sort of gives me a bit of a chocolate hit withour it actually going to my hips. It is not quite as good as eating it but almost.

      The candle is supposed to have a burn life of 30 hours but we are warned not to let it burn down further than about 2.5cm from the bottom.

      The outer sleeve has instructions in four languages. The English version is at the top so saves you struggling through several to find the right language. It warns that the glass will get hot when the candle is burning and remain hot for some time afterwards. Do not use if the glass is damaged at all. If swallowed then seek medical advice and show them the cardboard sleeve (provided you have kept it in case of this emergency).

      NEVER leave a candle burning when you are not in the room.

      Never put the burning candle on any electrical furniture such as TVs as they get hot and will melt the TV unit and cause a huge fire. This happened to friends of mine so take heed.

      Place on a heat resistant, flat surface and away from draughts.

      Keep the wick trimmed to about 1cm to avoid excessive smoking.

      Do not use the candle if the glass is broken.

      How this candle is scented is not divulged on the pack but I am warned that
      "Air fresheners do not replace good hygiene practices".

      So sadly you will have to continue cleaning the house. What an amazing surprise! Who do they write these instructions for? Or should I ask "Who thinks of this sort of rubbish to write on packs?" I am honestly almost struck dumb with amazement at things I read on some packs.

      It does say on the box that the candle is harmful to aquatic organisms but I am not sure if that is from the aroma or if you throw the candle into the tank or river. This might need investigating further if you own a fish tank.

      They also say that those sensitive to perfume should be cautious using this candle.

      This candle takes a bit more disposing of and they suggest you tip it upside down when the candle is finished in order to get the left over s out. I had to put mine in the freezer. There is a battery in the plastic bit which you should recycle in battery recycling places. The glass you can recycle with other glass or use for a small vase but NOT for drinking out of I would suggest.

      Yes I loved my changing colour candles and still have a couple more left. They not only smell lovely but also give such a lovely glow which is very calming. I would say that if you have children around then take care as it is quite attractive and rather tempting to fiddle with and of course it does get hot and wax could spill if a child knocked it over.

      The price of these varies so if you are interested shop around. They are often on sale in supermarkets which is when I buy mine. The price varies from £5.99 to about £3.99 so it is worth shopping around or waiting for a deal.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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