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Air Wick Colour Change Lavender & Chamomile

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Brand: Air Wick / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      09.08.2013 17:08
      Very helpful



      OK for a couple of quid but I wouldn't pay full price for one

      Never one to pass up a bargain I picked one of these Air Wick Colour Change Candles when I saw them available in my local B&M store for just £1.99. They usually cost around £6.00 when not on offer and whilst Lavender and Chamomile might not necessarily have been my first choice of fragrance the last colour change candle I had in this range was rather nice and I liked the ambience it created in my home.

      It comes packaged as shown in Dooyoo's picture, the candle is encased in an opaque glass tumbler and features a single wick. Once lit the glass glows various colours of the spectrum and repeats the process until extinguished, being a fragranced candle the wax emits a noticeable amount of aroma, in this case Lavender and Chamomile. The best thing about these candles in my opinion is the colour change aspect, fragrance-wise I don't think they really compare with the authenticity of Yankee for example but they are a pleasant way of introducing a bit of fragrance into a home and whilst I don't really like the smell of Lavender I find that if it's mixed with something else it can sometimes be quite nice. Here it's a rather pleasant blend of a powdery floral fragrance with a light edge, it's not too musky that it dominates and the inclusion of Chamomile stops it from being overly "flowery" It's not very 'me' admittedly but it wasn't too strong that it got up my nose and thankfully it didn't remind me of 'old ladies' which is usually a concern I have with anything Lavender fragranced. Neither this or the other colour change candle I've had from Airwick have been particularly strong, they don't overpower a room but do add enough interest to be noticeable once the wax has been allowed to melt a while and I find that I notice mine more when I re-enter my living room after being somewhere else in my home.

      The colour change gimmick is rather cool I think and stops this from being just another scented candle, the colours are quite subtle but very nice when they change from one to another and I do think they create a nice relaxing atmosphere that does catch the eye. Combined with a relatively understated fragrance I think this is a rather nice addition to the colour change range and one that ended up being better than I first expected. The only real negative point I could make about this is that the wax in the glass tumbler does seem to tunnel, this often happens with cheaper wax products and means that there is wastage once the wick reaches the bottom of the glass as residue wax is left stuck to the sides. I think it's a shame that a reputable brand such as Airwick uses a cheaper formulation of wax when the likes of Yankee and Kringle offer wax products that produce very little, if any, waste and had I paid the full price for mine I might not have been so forgiving in this review.

      For what it is I think it's rather nice, it is a pity about the wax sticking to the sides but for the time that it burns for I think it makes a nice addition to a home. I do think it's probably best suited to a living room or bedroom given that it's a light floral fragrance and though the colour change aspect is subtle it does emit enough light so is rather nice to see. I only bought mine because it was cheap, I wouldn't pay £6.00 for it though as I don't think it's worth that sort of money, gimmicky or not, and whilst this wouldn't have normally been a fragrance I would have gone for it was definitely worth the £1.99 I paid for mine and I found it to be an effective way of keeping my home smelling fragrant and inviting.

      All in all the Lavender and Chamomile Colour Change Candle from Airwick is worth trying if you can find it cheap, I'd buy another if the offer is still on at B&M the next time I go but wouldn't be overly disappointed if it wasn't as I don't think it has the quality of authenticity of a Yankee fragrance. For a couple of quid though I can't complain about it too much hence my average 3 star rating here.

      Thanks for reading my review.


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