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Air Wick Plug-In Diffuser

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    5 Reviews
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      11.04.2013 07:57
      Very helpful



      Nice smell, needs nicer price

      One of the things I tend to find when buying plug ins, and this is on and off over the years, is you buy a plug in with a refil normally when its on special offer. Then maybe another one for another room in the house.By the time you know it you have 3 or 4 floating around in the house.Some used, some not or in my case half stuck in the kitchen draw. Why? You buy them at a good price, then you have to maintain them eg keep buying refils, wanting to try a different fragrance. wanting to try a different brand......

      Currently in my house I have an 2 ambi pur plugins on the go and an air wick one in the kitchen.To be honest, this one needs changing as the fragrance has finished.I simply havenot got round to doing it.

      What is an Airwick Plug In Defuser and how do I use it?

      Its small unit that you place an Airwick refill fragrance ( in a small glass bottle ) into the bottom.This in turn plugs directly into a plug socket to release the fragrance.Fragrance levels can be adjusted. Each refill, if used in the singular plug in can last up to 80 daysin regards to the fragrance.

      Are all the units the same?

      The unit advertised is to place a single refill in. A newer version is one where you place two refills of your choice to give double the strngth fragrance. Works in eaxctly the same way, but you have the added bonus of tailor making your own fragrance by maybe putting in two digfferent fragrances, and also have a slightly more powerful smell.

      What are the fragrances available and how much do they cost?

      There are many different fragrances to choice from.Many will suit and be liked by most. Here are afew:

      Purple Blackberry Fig
      Smooth Satin & Moon Lily
      White Vanilla Bean
      Ivory Freesia Bloom
      Lavender Meadow
      Green Citrus Basil
      Blue Ocean Coral
      Pink Sweet Pea

      You can play the plug in on its own for £1.00 in supermarkets such as Asda, if you dont need the refill. The refills themselves do tend to be on offer on quite a regular basis but in general cost between £2.00-3.00 on their own, the packs that have the two refills for the unit that takes two rather than one refill cost around £4.00-5.00. Or if you wanted to purchase the plug in plus refil you would be paying between £3.50-£4.50. I would suggest either wait for there to be a special offer on this Airwick range in the shops, or places such as B & M do soem decent deals such as a pack of 3 refill at £3.99, and refill and plug in for around £2.50-3.00.

      Whats my experience?

      Ive used afew of these fragrances, nut in the unit that takes two refills, and felt the frgarnace circulated quite nicely. What you do have to take on board is where you put them. Try to avoid placing near a window thats opened regularly or your fragrance will literally go out there! Smaller rooms or rooms that are more conventional in shape e.g quite square works well. So do think about the room itself,shape,positioning as this will affect how much fragrance you get and how well it circulates. Overall, the fragrances themselves are nice. I think once you have the plug in, you need to keep buying refills and this can be expensive. Also, I have no idea how much electricity is being used on these devices so can be off putting.

      Nice fragrance, but is it cost effective?


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      06.05.2010 20:36
      Very helpful



      Gorgeous natural smelling products to freshen your home.

      Whilst there are no smokers in my home, I am conscious of the offensive smells that linger after cooking certain foods.

      Over the years I have spent a fortune on electrical plug-ins and have probably tried all that are available (much to my husband's dismay!!). However, my favourite has to be Reckitt Benckiser's Air Wick. There are two types of plug-ins - Aqua Essences where you will find scents such as:-

      · Freesia and Jasmine (my personal favourite),
      · Morning Mist,
      · Cool Linen and White Lilac
      · Green Apple and Water Lily.

      and Essential Oils where you will find fragrances such as:-

      · Lavender and Camomile (another favourite of mine),
      · Mulled Wine (this one is lovely for Christmas),
      · Smooth Satin and Water Lily
      · Midnight Rose and Ylang Ylang.

      You need to purchase an Electrical Plug-in and Refill pack if this is the first time you're using the product. The items are sold in a pretty box with a picture of the flower to which the scent relates. Today I was intending to purchase just the Freesia and Jasmine refill for around £4.99, but bought the box containing an electrical plug-in and refill as Tesco is currently selling them for half price at just £3.06.

      The actual plug-in is made from white plastic with an adjustable dial with four settings so you can select the strength and amount of the perfume used. I tend to set all of mine at the lowest as otherwise the perfume doesn't last very long and can be a little overpowering. The actual refill comes in a glass bottle with the wording "Air Wick" on the front. The lid is made with plastic and unfortunately, is sometimes screwed on a little tight for me!

      To use the product, you simply unscrew the lid and push the bottle up inside the plastic plug-in unit until it clicks into place and you're ready to plug in to the mains. Within minutes you will smell the gorgeous aroma.

      The advertising on the front of the box states you will experience 80 days of fragrance from one refill, but you should be aware this is only when you have selected the lowest setting and is based on usage of 12 hours per day. Whilst checking the packaging to provide you with full and concise details, I read that the product should not be used continuously (ooops!! - I didn't know this and have always left mine permanently switched on!!)

      I used to have an awful habit of turning all my plug-ins to the highest setting in order to obtain the maximum strength. However, you will find the product is a little strong and used within three weeks if you do this! A rather costly way to scent your home!

      The scent from these products is simply delightful and smells like the real thing. I'm sure you will agree with me when I say there is nothing worse than artificial smelling scents in your home. My plug-ins are in my living room and when I open the door in the mornings the most welcoming scent of Jasmine and Freesia is simply divine. I'm a freesia lover as the flowers give off such a gorgeous aroma and as I don't like picking flowers that will only last a short time I feel using this product is the next best thing.

      The Air Wick Electrical Plug-in uses 2.5w when in use and both the glass bottle and packaging are completely recyclable.

      For further details on products and fragrances, please see the Air Wick website.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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        22.03.2010 23:46
        Very helpful



        Not sure it's worth the money.

        This is the second plug in diffuser I have tried and I am only semi pleased with it. I have the white lily fragrance and although it is a pleasing fragrance if I have it on too long then it can smell chemically. I only have the plug on level 1 out of 5 but it gets too overpowering very quickly. I only have a small room but my last air freshener, a Glade one, didn't have this problem. I tend to put it on for 10 minutes then switch it off. If I forget to switch it off, it can wake me up in the night from the smell! I haven't had any problems with the product functioning itself so this is a plus. However if you take the fragrance out of the plug you have to be very careful not to spill it as it stains. It is not the prettiest of plus either but I guess air freshener isn't a very pretty item anyway. You can purchase this from any major supermarket. I also think that it can be over priced.


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        12.09.2009 11:59
        Very helpful



        Doesn't last long enough.

        I am always looking for ways to make my house smell nice and I am forever trying different air freshners and plug-ins. The latest product I tried was an Air Wick Plug-In Diffuser. I have tried plug-ins many times before and usually find that they are fine to begin with but after a while the smell fades, this one it seems is no different.

        I got the Air Wick Diffuser from Tesco and it cost £6 for the starter pack which contained the diffuser and the scented oil. Once you have the diffuser you can purchase refills for about £3.50.

        There are three different fragrances available:
        Lavender & Camomile
        Uplifting Mandarin & Green Tea
        Balancing Amber & Wild Rose

        I choose the Lavender & Camomile as I like the smell of lavendar and find it soothing and relaxing. It discribes it as 'a feeling of calmness using soft floral notes to create a special atmosphere'.

        The plug-in is easy to use you just insert the oil into the diffuser, remembering to keep it upright at all times and then plug it in. The plug-in should not be left switched on all the time though and should be switched off at night. It never should be left on for more than 15 hours.

        When I first used my plug-in the fragrance was really intense, there is a setting dial where you can increase or decrease the intensity of the fragrance with 5 being the strongest and 1 being the weakest. At first I had the dial set on 1 and the fragrance still smelt really strong. After a few days this needed to be increased to 3 which kept my room smelling nice for about 2 weeks. The fragrance does really seem to fade after this point and I then set the diffuser to the maximum intensity. Even on the strongest setting I struggled to smell the oils and was quite disappointed because it had smelt so nice at the beginning.

        The oil lasted about 6 weeks which is not as long as the 80 days Air Wick claimed it would last, but I did have it on for the majority of the time at the highest setting.

        A really loverly fragrance that made my house smell really nice when I first started using it, just a shame the fragrance faded after a while. I don't think I will be buying a refill for my diffusser which is a shame.


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        27.10.2005 21:23
        Very helpful



        Save your money and open the windows instead.

        We are currently trying to sell our house. We have two cats, and two small children, and despite having scrubbed the place from top to bottom before putting it on the market, we became conscious of the fact that some viewers seemed to notice the fact that we have pets. I was mortified of course.

        I looked for a suitable air freshener on my next visit to Tesco. I already had a room spray, which I used before a viewing, but the problem with this is that the smell doesn't last terribly long, and also I am not always able to get back to the house before viewers arrive. So I decided to purchase a "plug-in" gadget, which releases fragrance constantly.

        I plumped for a pack containing the Air Wick plug-in diffuser, and a bottle of "Relaxing Lavender and Camomile" fragrance with essential oils. (My estate agent advised me that lavender should create the right atmosphere).


        The diffuser unit is a white plastic dome, about two inches high and two inches wide, with a three-pin plug on the back. It protrudes about two inches from the plug socket. There is a circular hole in the top where the fragrance releases. A dial surrounds the hole, which you can use to adjust the intensity of the fragrance, from 1 to 5.

        The perfume is supplied in a small, clear glass bottle with a white fabric "wick" rising up from the neck of the bottle, and this is what inserts into the bottom of the diffuser unit. The bottle clicks easily into place.

        Smell and performance

        Unfortunately, this is what lets this gadget down. It smells - badly. When I first removed the cap of the perfume bottle, and sniffed the aroma, I thought it was reasonably pleasant, if somewhat artificial. However, the smell is quite sweet, and a bit sickly and cloying. Once I plugged the unit in, I turned the dial up to 5 and the fragrance really pumped out. In this respect, the product does work well and delivers what it promises. The unit didn't get warm, which I had worried about with small children on the loose, although the instructions do warn not to leave the unit plugged in continuously for long periods of time, for example, over-night. Unfortunately the smell became over-powering, even when I turned the dial down to 1. I did try it out on one set of viewers, but when they commented to the agent that we "must be trying to mask something because the air freshener smell was awful", I concluded that I wouldn't bother again. I would just open my windows and let in some lovely, clean, fresh air instead - for free.

        If you do happen to like the smell, Air Wick claim that one bottle of perfume should last up to 80 days, on a low setting. Based on my short use, I would say this is a bit optimistic and it would probably last for a shorter period than this.


        The price of the pack containing the diffuser unit and bottle of perfume was £3.94. It is possible to buy the diffuser unit separately, for 99p. Perfume refills are £3.48.

        Fragrances available

        The other fragrances available are Uplifting Mandarin & Green Tea, Balancing Amber & Wild Rose, White Flowers, Crisp Breeze, Vanilla & Orchid and Cedar & Bergamot (Anti-Tobacco).


        I can see that this air freshener could appeal to some people, and does do a good job of pumping out the fragrance, but I did not like the smell and won't be using it again. Save your money and open the windows instead.


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