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Air Wick Reed Diffuser Purple Blackberry Fig

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Brand: Air Wick / Type: Air Freshener / Subcategory: Diffuser / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      24.07.2013 17:46
      Very helpful



      a lovely, fragrant treat for my home

      ~Purple Blackberry Fig Reed Diffuser~

      Air Wick offer a range of products to keep your home smelling lovely. The reed diffuser range includes a number of different scents so there is likely to be something that will appeal to all. For the purpose of this review, I will be discussing my experience of the Purple Blackberry Fig scent which is part of the Colours of Nature range.

      Included in the box is a little clear vase filled with liquid and little cloudy coloured balls. Also is included is a pack of rattan sticks. The idea is to remove the cap from the vase and arrange the rattan sticks into the vase. After a short while, the rattan sticks absorb the liquid and send it upwards to encourage the scent to be released into the air. The promised scent is a mix of juicy blackberries and succulent fig. Air Wick claim that the scent will last up to four weeks.

      The box is bright and colourful and gives the important product information and warnings which need to be read before using this reed diffuser for the first time. There is a 'scratch and sniff' sticker on the box which gives an indication of the scent inside the little vase.

      ~Where To Buy~

      Air Wick reed diffusers are widely available in stores such as Tesco, Asda and Wilkos. The retail price per diffuser is around £7.00 but they can often be found at a lower price of just £4.00.

      ~My Thoughts~

      It is fair to say that I spend a lot of money on keeping my home smelling gorgeous. I often buy reed diffusers when they are on offer and favour the Air Wick range. I made my first purchase of the Purple Blackberry Fig scent around four weeks ago and have since purchased another from Tesco this week! I never pay full price for these reed diffusers as they are often reduced. I am more than happy to pay £4.00 for one though.

      This diffuser was very easy to set up. I have my reed diffuser sitting on my window sill in my livingroom. It doesn't look quite as pretty as the Christmas version (complete with festive coloured balls) but it does look simple and will fit in with any decor in any room in my opinion. The glass vase is well made and sturdy. There is a good amount of liquid and little balls inside the vase.

      I find that within 30 minutes of arranging the rattan sticks in place, a strong fragrance is evident. I would say that when first used, this reed diffuser is best suited to being placed in a large room. It is a little too heavily scented for a small box room for example but would suit a large livingroom or hallway perfectly. I certainly couldn't have a brand new diffuser in my bedroom as I would find the scent to be a little much and it would interfere with my sleep.

      My livingroom is quite big and oddly shaped. I find that this reed diffuser provides enough scent to effectively freshen up my livingroom and also in to my kitchen too. It eliminates cooking smells and is very fresh smelling. I notice the scent most when entering the livingroom in the morning or after having been out for a good while. Whilst actually sitting in the livingroom, I notice a gorgeous fruity smell which is bright and welcoming. It is a very natural scent with the blackberry aroma being most prominent in a tart and sweet manner. It is one of the nicest Air Wick scents in my opinion and my livingroom is left smelling lovely. If I leave the door open, I can also witness it in the hallway when I enter my home.

      The smell from this reed diffuser is constant but not always consistent. I notice it stronger at certain times but it is always there in the background and cannot be turned off like a plug in can. I tend to give the rattan stems a turn about once a week and this helps enhance the scent. They stems effectively release a pleasant amount of scent into the air and are much safer to have around than plug ins or candles.

      I have been using my current reed diffuser for four weeks now and quite a lot of the liquid has been absorbed but there is plenty left. There is still plenty of scent left in the liquid but it is, as you would expect, a slightly lighter scent. As of today, I have moved this reed diffuser into my bedroom to make use of the more subtle fruity scent that it now offers. I have unboxed the new reed diffuser and it has replaced the original diffuser. I have found the four week claim to be exceeded with every reed diffuser I have bought previously. Good value for money!


      Overall I can recommend this particular reed diffuser. The scent is highly appealing if you favour fruity and sweet aromas around your home. I find the quality of this reed diffuser to be excellent and it provides ample refreshment and scent for my home. This particular scent is perfect for use in the Spring and Summer as it is quite a lively and bright scent. I will happily buy this again when on offer as it is gorgeous. My only issue with this range is that there are no liquid refills available - a whole new set needs to be bought each time.

      Thanks for reading :)

      Review originally posted on Ciao April 2013 and remains unedited.


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