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Air Wick Reed Diffuser White Vanilla Bean

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Brand: Air Wick / Type: Air Freshener / Subcategory: Diffuser / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      06.09.2013 17:21
      Very helpful



      Not Airwick's best - try one of the other scents is my advice

      '' White Vanilla Bean' Airwick Reed Diffuser
      I like my house to smell nice and so I spend quite a bit of time and effort in cleaning and then adding atmosphere with candles and things like these diffusers.Our house on the market so it is especially important to have nice smells around the house. I love Yankee candles diffusers but they are rather expensive and so when I saw these on sale in Tesco the other week I bought a few as at £4 instead of £8 I felt they were good value. I have had Airwick diffusers before and liked them and they lasted me quite well so I thought I'd try this scent as I hadn't had this one before and I do like vanilla scented things.

      This 'White Vanilla Bean'' one I put in my step son's bedroom as he is away for two weeks and I was hoping to get rid of the 'eau de grubbiness' aroma that seems to be lingering in there. I have stripped the bed and washed everything in sight but the scent still hangs around. The window has been open as often as we can when the weather is good and yet that scent still permeates that area of my house.

      I spent the day doing a big clean in there with my vacuum and wiped all surfaces as we are meant to be having a viewing tomorrow. After I finished the cleaning I put this new diffuser in its place and left it to do its work. I did realize that it had an uphill struggle to overcome the strong smell already in there but I had high hopes as the previous ones had been pretty good.

      The kit comes in a cardboard outer with card inner package. You get a small decorative glass bottle filled with fragranced oil and small beads sealed with a lid, ten wooden sticks or 'reeds' to allow the fragrance to permeate the air in the room.

      The directions for use are pretty obvious. You unscrew the plastic lid and then (wearing gloves) take out the sealing disc from the cap before screwing the lid back on the jar and then poke the reeds into the bottle. Keep the whole thing upright and put it somewhere where it won't get knocked over by pets, children or anything else. Allow 24 hours for the fragrance to reach full levels but you can hurry it along by turning the reeds upside down so the wet part is up. You can do this at any time to refresh the scent if you feel it needs it.
      I had a look on the Airwick website to see what the scent is made up of and according to the website the 'White Vanilla Bean' fragrance allows you to:

      "Experience the smooth blend of white vanilla sprinkled with essence of fresh coconut and a touch of white magnolia and musk.."

      As I had hoped this little jar of oil had done its job and as I walked into the offending room the smell had certainly improved. I am not sure that this would be a scent I would choose for a very small room as it is very sickly sweet ,creamy and a bit too much in my view. However, that said it was a vast improvement on the smell that was previously in there. I had hoped it would be pleasant as the combination of vanilla and musk is two scents that I usually like. I had had high hopes for this but I was a bit disappointed in the actual fragrance. It really was pretty noticeable but not in an entirely pleasant way but my husband who is not great at smells did comment and say that the room smelled a lot sweeter and fragrant than before so that is a plus.

      This diffuser spreads a gentle sweet if somewhat overly sweet and creamy aroma around the room which is a pretty good size so it has a job to fill it. The scent reminds me a bit of one of the vanilla body sprays from Boots Natural range which I found a bit much and ended up using as a room spray!

      The oil in these diffuser bottles is not watery at all so will not evaporate quickly and lose the smell quality. According to the company jargon the oil will keep its fragrance from day one till it is empty which I have found to be true with previous Airwick diffusers I have used. Ithink the ball things in the oil help to slow down the evapouration but don't quote me on that.

      I am not aware that you can buy refills for these as you can with the Yankee ones but at £4 a go I wouldn't bother really. According to the pack this should last four weeks but I found ones I bought before gave a far longer smell life, more like two months. Whereas my Yankee ones lasted about a year. At the full price of £8 I would think four weeks of smell was quite expensive but at £4 it would be a fair price.

      Keep away from children and pets and put this on a surface where they are not likely to knock it off as the oil could make a nasty mess on the floor or carpet.

      The company blurb says you should NOT put these on polished, painted or plastic surfaces which kind of limits when they can be put. Mine is on a painted window sill so fingers crossed!
      If any of the oil spills then wipe immediately.

      If you suffer from perfume sensitivity you should be cautious using these.

      This is an irritant to eyes and skin so be very careful and if any gets in your eyes ( Can't see how it might) then rinse immediately with clean water and if it gets on your skin then wash off straight away too.
      If swallowed then seek medical advice and take the cardboard outer wrapper with you.

      No probably not this fragrance as it is an acquired taste and not my taste but at £4 a time I would happily buy the others again and wish that I had with this one. I don't think that I would pay the full RRP as £8 is quite a lot for four weeks scenting but I suppose it isn't a bad price but if you go quickly then you'll benefit from the £4 price in Tesco.

      This fragrance may be available in other options like a plug in, an odour detector battery atomizer both large and small, an aerosol spray and a trigger spray, or a candle as well as this reed diffuser but I can't say I will be hunting any further products with this scent.

      I have had this for about two days and so far I am very pleased with the job of making the room smell better but I am glad the room is on the other side of the house as I couldn't cope with the smell near my bedroom. I wouldn't put it in a bathroom or toilet as in that small a room it would be awfully strong. In this room because of the size it is diluted and mixed of course with other interesting smells so I will leave it there until step son returns and see if he notices/objects/removes /likes it.

      I have liked previous scents from the range and am still impressed this one's ability to freshen the room and would recommend these reed diffusers from Airwick. I would suggest trying one of the other scents like the lilac or the blackberry ones as they are much nicer and more natural smelling than this.
      This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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        28.07.2013 20:26
        Very helpful



        never again!

        ~White Vanilla Bean~

        Air Wick offer a range of scented products for your home. They offer a few different reed diffusers. Today, I will be discussing my use of the White Vanilla Bean scent which is part of the Colours of Nature range offered by Air Wick. This particular scent is described as 'the smooth blend of white vanilla sprinkled with essence of fresh coconut and a touch of white magnolia and musk'.

        Inside the beautifully decorated box is a small, clear glass vase. The vase is filled with essential oils and little balls (not sure of the official term for them). Also included is six rattan sticks. This reed diffuser requires a small amount of set up and the instructions are on the box alongside the safety warnings.

        The cap in the lid needs to be removed and the rattan sticks inserted into the liquid. The sticks absorb the liquid and allow the scent to be released up into the air for up to four weeks.

        ~Where To Buy~

        These reed diffusers are stocked in various supermarkets and stores such as Wilkos. The full price is around £7.00 but supermarkets often have this range reduced to £4.00. This particular scent can also be experienced in the form of a candle, plug in spray and a freshmatic refill spray.

        ~My Thoughts~

        I recently reviewed the Purple Blackberry Fig reed diffuser and had a positive experience with it. At the time that I purchased the first diffuser in that scent, I also bought this White Vanilla Bean reed diffuser. I only buy when on offer as I feel they are overpriced at £7.00. The reason I bought this one is because I love the scent of vanilla. On paper (well on the box) this scent sounds very appealing but sadly, this was not very nice at all.

        The little vase has a simple design and can be sat on most flat surfaces providing children and pets cannot reach it. I chose to use this one in my bathroom and it looks perfectly fine on my bathroom window sill. Whilst I find reed diffusers to be a little too heavily scented for use in smaller rooms, my intention was to have this in my bathroom with the door open. This would allow the scent to filter into my hallway. I don't have room to have a small table or anything in my hallway and there is no natural air or light let in unless I leave the doors open.

        I was actually quite disappointed by this scent as soon as I popped off the lid. It was very strong but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and placed it in my bathroom. This is a very powerful scent and the rattan sticks do absorb quite a bit of scent and at a quick pace. I was really hoping for a sweet vanilla scent but what I experienced did not smell natural at all. It smelt overpowering and caused me to feel very sick indeed. Each time I approached the hallway or the bathroom, I was offended by an awful smell that with neither vanilla, coconut, magnolia or musk like. It smelled like chemicals and the only thing that I could relate it to is paint stripper mixed with cheap alcohol.

        The scent was of course strong enough to overtake any bathroom smells but instead of keeping my bathroom smelling pleasant and sweet, it was left smelling of horrible chemicals. Even my bleach smells better. I certainly wouldn't be able to relax in a bath with that smell lingering as it makes me feel very ill. Compared to the other Air Wick scents, this is poor and doesn't smell like it should at all. I somehow managed to stomach having this in the bathroom for a few days but couldn't handle the scent anymore and it was relegated out onto the balcony as it was the only place in the house that I couldn't smell it.

        To be fair, I did only plan on leaving it out there overnight as I didn't want it leaking all over my bin but forgot about it for a week or so. When I brought in back in, it still reeked and showed no sign of becoming less nauseating so I put it out into the communal hallway in our block of flats..next to the window and my neighbours door and away from mine. It does seem to keep the communal area smelling of 'something' but has started to weaken slightly after being out there for the past three weeks. Most of the liquid has been absorbed by the rattan sticks and it will be thrown out soon. The four weeks claim is accurate.


        Using a reed diffuser in the home is a much safer way to create a welcoming, scented ambience without the need for electricity or candles. So far, this has been the only disappointing scent in this range. It was too heavy, too chemical infused and just not nice. I thought I was imagining the paint stripper smell at first but my sister noticed it too when she visited and said that it was really bad. I won't recommend this one and won't be buying it again. No refills can be bought and a whole new set needs to be bought each time.

        Thanks for reading :)

        Originally posted to Ciao 04/2013


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