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Airwick Spiced Gingerbread & Vanilla

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2 Reviews

Brand: Airwick / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      21.12.2010 12:06
      Very helpful



      A lovely candle for Christmas for your home

      Years ago, before my children came on to the scene, I was an ardent candle and oil/ incense burner and my home always had a lovely fragrance wafting through it. When I had children I stopped buying all things that I had to set alight to as there just didn't seem anywhere safe enough in my home with a small baby and an adventurous toddler on the prowl.

      Fast forward to recent months and a new neighbour I've become friends with over the past year, has just started as a buyer for a leading company which specialises in selling fragranced candles amongst lots of other things and after a recent trip to America she brought back lots of samples of scented candles for me to try which has reignited my love of candles once more. After I'd used up all of my 'stash' she brought me back I was on the look out in the shops for something reasonably priced, but would fragrance my room/s when lit and this is where Air Wick Fragranced Candle comes into it..

      ( Apologies for waffling on at the beginning but I have now rediscovered fragranced candles for my home again so no doubt will be writing several different reviews in the future of similar products ).

      I have seen scented candles in the shops previously by such brands as Glade and Fabreze etc though have never spotted any made by Air Wick. Having said that though up to press I haven't really been looking either. What drew me to this mainly was a sign saying 'Was £2 now Half Price'.
      I'm always a sucker for a bargain so the drop in price alone was enough to make me instantly pick one of these up and place ( carefully ) in my shopping basket.

      Though there was a choice of different fragrances on offer, I chose two of the same 'Spiced Gingerbread & Warming Vanilla' as they had the nicest and strongest scent to me.
      The candle comes housed in a glass jar which has a nice attractive shape to it; the design reminds me of a brandy glass as it curves in towards the top whereas the bottom half is fuller and rounded.
      The glass is transparent and seems quite thick though if dropped I imagine it would instantly smash so do take care when handling if you buy one.

      As this is a gingerbread based scent the wax of the candle itself is a warming brown in colour as odd as it sounds it doesn't look 'waxy' like some candles can, instead it has an solid creamier look to it. This contains essential oils so I think that is responsible for it's appearance and even before lighting it's certainly evident that it contains oils as it has a very strong ( but very pleasant ) scent.

      My experience~

      As I we live in a very old stone cottage we do suffer from patches of damp and do our best to tackle the problem via our dehumidifier however I do get paranoid about it smelling so use air fresheners; particularly in the bathroom.
      When I purchased these candles I decided to use one in the bathroom on my return as I was in full view of where I'd placed it at all times. ( We live in a tiny cottage and I could clearly see the candle safely on the window ledge as I wouldn't condone leaving them unattended when lit ).

      The scent was immediate as soon as the candle was lit and emanated gently throughout the house after a few minutes - it really was that noticeable.
      The Air Wick candle is described as 'a Touch of Luxury' and this is definitely so as it's fragrance is rich and spicy ginger whilst having a slight hint of sweet vanilla.

      I found the wick very easy to light and it has a length of around one centimetre so there should be no problems for anyone else in that department either. Burning time is hard to pinpoint as I have been using the candle(s) for a few hours per evening, but an estimated guess would be about 10 to 12 hours in total as one candle lasted me for almost one week when used approximately 2 hours per night. For the price I paid for what is in fact a luxury item I think it is extremely economical and even the full price of £2 seems very reasonable now I have had experience of these products.

      My overall opinion~
      I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this particular scented candle as it does exactly what it says on the tin, so to speak. I have dabbled with candles in the past as mentioned, but what I always found frustrating was whilst some candles pleasantly fragranced my home, others failed to do so and I find that very disappointing when I have taken the time to chose a product that then fails to deliver.

      Whilst this review has been extremely positive you will no doubt have guessed, I do not want to mislead anyone so I must point out that I originally purchased two of the Gingerbread & Vanilla candles and as a result of being incredibly impressed with their performance I went out and bought another fragrance in the collection; Soft Cashmere & Vanilla ( at full price as well! ).
      This second purchase failed to live up to the gingerbread fragrance however and it was virtually impossible to detect any scent at all from it which was disappointing.

      I can't rave enough about the gingerbread & vanilla candle though so I would highly recommend this to people - especially over the Christmas holidays - for fragrancing their homes.

      Available at most large retail stores, and can normally found on the air freshener aisles of supermarkets costing approximately around the £2 mark. They are still available at Iceland where I purchased mine but have risen slightly in cost to £1.50 but they are well worth the cost.


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        16.12.2010 11:30
        Very helpful



        A waste of money

        I bought a few different Airwick scented candles when they were half price in Tesco, I'd actually been tempted by this Spiced Gingerbread and Vanilla version even at full price so when I saw they were included in the special offer I was ridiculously excited. I bought four because the smell of the candles in their pre-lit state was deliciously spicy with a hint of a fragrance of real gingerbread.

        I lit two candles the same day and within a few minutes realised I'd wasted my cash as they hardly scent my (small) living room at all, you've got to practically get close enough to burn your nose to even get a whiff of ginger!

        They light nicely and throw a decent amount of light out, that's because the candle holder is plain glass so there is no filtering of the candle light. Makes them look cheap though, I wish they'd put do some festive glass holders like Glade even if you lose a bit of brightness. The wicks on the candles are strong and well made, even after the candles had burned almost all the way down to the bottom they were still easy to light and held the flame smoothly.

        The problem is the lack of scent in these scented candles. Before you light them they have their spicy gingerbread fragrance which is underlined by a subtle sweetness from the vanilla. Both these fragrances are strong enough to compete with one another and the result is a very warm aroma which (although not particularly festive) should have been a big hit in the colder Winter months. Don't forget though, this is before the candles have been lit.

        After lighting neither of the fragrances come through very well. I only actually noticed Mark was burning the last two candles last night because I popped out and could smell the sweetness of the vanilla when I came back in. If I'd been sitting in the same room as the candles I doubt I would have noticed. The gingerbread hardly comes through at all while the candle is burning, again if I happen to be out of the room for a few minutes then I might notice a very slight spicy smell in the room but as soon as I'm sitting down near the candles again it disappears.

        These were an absolute waste of money, even at £1.50 each they are a waste as I could have bought unscented candles cheaper in Wilkinsons (which would have had a nicer look than the murky brown wax of these!). I expected better from Airwick as in the past I have had good experiences with their candles, unfortunately it seems they have rushed this variety out in time for Crimbo 2010 as there has obviously not been much thought put into the longevity of the scent.

        £3 from most supermarkets.


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