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Airwick Colour Change Candle: Black Edition

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Brand: Airwick / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      28.02.2013 22:27
      Very helpful



      A pretty, interesting and lovely smelling candles

      Airwick Changing Colour Scented candle - Colour Change Candle Purple Blackberry Fig

      I have been very happy with all the Airwick scented candles that I have bought and when I saw these reduced recently I just had to buy a few. I was so pleased with the first two I had bought that i bought two of each and then last week I saw this one for £4 instead of £6.99 in Tesco and couldn't resist buying this as well.

      These come in a frosted glass about the size of a quarter pint and this is protected by a carefully folded cardboard outer. Luckily for potential purchasers who like to smell before they buy, like me, there is a hole in the top of the card wrapper through which you can have a good sniff. This one is the black edition so the glass is black with a sort of flower symbol in the middle of the front. The wrapper looks classy with dark colour and brighter colours echoing the flower symbol on the glass. At the top is a small picture of one fig cut in half and a pile of whole unpeeled ones. The product is sold as a ' Touch of luxury' item.
      On the back of the wrapper is a huge amount of information in three languages, English French and German.

      " Once lit , a soft and tranquil glow illuminates through the wax. The glow then gently changes colour to create a captivating rainbow effect."
      "A burst of juicy blackberries is mixed with succulent fig to create the perfect burst of fruity freshness and brightness.."

      So as you can see you get two senses satisfied in one product. You not only get the wonderful colour changes but you also get a great scented candle with a really lovely fruity sweet freshness which I find really uplifting .

      I really am impressed with the colour changes. I am fascinated by how it works as it started to develop colours as soon as I lit the wick so it must be done with heat through the wick. When the previous one finished I put it in the freezer to get the last bit of wax out. Buried in there was quite a sizable piece of plastic which must be the working of the colour changes. I didn't investigate further and just popped it in the bin.

      The colours go through about four or five changes and the changes take place smoothly and constantly and quite quickly so if you watch it for a minute you will see all the colours. The black glass shows the colours subtly while the motif in the middle looks really bright as the colours change and show through.
      It is just as effective in the day as the colours changing are quite calming. At night if you put it somewhere that is darker the colours are more obvious and make that part of the room fill with each colour.

      It would be lovely to have a couple in a bathroom and have just those and no other light while enjoying a nice relaxing bath. I put mine in our front hall so that it welcomes guests as they arrive. If we are not expecting guests then it is in the room where we are sitting so that we can enjoy both the light show and the aroma too.

      The scent is a lovely fruity fresh sweet smell and quite uplifting in my opinion. It is suitable for any time of the year and indeed any room. It worked well in the kitchen but also looks great and smells equally good in the sitting room so a good all rounder.

      When I burned this I received compliments from everyone who came into the house about how nice it smelled. It is quite good at filling a room and I can smell it as soon as I come into the room. It is fruity, sweet and welcoming.

      The candle is supposed to have a burn life of 30 hours but we are warned not to let it burn down further than about 2.5cm from the bottom. I have found all the candles have lasted me a good long time but I can't say I have actually timed them though.

      The outer sleeve has instructions in four languages. The English version is at the top so saves you struggling through several to find the right language. It warns that the glass will get hot when the candle is burning and remain hot for some time afterwards. Do not use if the glass is damaged at all. If swallowed then seek medical advice and show them the cardboard sleeve (provided you have kept it in case of this emergency).

      NEVER leave a candle burning when you are not in the room.
      Never put the burning candle on any electrical furniture such as TVs as they get hot and will melt the TV unit and cause a huge fire. This happened to friends of mine so take heed.
      Place on a heat resistant, flat surface and away from draughts.
      Keep the wick trimmed to about 1cm to avoid excessive smoking.

      Do not use the candle if the glass is broken.
      How this candle is scented is not divulged on the pack but I am warned that
      "Air fresheners do not replace good hygiene practices".

      So sadly you will have to continue cleaning the house. What an amazing surprise! Who do they write these instructions for? Or should I ask "Who thinks of this sort of rubbish to write on packs?" I am honestly almost struck dumb with amazement at things I read on some packs.

      It does say on the box that the candle is harmful to aquatic organisms but I am not sure if that is from the aroma or if you throw the candle into the tank or river. This might need investigating further if you own a fish tank.

      They also say that those sensitive to perfume should be cautious using this candle.

      This candle takes a bit more disposing of and they suggest you tip it upside down when the candle is finished in order to get the left over s out. I had to put mine in the freezer. There is a battery in the plastic bit which you should recycle in battery recycling places. The glass you can recycle with other glass or use for a small vase but NOT for drinking out of I would suggest.

      Yes I loved my changing colour candles and this one is even more interesting with its black glass and motif centre. They have all smelled lovely and also give such a lovely glow which is very calming. I would say that if you have children around then take care as it is quite attractive and rather tempting to fiddle with and of course it does get hot and wax could spill if a child knocked it over.

      The price of these varies so if you are interested shop around. They are often on sale in supermarkets which is when I buy mine. The price varies from £5.99 to about £3.99 so it is worth shopping around or waiting for a deal.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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        07.11.2012 18:25
        Very helpful



        A great festive mood-enhancer

        When I saw that Airwick had brought out a 'Black Edition' colour-change candle, it seemed just the thing to add a gothic touch to my home at Halloween.

        On removal from its cardboard packaging, the product did not look particularly inspiring. The candle is contained within a black glass holder with a delicate, mandala-patterned window printed on the sides. It looks a little tacky, to be honest and there would certainly be no mistaking it for something you had picked up at your local craft fair, with a design lovingly drawn-on by hand. However, when you light the candle, things dramatically improve.

        As soon as you light the wick, the candle begins to glow. There's no 'warming up' period at all. A soft glow instantly shines through the patterned window, taking you through a mini light show involving a rainbow of colours in shades of blue, purple, pink, red, yellow and green. Each colour can be observed for about 3 seconds and then it subtly evolves into a new colour. There is nothing garish about this. The visual effect is very pretty and gentle. I think this candle makes a great focal point for any room. I found it looked stunning as a table decoration for my Halloween meal and added suitable witchy atmosphere, but due to its sweetish scent (more about that later) I didn't think it combined well with the savoury aromas of the food we were eating. So I moved it to the living room instead, where it flickered away cosily as we watched TV.

        The motif looks much prettier once it is lit up with colour and has an almost stained glass window effect which I like. There is something calming about watching it slowly cycle through the colour spectrum. I find that my breathing slows down and I become more relaxed, when I am burning this candle, which has to be a good thing. It's a nice, soothing candle to burn after a busy day.

        The stunning appearance of the candle is just part of the story, however. The scent is another thing that I love about it. Although I bought this candle with Halloween in mind, the scent is definitely more suitable for Christmas. As someone who has always liked the idea of mulled wine more than the reality (in fact I can't bear the taste of the stuff!) this candle is ideal for me because I can appreciate the gorgeous aromas of this seasonal beverage without having to drink it. It's a very authentic smell too, almost as if you're all gathered round a warm punch bowl on Christmas Eve. It puts me in mind of roaring fires and huge, lavishly decorated, real Christmas trees, which may well be an idealised vision of Christmas, but it's something I still like to try to conjure up. If you like to sing carols at Christmas (or just listen to a CD of carols) the stained-glass window effect would be particularly suitable to enhance the mood, making you think of churches, choir boys, midnight mass and other festive things.

        There's a definite sweetness to the scent but it isn't too cloying. The sharpness of apple and citrus cuts through it to give it an uplifting, zesty quality and the cinnamon and cloves give it an unmistakeably Christmassy ambience. Whenever I burn this candle, it makes me crave something fruity to drink - not mulled wine, but maybe some red grape juice or some of that sparkly J2O that was available last Christmas. It also makes me think of seasonal baking. I think that it is probably the cloves and cinnamon which remind me of the smell of warm mince pies. (Mince pies are another thing that I like the idea of more than the reality, so another reason why this candle is right for me - less calories too!)

        I have often been disappointed by the modest amount of scent delivered by some candles. I usually opt for wax tarts because of their stronger fragrance. In my experience, many candles smell stronger when they aren't being lit. However, I am pleased to find that the scent from this candle is detectable very quickly upon lighting it. Although it's not a subtle scent, neither is it overpowering and headache-inducing. The scent lingers for a long time. If I have burned the candle the night before, I can still smell a hint of mulled wine and cinnamon when I come downstairs in the morning.

        The manufacturers claim that this candle has 30 hours of burning time. I have found this is fairly accurate. However, I have noticed that the candle's scent is at its strongest for the first 10 hours of use. After that, whilst still noticeable, it gets progressively weaker.

        Everyone who has ever seen this candle wants to know how it works and, whilst I am not in a position to explain the science behind it, in short it has a battery located in its base. It seemed quite a strange concept to me at first, but you don't need to feel nervous when you light the candle as the battery parts won't come into contact with the flame or the heat.

        When the candle is spent, you should remove the wax and electronics. There are instructions contained on the packaging to explain how to do this and it is not difficult. Separate the batteries and dispose of them according to local regulations. You should not just throw the electrical components into your regular bin.

        As with all candles, care needs to be taken to keep them well out of the reach of children and pets. Perhaps the warnings are even more important with this candle, however, because of its mesmerising qualities. Even adults are inclined to go a bit too close sometimes in order to try to figure out how it works. (I had to yell at a friend who was leaning in to try and unravel the mysteries of the colour-change technology and nearly set her hair on fire!) With something that looks so interesting, there's a tendency to want to pick it up and examine it, which is of course not advisable because it gets hot, but children in particular can let their curiosity get the better of them.

        Tesco are currently selling these candles for £3.49 instead of their regular price of £6.99. I think the full price is a little steep, but at half price I consider them good value. I will be stocking up on these. I just wish they looked a little more attractive when not lit. (My mother asked me why I'd got a glass of coke on the mantelpiece and I must admit, it does look a bit like one from a distance!) However, the illuminated effect is definitely something special and I recommend this candle to you.


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