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Airwick Freesia & Jasmine Reed Diffuser

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Brand: Airwick / Type: Air Freshener / Subcategory: Diffuser / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      05.06.2013 21:59
      Very helpful
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      Nice fragrance, nice design and recommended

      I have this 'thing' about making my house smell nice so I always ensure I have lots of scented candles and tart burners dotted around which are great, but sometimes I also like to have the odd reed diffuser dotted around in rooms that don't get a lot of air to them. This is a brand and fragrance I always seem to go back to.

      The diffusers cost around £6 and they are widely available from most supermarkets and places such as Wilko's etc. These are really easy to set up, simply remove everything from the packaging. Unscrew the lid on the glass bottle, remove the stopper on the top and then place the lid back into the bottle. The lid has a hole in it for you then to put the reed stems in, the liquid then soaks up the stem and release the fragrance into the room.

      Currently, I have only seen these available in a 50ml bottle, which Airwick boast last for around 4 weeks, I find this has been pretty accurate, sometimes they last a little longer (bit the fragrance just isn't as strong after this time.

      There are a few different fragrances available, Sweet Pea, Cool Linen & White Lilac, Magnolia & Cherry Blossom, Midnight Blackberry & Vanilla Silk, Mulled Wine & Crackling Fire and this one to name a few. As soon as I unscrewed the lid, the wonderful aroma was evident, it's quite floral but doesn't smell old fashioned, quite the opposite as it reminds me of walking into a florists.

      I feel the diffuser looks quite nice and elegant on my side, its simple design means it would fit into any room and not look out of place. I currently have one in my conservatory, which can sometimes get a little stuffy, especially in the warmer weather, as soon as I open the conservatory door, the fragrance drifts through the downstairs.

      Although I don't do it all the time, to give the fragrance a boost, I will take the reed sticks out and turn them over in the jar, this makes the fragrance a little stronger for a short period of time.
      The only downside of the product is that I think the RRP is a little steep, the good news is that the diffuser is frequently on offer, normally reduced by 50% so when it is, I tend to stock up then.

      Overall I would recommend this product when on offer, although I think it is great, not sure if I would pay £6 for it and for that reason, I would give 4 out of 5 stars, if it a little cheaper, it would be 5 out of 5!

      Thanks for reading.


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        13.05.2012 20:04
        Very helpful



        Great when on offer but pricey when at full RRP

        '' Freesia and Jasmine'Airwick Reed Diffuser
        I do really like my house to smell nice and with three cats who seem to prefer the kitty litter to outside and because we have our house on the market it is especially important to have nice smells around the house. I love Yankee candles diffusers but they are rather expensive and so when I saw these on sale in Tesco the other week I bought a few as at £4 instead of £8 I felt they were good value. The first week I bought one scent to try and the next week I bought two other smells to try in different rooms. The first scent I bought was 'Midnight blackberry and vanilla silk ' and the other two were the 'Crisp Linen and lilac' and finally 'Freesia and Jasmine'.

        This 'Freesia and Jasmine'' one I put in our downstairs loo which is next to our utility room where the kitty litter resides and it is somewhere where smells can gather. The room is pretty small and we keep the door closed as in my view toilets shouldn't be on show. Whenever I open the door I wanted the smell to be a nice one rather than a toilet sort of pong.

        As I had hoped this little jar of oil and little gel balls had done its job and as I walked into the downstairs loo to empty the cat's contribution from the kitty liter into the toilet I did notice that it did smell really lovely and fresh in the little room, a lot better than the Utility room after the cat's night time use. I could smell the lovely floral sweetness and freshness as soon as I opened the door. I had hoped it would be pleasant as it combines two floral scents that I am very fond of the smell of. I had had high hopes for this and it disappoint. It really was very noticeable in a most pleasant way and even my non observant nasally challenged husband commented that there was a nice smell in the downstairs loo.

        The kit comes in a cardboard outer with card inner package. You get a small decorative glass bottle filled with fragranced oil and small beads sealed with a lid, ten wooden sticks or 'reeds' to allow the fragrance to permeate the air in the room.

        The directions for use are pretty obvious. You unscrew the plastic lid and then (wearing gloves) take out the sealing disc from the cap before screwing the lid back on the jar and then poke the reeds into the bottle. Keep the whole thing upright and put it somewhere where it won't get knocked over by pets, children or anything else. Allow 24 hours for the fragrance to reach full levels but you can hurry it along by turning the reeds upside down so the wet part is up. You can do this at any time to refresh the scent if you feel it needs it.

        I had a look on the Airwick website to see what the scent is made up of and according to the website the 'Freesia and Jasmine''' fragrance allows you to:
        "Capturing a light scent of freshly cut white flowers, freesia and French jasmine."

        I have actually got a couple of jasmine plants in my garden as I love the heady sweet scent of the flowers. Freesias are more subtle but they are a flower scent I have only recently begun to favour again. I went off them for some years as when my mother was ill and dying of cancer freesias were often sent in bouquets as she loved them. The scent for a long time reminded me of Mum being ill but now I can appreciate them again as ones she used to love. I do love both flower scents but I can't say I can distinguish them in this diffuser. It just smells lovely and fresh as though I had a bunch of scented flowers in there. Or a bit like smelling flowers outside in the garden as the wind blows through them in the evening.

        The oil is not watery at all so will not evaporate quickly and lose the smell quality. According to the company jargon the oil will keep its fragrance from day one till it is empty which I hope is true as it will be really good value then.

        I am not aware that you can buy refills for these as you can with the Yankee ones but at £4 a go I wouldn't bother really. According to the pack this should last four weeks but I should imagine it might last a bit longer as my Yankee ones lasted about a year. At the full price of £8 I would think four weeks of smell was quite expensive but at £4 it would be a fair price.

        Keep away from children and pets and put this on a surface where they are not likely to knock it off as the oil could make a nasty mess on the floor or carpet.
        The company blurb says you should NOT put these on polished, painted or plastic surfaces which kind of limits when they can be put. Mine is on a painted window sill so fingers crossed!
        If any of the oil spills then wipe immediately.
        If you suffer from perfume sensitivity you should be cautious using these.
        This is an irritant to eyes and skin so be very careful and if any gets in your eyes ( Can't see how it might) then rinse immediately with clean water and if it gets on your skin then wash off straight away too.
        If swallowed then seek medical advice and take the cardboard outer wrapper with you.

        JUST IN CASE
        For those of you who were hoping that this would save you cleaning ever again apparently 'Air fresheners do not replace good hygiene practices.' I really love that they have to put this on these products. I cannot imagine that anyone would imagine that they would clean for you!!

        Yes indeed I love the smell and at £4 a time it is good value. Not sure that I would pay the full RRP as £8 is quite a lot for four weeks scenting but I suppose it isn't a bad price but if you go quickly then you'll benefit from the £4 price in Tesco.

        I really like this smell as it is both light and fresh and it is a scent which is quite natural and florally sweet without being too heady. It isn't at all overpowering but makes your littlest room smell really nice and welcoming.

        This fragrance is available in the form of a plug in, an odour detector battery atomizer both large and small, an aerosol spray and a trigger spray, as well as this reed diffuser but I am very wary of plug in scents since a fireman told me once that they cause so many house fires.

        I have had this for about two weeks and so far I am very pleased with the job of making the downstairs loo area smell really lovely. The other ones that I bought have been placed in other parts of the house to encourage potential buyers into making us a good offer. I now have the full set and I am not sure if Tesco still have the offer but when these dry out I will certainly buy them again when on offer.

        I am impressed with the smell and its ability to freshen the room and would recommend these reed diffusers from Airwick. This scent is most pleasant fresh but subtle and natural at the same time.

        This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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