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Airwick Ribbons Candle Oriental Spice & Sandalwood

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Brand: Airwick / Type: Candles / Category: Home Fragrance

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    3 Reviews
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      25.04.2011 13:37
      Very helpful



      A better scented candle from Air Wick, worth looking out for - but only by reduced price.

      Just before Christmas I was informed by one of my YC Club friends ("Yankee Candle Club") to check out a new Febreeze candle which had just landed on the shelves at our local Co Op. I went along and appeared to be interested in the shelves of candles at our local supermarket - which is rather small by trade standards and only sports the emergency pillar candles or the kinds you see in church against larger supermarkets that have own branded scented candles and other brands on offer. There wedged into the corner sat a very lonely looking Febreeze glass jar candle and when I took it home and offered it to my mum who was growing impatient to get at her Yankee Candle Christmas pressies, she accepted the Febreeze candle with gusto and immediately lit the candle, placing it in the hall for any impending guests. That product folks, is one of the rarest candles I've not been able to find since! It is a fantastic candle, full of natural scent against the chemical promise that Febreeze and other brands often portray and gives off a flavoursome scent that is often chalky like, yet pleasing and extremely refreshing.

      Oriental Spice and Sandalwood is quite a concoction of scented oils to dream up into a scented candle from Air Wick, a company I love and loathe at the same time. Over the years I've had quite a few different candle products from this brand, and the squarish "Touch of Luxury, Ribbons" candle I found weeks later at the same Co Op where my beloved Febreeze candle could be found in place was priced at £6 and indeed a small luxury "Boxing Day," candle gift to myself. I was actually more than taken with the thick clear glass square tumbler look, which reminds me of old, Habitat/IKEA designs and would either make a versatile candleholder for other brands or a rather nifty pen holder or coin jar. Plus, most Air Wick candles come in a dreamy feminine tainted glass jar - it was time for something more masculine and edgy sitting around against my more expensive Yankee Candle products. Weight before use: 597grams versus 403g when empty, so the £6 is paying for what I hoped to be, a good quality of 194 grams of wax rich with duo scents coupled with odour eliminator, of which this candle is marketed in despite Air Wick's gloriously red Christmas tainted packaging. This is complete with pictures of cinnamon sticks in a dish and a heap of ground up spices amidst deep red swirls and white stars. Thankfully the glass jar is completely heat proof in use and is dishwasher safe - but be warned - the packaging is thin glossy card with a lot of gaps revealing the glass jar, so it is quite a fragile product before purchase and being Air Wick means it comes with a huge amount of warnings, one I particular like about the fact that the candle "can't be used in place of good hygiene!" so for the soap makers out there, you can't melt this candle down and use it as a body soap! Seriously though, the candle does warn about being affected by those who may be sensitive to fragrances as well as the candle not being used over a 4 hour period continually and keeping the wick trimmed -as you would normally if you are a frequent user of scented candles - to avoid bunching of the wick and unbalanced levels of burning as well as always placing the candle on a flat surface that hasn't been painted, regardless of the heat insulated base. The candle does burn all the way to the base though and cleaning is easy - either fill with hot water or place in a dishwasher as the oily wax will simply wash away - only dealing with a pesky sticker on the base that always leaves a sticky backing (WD40 for that one!).

      Briefly there are quite a few scents from this range - three different fragrance varieties but they all have the obligatory "red stripes," that lend the ribbons name acting as a four-ringed perimeter that sits around the scented wax. It isn't a transfer however, which is often an immediate downside to candles from this company trapped in thin glass jars. Here the glass is thick - it looks good and it feels wonderfully divine and luxurious. Once lit, the whitish cream candle gives off a wonderful wave of scent - to begin with - but from the off I was strongly reminded of Febreeze in the way the candle's scent is quite chalky and full of vanilla cream despite the promise of spice and sandalwood. Whenever I see a candle that says "sandalwood," I automatically think "Imperial Leather," (and the same named Yankee Candle scented candle is one I avoid as it is often too strong and gives me headaches). The sandalwood tone here is definitely a tone that builds up very lightly, mixed with a little nutmeg which is fairly detectable as the base scent whilst sweet cinnamon is much more apparent as the top scent before the chalky vanilla gets out of the way. The flour like aspect of this candle is very good for shifting odours and by golly, the travel aspect of this candle is great for up to four rooms - the ribbons in the name certainly deliver on conjuring up images of ribbons in the wind - but I wouldn't say this is a candle I'd buy again to relax with. The problem is that the candle is supposed to contain "warm woods and amber," both of which I found increasingly difficult to smell. Certainly if there was more of a woody contrast here to the cinnamon scent, this is a candle I'd love to buy more of to relax with. However, as a scent reliever against pongs in the home, it isn't a bad candle to consider and the combination of sweet & spice works really well.

      The other problem with this product isn't the promise or the delight of seeing the white wax turn into the red stripe pool of red wax, thus reassuring me that the red stripe on the outer jar isn't just used for effect. In general use and burnt over a long time, this candle doesn't last very long. For the £6 asking price I could buy 6 Yankee Candle wax tart melts, or two IKEA Tindra candles, or something completely different - which all have much longer burning times. This product only lasts for around 30 hours and for the £6 price, that's a bit steep of Air Wick to think many buyers would be open to buying this product. Paste a "Yankee Candle" name on it, and you may have more open purses. The biggest advantage of the product is that latest prices - both Morrisons and Co Op have now reduced the prices by 50% to £3 - where clearly supermarkets up and down the country are getting rid of old stock. This is however the best time to buy this candle as the offer seems to be very limited and won't be around forever - and yes, at those prices I will be buying these again. Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2011



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        24.04.2011 08:51
        Very helpful



        A beautifully fragranced candle from Air Wick

        I adore a beautifully fragranced home and whilst my inspiration would previously be as a result of reading magazines, these days I find myself buying many products following the opinions and experience of other writers. My Dad always complains about the "pong" when he walks through my front door, as initially he is greeted with the beautiful aroma of a plug in, which is located in my hallway, then he's hit by a different plug-in aroma when he makes his way to my living room.

        To make matters worse, a visit to the upstairs bathroom is yet another experience he dislikes, as situated on the window cill is a reed diffuser! My poor Dad doesn't half hate beautiful fragrances and will avoid the perfume counters in department stores at all costs! Anyway, back to my review - As a result of reading an extremely positive review by Sue (catsholiday) I decided to visit my local Tesco to make a purchase of Air Wick's Ribbon Scent Touch of Luxury Candle and this review discusses my experience with using their Oriental Spice and Sandalwood fragrance.


        I had initially noticed this range of candles, which is known as Touch of Luxury within weeks of their initial release, which wasn't too long ago, but their hefty price tag of around £6 each was rather off-putting. Whilst I love beautifully scented candles, I could never justify spending this amount of money on an Air Wick product although I always make an exception with Yankee Candles, as the majority I have used have been extremely favourable and long lasting.

        The appearance of Touch of Luxury candles is considerably eye-catching and much more favourable than the standard range. We are provided with a square shaped thickened glass container, which is partly concealed by the colourful cardboard sleeve, which in-keeping with the aroma of the candle, is coloured with a combination of rich shades of orange and brown. The candle is a fairly good size and measures 8 cm in height and almost 8 cm in both depth and width.

        The familiar green and white Air Wick logo can be found on the side of the packaging and we are provided with a very calming looking image of a bowl of cinnamon sticks, which always remind me of Christmas time. I generally favour burning spicy fragranced candles in the cold and dark winter months as I associate them with cosiness and warmth with summer time seeing me opting for an uplifting and fresh zesty aroma. However, I simply could not wait to try this one out, particularly as its' delightful combination of cinnamon, nutmeg and what Air Wick describe as "amber and warm woods" sounded so very welcoming and comforting.


        The candle is fairly heavy and weighs 180g and what I favour with Air Wick is that the entire glass jar is considerably thickened, including the base, so there's no need to place the candle onto a heatproof surface when in use. The glass container is filled with a good amount of white wax with four orange horizontal stripes, which create a rather eye-catching effect. Within approximately three or four minutes of initially lighting the wick I was able to detect a very delicate yet warming aroma of cinnamon, which is a fragrance I absolutely adore. I noticed that a small circular well shape began to form around the wick and around its' edge was a swirl of orange wax. I couldn't quite understand this, particularly as the four orange stripes were all totally intact and at this point, only a small layer of the white wax had melted.

        Whilst the initial aroma is not quite as powerful as what the luxurious Yankee Candles would deliver, it is extremely favourable and provides a very relaxing and warming ambience. I'm undecided whether I can detect the nutmeg content, as the cinnamon tends to take over, which is fine, as far as I am concerned. As the candle continued to burn the warming aroma intensified and I initially was of the opinion that the circular well shape would deepen and as a consequence, I would be left with large amounts of wasted wax around the edges.

        However, this was far from the case, with the exception of one of the corners of the jar where the wax simply refused to liquefy and its' appearance resembled that of Vaseline. As the wax continued to melt the beautiful aroma intensified and I was surprised to witness the beautiful fragrance in the upstairs of my home despite the candle being housed on my mantelpiece. What I found extremely favourable was that each time I left the living room I was able to witness the scent throughout my home and when I re-entered the room it became much stronger. What I found particularly pleasing is that despite the container becoming considerably hot, each of the stripes remained intact until the wax level began to reduce, as I was expecting the entire candle to turn a shade of orange after a short while after lighting.

        Whilst it is not really advisable to move a burning candle, I decided to carry it upstairs and finish writing my review whilst it was burning next to me. However, I became somewhat carried away with my writing and lifted the burning candle to my lips thinking that it was my cup of tea, which is normally located next to me! Thankfully I realised in time, particularly when I felt my nose becoming a little warm, so there were no waxy lips or singed fringe for me! What tickled me is that located within the warning information on the outer sleeve, we are advised not to drink out of the glass. I presume Air Wick to mean when it is empty and not when it is still full of boiling wax!

        I am currently burning my second candle and I have to say that I am absolutely thrilled with its' beautiful aroma (thanks Sue for the recommendation). I have scrutinised the cardboard sleeve for details on the burning times, but am unable to locate any information. However, my first candle offered me with approximately 26 hours, which is pretty good value for money. Air Wick Ribbons Scent Touch of Luxury Oriental Spice and Sandalwood comes with my huge recommendation, together with 5 stars. If you like Yankee Candles you will love this brand and if you're a fan of spicy aromas, you will absolutely adore this. There is a little information on the reverse of the packaging that advises that the candle should not be burned for more than 4 hours at a time and as usual, Alyson totally ignored that and initially burned it continuously for 10 hours! My dangerous antics with this candle would make a Health and Safety Officer's hair turn grey!

        My lengthy burning time was not really advisable because the wick became too lengthy and should always be trimmed to 1 cm in length to avoid excess smoking. Consequently, after approximately 7 hours my candle resembled someone smoking Woodbines, as it emitted a rather dirty black soot, which has no doubt coated the mirror situated directly above my fireplace! When I eventually chose to blow out the wick, the wax slowly hardened and its' appearance was quite eye-catching when it was totally set, as what was previously white wax on the upper section was now a pretty shade of orange, yet two of the stripes remained totally intact, with the third starting to slowly disappear.


        Whilst I do not normally believe in copying long lists of ingredients into my reviews I feel it important in this case, particularly as Air Wick advise that those people who suffer with perfume sensitivity should be cautious when using this product. I would advise that the information has been extracted from the reverse of the cardboard sleeve and the candle contains alpha-methyl cinnamal, benzyl benzoate, eugenol and cinnamal. Air Wick state that an allergic reaction could be experience when using, although I can advise that this is not something I have experienced.

        You should discontinue using the candle when the was is less than 1cm and as I cannot abide waste I removed the excess wax with a knife and continued to burn it in small pieces on my oil burner. As the glass is so beautiful it is perfect for use as a tee light holder, which looks beautiful on my tiled hearth. The candle should not be used in a draughty area and should not be placed on a hot surface, such as a television. You should not follow my lead and that is to move the candle whilst it is burning. As with all products of this nature, it should be kept out of reach of children and pets.


        Whilst I was fortunate enough to pick my candles up during an offer at Tesco for £3 each, the cost has since increase to the usual price of £6.13 and I would never pay this much money for Air Wick, as it is simply not worth it. However, I have checked the Sainsburys website and at the time of writing (24 April 2011) they are selling this particular fragrance for £3, but unfortunately, they have not provided an expiry date for this offer. This range of candles is frequently on offer in most of the supermarket stores who all seem to take it in turns to reduce the cost.

        I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.

        This review will appear on both Dooyoo and Ciao under the same user name.


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          25.03.2011 23:05
          Very helpful



          Great scented candle with classy vase to use after the candle is gone

          Airwick Ribbons Candle Oriental Spice & Sandalwood

          Having enjoyed my other candles from this range which I managed to get free by joining the Airwick site I decided that as they were only three pounds in Tesco I would try another in the range and after sniffing a couple I chose the ' Oriental Spice and Sandalwood' as it had a heady strong scent which I love.

          The candle comes in the same lovely, very heavy square glass jar with a cardboard outer sleeve. The sleeve doesn't cover the candle entirely so you can sniff the candle prior to buying which I always like to do. The 'flavour' that I chose this time was a little softer and creamier than the 'Mulled wine and crackling Fire' but stronger and more exotic than the 'Creamy Vanilla and Cashmere'. Both of these I had really liked so I was looking forward to trying this one too.

          Once I removed the outer cardboard sleeve then I was pleased to see the very classy looking square jar with a cream coloured candle which has quite reddish orange waves running through it. It really does look a cut above the average scented candle that you can buy in the supermarkets and fits well with their claim that it provides a 'Touch of Luxury' but I read on the outer sleeve that this candle is surprisingly made in the EU while the others were made in China.

          The outer sleeve has instructions in four languages. The English version is at the top so saves you struggling through several to find the right language. It warns that the glass will get hot when the candle is burning and remain hot for some time afterwards. Do not use if the glass is damaged at all. If swallowed then seek medical advice and show them the cardboard sleeve (provided you have kept it in case of this emergency). Very sensibly it also gives safety warnings about not burning candles unattended or putting them on top of a TV. It also says to stop burning the candle when there is less than 1cm of candle left. Strangely it also says not to use the glass candle holder for foodstuffs or drinking. I would have thought that after it had been well washed it would have been safe enough but maybe not.

          Just in case you thought that buying one of these would save you doing any cleaning, the wrapper does warn that:

          "Air fresheners do not replace good hygiene practices"

          The candle is supposed to have a burn time of 30 hours and I have had it burning quite some time each day for at least two week but I haven't actually timed it accurately. I leave it burning for an hour or so at a time but sometimes do forget it and leave it longer if I am busy so I can't be sure of the precise times.

          As the candle burns the lovely strong sweet spicy fragrance is very evident, the sandalwood scent mixes with the spicy cinnamon aroma and blends to give off a very exotic aroma which fills the room. On the wrapper it is described as;

          " A rich blend of cinnamon and nutmeg finished with sensual amber and warm woods".

          This sounds more like a description on a box of perfume to me and that is indeed what the scent reminds me of. It is strong sweet and heady as it wraps a luxurious aura of oriental sweetness around you in the room.
          I would definitely recommend buying one of these while they are on special as it really does make you enjoy a lovely smelling room. It lasted a good few days with me burning in for quite long periods over a couple of weeks.

          When it had burned itself out I put it in the freezer (a tip I learned from Nar2 on Dooyoo) and got the remaining wax out. This I burned in a fireproof burner and so got the last remnants of waxy scented luxury out of that. I then washed the lovely jar and put it with the other two I had on my dining room table in a line. Inside the glass jars I have put rose heads that my daughter gave e as a bunch of flowers. The heads dried on the stems while we were away so I dried them further on top of our wood burning stove. These dried rose heads have kept their colour and shape and look lovely in the cleaned glass vases of my finished candles.

          So if you are looking for a reasonably priced candle that is easy to find in a supermarket that looks very classy and smells wonderful then this is it. It should have cost £6 and I think at that price you do get your money's worth. With my new half price voucher it is great value but the first I got as a freebie it was wonderful. I have since seen these candles in other shops such as Home Bargains for about half the price of Tesco so it might be worth looking around.

          Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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