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Airwick Vanilla Dream Premium Candle

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2 Reviews

Brand: Airwick / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      21.01.2011 03:42
      Very helpful



      A lovely, but expensive, scented candle with a luxurious aroma

      One of a few scented candles which I purchased back in December was Airwick's Comforting Vanilla Dream candle. I like candles in general anyway, and when I saw this particular one on offer with several other Airwick scented candles in a local Superdrug, I thought it sounded lovely and decided to give it a try. I paid just £1.50 for this candle, but it's usual price is around £5, which in my opinion is an awful lot to pay for a scented candle, regardless of how big and 'premium' it is! I would never have bought one at that price, but for just £1.50, I thought that was a good price.

      The candle wax, which is made with essential oils, sits in a tall glass container, much like a thicker drinking glass, with a flat bottom to help it stand up properly. The candle in it's glass 'vase' comes surrounded by a cardboard sleeve which lets you see and smell the candle beforehand whilst still looking nicely packaged. The candle in itself, when out of the packaging looks lovely in it's glass container, which is sturdy and thick enough the withstand the heat from the flame inside.

      When given a sniff, even before lighting it's easy to smell the scent of Vanilla Dream, a lovely sweet vanilla scent with a hint of milky creaminess that works really well. Once lit, the scent becomes even more noticeable, and when I first used this, within 10 minutes of use the whole room was gently infused with a sweet, vanilla aroma that was very enjoyable, whilst not being sickly sweet. The fragrance is comforting and noticeable without being overpowering - it's lovely to walk into a room where this candle is being used as it's a very warming, soothing and enjoyable scent.

      This is a pretty large candle (about 6 inches high from the base to the top of the glass) and according to the package is meant to last 30-40 hours of burning fragrance, and I kept track of this when burning it to see if it was true! I'd say that overall, we definitely received between 30-40 hours worth of fragrance time when the candle was lit, so in that sense, the advertising claims are factual.

      We used out candle for one to two hours per day for nearly 3 weeks, at different times of the day and depending on if we were using it to disguise cooking smells or just wanting to create a nice aroma for guests and visitors to enjoy over December. This is a fairly large candle, and according to the package is meant to last 30-40 hours of burning fragrance, and I kept track of this when burning it to see if it was true! I'd say that overall, we definitely received over 30 hours worth of fragrance time when the candle was lit, so in that sense, the advertising claims are factual.

      Much as I love the scent, I would never pay the full price for this candle - it's lovely smelling but it's just too expensive for anything but very infrequent use on special occasions. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this again though should it be on special offer for £3 or less, as I think that's a far more reasonable price to pay for this creamy vanilla scented candle.


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      13.03.2010 22:05
      Very helpful




      AIRWICK is a name most of us associate with room and air fresheners of different types and is a brand name belonging to Reckitt Benckiser. This company is a major world leader in sales of household, health and personal care products. Other brands of Reckitt Benckiser include Clearasil, Dettol, Gillette, Harpic, Strepsils, Veet, and Woolite. Its global headquarters are based in Slough.

      I believe the company has owned the Airwick brand since 1985.

      I am reviewing the Vanilla Dream fragranced candle, which happened to be on half price offer in a local supermarket recently. I haven't tried Airwick candles before, and was interested to see how they compared with other brands I've tried.


      The product is presented in a simple card sleeve, bearing a large oil droplet with a picture of vanilla flowers and pods inside the droplet. The background colour is a yellowy glow. The manufacturer has included precautionary information on one side of the sleeve. This information includes:-

      *where and where not to place the candle

      *never leave burning candles unattended

      *never burn for more than 4 hours at a time

      *keep away from flammable material

      *discard when 1cm of product remains

      *do not use the holder for storage of food or for drinking purposes

      There is also a statement cautioning people suffering from perfume sensitivity when using the product, and a reminder of the need to keep the candle out of the reach of children.

      Other good points about the packaging:-

      *The print on the card sleeve is mostly a dark green against a white background.

      *The size of the font is quite large compared to many products, and therefore really easy to read.

      *The card sleeve is 100% recyclable.

      *You get a good idea of the fragrance from the candle without having to i.e. scratch a piece of card on the box

      *You can see exactly what you are getting including the holder


      The fragranced candle is contained within a frosted glass holder. The holder stands just over 4" (approx 10cm) tall and is about 3" (7-8cm) diameter across the top of the holder. It is about the size of a half pint drinking glass. The actual candle fills the holder to within about 3/4" (2cm) of the top. The glass holder is quite plain, but I like the way its simple lines tend to fit in with most rooms no matter what the decor.
      I also like the simplicity of the holder because this allows for the opportunity of a little customisation with glass paint, stick on jewels, silver and gold marker pens etc if you should feel so inclined. Provided you are careful on your choice of decoration this makes the product extra special, and a pleasant surprise if given as a gift.

      The manufacturer describes the fragrance as 'a comforting fragrance of luxurious vanilla combined with silky smooth cream'. I think this description fits the candle fragrance very well. The unlit vanilla fragrance of the candle is delicious and it does smell smooth and creamy.

      When lit the candle fragrance takes a few minutes to come through, and the smell is of a warm vanilla. I find the combination of the flickering flame and glow from the candle and the scented vanilla is very comforting and gives a calming feel to the room. The candle fragranced the dining room, but was not too strong. Sometimes I have found vanilla fragrances overpowering but this candle is about right (provided the room is of medium size (about 10' x 10') I suggest larger rooms require two candles. The second time I burned the candle there was some blackening to the side of the glass but mostly this wiped off with a damp cloth. I was pleased that all of the candle burned down the glass holder, and not just in the middle, so there was little wastage.

      We don't keep candle tapers in our house, and it does get a little tricky lighting the wick when about half the candle has been used. I overcame this small hitch with the assistance of a partly used cake candle, or an extra long match. As the candle narrows towards the bottom of the holder I did find some wastage of unburned candle around the sides of the glass and there is also the wastage of candle at the very end where you need to leave 1cm of product.


      The manufacturer suggests 30-40 hours of fragrance. I think 40 hours is a little ambitious. My candle lasted about 25 hours.

      I paid £2.50 for my fragranced candle, and have bought another since, which rather suggests I like the product. I'm not sure I would readily purchase this product at £5 or more a go, although against a similarly sized fragranced candle from i.e. Yankee Candle, this Airwick product is competitively priced. It is also available from most local supermarkets rather than specialised outlets.

      Against Glade fragranced candles, I found this Airwick product less wasteful, and similar in terms of the overall effect of the fragrance power. Although more expensive, the Airwick candle lasted much longer than Glade candles I have bought.

      The range of fragrances is particularly small (only a few) but the product is relatively new. Hopefully the range will be extended.


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