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Ambi Pur Nevada Desert Flower Candle

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Brand: Ambi Pur / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      20.11.2012 17:18
      Very helpful



      A sweet slightly floral vegetable wax candle from Ambi Pur

      Ambi Pur Nevada Desert flower scented candle

      I cannot walk past a scented candle and these lovely little glass jars containing the scented candle from Ambi Pur I had not see before so the name attracted me and I thought I would give this a try. I do have a few candles I bought from Amazon and Ebay but I still thought these were worth trying as I do love my home to smell cosy and welcoming. I always think scented candles are more necessary in winter when the windows tend not to be open and we are inside more.

      The candle is in a tall cylindrical glass jar without a lid. The jar came with a cardboard outer but luckily you could still smell the candle as the cardboard outer didn't cover the entire candle. I tried smelling a few candles but came away with this 'Nevada Desert Flower' fragrance for several reasons.

      The jar is frosted with a modern abstract design in white on the jar. The outer cardboard cover is what attracted me to this candle as it has the 'National geographic' logo on the front and a great picture of Devil's Tower in Wyoming that we visited on one of our trios to the USA. The jar does look quite attractive and certainly wouldn't look out of place in a sitting room or bedroom. If you are in to candles in the bathroom then it would look fine in there too.

      The actual candle is white or creamy white and as I said on the front of the cardboard outer is a picture of 'Devil's Tower' and beautiful desert flowers and the words "Nevada Desert Flower". I am also informed that the candle will last from 25 to 35hours but I am not sure how you go about getting the most from the candles however I think they are quite safe in claiming that as I cannot imagine anyone timing a candle bur but maybe I am wrong. I am not going to bother as I have far too many other things to do in my life!

      I have had this candle a couple of months and it has been burning on and off for a number of days for about 4 hours at a time in quite a small room with the door sometimes closed as it is cold and we have the small radiator on rather than heating the entire house. Times are hard and we are also trying to do our bit for the planet!

      This fragrance is much more noticeable with the door closed and in fact when I move it and put it in the larger dining room the scent is almost undistinguishable. I only notice it when I am walking right passed the burning candle.

      I am not sure that this will be one I will be buying again as the scent is not really strong enough for me. It has a very faint floral, quite sweet but not overly so but I had hoped might carry when the candles burned but it doesn't. It is hard to describe a non scent in a scented candle but really it is such a subtle light fragrance that it only just perceptible if you sniff above the lit candle and to me that is not what I want from a scented candle.

      What Ambi Pur say is the candle is one of a series of Natural scents Inspired by the World and this is "A rare floral fragrance, delicate and sweet, with apricot and green herbal notes."

      Well I'll agree on the delicate and it may well be rare, so rare that I am struggling to find it.

      This scented candle may not be highly scented but it does have 90% recycled packaging and the box is 100% biodegradable and of course the glass jar is also recyclable through any glass recycle scheme or you could re - use it yourself for a candle or a small vase or as I do put some pot pouri or dried roses in them.

      The candle is also made from vegetable wax so no animals harmed nor bees disturbed for this one.

      Looking on the back of the pack I am warned that
      "Air fresheners do not replace good hygiene practices".
      So bummer I will have to continue cleaning the house and washing my clothes and having baths. What an amazing surprise. Who do they write these instructions for? Or should I ask "Who thinks of this sort of rubbish to write on packs?" I am honestly almost struck dumb with amazement at things I read on some packs.

      Anyway this candle contain hexal cinnamal and citral and curiosity has got the better of me and I have discovered that hexal cinnamal is s a common additive in perfume and cosmetic s as aroma substance and is found naturally in the essential oil of chamomile, so not so bad really. Then the next ingredient Citral is present in the oils of several plants, including lemon myrtle so again not bad.

      It does say on the box that the candle is harmful to aquatic organisms but I am not sure if that is from the aroma or if you throw the candle into the tank or river. This might need investigating further if you own a fish tank.

      I would suggest that you could have this one burning all day any day and you would hardly notice it burning apart from a VERY subtle sweet scent and the flame. It would definitely not offend anyone as I doubt they would notice the scent. This is not the one to choose to get rid of strong pet, cooking or boy smells.

      I have burned it in several places around the house and it does what any candle will do and that is get rid of smells but it doesn't actually add a scent of its own to any really noticeable level. I have used it to get rid of cooking smells and it does slowly freshen the stale cooking smell from my kitchen so I can say it works with smell removal, but slowly.

      Its eco friendliness and not really if you want a scented candle with scent . I am sure it lasted the full promised 25 - 35 hours. This candle is interesting but the packaging is more exciting than the scent the candle gives off.

      The jar is quite nice, more classy looking than the Glade ones and I can see me re re-using this one for flowers etc after the candle has finished which I wouldn't bother with Glade jars.

      Further info: I have discovered that when I took the left over candle wax from the jar that when I put it in a burner and used it as a wax tart the scent was much stronger and really carried well into the corridor. It was much better as a wax tart than as a candle. This has made me wonder whether to use the votives from Yankee as tarts instead as I always find tarts have a better and stronger scent.
      Thanks for reading and hope this has been of some interest to you. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.
      © catsholiday


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