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Asda 2 in 1 Capsules

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Brand: Asda / Type: Fabric Softener / Category: Laundry

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    1 Review
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      31.01.2011 16:26
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      Great for someone who doesn't want to try to pour the right amount of detergent in the machine.

      My last few weeks of washing have been done using these capsules from Asda. I bought them just before Christmas for £2 for the pack of 10 capsules.

      They come in a clear container made of a thin recyclable plastic that has labels stuck on it. The front label has the product name, a picture of some flowers and has a bright yellow and orange background. The top label is very similar also, except it only has the name. The bright colours make it very eye catching on the shelf and they reflect the bright and fresh fragrence that the capsules are meant to contain. The rear label has all the usual information that you would usually find on washing capsules.

      Each capsule is 7cm x 5cm x 3cm and contains the orange coloured detergent encapsulated in a thin, water soluble material. The capsules themselves do not smell of anything at all. I always choose to buy capsules as they make washing a lot easier and completely remove wastage of detergent. I always use one capsule per wash and usually fill my washing machine ¾ full. The back recommends 1 capsule for nearly all washes and states that these can be used at 30oC and still provide a good wash. I put my wash on 40oC and still find it cleans all of my clothes and leaves them smelling fresh. I always mix colours and whites together in washes and I find that there is never any colour leakage.

      I always put the capsule underneath my clothes in the drum as this is what the pack recommends and I have found it always works best. I find it great that they provide a good wash at much lower temperatures as it means that I use less energy and so it is much better on my finances and much better for the environment. By having the pre-measured capsules, I don't put any more detergent in than needed and so the clothes are correctly washed and there should be less bad detergents being washed down the drain.

      It says on the back of the pack that the capsules also include fabric softener. I have found that since using these capsules, my clothes do feel soft and do retain the fresh and fragrant scent from the capsules for a while. This is better than some other that I have used that don't retain any fresh smell and have not been washed properly.

      If you haven't tried this brand or capsules before to do your laundry with, then I would recommend that you give them a try. They simplify the laundry process greatly and clean your clothes at low temperatures. I am going to give these 4/5 as I think capsules work out more expensive per wash than buying the detergent in liquid form.

      Thanks for reading my review.

      This review may also appear on my blog and on Ciao under the same username.


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    • Product Details

      Laundry detergent and fabric softener 2 in 1 capsules

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