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Asda 2in1 Moonflower & Ylang Fabric Softener Capsules

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Brand: Asda / Type: Fabric Softener / Category: Laundry

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    1 Review
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      07.07.2011 16:47
      Very helpful



      It does exactly as it says it does and is a decent price for it all.

      These are a product I happened to spot in ASDA a while back and thinking they may smell quite nice, decided to see what they were like. At the time I bought these, one 22 capsule tub cost about £4.39, which I didn't think was too bad, given how long they can last if you don't do washing that often. The same scent also is available as a powder, washing tablets, detergent gel, fabric conditioner and 2x concentrated liquid.

      They come in a clear close and seal tub, with labels on both sides telling you what's in them, what amounts to use etc. You do have to make sure that you close the lid properly and that you handle them with completely dry hands - I didn't do either completely on one occasion, which resulted in one of the capsules bursting and getting mixture all over the other ones and on my hands (and it doesn't rinse off particularly easily).

      Generally speaking, you only need to use one per wash (you just stick it inside amongst your clothes), unless your washing is REALLY dirty and you have really hard water in your area, in which case they suggest using 2 capsules. Also as it is 2 in 1, you don't need to add any extra fabric softener, as it's all already in there.

      I have found that they work really well for getting out most regular stains/dirt and even tough ones, though they do sometimes require a few more washes before it moreorless fades out completely, in comparison to some other detergents I have used where no matter how many times I washed it, it didn't get any better. It also does exactly what it says and still cleans ver well when used at 30 degrees.

      I have really sensitive skin and find I get no problems with using these on my clothing (which it is also gentle on - I haven't had any problems with it leaving residue or damaging them in some way). The initial smell when you take them out is quite nice, not too strong and if having heavily scented clothes isn't really your thing, not to worry - it usually wears off fairly quickly once they have dried off.


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