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Asda Smartprice Biological Washing powder

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6 Reviews

Very inexpensive and washes well, even at low temperatures. Whites do not come out as bright as they do with more expensive brands, but overall a very good product.

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    6 Reviews
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      04.10.2013 11:53
      Very helpful



      Smells fresh, cheap to buy.

      I am the kind of woman who will try a product once and if I find I don't like it, then I won't bother buying it again but I do find some shops own brand of items are quite good ones for the price and well worth trying, just to save a little money on the shopping bill. I hadn't bought this washing powder before so I thought it would be worth a go.

      It comes in a cardboard box which just has the name clearly on the front and so is very easy to spot on a shelf. The powder is a fine grain and I was pleasantly surprised how fine a powder it actually turned out to be, being such a cheap powder to buy.

      The powder is a mixture of white and blue grains. It has a fresh smell to it and one which I can best describe as being like a bar of soap. It is a nice pleasant smell but it doesn't have a perfume fragrance to it like a branded kind but I am very happy with the smell of this washing powder. I always like to use a fabric conditioner in every wash load anyway so I wasn't too bothered about the smell of it so long as it washed well.

      The powder flows well from the box and I pour it directly into the powder compartment of my washing machine. This powder does a good job of washing lightly soiled fabrics and it removes the dirt well. It cleans my bedding well and towels and clothing. I find it doesn't remove any heavily soiled fabrics and it doesn't do a good job for removing grease or any dried in food etc. My little grandchildren's clothing which had some chocolate on them wasn't removed and was still on the clothing when I took them from my machine. My hubby's work clothes were clean enough but once again the grease wasn't removed but the rest of the clothing was clean enough. I had to wash these items again using a branded powder which removed the dirt perfectly.

      What I then did was use my Vanish remover and sprayed it onto the chocolate stains and then washed them again using this powder, the chocolate was removed from my grandchildren's clothing, so I would recommend using a stain remover prior to washing any clothing which has this kind of stain on them first before washing them in your washing machine. I often have to spray items first even when I use a branded kind of powder.

      When I take my fabrics from my machine, all I can smell is a fresh smell and no fragrance when I tested it without using a fabric conditioner. When I used a conditioner in the wash, I could just smell the fabric conditioner but my fabrics were nice and clean.

      I would say this powder works well for just dirty fabrics and lightly soiled ones but it doesn't work well for removing chocolate stains or any heavily soiled stains on fabrics. I didn't expect it to remove heavy stains so it wasn't a huge disappointment.

      However I do think this powder is ideal washing dishcloths, any old DIY clothing or maybe work clothing which hasn't any grease or ground in dirt on them. Also would be an ideal powder to wash pet bedding just to freshen them up. My cat has a fluffy fabric kind of bed and I have washed his bed using this powder and it has cleaned it a treat and left it smelling fresh washed without using an added fabric conditioner. I think it is ideal for these kind of fabrics in my opinion.

      If you are looking to buying a washing powder which cleans well this one would be more than suitable but if you have to wash heavily soiled fabrics I don't think it would be suitable at all because it won't work its magic for removing heavy stains.

      For a 1.067kg box it costs just a £1, I think this washing powder is worth this price and I think it is good value for money in my opinion. It is very affordable for anyone on a very low budget and I think if you don't have a lot of money it is an ideal purchase.

      This box size is designed to wash 16 average wash loads and I think it is a good amount of washes for the price.

      I have sensitive skin and this powder hasn't caused any rashes or irritations on my skin.

      I am happy with the results from this cheap powder, I am happy to recommend it and I would buy it again in the future. I think it is a good one to buy if you are looking to dropping a brand to save some money or maybe for a stop gap powder until pay day if you are maybe struggling with money or maybe a retired person who doesn't have heavily stained clothing and want to stretch their pension that little bit further.

      I am going to give this washing powder 4 stars. Dropping 1 star only because it doesn't remove heavy stains well enough.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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      31.05.2013 02:36
      Very helpful



      cheap washing powder

      I am someone who normally alternates between the branded laundry products just buying whatever is on offer but when I discovered that my friend's very houseproud and label snobby mum used Asda smart price laundry detergent I decided it was worth a try. I can't recall the exact price of the powder but it was significantly cheaper than even Asda own brand powder.

      It is a white and blue powder that pours easily into the drawer, no measuring cup is provided but I generally just guess anyway. It smells soapy but has a less pronounced fragrance than other brands. It dissolves well in the washing machine leaving very little residue, so in that respect it performs the same way than other brands.

      The washing power of this poweder is impressive; a normal load of lightly soiled clothing and bedding comes up nice and clean. It does struggle with stains such as tomato sauce but then even the most expensive powders need a little help from stain removers under those circumstances. It left no real smell on my laundry and didn't leave it very soft but I always use fabric softener anyway.

      I used this Smart Price washing powder over an extended period of time and I'm sure that it accelerated the fading of clothes, especially black jeans which my daughter owns many pairs of. It is for this reason that I stopped using it, while I may be saving money on laundry costs then it's not much use if I need to use it to buy new clothes.

      The Smart Price laundry powder is good value and washes really well but I will be sticking to powders designed to protect colours from fading from now on.


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      30.03.2013 11:20
      Very helpful



      I think I'll buy this again as it seems effective on a hot wash

      I spent a fortune in Tesco this week but had forgotten to buy washing powder. I went to Asda the other day to have a look 'round and needing the said washing powder and not wanting to spend much money I settled on a box of Smart Price biological washing powder. It cost £1 for 1.067kg which according to the box equates to 16 standard washes- not a bad size. It's available in bigger sizes but I buy small boxes as storage is a problem for me.

      The box is white but does have some colour on it, green writing with pictures of coloured towels. This is a newish design as I have bought this before and it looks different and is different from the above picture. I think it's a slightly bigger box too but not sure as I can't really remember it being so long ago that I last bought it.

      The dosage is 35ml, 50ml or 90ml for light soiling through to heavy depending on water type. I don't use this much powder and am happy with the results I get. Judging by that I would say it will last the 16 washes maybe more.

      The powder is bog standard white grains which are quite fine in texture. It smells nice in the box like a light floral scent which unfortunately doesn't last on the clothes after they've dried- not a problem for me as I hate strong fragrances anyway.

      I've done a few washes with this powder and have been impressed. I wasn't expecting much but inspecting my the washing today for this review everything looks clean. Admittedly these were washed on 40 degrees and not my usual 30 but the results are good- my sons jeans in particular have come out clean and mark free. The odd stains remain but this is the case all powders regardless of their claims. There isn't any white powder residue left on the clothes either. On a 30 degree wash which is my main temperature I'm not as happy with the results, it's okay as long as the clothes and towels aren't particularly soiled when I use 30 degrees. There is no fragrance at all on my washing this morning- they don't smell of anything.

      The washing doesn't come out brilliantly bright but is clean enough. We've not experienced any irritation whilst using this powder which I was wary of with it being a biological powder but up to now it's been fine.

      The powder works the same as any cheap make maybe even better, but not really effective on a 30 degrees wash so for this reason 3 stars from me but I will be buying it again.


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      15.08.2012 21:27
      Very helpful



      A good product that does the job at a great price.

      My latest Asda smart price product I have been testing and now reviewing is the Asda Smart Price Biological Washing Powder. Now this is something I have been using now for a good few months, suffice to say it is now my regular washing powder.

      ==The product purchase==

      Ok so the first thing to address is the packaging - it is your standard no fancy stuff here packaging, actually since I have been using it, they have actually upgraded the front picture with a photo of some neatly washed and folded fluffy towels in three zingy colours. Prior to this it really was a completely bog standard, plain white box with the green writing of Asda across the front. Still as it was the cheapest on the shelf, so I wasn't complaining.

      The cost for 800 grams is 79p. This gives you 12 washes they say, however I have found this can vary up and down depending on how much powder I put in (depending on the wash type), but I would say this would definitely do 12 washes easily, in my opinion.
      So compared to the smallish boxes in pound land, this product was even better value in comparison.

      ==Testing it out==

      What do I like about this product? Well the first thing I like is of course, the price! However, I would of course be none too happy if the product turned out to be not fit for purpose. However, that was certainly not the case here as this biological washing powder I have found to be great. It is certainly comparable to Surcare (which is what I was using prior to swapping allegiance to this product). The washing results are in my opinion, no different in to Surcare and certainly better than the pound land powders. The only other comparable to it is the Superdrug basic washing powder, which pretty much matches it on results albeit the price is slightly higher (something like 10p more!).

      The smell of this powder is another thing I like ~ because it has hardly any! I know most people enjoy the strong smelling scents of a lot of the washing powders out there but I am not such a fan. I find them to be too overpowering and not always pleasant. I like a washing powder to smell clean and fresh and not necessarily of fruit and heady scents which seems to be the fashion now. In fact, I have found it difficult to find any washing powders just with that cleaning smell fresh laundry scent. This is the nearest I can get, as after doing the laundry with this powder, 9 times out of 10 I will try to get the washing on the line to give it that line dry freshness.

      The other boon is, I have found this to be a great washing powder for sensitive skin. When I have used other varieties of powders, I have found often make me scratch and itch whereas this has been absolutely fine.


      Would I continue to buy? You bet! At this price as long as it cleans my washing I am not too bothered about what the packaging is like. In addition, the fact that there is not a lot of discernible scent to it, so if you do want to say use a fabric conditioner (which I do on occasion) there is no cross / mixed scents on the washing. You get the clean fresh washing, with just get the pure one note scent of the fabric conditioner.

      All in all a good washing powder for the price, ok it won't make your whites glean and sparkle like perhaps Persil, but for general day to day washing I have found it to be highly adequate at dealing with coloureds, towels, mixed loads and on various types of fabrics and at all temperatures.

      You can get this at the 800g box but you can also get the bigger box at a weighty 4kg for £3.46.

      I give it 4 stars for washing results and price ****


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        13.12.2011 01:44
        Very helpful



        An ok product that I certainly wouldn't avoid but I can't rave about it!

        Just recently I have been trying to save myself some money here and there and the other day I spotted this Biological powder from Asda costing only 79p a box which gives an estimated 10 washes and is 800g in weight and I decided that as I have a brand new washing machine that is pretty awesome and all singing and all dancing that maybe I could get away with using this! This is also available in a 60 wash size which is 4kg sized box and costs a mere £3.36.

        The Packaging:

        The packaging is very cheap and the main of the box is white with bright green on it and we are told that it is Asda Smart Price Biological Automatic Washing Powder and then on the back of the box we are told the composition of the powder, given a brief guide on how to use it and contact details for Asda are listed as well as a couple of other bits and bobs really. You pull to open a tab at the side of it and there is no scoop or anything given.

        The Product Itself:

        The powder is white and rather grainy and instructions on how much to use is given on the box. Personally I have no idea whether I live in a soft or hard water area and basically I pop one cupful for a large wash and always use a separate fabric conditioner/softener as this product doesn't include that then I simply select my cycle and thats that really.

        This is very subtly scented and really I would guess this has a very slight citrusy smell to it however I can't tell anyway once I have added softener to it anyway so it doesn't matter to me anyhow.

        The only problems I have had with this is that it does clog up the drawer of my washing machine a bit which I don't appreciate though what goes into the drum does disperse and give a nice foam in the machine whilst its washing. The other issue is that this isn't great on greasy stains really. I can combat that with using a separate pre soaker of some kind (such as Vanish) but on its own this is best simply just to freshen up slightly soiled or nearly clean items really.

        This is not a bad product, you do need a fabric softener with it or it can leave certain fabrics feeling a bit squeaky and I do like my clothes to smell nicer than this makes them. Its ok though and a decent enough product but personally I don't like the way it clogs up my new washing machine drawer!

        Only available in Asda stores or from Asda.com

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        29.12.2010 18:48
        Very helpful



        A good budget buy that does exactly what is expected.

        Review of Asda Smart Price Biological Washing Powder

        I first purchased Asda's own brand biological washing powder well over a year ago as part of a budget cutting exercise. Asda do various washing powders and this review covers the basic range version, known as 'Smartprice'. The powder comes in two sizes, 4kg and 800g . I am reviewing the 4kg size.

        **The Product and Packaging**

        As the name Smartprice indicates, this is biological washing powder is aimed at the budget end of the market. The product is made in the EU for Asda.
        The washing powder is designed for automatic washing machines or hand washing and the 4kg box will provide approximately 60 normally soiled wash loads. The price for this size is £3.28 and the smaller pack costs 74p.

        The powder is packaged in a sturdy cardboard box. The packaging is basic, a white background with a green flash along the bottom of the box front and a green lid. The Asda logo, product description and a silhouette style image of laundry on a washing line are really all the pack front contains. Instructions for use, warnings, storage information and company details are to be found on the reverse of the pack. As with all Asda own label products, the Smartprice biological washing powder carries the Asda guarantee of 100% satisfaction or refund or replacement of the product.

        Unlike more expensive brands, the box does not have an integrated carry handle and the opening technique is a little crude, in as much as it is merely a pull tab which rips an opening across the front and sides of the packaging allowing access to the contents. No measuring device or scoop is included in the pack. This did not bother me in the slightest as being a thrifty person who hates throwing things away, I have a boxful of the things obtained from other laundry products gathering dust in the kitchen!

        **Scent, Appearance And The All Important Results!**

        The washing powder is as I have already stated a biological type, the actual powder is white in colour, comprising of smallish grains of the product. The scent is not overpowering, again something that does not worry me unduly, it has a vaguely lemon scent, fresh and clean smelling with none of the nose tingling aromas of other brands I've used.

        I should state here that I do suffer with sensitive skin and have in the past experienced outbreaks of contact dermatitis after using a laundry product. Asda's washing powder seems to suit my skin and I have had no ill effects from using it, a definite plus in my book.

        We live in a very hard water area, usually the amount of powder I need to use is considerably more than someone living, say in the West Country, where the water is softer. With this in mind, when I first tried this product, I used the upper end of the recommended powder dosage for a lightly soiled load of washing. The pack recommended 150ml/100g of powder for medium water areas and 195ml for hard. I had a graduated measure in my laundry scoop box (!) so measured out and placed the appropriate amount in the machine's detergent drawer. The washing powder dissolved well and left no residue in the drawer. I was doing a wash load of mixed colours, none of which were filthy. The washing machine did it's normal 40 Degree cycle and the washing came out clean and fresh smelling.

        The next few times I used the powder I realised that I did not actually have to use quite such a large amount of powder, so reduced the quantities used. I found that it was doing it's job efficiently, even when using less powder. I have used the powder for hand washing my net curtains and as with machine washing, I found it performed and did the job well. For a low cost, budget range product, I must admit that I have found this washing powder extremely good, both in results and economy, even on lower temperature wash cycles.

        **How to Use**

        Asda print concise, yet adequate usage instruction on the packaging. I won't bore readers with a copied run down of these as I'm sure most people will have done laundry before and know the score!
        Basically, for machine washing, Asda recommend the laundry be sorted in to garment types/colours/fabric types and then the programme suitable for the most delicate item in the wash load be selected.
        For hand washing Asda advise a ratio of 100ml of powder to each 10 litres of water. The water should be agitated to thoroughly dissolve the powder before adding the laundry to be hand washed and the washing should be rinsed well in clean water.

        Ingredients, Warnings and Company information

        The packing reads:-
        "Asda Smart Price Biological washing powder contains, amongst other ingredients, less than 5% Zeolite, Poloycarboxlate, Oxygen based bleaching agent, Anionic surfactant, nonionic surfactant.
        5-15% Phosphates
        Optical brightener, Enzymes and Perfume".

        As I am not a chemist, I will make no attempt to explain these ingredients or apologise for having copied them from the product packaging exactly as listed!
        Asda also state that as a company, they are against animal testing and is funding research into alternatives.

        Keep away from children.
        Keep away from eyes. Should product get into the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
        Rinse and dry hands after use.
        People with sensitive or damaged skin should avoid prolonged contact with the product.
        Do not ingest, if product is ingested, seek medical advice.

        Store in a cool, dry place

        Company Information

        Asda is a well known supermarket which is part of the American Wal-Mart group, they have stores the length and breadth of the UK. As stated earlier n this review, Asda in line with many other supermarkets nowadays, offer a money back guarantee on their products.
        Asda can be contacted by phone on 0845 300 1111
        by post at
        Asda Stores Ltd
        LS11 5AD
        or online at


        For my money, Asda Smartprice biological washing powder has proven a great product. Of course, results with this type of product do depend on the level of soiling and type of dirt that the powder has to cope with.
        I am not washing heavily oil stained work wear for example, or toddlers clothing with large food stains, but for my everyday laundry requirements, I have found this product to be excellent, both in the washing machine and as a hand wash detergent.
        Recyclable packaging, a very moderate price and a product that actually does what it promises, all add up to a thumbs up from me! Definitely one I would recommend.

        Thank you for reading.

        ©brittle1906 December 2010

        N.B. Please note:- a version of this review can be found on other review sites, under my user name.


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