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Avon Cranberry & Cinnamon Room Spray

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7 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Room & Linen Spray / Category: Home Fragrance

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    7 Reviews
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      18.06.2013 18:07
      Very helpful



      Shop around for the price as it is nearly always on offer

      =Avon Cranberry and Cinnamon Room Spray=

      I like natural products, and this Room Spray from Avon is part of their naturals collection, the fragrances do change in the range, but generally most are a noce combination of smells.

      This is a plastic bottle, and has the label on the front which tells us this is an Avon own brand product, naturals collection and the fragrance, this one is the Cranberry and Cinnamon spray.
      On the reverse label is the to use instructions as well as the contact details for Avon.

      The bottle is a 125ml of liquid, and to use, remove the lid and press down, and pump to spray it has a spray function so when you are near the bottom you have to wiggle the bottle around a bit so the spray picks up the last bit.

      The price for the bottle is £4.75, but there is nearly always offers such as 3 products from the natural collection (mix and match) for £5, or 3 for 2. It worth waiting a search or looking in the sale leaflet, as I picked up this bottle for £1.00.

      =The Smell=
      As soon as you release the fragrance, it produces a fine mist and dispenses well around the room, I was surprised as I really thought it would just do the immediate area.

      The smell was amazing, the cranberry and the cinnamon complimented each other. The smell did remind me of a Christmas fragrance.

      =The Dog=
      We have a dog, who sometimes releases deadly but silent smells, and rotten eggs is the first thought that comes to mind!

      =Spray Immediately=
      That is the expression that gets said as soon as the dog has polluted the air, and within 30 seconds we no longer have rotten eggs, we have lovely cranberry and cinnamon smell.

      This is a long lasting fragrance, and for about 4 hours afterwards the fragrance is lingering in the air.

      The spray can also be used on linens such as bedding, cushions, curtains, and this keeps them fresh.

      I know it does not say it on the bottle, but I have used it to freshen up my daughters pe trainers, as well as Mr Thriftys trainers. They improve the aroma 100%.

      =Would I recommend this fragrance=
      I would highly recommend this fragrance and the product, as it is really a good product.

      These can be purchased from your local Avon rep, or on-line, (although delievery costs may apply).


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      03.05.2013 14:11
      Very helpful



      a great freshner for all over the house!

      I am obsessed with keeping my house smelling good and have air fresheners around the house to keep it smelling good. We have a dog so im paranoid about the house smelling of dog!

      I saw this product in the Avon catalogue and thought id give it a whirl.

      It comes in a clear bottle and the size is 125ml. It is great for when you need the room freshening quickly as the results are instant.

      The room spray is very easy to use you really can't go wrong it is a pump so you simply just press the top and the spray comes out the front.

      The smell that it releases is lovely it smells strongly of cranberry and you can also smell the cinnamon. I have found that I use it a lot when I first bring the dog in for a walk and there is that wet dog smell. This works wonders. I have also recently had a baby and it's great for just after a nappy change to freshen up the room.

      Once you have sprayed it the scent lasts ages and works immediately.

      The spray can be just sprayed into the air to freshen up the whole room or if you want to use it on fabrics you can do this too so I've used it on bedding, cushions and curtains. I have started using it on my sons stinky football trainers too as they often stink the hall out which isnt great, it works really well on these too so its worth it just for that alone!

      I would recommend this product especially to people with children or dogs who need something quick to freshen the home with lasting results.


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      01.03.2013 19:56
      Very helpful




      This scent hasn't been out all too long in Avon. I do like the Avon rooms sprays and there is always different ones coming out. I have seen ones that have lasted years and some that only are out for a few months - pomegranate and mango was a great one in my view.

      So onto the product. This is part of the Avon Naturals range which covers Room Sprays, Shower Gels and Body Lotions. Each scent comes in the 3 matching products. The Room Sprays come in a 125ml bottle and are priced normally at £4 which I think is a bit expensive for an air freshened after all. I buy these when they are on offer and the offer prices vary from 99p to maybe £1.50 or some kind of buy 1 get 2 free configuration. The offer prices are more my price range.

      The bottle is pretty simple looking. It is a pump action bottle and the plastic is clear so you can see the level of the liquid through the bottle easily enough. There is just a little stick on label on the bottle which has a little picture of Cranberries on it.

      I find that only a few squirts of this gives a good scent. This is safe to use on fabrics and although I don't spray this directly onto a couch or that it means that I don't have to worry where I spray this. If I want to really smell the scent them I will spray perhaps 7 squirts of this. For a little freshen up then 3-4 sprays is ok.

      The scent of this is lovely. This has a fresh, juicy smell to it and I would say that the Cranberry is the main scent in here. I wondered if this would smell quite tart smelling but it is just nice and fresh. I can't say that I can really smell the Cinnamon in here as I was expecting a slightly spicy scent in here but apart from a kind of warming kind of scent I can't smell any other scent.

      A really nice fresh and fruity scent. Lets hope this one stays in the Avon books.


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      28.01.2013 17:52
      Very helpful



      An affordable aromatic spray best suited for fabics as opposed to a room freshener.

      ~'Avon Naturals Cranberry & Cinnamon Room & Linen Spray' ~ 'Natural Beauty'~

      The 125ml product comes in a recyclable sturdy cylindrical plastic bottle with an easy finger press down nozzle. The front label is a lovely mixture of fuchsia pinks, cerise and reds with twelve fresh and shiny cranberries providing the imagery. The transparent labelling on the reverse of the bottle gives clear directions in black lettering on how to use the product, 'Spray 2 to 3 times towards the centre of the room away from your face'. Furthermore the ingredients are noted as 'Alcohol Denat, Aqua, Parfum, Vaccinium, Macrocarpon (cranberry) Fruit Extract, Cinnamomum, Zeylanicum Bark extract, Benzyl Alcohol, Eugenol, Cinnamal, Coumarin, Butylphenyl, Methyplropional, Linalool, Citronellol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone'. There is also practical warning advise as, 'Flammable, keep away from heat or flame. Do not spray directly onto wooden furniture. Keep out of reach of children'.

      ~My usage experience ~ 'Natural Resource'~

      I found using the spray so easy to use, no unwrapping, turning or twisting of the nozzle, it is simply ready to use. The spout is very flexible and only needs light pressure to release the spray. The consistency and appearance of the contents are like water. The spray is dispersed with such a fine mist and discharged around half a metre in length. Two brief burst of the spray affords the most exotic scent. The fragrance is predominantly that of cranberries, with very delicate undertones of spicy cinnamon.

      I love to spray rooms with this product as a quick tool to freshen up the environment, such as when we have finished a meal. The fragrance furnishes a real seasonal feel, with its gorgeous warm tones that evokes a lovely scent during the winter months. The synthetic cranberry ingredient actually gives off an aroma that smells authentic, with its rich fruity and luxurious bouquet. The cinnamon is fairly understated for me. The fragrances combine very well, but the strength of the cinnamon could definitely do with being a little stronger. The cinnamon content seems overwhelmed by the cranberry redolence, though it is a captivating scent.

      When I spray the contents into the air, the essence fills the room immediately with the most uplifting and enchanting perfume but the balmy scent loses its strength far too quickly. The odour remains in the environment I sprayed for around ten minutes before I begin to notice only remnants of the odouriser. After half an hour I can barely detect the aroma at all. The alluring scent only last a little longer when doors are closed soon after spraying.

      I use the spray on different fabrics, such as curtains, cushions, furniture covers, clothing and towels in drawers. With a gentle burst of the fine mist I gentle squirt the spray about a foot from the linen and fabrics, this is enough to furnish a light and delicate essence over the items. Now I find a far less disappointing result as the spray seems to have a much lengthier longevity when it comes to direct content! I sprayed cushion covers that retained the sweet and luscious scent over hours, but the odour is very delicate, mostly noticeable when I lay my head on the cushions.

      The same effect is held on the curtains, especially when I draw or open them, I get a brief gentle flush of the balmy aromatic scent. I have had positive comments concerning the fragrance on my furniture covers too. As for the towels and clothing, as they have been placed away in closed drawers and cupboards, the perfume is especially noticeable when I open the doors to the fabrics. It is a real pleasure to wrap myself up in a beautifully fragranced bath towel after a shower. The scent is far too delicate to remain after laundering but as the price of these sprays are reasonable, and only one to three burst per application is needed, the spray works out even more economical. I would say that I mainly use this product as a fragrance enhancer on fabrics, linen and clothing as this seems to furnish the best results.

      ~Would I Recommend ~ 'All Natural'~

      Yes, but as a linen scent spray other than a room freshener, as the results last more effectively on the aforementioned!

      The product is available through your local Avon representative, Avon online website, and through other outlets such as EBay. I recently purchased this product again from the last Avon brochure, campaign 03 for £1.50. This current campaign, 04, has an array of other fragrances on this product range on a great offer of 'buy 1 order 2 free'!

      Thank you for taking the time to read my fruity review :~)


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        21.12.2012 10:44
        Very helpful



        A beautiful product from the Avon Naturals Range..

        I do love using fruit-fragranced products such as scented candles and room sprays around my home, particularly over the Festive Season when I feel that warm, fruity scents can really add to the festive ambiance at home.

        Whilst I have several Christmas-themed Yankee Candle products to use at this time of year, I decided to try out a fragranced Room & Linen Spray that is a recent addition to my much loved "Avon Naturals" range, hoping that the scent would have a wintry feel that would be perfectly suited to this time of year. The item in question is the "Avon Naturals Cranberry & Cinnamon Room & Linen Spray" which currently costs £3 from the Avon website (www.avonshop.co.uk).

        There is a small range of the fruit-scented sprays available from Avon, and the normal price is £4 per spray which is reasonable value but not the best, especially considering the size of the neat 125ml bottles.

        I have tried out many of the Room & Linen Sprays from this range over the years as I really like the fruit-based fragrances that they generally contain. I like too the simple but attractive packaging, that usually always carries a bright and colourful label to the front of the bottle. The Cranberry & Cinnamon spray is no exception to this rule, with the lovely label detailing an attractive image of some beautiful, ripe-looking cranberries. A smaller image of some fresh cinnamon sticks appears directly underneath, and the bright red colours used on the bottle are completely suited to the product in my opinion. The product really has an attractive festive feel and look to it that I really like.

        The Avon sprays are of course dual purpose in that they can be used to freshen up either a room or your linen. I personally seldom use them to freshen up linen as I don't really feel the need, except perhaps when on holiday if I happen to have one of the sprays with me. In terms of using the spray in the room however, I find the Avon Naturals Room & Linen sprays offer something a little different to other scented sprays that I have used before.

        Firstly, I find the scents and fragrances used in the Avon Room Sprays are much MUCH nicer than shop-bought aerosol air freshener products that feel rather 'suffocating' to me as a result of their scents 'hanging' in the air in an unpleasant, highly-perfumed 'cloud.' The Avon sprays, in comparison, feel much 'lighter' and this makes them more appealing, as far as I am concerned. Similarly, I find the fruity fragrances are much more natural feeling than a lot of sprays that have sweet and sickly, rather thick 'musks' in their aromas that are just not suited to my own tastes.

        The Avon spray has presented me with no issues in terms of being able to use it, even though I suffer with limited mobility and weakness in my hands. I find the pump dispenser is very easy to utilise, and I have no issues with the product's packaging at all, so I do think it is entirely suitable for use with those consumers who have mobility issues, like myself.

        The spray is quite economical in my experience, and I find just a couple of 'pumps' from the bottle is really enough to fill the room with a fruity aroma that is more than strong enough for my liking. I do find, however, that spraying more of the product will 'build' the scent up a little, so if you preferred the scent to be a bit stronger, this method might work well for you. The scent feels wonderfully fragrant and fruity, and I confess that it has a very uplifting feel to it that I have found very welcoming, particularly on the cold winter mornings we have been experiencing lately.

        The fruity smell is quite delicious, although I have to confess that I don't think I would have been able to identify the scent as being that of cranberry if I had been testing the product blind. That is to say that whilst I am very fond of the fragrance, I can't admit to finding it being particularly true to a natural cranberry scent, but to be fair I do find cranberry fragrances can often be understated and rather subdued - particularly when compared to other fruits with stronger smells and tastes. To me, the cranberry scent is very much a general 'berry-like' aroma that is incorporated into the Avon spray, although this is very much an observation on my part, rather than a criticism.

        Quite the opposite is true, and I have really nothing negative to report about the spray's aroma at all. I do think the aroma is quite delicious in its initial appearance, when the product is (eagerly) spritzed from the bottle, producing a fragrant, fruity 'cloud' that feels wonderfully sweet and soft in its berry-like haze, allowing for an uplifting, summery feel to be experienced which is very welcome. Once this subsides a little, however, there is a slightly 'earthy' note that seems to come from the product's core. That is to say that whilst this note had previously been a mere thread running through the fruity 'berry' fragrance, it begins to develop once the fragrance has been allowed to settle a little, and this earthy note really presents itself alongside the edge of the berry fragrance. The end result is the perfect balance, in my opinion, as the earthy note has a very warm feeling to it that adds a little balance to the sweetness of the berry-like scent. The heat in this element is presumably produced from the cinnamon contained in the spray, and whilst I find this gives a wonderful, earthy feel to the spray I have to confess that again, I do not feel that the scent is true to its natural fragrance. I really do not think that I would be able to pick out either the cranberry or the cinnamon scent in this product as they are both so different to how I usually experience them. I can't fault the product, however, as I am such a big fan of this beautiful spray, so even though the scents feel different to what the product claims, I feel it is unfair to knock stars from the product rating, as I do find the overall fragrance is extremely pleasant.

        In terms of the product's effectiveness at helping to 'disguise' smells, I do tend to use the spray all around my home, except my bedroom and kitchen. When used in the bathroom, I find it does a reasonable job at helping to 'mask' any unpleasant smells that may be lurking around after my cat's litter tray has been cleaned out...! Without going into too much detail, she is a very old girl and it is fair to say that both her bowel and her bladder have seen better days, as have the smells that escape from within. *ahem*. I find that the room spray works fairly well at helping to move such smells along...... and out the open window. I can't say that it is the most effective product in terms of covering up unwanted odours, but it works well enough in this regard, and certainly well enough for my own household.

        I find the scented spray performs reasonably in terms of the scent's longevity; I can still detect a faint whiff of the scent some 45 minutes or so after spraying, although to be quite honest this result is fairly poor when compared to other air freshener products that I have purchased before. I have already explained how such air freshener sprays are not suited to my own tastes however, and so I am more than happy to accept the results achieved from the Avon Naturals alternatives. I have found that some sprays from this range perform much better than others in this respect, as some of the sprays have scents that are barely detectable some 15 minutes or so after spraying. In comparison then, the Cranberry & Cinnamon alternative does rather well, as it lasts much longer than this.

        I have found using the spray around my home recently in the cold Winter months has provided a beautiful fruity scent that does feel perfectly suited to this time of year, in my opinion. It is most definitely an Avon Room & Linen Spray that I would repurchase again in the future, and I therefore feel that it is very deserving of full marks in the Dooyoo product rating score.


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          14.12.2012 11:55
          Very helpful



          Fruity scent but not as nice as it could be..

          **Introduction and reason for purchase**
          I've been using Avon products for as long as I can remember and whilst sometimes they can be slightly hit or miss, on the whole they 'do the job' and are sometimes that little bit of affordable luxury (depending on the product).

          I have run Avon myself in the past and up until about 6 months ago my best friend was a Rep so I had a convenient way of ordering, but since she decided to stop running it I found that there were no other Reps in my area so have not been able to buy anything for a while as there is an online Avon shop but orders placed in this way get charged p&p which isn't always beneficial if only wanting the odd item. A few weeks ago luckily a school mum friend said she was thinking of becoming an Avon Rep if enough people were interested, and having just received my second order from her I will be reviewing one of their room & linen sprays.

          My review will now discuss my thoughts on the Avon Naturals Cranberry & Cinnamon Room & Linen Spray..

          **Price, packaging & availability**
          The majority of people that buy from Avon tend to go via a Rep and have it delivered to them for free, often to their home or work, but products can be bought directly from the company as mentioned above. If interested in purchasing this or any other Avon items then the website is - www.avonshop.co.uk though there is a charge of £3.50 for standard delivery if you don't spend over £20 so it's worth bearing this in mind.

          Packaging wise this room & linen spray is identical to all of the other in the collection being in a slimline transparent bottle with a spray nozzle facility. The bottle is made from a sturdy yet squeezable plastic and because of the clearness we can see the product which has both a watery appearance as well as consistency. Apart from an image on the front of mainly cranberries (with a smaller picture of cinnamon sticks underneath which barely get a look in) there is little all else in the way of decoration on these room & linen spray bottles but I quite like the simplicity of the packaging, and the fact I'm able to view the remainder of the contents is always a winner with any product with me.

          The bottles holds 125ml of liquid and can often be bought much cheaper than it's usual RRP of £4. I bought this in a '3 for £5' offer but sometimes it can be sold for as little as 99p so it's worth holding off paying full price for.

          **My experience of using this product**
          I've been buying Avon's room & linen sprays for as long as I can remember and have always had mixed experiences with using them. At one point I found that despite the new fragrance released the scent would linger in the air for all of about 5 minutes before disappearing so I was very reluctant for a long time to 'waste' any money on new additions to the collection.

          Recently though I've found the staying power of these glorified air fresheners to have improved significantly and have been buying when I can, including in my last two orders now I'm able to 'access' Avon again. I did buy this 'blindly' though as I hadn't tried it before but I liked how festive it sounded so was eager to spritz it around my home to add to the Christmas ambiance especially now I have my tree and decorations up.

          On removing the clear plastic lid which protects the nozzle I was instantly greeted with a sweet fruity blast of cranberries which I have to admit was very appealing. On pressing the nozzle a few times the spray emitted at a fast and furious pace but because the product is a water like consistency it soon fell to the floor despite aiming it quite high towards my ceiling. The initial hit of sweet cranberries does soon fade unfortunately and as for the supposed addition of cinnamon this is extremely subtle to the point of being almost undetectable.

          The fragrance itself is very pretty but isn't particularly festive, which is a shame really as I opted for this fragrance for that reason alone. It's a sweet and fruity fragrance that is indeed uplifting and smells very nice but I wouldn't say it's Wintery fragrance as it reminds me of Summer to be honest when I've used it.

          The fragrance doesn't hang in the air for long so despite the strong and quite concentrated initial blast of aroma it soon disperses leaving just a hint of delicate fragrance in my home. As I've mentioned before in reviews I live in a small cottage all on one level with only 6 rooms in total so by spritzing the product in one room the scent normally wafts through to the adjoining rooms though I'v found with this product that it tends to linger in just the area that it has been sprayed in.

          I do actually quite like this fragrance and am pleased that the cranberry has a sweet hint to it as cranberry can have a tart and slight tang to it sometimes so I'm always half and half on whether I like it or not - as a fragrance, a fruit and to drink - it all depends on the product. This I'm pleased to say is sweet and fruity and reminds me more or raspberries though Im quite disappointed in the lack of cinnamon scent as I really can't detect it at all.

          The room and linen spray is nice enough and whilst I bought it on offer I would not buy it at full price as I don't think it justifies it's £4 price tag at all. As a linen spray I've only used it on my bedding and whilst it's noticeable I would say it's actually stronger when used as an air freshener.

          I would recommend this if you are a fan of sweet fruity scents to freshen your home but would advise against buying if wanting something festive as it doesn't offer a hint of 'Christmas' fragrance unfortunately.

          This is pleasant enough and once spritzed the fragrance lingers in my room(s) for around 20 to 30 minutes so if bought on offer then it's worth the purchase. Because of the usual high RRP and the lack of cinnamon scent I am deducting a star but it still gets a respectable 4 out of 5 from me.


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            09.11.2012 18:50
            Very helpful



            a mixed bag

            ~Avon Room Spray~

            Avon offer a few fragranced room and linen sprays. Today, I will be discussing my use of the new 2012 Christmas spray - Cranberry and Cinnamon. A body lotion and shower gel are also available in this fragrance.

            This spray is part of the Naturals collection. It is recommended that you spray this 2-3 times into the centre of the room to fragrance it with a gorgeous sweet and spicy aroma. The spray itself is a clear liquid and is presented in a tall, slim plastic container. The bottle is clear and features a simple label illustrating cranberries and cinnamon sticks. The bottle can be recycled once empty.

            ~Price and Availability~

            This room spray is available from the Avon brochure (see local Avon rep) or from www.avonshop.co.uk. It retails at £4.00 for a 125ml bottle but is currently reduced to 99p on the website.

            ~My Thoughts~

            I spend a small fortune on sprays and candles for my home as I like to smell beautiful and welcoming. I order each month from the Avon book and was anticipating the return of the sugar plum range this Christmas but it appears to have been replaced by cranberry and cinnamon. I am a big fan of cinnamon fragrances so decided to order a bottle of this room spray last month. I bought mine as part of a '4 for £5.00' offer. I feel £4.00 is far too expensive for this product as it isn't as high quality as Yankee or Shearer sprays in my opinion.

            The bottle is definitely a simple affair and quite cheap but inoffensive in appearance. It is functional courtesy of the spray top. I mainly use this as I would use an air freshener spray around my home. A short push down on the spray releases quite a lot of liquid in the form of a light mist. The mist seems to drop from the air quite quickly which I don't like personally. I prefer Febreze for this reason as it normally hangs in the air for a short while longer. The mist doesn't leave a dampness on my wooden flooring but I do spray less in non carpeted rooms just incase!

            The scent of this spray is immediately noticeable and I feel one or two sprays is more than sufficient to fragrance a room without it becoming cloying or overpowering. This room spray does a good job of hiding homely odours but doesn't eliminate them like Febreze does. This spray helps refresh a room and I find it pleasant to use before guests are due to arrive to simply fragrance and freshen up the air in my home. My home isn't smelly by any means but sometimes doesn't feel as fresh as it could be due to cooking aromas.

            I wouldn't say I am completely taken my the smell of this room spray. It is nice, fresh and fragrant but comes across as being a little more aritificial than I would expect. The fragrance is quite strong at first and actually reminds me of a rich, black cherry sort of fragrance with an alcohol undertone. It settles down a little and becomes light, juicy and very sweet thanks to the cranberry. I feel that the cinnamon could have came through a little stronger as the scent is definitely more sweet than spicy. A bigger dose of cinnamon may have helped to prolong the scent too.


            Whilst strong at first, the fragrance of this room spray starts to fade quite quickly and requires a top up. I have used it as a linen spray and can confirm that it doesn't stain. I find it best to use it in the morning over the top of our bed linen and use it sparingly to avoid the linen becoming overly damp. It does seem to last quite some time on linen and my bed always smell lovely in the evening.

            I would happily pay 99p for this but not much more as it lacks staying power and is certainly nothing special. It simply refreshes my home and fragrances the air for an hour or so. My bottle isn't lasting well as I need to keep spraying it often. I personally prefer similar fragranced sprays from other brands but can recommend this as a quick to fragrance room spray.

            Thanks for reading :)


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