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Avon Naturals Juicy Watermelon Room Spray

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4 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Room & Linen Spray / Category: Home Fragrance

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    4 Reviews
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      21.09.2013 21:52
      Very helpful



      not my favourite but nice enough

      ~Naturals Fragrance Spritz~

      This fragrance spritz from Avon can be used as a body spray, linen spray and also as a room spray. There are different scents available but I own the Juicy Watermelon scent which contains real watermelon extracts. This spritz is presented in a tall, slim plastic bottle with a watermelon illustration on the front. The bottle features a spray top and can be recycled once empty.


      A 100ml bottle is currently available from www.avonshop.co.uk or from an Avon rep priced at just 99p. The full price of this spritz is £4.00.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I was given this spritz by my sister and could quite determine whether it was a room spray or a body spray as Avon, in the past, have made separate products in almost identical bottles. A quick look on their website confirmed that this is a multi-use product and I have therefore been using it as such. It does state on the back to spray as required and avoid the face. The packaging is very basic but functional. It certainly won't win any design awards but is easy to store and also to use.

      When the spray top is pushed down, the clear liquid is released in quite a powerful mist. As a room spray, I find that I do not need to spray much for a strong fragrance to be noticeable. I simply spray it in to the middle of the room and it keeps the air smelling lovely and fresh for up to an hour. The watermelon scent is very strong and best used in larger rooms as it can become overpowering. I find this spritz to be effective as a linen spray and often give my duvet a quick spray when I have made the bed as it keeps the sheets smelling fresh and clean in between washes.

      I personally prefer this spritz for using around the home as it is so quick and easy to use. I have used it a number of times as a body spray though as the results are instant. Not much is needed per use and my skin does feel a tad damp and sticky after application. As a body spritz, this product is gentle on my sensitive skin. As I said before, the scent is quite powerful and is a little much to handle when applying this to my skin. Thankfully, the scent settles on my skin after five minutes and a juicy, sweet watermelon aroma remains for around an hour. I find the scent of this product to be nice once it has settled and perfect for the Summertime as it is bright and refreshing.

      I wouldn't pay £4.00 for this as it isn't really anything special. I like the scent but it is far from being a favourite due to how strong and synthetic is comes across when initially sprayed. For 99p, it is well priced and makes a good spray for using around the home. It doesn't give long lasting results but provides short bursts of freshness around my home and for my skin. A 100ml bottle is lasting me well as I don't use it daily and when I do use it, I don't like to spray too much as it would become too heavy and overpowering.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        05.02.2013 20:43
        Very helpful



        A nice fresh spray!

        I have a few of these Avon Naturals room and linen sprays. The latest addition to my collection is the 'juicy watermelon' scented spray.

        ~ Bottle ~
        It comes in a tall, narrow cylindrical bottle containing 125ml of spray. The bottle is clear and has a sticker on the front with a picture of some pieces of juicy watermelon on.
        The back of the bottle gives directions for use in small lettering towards the bottom of the sticker, 'Spray 2 to 3 times towards the centre of the room away from your face.'

        ~ Price and availability ~
        This room and linen spray is made by Avon so it is only available to order from the Avon brochure or on the Avon website, www.avonshop.co.uk.
        It is available in many different scents including:
        lavender and chamomile
        raspberry and hibiscus
        violet and lychee
        apple and honeysuckle
        strawberry and white chocolate
        sugar plum and vanilla
        banana and coconut
        almond and milk
        milk and honey
        black cherry and nutmeg

        and more.
        The linen sprays usually cost £4.00 for a 125ml bottle.
        They are currently on offer buy one get one free across most of the range, but the strawberry and white chocolate spray is reduced to just £1.50 and the milk and honey spray is on sale at £2.50.
        These sprays have been on sale for as little as £0.99.

        ~ Use ~
        The room and linen spray produces a fine mist, which disperses very quickly.
        I have found that 3 sprays of this spray is more than enough to freshen up your room or even your linen.
        The watermelon scent in this spray is more pleasant than I expected. It definitely has that watery watermelon scent to it, but it is fresh and crisp and I find that when it is sprayed over linen it has quite a sweet scent.
        It is fairly subtle, but it does freshen my rooms up.

        I often find that fragrances last a lot longer on fabrics than they do on your skin, but they can smell stale on your clothing after a while. This spray is not too strong or heavy and I find that rather than it becoming stale on your fabrics, the scent seems to just completely disappear after a while.
        It seems to be evident for longer on your linen than if you use it as a room spray though. It lasts a few hours at the most on your linen, but the scent disappears much quicker from your rooms.

        I don't use this spray very often, but I sometimes use it to freshen up my bed linen, but I have also used it to spray over my clothing in the same way you might use a body spray and of course to freshen up my rooms.

        There is a cherry blossom scented spray that Avon have released in the same range, which is actually a body, room and linen spray, but I am unsure what the difference is.

        ~ Conclusion ~
        I like this room and linen spray and the scent is nicer than I expected it to be. It is handy to freshen up your rooms or linen, without being too strong.
        I wouldn't pay full price for this linen spray as I don't think it is worth £4.00 for what it is and for how long the scent lasts and Avon sometimes have it on offer for as little as 99p so I'd have to be desperate to pay the full price.
        I haven't tried all of Avon's linen spray range, but there are quite a few interesting scents, which I would consider buying in the future.
        I probably wouldn't choose this scent again as I feel there are much more interesting scents in the range that I'd quite like to try, but I do like this one.


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          03.10.2012 12:01
          Very helpful



          I would buy it again, but there are other scents that I prefer..

          Many regular readers of my reviews will be aware by now that I work part time as an Avon representative when my poor health allows. This means that I not only have great access to many of the newly launched ranges and products that Avon have to offer, but I also have the opportunity to find some great bargains and deals from many of Avon's ranges.

          One range that I really quite like is the "Avon Naturals Range" which has a selection of freshly-fragranced shower gels and room sprays amongst their range of body lotions and such like. I do quite like the Room & Linen sprays in the range and have tried out several of them in the past.

          One such room spray that I first tried near the beginning of this year was the "Avon Naturals Juicy Watermelon" scented spray, and I believe I paid around £2 for the product at the time of purchase. I had used the spray a couple of times when it was first purchased but I found alternative sprays were more favourable and so put this one to the back of the pile. I have found myself becoming reacquainted with the product again more recently due to coming across it stashed away with a whole host of other Avon products in my spare cupboard. I have been slowly working my way through all of these products to use them up and I do hate waste..!

          The Naturals Room & Linen Sprays are usually priced around the £4 mark, which I think is reasonable value but not the best, especially considering the rather neat size of the 125ml bottles. It is worth noting however, that the Avon Naturals range is regularly subject to promotional offers and I don't honestly think I have ever paid more than £2 for one of their room sprays... so it's definitely worth holding off until offers are running or sales are in place. As @ the time of writing (October 2012), the Juicy Watermelon Scent is not available in the current Avon brochure, but I do believe it appears in the Avon sale brochures from time to time. Alternatively, you can purchase the spray online at www.ebay.co.uk, where prices start from only 99 pence plus postage costs at the present time. As always, I recommend that you speak to your local Avon Representative first, as most Reps worth their salt will be able to track down many of Avon's products for you - whether they appear in the recent brochures or not.

          The Avon sprays are of course dual purpose in that they can be used to freshen up either a room or your linen. I personally seldom use them to freshen up linen as I don't really feel the need, except perhaps when on holiday if I happen to have one of the sprays with me. In terms of using the spray in the room however, I find the Avon Naturals Room & Linen sprays offer something a little different to other scented sprays that I have used before.

          Firstly, the scents and aromas of the sprays are usually MUCH nicer than shop-bought air fresheners that can feel quite 'false' and often carry a sort of 'chemical' scent in their tone. The Avon sprays in comparison, feel much lighter and more natural based which is why I prefer them, finding their fresh tones - which usually contain something fruit-based, so ideal for my own tastes - a much nicer alternative to a powerfully floral 'smog curtain' of scent that hangs in the atmosphere for ages.

          The bottle is not particularly eye-catching or appealing, I have to admit. Comprising of a clear plastic bottle that has a very slim, thin look to it, there is a pump dispenser on top, to allow you to spray the product easily. I can't confess to thinking that the product would stand out to me from a shop shelf but it serves its purpose I suppose. In the case of the Juicy Watermelon spray, there is an attractive image on the bottle's label that depicts some delicious looking watermelon chunks. The label is edged in an attractive red shade which adds a little contrasting detail to the otherwise fairly 'bland' looking bottle.

          The scent of the Watermelon Room Spray is very sweet, which is what I had expected. I find it to be quite strongly-scented, but this tends to only be the case for a short period following the spray's escape from the bottle. A short time afterwards, the fragrance 'settles' in the air and this is much more suited to my own tastes as I find the scent can be rather strong, verging on over-powering even when it is first sprayed. Certainly, I am more cautious with the amount of times I spray this spray at any one time, which is not the case with other Avon Naturals room sprays that I use on a daily basis, that will see me happily dispensing spray after spray of their fruity fragrance with each use.

          These comments sound rather negative, admittedly, but that is not to say that I do not find the spray's fragrance to be very pleasant. I find it is actually quite true to the scent of watermelon, without any notable 'synthetic' trace which is rather off-putting. Instead, the watermelon fragrance is quite refreshing and summery, being lovely and sweet and extremely fruity. The one downside to the scent of watermelon in general is that it is very sweet, and this is true also of the Avon Naturals spray. Whilst this is pleasant, it does deter me from over-using the spray as I find it can become 'heady' and slightly over-powering if it is allowed to build up at all. For this reason as I touched on earlier, I find that one or two sprays of this particular scent is more than ample for my own needs, although this would be down to personal choice of course.

          I would assume that the result would be similar if the Watermelon spray were to be sprayed onto linen, but I cannot clarify this as I have not tried this for myself. What I CAN confirm however, is that any time I have used the Avon Room & Linen sprays on linen or laundry in the past, they have caused nothing in the way of staining or discolouration, which would obviously render the product rather useless.

          I find the Avon Juicy Watermelon Room Spray is quite versatile, and I tend to use it all around my home, except my bedroom and kitchen. When used in the bathroom, I find it does a reasonable job at helping to 'mask' any unpleasant smells that may be lurking around after my cat's litter tray has been cleaned out...! Without going into too much detail, she is a very old girl and it is fair to say that both her bowel and her bladder have seen better days, as have the smells that escape from within. *ahem*. I find that the room spray works fairly well at helping to move such smells along...... and out the open window, without leaving behind an unpleasant 'smog' that aerosol sprays always seem to leave in their wake.

          The spray feels suited to use throughout the year too, which adds to its feeling of versatility, although I do think that the Juicy Watermelon scent is absolutely ideal for use during the cold, wet Autumn days as it has a rather uplifting quality to its fresh, fruity scent that is reminiscent of summertime, to my mind.

          In terms of longevity, I find the Juicy Watermelon Room Spray's performance is on a par with that of most of the other Avon room sprays that I have tried out in the past. I find that the scent is easily detectable for a short period after spraying, but this does not seem to be particularly long-lasting, and I find the spray difficult to detect at all a short time afterwards, perhaps 30 minutes or so after the product has been spritzed. This is not particularly impressive, I have to confess, although it is not enough to deter me from repurchasing any of the Avon Naturals Room & Linen sprays again in the future, as I am such a fan of their gorgeous, fruity scents and find they offer good value for money when purchased at a discounted price.

          In summary, I would buy the Juicy Watermelon Room & Linen Spray again in the future, but perhaps only if it were available at a bargain price. The scent is pleasant and quite uplifting, but for me personally, it doesn't come close to competing with other scents in the range that are absolutely gorgeous and are my first choice. For the reasons outlined in this review, I feel that an award of four marks out of five is appropriate for the product.


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            16.04.2012 11:37
            Very helpful



            A lovely fragrance just a shame it doesn't last long enough to appreciate it


            I have ordered products from Avon on and off over the years and it has to be said I find them a bit hit and miss. I've always been quite impressed with their Naturals range however and when they introduced the Room & Linen sprays collection a few years back I was eager to try them out around my home. I've had varying degrees of success with these sprays, finding that the more newer fragrances seem to last longer when sprayed either on my bedding or as an air freshener in my home. When these were on offer just after Christmas in the Avon catalogue I purchased a few of the varieties that I hadn't tried before as the offer price was a reasonable 99p at the time.

            This review focuses on my experience of using the 'Juicy Watermelon Room & Linen Spray'..

            *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

            Juicy Watermelon comes presented in the same style bottle that all of the Room & Linen sprays come in being a cylindrical design which is completely transparent. The bottle is made from an 'average' (neither thick nor thin) plastic material with a pump spray mechanism via a nozzle perched on directly on top of the bottle. I have only ever seen this available in one size which is a 125 ml bottle but because I tend to find only a few squirts of this are needed per room this size seems to last a reasonable length of time in our home.

            As previously mentioned I picked up a few different fragrances when on offer at 99p though the normal RRP for these is a hefty £4 each. I have never bought these room sprays at this price as I do not think they merit this cost at all but I am quite happy to hand over less than £1 as some of the fragrances in the collection do smell divine.

            This is an Avon product so can be found either online @www.avon.shop.co.uk, via a local Rep, or can be picked up quite cheaply on Ebay.

            *~*My experience of using this*~*

            I love my home to smell delicately fragranced and more often than not I will burn a Yankee wax tart, but for a quick freshen up if I have been cooking or if guests are arriving for instance I will give my home a few squirts of an air freshener. I'm not a big fan of air fresheners as such as I find some of them to smell quite artificial so stick to either febreze or these from Avon. I liked the sound of this melon fragranced spray as it sounded fresh and fruity and perfect to spray in my corridor near to my kitchen to cover up any unwanted cooking smells.

            To use the spray there is a simple to operate plastic nozzle and after removing the lid which fits neatly on top a few pumps of the nozzle is enough to activate the spray (by pumping it up the straw like vessel inside). I spritzed this in my living room first and worked my way around my home - which is tiny by the way - and by the time I was back to my living room I found the initial scent had faded dramatically which is a real shame as it is a really beautiful aroma when first sprayed. The rich watermelon scent comes across as literally 'juicy' and smells very realistic with a hint of sweetness and luckily not artificial at all which is why I felt very let down that once the initial fragrance had been sprayed it didn't hang in the air very long.

            I have had slightly better results however from using this on my bedding and my carpets as a few sprays seem to embed itself into the fabric giving the spray a longer lease of life. I've never had any problems with staining or ruining my bedding/ fabrics with these sprays but I would suggest you test on an inconspicuous area first if worried.

            *~*Would I recommend this?*~*

            Whilst I do like freshness of the watermelon scent that is used here I just find it's longevity quite disappointing when sprayed and was very glad that I only paid 99p rather than £4 for it. Although I have gotten use out of it by spritzing randomly on my bedding from time to time I did purchase this more as a room fragrance so I find it disappointing that it just doesn't seem to linger. The liquid itself is transparent and resembles water so it may literally just be too heavy to hang in the air for long but really Avon should have thought about this when first designing it.

            I would recommend this if bought at 99p for a very quick blast of fruity freshness but if looking for something with a lingering scent then look elsewhere.


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