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B&Q Ready Mixed Grout

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Brand: B&Q / Type: Grout

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    1 Review
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      30.09.2012 21:43
      Very helpful



      A quick and easy way to grout your wall tiles.

      A couple of months back I noticed that my bathroom tiles could do with regrouting. General wear and tear can leave the grout looking discoloured or not as smooth and even as it was when newly applied. Although I managed to combat any discolouring by spraying regularly with mould and mildew remover, I thought they would still benefit from another grout application and so I headed off to my local B&Q to see what was available.

      Amongst the many grouting products I found this ready mixed grout in a tub and thought it would be easier than mixing grout myself. There were also tubs and tubes of ready mixed adhesive and grout, but as I wasn't actually going to be sticking new tiles, I opted for the grout only product. I also opted for a tub rather than a tube as I thought this would be easier to use than trying to squirt the grout from a tube. With a tub, I could scoop out the grout and apply it with a plastic grouting tool and smooth it easily between the tiles I hoped.

      This B&Q own brand wall tile ready mixed grout in a tub, seemed to be just what I was looking for and priced at £6.98 for a tub which covers up to 8m, didn't seem a bad price to pay.

      This ready mixed grout is white, waterproof and has a drying time of 24 hours.
      I was in the queue at the checkout waiting to pay for this grout, when a man behind me began chatting to me and stated this grout was decent stuff and ideal for repairs to damaged grout on your tiles. He told me he would advise anyone to use this for grouting and not to use the ready mixed adhesive and grout which some people purchase when both applying tiles and grouting, believing a 2 in1 product would do the trick for both jobs and thus save them money. I told him I was just regrouting tiles and he said it would be fine as he had used it himself and the adhesive and grout was a nightmare to use for grouting, so to steer clear of that one.

      When I came to use the grout, it was really easy to apply from the tub. I scooped some out and applied it easily and smoothly between the tiles with my grouting tool, but I have to say an old credit card or similiar plastic card works just as well when applying the grout!
      I found it easy to smooth the grout between the tiles with no bits dropping off. I then wiped away any residue from the tiles with a damp cloth. It is easier to do this right away rather than wait until it begins to dry, as it is more difficult to remove when it hardens and leaves a powdery residue behind which can involve scraping and scrubbing to remove.

      I was really pleased with the end result from using this grout. The grout between my tiles was a brilliant white again and looked smooth and new. Gone were the rough and chipped parts caused by wear and tear and my tiles looked almost new again. It certainly brightened up the bathroom.

      This ready mixed grout seems to be ideal as well as very convenient for all your wall tile grouting needs. It is so quick and easy to apply from the tub with no mixing involved and I also strongly recommend purchasing a tub rather than a tube. The grout appears to be good quality and I experienced no problems at all using this. It wasn't sticky, it doesn't run at all and it was actually dry within a few hours, although I left it 24 hours before using the shower in my bathroom just to ensure it was thoroughly dry.

      For £6.98 this tub is great value for money and I can highly recommend it. It is available from all B&Q stores.


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