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Betterware Grippits

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Brand: Betterware

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    1 Review
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      06.09.2012 15:46
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      These handy little gizmos have proved worth their weight in gold.

      Review of Betterware Grippits

      Betterware are a direct sell company. In the United Kingdom their goods are available from the company's representatives who deliver a brochure to your home, collect it with your order and then deliver your goods free of charge.
      Alternatively, the full range of Betterware goods can be order from their web site.

      I must admit that I find Betterware products to be generally of a good standard but rather expensive. That said they do stock a wide range of unusual household goods so are worth a look in my opinion.

      **The Grippits**

      Grippits are an odd sort of item. They are sold in a pack of 4 for around £2.99 and are designed to hold fabric items taut and in place. To look at they resemble a double ended suspender! The Grippits are constructed of sturdy elastic which when fully extended reaches about 45cm. At each end of the Grippit is a rubbery knob and a metal loop very similar to those found on lingerie worn to hold up stockings.

      Betterware market these as a method of holding an ironing board cover in place or to keep fitted sheets in place, but they can be used in a variety of situations. I think most of us will have experienced the irritation of fitted sheets moving around once the stretch in the elasticated corners has begun to wear and it was for this purpose that I originally bought mine.
      I purchased my Grippits around two years ago and intended to use them on my mother's bed. At that time she was not sleeping well and would toss and turn for hours, added to which she was almost bedridden and her sheets would end up coming adrift and the corners would ride up making the bed uncomfortable.

      Mum's bed was a small double, 4 feet wide and although we had sheets designed for a bed of that width, they were not actually a very good fit, even when new. The Grippits were easy enough to fit; I simply lifted the edge of the mattress and clipped the Grippit into place with the little raised bump underneath the material on the underside of the mattress. You then stretch it across the corner and attach to the sheet on the opposite side. I found that the Grippits really did work and one placed across each corner on the underside of the mattress kept the sheets in place, no matter how much my mother moved around.
      Since Mum passed away, the Grippits have been taken into use elsewhere in my house and I now have two of them on my ironing board holding the cover taut and the other two have been put into service holding a throw in place on the narrow window seat in my conservatory.

      **My Thoughts and Conclusion**

      Even after a couple of years use, my Grippits are still in good condition, the elastic has lost none of its stretch and I feel I have had my money's worth!
      These are one of those products that you really don't realise you need until you have used it! I think they would be very useful for a child's bed or for occasions when you are using fitted sheets where the elastiated corners are no longer very stretchy enough to stay in place. It is certainly cheaper to buy a £2.99 pack of Grippits than replace your bedding!

      All in all, I consider these little guys to be a good buy and reasonable value for money. I am awarding them a 5* rating and would recommend them to others.
      Thank you for reading

      ©brittle1906 (First published August 2012)
      N.B. My reviews may be found on other sites under the same user name.


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    • Product Details

      Grippits are a fantastic invention that will secure ironing board covers in place and stop your bed sheets from becoming loose and moving around.

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