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Betterware Microfibre Twist Mop

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Brand: Betterware / Type: Mop / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Bucket, Broom, Brush etc.

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    1 Review
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      03.06.2011 08:35
      Very helpful



      worth a try if you have a few pound spare

      Mopping the wooden floors has been a twice weekly thing for me for six years now. My house is a small workers cottage and you walk straight into our living room there isn't a hallway or porch and just to add more to it we have an open fire! So carpets were never an option with us it is wooden flooring throughout the downstairs of the house. Mopping the floors is a chore, one of which I don't really enjoy. Last year I came across this twist mop when looking through my Betterware catalogue I had received. We were due a new mop and I thought why not.

      This particular mop is a mircofibre twist mop. I liked the look of it in the magazine purely because to wring the water out of your mop you just had to twist the handle instead of using a traditional mop bucket and wringing the water out like that. Some people may call me lazy but if there is a way to make something a little easier I am all for it.

      The mop handle length is 128cms which is a very good length for a mop. My fiancé is six foot three and when he occasionally does the mopping of the floor he finds it comfortable to use too. Unfortunately for me this still doesn't entice him to do the floors more often! The handle feels strong and unlike some very cheap mops the handles does not bend when pressure is applied.

      The head of the mop is mircofibre and it claims to remove stubborn stains and dirt with ease. I am not too sure on this claim as I believe most mops remove the dirt if there is enough pressure and work put into it. The pieces of mop head are all linked to produce a nice shape to the mop head unlike a traditional mop were they are all individual. This is because of the twisting of the handle when wringing it out.

      To wring the mop out you pull up the sliding white piece on the lower of the handle which pulls the mircofibre head up it clicks into place and you twist it to wring it out. A little force is needed when twisting it but a lot less than is needed when using a traditional mop. I was a little dubious as to whether it would work to begin with but it does. I could see it being ideal for someone who doesn't have as great a grip. The other plus side to this mop is you don't need the traditional mop bucket any bucket will do!

      Now I have the mop for over a year now and as for its durability I would say it has held out quite well. As I have said the majority of weeks I mop the floors twice a week sometimes maybe more but not that often. The head of the mop is still in good condition and I won't need to buy a replacement mop yet there is still plenty of wear. The only bit that isn't as good is part of the twisting mechanism, the onetime my fiancé did use it he used a little bit too much force pulling it up and has cracked it slightly. It still does work though you just have to be a little bit more careful with it.

      The down side to these mops is the price they will cost you around the £12 mark and once the mop head has seen its days you have to buy a whole new thing as the head is not detachable from the handle. That said I do like my mop and as long as the budget allows I will buy another.


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