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Betterware Spider Stop

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Brand: Betterware / Type: Pest Control

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    1 Review
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      08.05.2012 09:09
      Very helpful



      A humane way of stopping spiders from invading your space

      Let's be honest there are very few people who like spiders. I for one absolutely hate them with a passion. I have no idea why and although I know it is irrational to have a fear of them if there is one on my ceiling I know that I won't be able to sleep until it is gone. I have absolutely no problem with other insect's just spiders which I blame on watching a film about them when I was a kid.

      I do tend to kill spiders rather than trap them because I honestly don't think I could risk the chance of one actually touching me.

      I do actually feel a little bad about this so when I noticed the spider stop spray in the Betterware catalogue I decided to buy it and see if it was any good.

      The spider stop spray is a humane spray that doesn't actually harm the spiders but contains ingredients which repels them so that they shouldn't spin their webs in the area's that you spray it.

      The spray costs £4.99 which gets you a big 500ml spray bottle. You can either buy it online or else you can buy it from your local dealer which is what I did. My local dealer puts a Betterware catalogue through my door every couple of weeks and I usually can't resist putting in an order as Betterware have so many unique and inventive items for sale.

      When the spray arrived I was excited to use it straight away and see if it would work. Using it is pretty easy and all you have to do is aim the jet where you want to spray and pull the trigger. You should spray the spider stop in areas where spiders usually enter the house such as windows and doorframes.

      I normally make sure that I spray the corners of my rooms and around the window and door frames. I also make sure that I pay extra attention with the ceiling corners as most of my spiders seemed to be coming into my rooms from the attic (I haven't tackled that room yet).

      The spray doesn't contain any harmful chemicals and is made with all natural ingredients. I am always worried about using any sort of insect sprays in my house in case they are harmful to my cat but this is a humane spray and as well as not killing spiders it is also safe for other animals too.

      It also doesn't have a horrible smell to it and feel like it is harsh like fly spray for example which can hurt my throat. This actually has a nice pleasant smell to it and actually has a double use in making my rooms smell fresh and clean.

      As for the spray working I have to say that so far so good. I have noticed a definite reduction in the amount of spiders which are in my house. Perhaps they are all up in the attic which is fine with me as long as they stay out of the rooms which I use I am happy to share the house with them. As well as not seeing them I am also noticing fewer webs in the corners of the rooms so it really does seem to be doing its job.

      I do feel like a bit of a wimp with my fear of spiders but it is a phobia and not just a dislike and this spray helps me feel better as I can spray it and know that I won't have to worry about loads of massive spiders running over my ceilings. As I said I am happy enough to share my living space with them as long as I don't have to actually see them and this spray is definitely helping with keeping them in their own space and out of mine.


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