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Bold 2 in 1 Sparkling Pomegranate & Orange Blossom

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3 Reviews

Great value when it's on offer. Does the 2 in 1 as requested. Pleasant floral aroma thats not too strong

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    3 Reviews
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      06.09.2013 19:09
      Very helpful



      Does a good job , but at a price.

      I'm reviewing my BOLD 2 in 1 Sparkling Pomegranate and Orange Blossom Washing powder.
      It cost £2.90 and is sufficient for 10 washes.


      One morning a couple of months ago I stripped our beds and toddled off to put the first lot of bedding on to wash while I showered etc...... only to find I had no washing powder. So husband was dispatched to our local supermarket (3 mins away) to pick up a pack.
      As instructed he bought the smallest pack, because this supermarket can be expensive for a lot of things.
      I've never used BOLD so I have NO clue why he chose this one. I suspect the bright colours caught his eye. Good marketing tactic.

      ***WHAT IT IS , USING and MY OPINION***

      This is a powder advertised as doing the cleaning process and also softening/conditioning the clothes....hence the 2 in 1 boast.
      The packaging is very bright and eye catching, in bright shades of orange.
      The box is basic with a perforated area at the top of one edge that can be pushed open so that the powder gets poured from that corner.
      The powder is white with speckles of pink and blue, presumably two colours to emphasise it does TWO jobs.

      The first thing I noticed on opening this and pouring was the fragrance. Nice and floral.
      Many detergents have opted for the more intense aromatic fragrances that reek of exotic things, but this was simply smelling like a pleasing flower display. Nothing special at all, but just rather nice.
      I used the powder as advised and was actually quite pleased with the result. The smell from the bedding as I hung it out on the lines was somewhat different from how the powder smelled, less intense but still really nice.
      Once dried the bedding still smelled gently floral and sweet and retained the fragrance even when folded and put away in the airing cupboard (or hot-press as we call it hereabouts).

      Not sure on the conditioning/softener issue, because I find line-drying tends to leave clothes a bit stiff anyway and I find that softeners are more evident in machine dried clothing. But the clothes weren't harsh at all so the added softener was helping to some degree.

      I haven't used it on intensely stained items, but all the things I've washed (including toddler clothing) have come up perfectly clean.

      I didn't count the number of washes we got from it but it was indeed around the stated 10 .

      My one problem with this was the price. For another 50p I could have got a bottle of liquid detergent that would give me 25 washes. I nearly fainted when hubby told me the 10 wash box of BOLD was nearly £3. Yes , £2.90 is not TOO bad, but when others offer more than twice as many washes for a few pence more then it ISN'T great value.
      Yes, I know they say you save on not needing to use separate softener but it still feels a bit wrong paying extra, and negates the 2 in 1 handiness/value in my opinion.
      But to be fair to the manufacturers I think the pricing is the responsibility of the supermarket to a large degree........hence me rarely using our local supermarket which often takes advantage of consumers regarding pricing .

      So price wise I've watched it in Tesco & ASDA and not seen any bargains on it. In fact the prices are around the £7-£8 mark for the 22 wash size, so maybe our local shop wasn't far off the mark re pricing.

      I'd certainly buy it if it was on offer, but otherwise I won't bother.
      Last time I saw it they'd reversed the name to using the Orange blossom first for some reason, but it still looks the same otherwise.

      Would I recommend it ? Yes , it does what it says and I cant fault it on that score, but I can't get past that high price.
      So I'd advise watching for it on offer so you can judge for yourself if it is worth the bit extra price wise.

      Thank you for reading~~~myloh.


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        30.08.2013 13:54
        Very helpful



        A '2 in 1' soap powder with a lovely scent from the Bold range..

        I am not particularly brand loyal when it comes to buying fabric detergents and soap powders, and will often just purchase whatever is on offer at the time. I recently tried out the "Bold 2 in 1" soap powder, which I purchased in the "Sparkling Pomegranate & Orange Blossom" fragrance, with this review outlining my experiences of using the product.

        I purchased the smallest-sized box of this detergent, which is only 800g in size, and the front of the box informs me that this is enough for 10 loads of washing, although I have actually managed to obtain a little more than this as I don't always have loads of washing that are large or particularly full. I paid £2 for the small box of detergent from a local independent grocery store, a price that I thought reflected excellent value for money, especially when you consider that my last 800g sized box of Bold 2 in 1 detergent cost me around £3.15, which is nearer the RRP for the product. In the past, I have seen that the Sparkling Pomegranate & Orange Blossom fragranced powder is also available to purchase in a larger box, which is over 2kg in weight, which I believe is enough for 28 washes or loads, although I didn't see this for sale in my local store recently.

        The packaging is pretty standard for a smaller-sized box of soap powder, I find, being an upright oblong shape. The box in this case is coloured in a bright orange shade, with dark red detailing, and the image of some pretty blossom flowers on the front of the box. In actual fact, the box I have resembles that shown at the top of the Dooyoo page here. There is a small 'opening' at the side of the box near the top which is perforated. I simply had to push down hard on this little section and it 'tore' open, which allows the powdered detergent to be poured from the box quite easily. I managed to open the box easily by myself, even though I suffer with limited strength in my hands, although perhaps some other consumers with similar issues may have to resort to using scissors or getting help from somebody else.

        The Bold 2 in 1 Powder is described as being "Detergent & Fabric Softener" and the idea is that by purchasing this product, I don't need to add a separate fabric softener to the washing; the Bold product is designed to take the place of two separate products - a fabric softener and separate washing powder. I have used Bold 2 in 1 Powder on and off over the years and I do find that this claim is entirely true, and I don't actually need to add a separate softener product, finding the softening qualities of the Bold to be enough for my own needs most of the time. This has also been the case when using the Pomegranate & Orange Blossom version of the powder. Sometimes I do pour a little of my softener liquid to the machine's drawer for a little extra 'oomph' for some items, and particularly those items of household laundry such as bedding and towels. Other than these occasions, however, I am more than happy with the softening qualities of the Bold 2 in 1 powder, and have no complaints when considering this aspect of Bold's "2 in 1" claim.

        The Pomegranate & Orange Blossom Bold powder has a pleasant enough appearance, but I suppose you could argue that it is quite unremarkable; the powder is quite 'fine' in its density and texture, and whilst the powder's grains or granules are mostly white in colour, this is flecked throughout with little flecks of pink and blue granules. The powder's strong aroma is evident as the powder is poured into the drawer on the washing machine, and although this is quite strong, it is pleasant without being over-bearing. There is ample dosage advice and instructions provided on the powder's box, but I don't tend to pay much attention to this nowadays as I can use the drawer on my machine as a guide to how much powder to dispense with each load. For the purposes of this review, however, I have quickly scanned the diagrams and information provided, and am satisfied that the dosage information is quite straight-forward and easy to follow.

        Once the machine has carried out its relevant cycle, I am able to enjoy the Bold 2 in 1 Powder's lovely scent as the wet laundry is pulled from the machine; whilst being completely fragrant, the scent has a strong floral 'core' that is surprisingly refreshing; the floral tone in the scent never feels old-fashioned or over-bearing and instead it is refreshing and quite contemporary, which is probably helped along by the pomegranate scent within, although this just feels like a general sort of 'fruity' note to me. Hanging the clothes up allows the lovely aroma to fill the surrounding room or so it seems, and this refreshing scent hangs comfortably in the atmosphere as the laundry settles into its drying routine. The following day, there is a faint whiff of the scent lingering stubbornly, but I find it has calmed significantly by now, with the clothing itself being quietly fragrant.... I say quietly fragrant, because I can detect the refreshingly light floral tones from the scent if I sniff at the clothing or laundry, but I don't find it is intrusive or over-bearing, and this too is the case when I am wearing clothing washed in this particular Bold powder; I don't find the powder's scent feels heady or sickly, and this IS a significant problem I have encountered with other laundry detergents that I have used before that have left me feeling quite 'swamped' by their fragrances. I can't confess to being a fan of such strong scents lingering on my clothing and I do feel that they often interfere with my perfume and, well, my headaches! I much prefer more subtle, 'whispering' aromas from my laundry detergents and thankfully, the Bold 2 in 1 with Pomegranate and Orange Blossom falls neatly into this category.

        In terms of the product's effectiveness, I have no complaints here, either. I find that my clothing and laundry is refreshed and completely cleansed after washing with the Bold 2 in 1 Powder, and any blemishes or stains have been removed completely. I don't recall any stains ever remaining after washing with the product, except perhaps once when I had issues with a small coffee stain on a white top; this took a further soak and washing in the machine to remove all traces, but I do still feel that this result is on a par - if not slightly improved - than with most other laundry detergents that I buy on a regular basis, and I admit that I have very little to complain about when considering the results achieved here. Additionally, laundry feels soft and gentle, and this feeling lasts surprisingly long too, with towels in particular remaining soft and fluffy in their appearance and texture right up until the next wash is required. I can't say that such results are imperative to me, and I can't admit either to being completely converted to Bold 2 in 1 Powder altogether, but I can see its appeal and I CAN understand too how this result may well be worth paying a bit more for, for some consumers at least.

        A final point worth noting, I think, is that I suffer with extremely sensitive skin that will 'flare' aggressively if harsh products are used, and whilst this applies to cosmetics and skincare items, there have been instances too where I have suffered at the hands of some cheaply-branded detergent or washing up liquid or other inferior household cleaner item. I am happy to report, however, that my skin has remained completely 'untouched' by the Bold 2 in 1 Powder with Pomegranate & Orange Blossom, during and after use, with the patches of eczema on my arms being surprisingly calm and settled too. Based on these results, I do recommend the product as being entirely suitable for those consumers, who, like me suffer with sensitive skin issues, and certainly I would have no problem in recommending it for use by the whole family.

        Taking everything into account, I really have nothing negative to report about this particular offering from the Bold range of 2 in 1 laundry detergents, and I have already returned to my local grocery store to stock up on a few boxes of the powder whilst it is available to purchase at such a good price. I'd definitely recommend it, and feel that full marks in the rating score are more than deserving on this occasion.


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        28.10.2009 15:49
        Very helpful



        A lovely scented powder that really works!

        I absolotely love it when my mum got her washing on there are fantastic fragrances flowing all around me and I am aiming to get my washing smelling like hers. One of the many brands of powders she uses is Bold so I decided to pick myself up their new box.

        The box I chose is from the Bold 2 in 1 Range and the scent being 'Sparkling Pomegranate & Orange Blossom'. The powder is a detergent and fabric softener in one hence the reason it's in the 2 in 1 range. This particular scent comes in the deep peach coloured box with a darkened red at top. A few flowers are shown at the front of the box but nothing to indicate that this is a floral scent really. The particular box I've got is the 2.24kg box and we are told that this is enough for 28 washes, although due to the strength of the powder I only use a little so I tend to get a few more washes out of it.

        The back of the box tells us to 'Awaken our senses!' It says 'Awaken all your senses with the freshness of new Bold 2 in1 Sparkling Pomegranate and Orange Blossom - A touch of sunshine in your family's laundry.

        The top of the cardboard box has a little arrow which shows us where to tear to be able to lift the top of the box open.

        When I opened the box my nose was met instantly by a burst of fruity and fresh fragrance it was stunning. Beautifully fresh and enlightening to say the least. The powder is mostly white in colour with hot pink and sea blue dots scattered within it.

        Using it to wash my clothes was a breeze, I followed the instructions provided on the box as to how much to use and what to use it on and waited as my clothes spun and soaked. Taking my clothes out of the machine I noticed straightaway at how soft they felt which is surprising as I didn't add any softener.

        The fantastically fruity fragranced remained on my clothes, strong but not overwhelmingly so and I was even more impressed at the fact it had rid my clothes of some stubborn stains. Having twin toddlers their clothes and forever covered in gunk from beans to mud and god knows what else so not only do I like a powder that smells lovely but I need it to actually clean my clothes too and this cleaned them brilliantly. The fruity fragrance is summery and fresh and would definitely awaken any senses which sometimes is needed in the winter months.

        I have noticed it's quite expensive being over £6 in supermarkets but Wilkinsons often sell it at £3.97 saving you a few pennies!


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