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Bold 2 in1 Powder Ruby Jasmine

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Brand: Bold / Type: Washing Powder / Category: Laundry

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    1 Review
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      29.05.2012 15:49
      Very helpful



      not one I will buy again

      *Please note I do not have a clue what the pic is that dooyoo have added lol*

      Bold is a range of laundry products.

      ~Bold 2 in 1~

      I am reviewing the washing powder version of Bold 2 in 1. This powder is detergent with the added benefit of some Lenor. This particular powder is the Ruby Jasmine scent which is part of the Infusions range - other scents are available.

      This powder is biological. Bold claim that there will be indulgent fragrance for up to 3 weeks and the scent should still be present on clothing after 12 hours of wear. This powder is suitable for most garments except wool and silk. It can be used at temperatures from 20c to 95c. The powder itself is concentrated.

      A normal load in a 5-6kg machine will require between 95ml and 165ml of powder. Heavier soiled clothing will required 160ml - 230ml of powder. An extra 40ml should be added for 7kg machines or larger. The powder is presented in a large box with a dark red colour theme.

      This powder is available from supermarkets. A 25 wash (2kg) box can be purchased in Tesco for £6.49. The same size box is £5.00 in Asda.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I usually buy which even laundry products are on offer. I bought this 2kg box around 2 months ago in Tesco as it was reduced to £4.00. Normally I don't like 2 in 1 products as I find most laundry products work better when separate. I have just finished our box in the past week or so and can't say I will be re-purchasing.

      The powder itself has a pink tinge with colourful little speckles through it. The scent when opening the box is overwhelming to say the least and it does keep my laundry cupboard smelling pleasant. I use a cup for scooping out my powder and usually just guesstimate how much I am using. I find less is more with this powder as it is quite thick and too much leads to the foam spilling out my machine drawer!

      I normally just use a small amount. As the washing spins, it smells lovely. Taking the washing out, it feels quite soft but not as soft as it does if I use an additional fabric conditioner. This powder performs well and removes simple stains and refreshes the clothing well. I don't find it effective on heavy stains. The clothes are highly fragranced when I take them out the machine and the fragrance does last when they are dried and put away in the wardrobe - 3 weeks is a bit optimistic though!

      I know this powder isn't non-biological and therefore isn't really designed for those with sensitive skin. Both myself and my son have sensitive skin and never usually have issues with laundry products. I found my own skin to feel a bit itchy whenever I wore clothing washing with this powder. Washing bed sheets in it was a no go as I couldn't sleep in the sheets all night without itching!

      I find the scent of Ruby Jasmine to be very powerful and possibly too feminine for a man or child to wear. I found it too floral and rich for my own tastes too and couldn't really stick it at all. I do actually like the regular fabric conditioner in this scent but found it to be too heavy when mixed in with the powder.


      Whilst this powder performs well, it isn't ideal for washing a families clothing in, in my opinion. It doesn't agree with my skin but washes well. It just wasn't for us. I did manage to get more than the recommended 25 washes from my box so it was good value for money when bought at an offer price.

      Not for sensitive skin!

      Thanks for reading :)

      *Originally posted on ciao April 2012*


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