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Bold 2in1 Sparkling Pomegranate & Orange Blossom Liquitabs

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Brand: Bold / Type: Liquid Laundry Detergent / Category: Laundry

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    2 Reviews
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      28.11.2011 12:26
      Very helpful



      not for us

      Bold is a laundry range from Procter and Gamble. They offer various powder, liquids and liquid tabs designed to clean and scent your laundry.

      ~Sparkling Pomegranate and Orange Blossom~

      This particular fragrance is available in a powder, gel or liquitab format. I will be reviewing the Liquid tabs which are described as being "laundry liquid-tablets with biological action".

      These liquitabs are 2 in 1 meaning they contain a laundry detergent and a fabric softener in one easy to use tab. The tab should be placed in your washing machine drum before you add your clothing.

      The liquitabs claim to work on washes between 30c and 95c and are completely soluble. They aren't suitable for hand washing or for washing wool and silk garments. The current claim on the box is that you will experience a "fresh feeling" even if your clothes have been stored for 3 weeks.


      A clear plastic tub with a click shut, orange lid neatly holds the liquitabs.The information on the provided labels confirms any safety warnings etc. The tub can be recycled. The liquitabs themselves are plastic pocket type tabs which are each filled with 35ml of bright, orange liquid.


      These liquitabs are available in packs of 20. Current prices are as follows :

      *Tesco - £6.39
      *Amazon - £15.49 for a wholesale lot of 3 boxes
      *Sainsbury £5.99

      ~My Thoughts~

      I tend to chop and change my washing detergent based on special offers. Whilst I prefer powder, I will buy liquitabs if the price is right. My most recent purchase was the Bold Liquitabs in the Pomegranate and Orange scent. I bought them on a half price offer in Tesco as it worked out cheaper than buying powder.

      I do at least 1 washing a day. Liquitabs are very easy to use and there is no mess as everything is already measured and ready to dissolve. These tabs are best picked up by their corners as they do have a sticky residue on the plastic. I didn't realise that these contained fabric softener at first so carried on using my Comfort with mixed results.

      ~Freshing and Cleaning~

      Most of our washing is done at 40c by I occasionally do a quick wash. Once the tab is in the machine and starts spinning, it takes very little time to dissolve and get to the heart of the dirty washing. Each tab dissolves well providing ample bubbles to mingle with the clothes and give them a good wash. I always do a spin and drain with each load before removing the clothes and hanging up (on clothes airer, doors or radiator) to dry.

      First impressions were good when I used this with my Comfort. The scent clashed a little but my clothes felt good and clean. The tabs work well to remove most stains though do not perform miracles when it comes to stains such as gravy or tomato based sauces. I find I need to do a few washings to get rid of the stain completely which is rather disappointing given the initial price of these tabs. They do keep my whites fresh looking and do not fade my coloured laundry.

      The real test is when I used these tabs without an additional fabric softener and I must say, I wasn't fully impressed! On removing my clothes from the machine, they looked and felt clean. They didn't have that fluffy softness I appreciate especially on my towels so this was a let down. I feel the fabric softener element wasn't noticable enough for my liking. The clothes simply smelled "soapy" at first.

      The clothes did smell nice once dried and had a sweet, light fruity scent. One website claims that you get 12hours freshness whilst the box claims 3 weeks of freshness even in storage. Whilst my clothes didn't smell bad after 12hours of being placed in a drawer, they were hardly dazzling with freshness so another let down.

      Despite being biological liquitabs, my families sensitive skin hasn't been irritated by using these.


      I would have to award these Bold Liquitabs 3 stars as they do not perform brilliantly given their rrp. No way would I pay full price for 20 washes as a box of powder can be obtained for less than that and considering I need additional softener for optimum results, these aren't worth the cost.

      Cannot recommend - ok when on offer but nothing worth spending a lot on.

      Thanks for reading x


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        08.04.2011 12:30
        Very helpful



        OK but wont buy again.

        Laundry products seem to be getting very expensive so I have recently started trying various brands rather than my favourite Ariel tablets to save a little money. Last week I spotted these Bold 2in1 Biological Liquitabs on offer at half price which made them £3.25 for a pack of 20 so I thought I would give them a try. Having been indoctrinated with the Bold adverts in my youth I knew that they contained a fabric softener so I should also save money by not needing a separate softener.

        I live in a hard water area and I do not use a water softener so my laundry products do have to work hard to offer good cleaning and nice fabric softness after washing.

        The liquid-tabs are presented in a nice, compact clear plastic tub with a blue lid. The lid has a hinge action and clips shut. I have used similar products in the past and found the lid didn't always seem to fit securely so I immediately like the robust packaging and the sensible lid. Due to the nature of liquid-tabs the lids have to be kept tightly shut or they start to dissolve and stick together in a dreadful gloopy mess, it is also necessary to handle them with dry hands for the same reason.

        The liquid-tabs themselves are small, sealed plastic bags containing a pearlised peach coloured liquid. I had chosen the Sparkling pomegranate and Orange Blossom for no other reason than I liked the colour, I had no idea what the fragrance would actually be like as I can't say I have ever gone around sniffing pomegranates, sparkling or otherwise!

        Using the liquid-tabs is very straightforward. The manufacturers recommend one liqui-tab for normal washing, even in hard water areas, and two only if the laundry is heavily soiled and also in a hard water area. All I had to do was pop one liquid-tab in the drum before adding the laundry. This is very simple but for some unknown reason I cannot ever remember to do this before putting my laundry in the machine, I always end up having to shove my hand under the pile of dirty washing to put the liquitab in the machine, I suppose I have used products in the drawer for so long I am just a creature of habit.

        Since the product claims not to need a separate fabric softener I did not add any extra to my washing.

        Upon opening the machine after a 40degree wash cycle I did not notice a particular fragrance. As a test I took a really good sniff of the wet washing and I could just make out a slight fragrance, it was a little sickly and didn't smell particularly floral which I expected from orange blossom. The washing also felt a little strange, I do normally used a fabric softener and I am used to how the clothes feel and these felt distinctly rougher than normal. On this particular occasion I put my washing straight in the tumble dryer.

        On extracting the clothes from the tumble dryer I can honestly say that there was no discernible fragrance left. Although the dryer does affect fragrance I can still usually detect some on the dry washing and also I usually notice a nice smell whilst the clothes are actually drying and this was lacking too. Washing tends to come out of the dryer quite soft and the washing felt normal. However when I came to iron some of the items I did feel that they were a little harder to iron, as if there was no softener effect on the fabric at all.
        The washing, however, did appear to be nice and clean and there were no noticeable marks or stains left after the wash and using the liquid-tabs there were no powder traces left either.

        The next time I used them I line dried the washing instead. This time the clothes had a distinct feeling of cardboard about them and only had a faint trace of fragrance too. This load was a real challenge to iron and since ironing is probably my most hated chore I wasn't impressed.

        I have now been using up the rest of the liquitabs as washing detergent and have then been using a separate fabric softener in addition. I did think about trying using two of the liquitabs but I decided the softener was a cheaper option. None of my family suffer from sensitive skin and we have had no problems with this Bold 2in1 product either. I have been very happy with the standard of cleaning but I do feel let down by the lack of fragrance and conditioning. The manufacturers claim that the product offers "12 hours of wear with a clean fresh feeling", I can't say I have noticed even 12 minutes so I think their statement is a little BOLD!


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