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Bomb Bleached Cotton Glass Candle

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Brand: Bomb / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      18.01.2013 17:07
      Very helpful



      A glass candle from Bomb Cosmetics

      The wintery weather here in London today is simply awful and whilst at home on a 'snow day' and actually managing to do more work today than I have all week, it has been wonderful to sit here with a candle lit, the curtains are closed (because I hate snow), the heaters are on and all my fur-kids are fast asleep.

      I did get a few Yankee Candles for Christmas, though I am yet to use any of those because I had stocked up on a few new candles from other outlets to try as an alternative. Bomb Cosmetics, who bath and body products I always enjoy using as an alternative to Lush, have also branched out, revamped their website and also sell candles. Those candles either come in a tin, of which I have already reviewed Chilly Willy, they come in a paint tin or at least that is how they are referred too, they sell tea cup candles and a few others varieties including glass candles.

      I was drawn to the glass candles because, when you look on the website, it tells you that each and every one of these candles have been hand poured, shaped and carved, which to me makes them seem a little more unique. There is a total of 16 different ones to choose from and they range in fragrance from Chilli and Chocolate, Parma Violet, White chocolate truffle to ones like Bleached Cotton, which is the one I have, infact I have two of them and they retail at £6.99 each.

      These candles are sold in a glass and this particular candle is bright white, the colour I would expect to find my candle given its name. Around the glass is a label which tells you which candle you have and that it comes from Bomb Cosmetics and that it is made with pure essential oils. The description given for this candle online is as follows:

      "Fresh and clean aldehydic notes of apple blossom are paired with green, citrus accords at the opening leading to a romantic heart of rose, lily and rich violet. The powdery soft finish closes with cedarwood and amber. With Spearmint and Rosemary essential oils"

      The things which stood out for me was the words 'Fresh' and 'clean' the exact description I would give most of the products I have tried and really liked when they are linked somehow to Fresh Linen, clean cotton and so on. When it arrived, all securely wrapped so it didn't break in the post, the first thing I noticed was its size and it is similar to the smallest Yankee Candle Jar that you can and it has a burn time of around 35 hours, which I was quite impressed with. Inside the glass is the white candle with a bright white wick and as an added extra there is a bright blue wax love heart which sits neatly on top of the candle and just adds a little bit of colour.

      As I have said before, whenever I have candles, the first thing I do is to ensure I have something to stand the candles on, because once they have been burning for a few hours they become quite hot, particularly this one because it is made of glass. As I have mentioned in other reviews, a few years ago I was given some mats upon which to place my Yankee Candles so they were not stood directly on my carpet or my glass table and most candles come with a warning reminding you to stand your candle on a heat resistant surface for safety anyway and this candle came with that reminder on a piece of paper. Once you have the candle lit, the aroma quickly becomes noticeable and it is then you realise how lovely it is. There is definitely Lily and Rose scents which come to life as the candle begins to burn and once it has been burning for a while and all of the essential oils have been released, the smell is simply wonderful. If you have ever bought the Clean Cotton Yankee Candle and smelt that, it is very very similar, the difference being the one I am currently burning has the inclusion of spearmint which becomes evident and noticeable once you have blown the flame out.

      Whenever I light one or two candles, I find that it incredibly relaxing because it creates such a lovely atmosphere and I can often lose minutes of time simply sitting still and watching the flames dance about, it just so happens that this aroma is also relaxing and with these candles you only need to burn them for an hour or two maximum to get the full delight of the aroma which lingers, with ease, around your home and lasts for quite a while after you distinguish the flame.

      I am now glad that I have tried these candles, because like the candles that I tried from Lily Flame I have so far loved all of the fragrances and it is a good, cheaper alternative to Yankee Candles and a change every now and again is a good thing, if only for my bank balance!


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