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Bomb Cosmetics Summer Fig & Olive Candle

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Brand: Bomb Cosmetics / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      24.04.2012 14:01
      Very helpful



      A great candle - I highly recommend bomb cosmetics candles! (especially 'love rocks')

      Bomb Cosmetics Summer Fig & Olive Tin Candle

      I bought this candle from eBay, as I like this brand for bath bombs, but I had never tried one of their candles before. I was impressed with the packaging at first and then the candle, which is really great in my opinion.

      - Product description (from amazon UK)

      "Each and every candle is hand poured and finished using only the highest quality waxes to ensure maximum scent throw and burn time (45-50 hours) to fill the room with fragrance. We have added pure essential oils to each candle, helping to create its own personal and mood enhancing properties. Summer Fig and Olive candle - Fragrance - A rich, comforting fragrance with gourmand notes, ripe figs, blackberries, apples, and juicy plums. The luxurious, peachy heart blends jasmine with lily, finishing with a golden base of amber, woods and musk."

      - About the product and packaging

      The candle in a tin which is gold (the only thing I don't like about the packaging is that the tin is gold) and there is a lot of text on the packaging - on the inside of the lid and on the back of the tin about using the candle safely. The first thing that I like about this products packaging is that the candle is already in a container (a metal circular tin) as the one thing I hate about some candles is that they are not in containers and they do not burn at the bottom and you end up wasting some of the candle. But the packaging for this product is just fantastic, is it looks quite nice in my opinion and it has enabled the candle wax to melt fully, with only the tiniest bit of wax left at the bottom of the tin that hasn't been able to melt. I think these candles would make great presents as they are packaged really nicely and they are compact. Also the candle wax itself is colourful and it has four white hearts on top of the candle also made from wax which looks really nice too.

      - Scent

      The scent of this candle to me is really nice, although scent/fragrance is a very subjective thing. The scent to me smells like figs and sugar and musk - these are the only things I can smell in the candle, when it is burning/melting and when it is not. The scent as described in the online description is not very accurate in my opinion, as the only notes I can smell in this candle are that of figs, sugar (but not overly sugary) and some musky notes. I do not smell peaches at all, although I can smell hints of blackberries, plums and apples now that I have read the scent description - these notes maybe the sweet, sugar notes I can smell in this candle. Overall, the scent to me is very summer/spring appropriate and it is fairly strong but not overly so.

      - Using the candle (scent, dispersion, strength)

      Firstly I trim the wick (the instructions inside the lid of this candle say that the wick should be kept at a 5mm length) and then I light the candle with either matches or a lighter - obviously caution must be taken when using candles, lighters and matches. On lighting the candle the wax starts to melt and unfortunately the pretty white hearts do melt too and I am left with a pink wax. The candle scent takes about 15 minutes or so to be able to be noticed and once it is, it is really nice. The scent of the candle when it is not burning and when it is, is just the same, which is good. The scent is really nice and great for this time of year and the scent is a bit uplifting because of the sweetness, for me anyway. After about an hour the scent of the candle is really nice around the room and it has dispensed somewhat into a couple of close rooms but the scent dispersion after an hour or so if not great.

      After about 2/3 hours the scent dispersion is a lot better, with the candle scent being noticed along the hall, in a couple of rooms upstairs and at the top of the stairs which is nice. The strength of the scent when I first started burning this candle was fantastic as it was really quite strong, but not overly so. Although the first half of the candle was really quite scented, for the second half of the candle and the last part of the candle the scent was not very strong and only noticeable in the room in which the candle was located, which was a bit disappointing. Overall, the scent is really nice and the scent of the candle when it is burning/melting and when it is not is just the same. The scent dispersion after a couple of hours is really quite good although the strength of the scent is not consistent throughout the candle I find.

      - Additional information (tin heats up, melts to the bottom, flame can get quite big)

      As this candle has been poured into a metal tin, and metal is a good conductor of heat, it means that the tin can get quite hot which is not too good so I have to keep the tin on a coaster. The really good thing about the tin design for this candle is that you use up nearly all of the candle wax, which is great as with some candle containers they end up wasting some of the candle as the container prevents all of the wax from melting - but not this container. Also the flame can get quite big with this candle, so the text on the packaging advises you to keep the wick at 5mm to prevent this and also to prevent a smoking flame.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this candle from eBay for just over £4 I think and I think it is a fantastic price for this standard of candle - as the candle, the scent, the dispersion of the scent and the strength are great (with some minor flaws though). When I first started burning this I liked the candle so much and I liked the high quality nature of the candle that I bought two more from eBay - one for £4.49 and the other for just £3.99 (free delivery all three times too!) The other bomb cosmetics candles I have are: 'Love Rocks' and 'Flower Power' both of which are also great and really high quality in my opinion.



      *Easy to use and the container is great
      *Packaging - would make a really nice present, in my opinion
      *Cheap from eBay!
      *Scent is gorgeous and summery
      *Scent dispersion and strength are good (for most of the candle anyway)
      *Tin allows you to get melt nearly all of the wax (only a tiny bit remains at the bottom of the tin)!


      *The scent dispersion and strength does change as you go through the candle (but I haven't noticed this with the 'Love Rocks' scent.

      Thank you for reading my review x


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