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Boots Faux Fur Cover Hot Water Bottle

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Brand: Boots / Type: Hot Water Bottle

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    2 Reviews
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      05.09.2013 13:07
      Very helpful



      Boots faux fur hot water bottle

      I was given this Boots Hot Water Bottle some time ago after my mum had finished using it, and hating to see things thrown away for no good reason I accepted it even though I already have several other hot water bottles. I seem to have amassed a small collection of them and this particular one is my favourite for practical reasons. Believe it or not but I have actually been using it over the past couple of weeks, hence the somewhat unseasonal review.

      The hot water bottle consists of a flat bottle that is made of fairly thick beige coloured rubber with smooth sides, and comes with a nice looking faux fur cover which seals with a Velcro closure. There is an opening at the top of the hot water bottle cover to allow direct access to the neck and stopper which is used to fill the bottle, as well as a full slit on one side which allows the cover to be fully removed. My cover is a creamy white colour rather than the dark version shown in the picture here.

      The bottle itself can contain of water, and I always fill straight from the kettle as this makes it easy to direct the hot water into the opening at the top of the bottle as I can control the flow while I am pouring it. I tend to make sure that the bottle is not quite full, leaving a small gap at the top and then pressing the sides of the bottle to remove any excess air, before placing the stopper lid in to close the bottle securely. This ensures that the bottle is not overfilled and makes it safer when used in this way as it is less likely to split or burst from the pressure of being overly full. The lid screws in tightly and there is a raised edge around the seal to capture any water overflow from when the bottle lid is being tightened, and I always make sure to pour this carefully down the sink and then wipe the edges to make sure it is completely dry and no drops of hot water are left behind.

      I really like the faux fur cover, partly because it looks cute and has a nice wintery feel to it, but mainly because it is soft and cosy to the touch and this adds to the comforting effect of using the hot water bottle. Unfortunately I did manage to ruin my cover by putting it in the washing machine and tumble dryer, which caused the fabric to go quite stiff and matted. Even though my cover no longer has the smooth furry texture to it, it is still highly effective at doing its job. The cover makes it possible to hold the hot water bottle close to my body, and even directly on my bare skin if needed, without the risk of discomfort or burns. Recently I have been suffering from some severe pains due to good old "girl problems" and the only thing that has helped to ease this is sitting or lying with the hot water bottle placed over the sore area. The cover also helps the bottle to retain its heat for long periods of time. If I am using the hot water bottle in bed to keep warm during the cold weather, the bottle stays heated all through the night and still feels warm even by the time I've woken up in the morning.

      This hot water bottle is the best that I own as it is easy to use and stays heated for a long time. I have not experienced any problems with leaks or spills, and as long as you don't obliterate the cover in the tumble dryer like I did, the faux fur cover is luxurious and feels nice and comforting. I've used this hot water bottle for a few years now and it has seen me through countless cold winter nights without any complaints. Would definitely recommend.


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      10.02.2012 15:03
      Very helpful



      Stays warm all night and the faux fur cover is lovely.

      Hot water bottles are very popular in UK. They are containers filled with hot water, intended to keep you warm during the winter. They are often used as bed warmers, they are very effective for stomach aches and they ease pains and menstrual cramps by relaxing the muscles with the heat and by soothing the feeling of discomfort.

      I bought the Boots hot water bottle with the Chocolate Fur cover last year from my local Boots store for £12.99. It's a very practical item that I have been using for the chilly winter days and nights. The beautiful soft fur cover looks luxurious and it feels extremely soft to touch. It traps in the heat and enhances the warmth that comes from the hot water so that it keeps the bottle warm for even longer.

      Dimensions when the bottle is inside the cover: 35x 23 x 2cm.

      ~ The bottle ~

      The hot water bottle is made of white flexible, thick PVC material. The patterned surface has small rectangular shaped design on the front and back to diffuse the heat and prevent the bottle from slipping when it's full. The stopper at the top seals the bottle and secures the bottle cap to ensure that there are no leaks when the bottle is filled.

      The hot water bottle is manufactured in Germany and has been tested and monitored by the TUV and comply with the British Standard (BS 1970:2006).

      The material looks durable and I have been using it daily during last 2 year's winter seasons and occasionally when I have period pains. It is very easy to fill with hot tap water or warmed (not boiling) water and subsequently to place it inside the cover. It is designed to hold the heat for long and it cools off over time but I have noticed that if I fill it before going to bed it is still warm enough in the morning (even after 6-8 hours).

      This hot water bottle is made of PVC and is suitable for latex allergy sufferers (latex free). The bottle has 3 years guarantee.

      ~ The cover ~

      The faux fur shell of the cover is made of 75% Acrylic and 25% polyester and the inside lining is manufactured with 100% polyester. The removable cover has a chocolate brown base colour with lighter brown and cream tips. It comes with a nylon rope attached to the top to hang it when it is not used.

      The beautiful soft fur cover adds warmth, comfort and style to the traditional hot water bottle. It is shaped to fit the bottle and the opening is at the back. It has an easy opening with flap closure to easily insert and remove the hot water bottle. It is very useful to use a cover on the bottle when it's very hot at first, even though it claims that it provides no insulation from heat.

      The cover is washable so it can be removed and washed according to the instructions on the label. It is better to hand-wash it in hot water. Wringing and ironing after washing is not recommended. Further, if you want to change the cover you can easily buy a new one and use it on the same bottle.

      The cover is made in Vietnam and the bottle is made in Germany.

      ~ My opinion ~

      Generally, I prefer hot weather and it's very important for me to stay warm when the temperature is low because it's extremely easy to catch a cold. So in the cold weekends during winter I really like to stay home and watch movies on DVD or read books all day, with a mug of hot chocolate, a blanket and my hot water bottle to keep me warm and comfortable. My winter "warmers pack" includes my wool socks, comfy cotton bodysuits, hot beverages and my hot water bottle. These are some of my favourite and most effective ways that keep me warm at home.

      The hot water bottle might be considered a bit old fashioned but it's actually a very effective and inexpensive way to stay warm. I use it to pre-heat my bed by placing the bottle under my duvet for 10 minutes before going to sleep and I keep it there all night to warm up my feet or hug it. It really helps me relax and get a good night's sleep and it reliefs from my period pains as it keeps my belly and back warm during those days of the month.

      The bottle is nicely sized and very convenient. The lovely cover is fluffy and super soft so it feels like holding a teddy bear. Further, with the fur cover it stays warm for many hours and it is cost-effective and energy efficient. When I use the bottle during the night, I turn off the heating, so I use less energy without being cold.

      When I first bought it, it had the smell of plastic every time I was using. Fortunately, the cover masked the smell which gradually calmed down over time.

      ~ PVC vs Rubber hot water bottles ~

      The PVC latex-free bottles are better (and therefore more expensive) than the classic budget rubber bottles. They are ideal for children and for people with an allergy to latex, they don't have the strong odour of rubber, they can be steam sterilised and they are recyclable.

      ~ Filling instructions for safety: ~

      * To fill the hot bottle water, hold the neck in the upright position and fill carefully to a maximum of 2/3. Be careful when filling to avoid hot water splashing back.

      * To expel the remaining air, lower the top of the bottle until the water appears at the neck and turn the stopper until it's securely fixed. Make sure that you take out all air before putting the lid.

      - Other useful information:

      * Store empty and with stopper removed.
      * It is recommended that the water bottle should be emptied and dried after every use.
      * Replacement of the bottle is recommended after 5 years.
      * The hot water bottle is recyclable.

      - Warnings

      * Hot water can cause burns therefore direct contact with the skin should be avoided.
      * Never heat the bottle in an oven or in the microwave.
      * Hot water bottles are designed to be partly filled to avoid bursting if you accidentally sit or lie on them.
      * Do not use boiling water.

      ~ Conclusion ~

      Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of this product and I recommend it. The warming bottle works as intended and stays warm all night, it's very comfortable to sleep with and it helps me sleep easier at night. It's an inexpensive, safe and very cozy way to stay warm by using less heat and energy.


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